Don't Boil SUPER GLUE (Flammable?)

  • Published on Jun 15, 2018
  • Today we find out what happens when you boil a large quantity of super glue. Does it burst into flames? Does it stick to the pan? Let's find out!
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Comments • 24 522

  • Tawana Scott
    Tawana Scott Day ago

    Why would anyone want to boil superglue?

  • Tyler Mars
    Tyler Mars 2 days ago

    what kinda pan is this though LMAO im really interested

  • Mr Magnétoscope
    Mr Magnétoscope 4 days ago

    R.I.P. Earth's atmosphere

  • Christopher Clark
    Christopher Clark 4 days ago

    You guys are smart real smart like

  • grandmaster sub zero
    grandmaster sub zero 4 days ago +1

    Try freezing the super glue!

  • david podehl
    david podehl 4 days ago +1

    Earlier in the vid this can be bad for ur skin and eyes

    Couple mins later*sniffs*


  • Za Jarrard
    Za Jarrard 5 days ago

    What happens when you put super glue in carbonated water

  • Leoyegh Leonsjgh
    Leoyegh Leonsjgh 5 days ago

    Try to smash a bottle of siper glue

  • Karen Boag
    Karen Boag 5 days ago

    Hnya ny eea lol

  • thehomerunhorncreator

    mix the super glue from the gel pen ink you have!

  • Matthew Feirstine
    Matthew Feirstine 5 days ago

    I doubt you would need to go to the hospital. Its said that Finger nail polish remover can remove super glue.

  • Salty
    Salty 6 days ago

    My weekend plans r ruined

  • asdop2211
    asdop2211 7 days ago

    Will it blend is better

  • Ashi Kat
    Ashi Kat 7 days ago

    If you mix super glue with soap, can you blow FOREVER BUBBLES???

  • Son-Mari Korkie
    Son-Mari Korkie 7 days ago

    Will you test these for me:
    Superglue + slime
    Superglue + coke
    Superglue + mazina

    CHLOE COFFENBERRY 8 days ago


  • future xeroz
    future xeroz 8 days ago

    Wouldn't the fumes of glue stick to stuff

  • Some nerd 157
    Some nerd 157 8 days ago

    That noise when he sniffed the glue.

  • Seth Ouellette
    Seth Ouellette 9 days ago +2

    You should cast it, using some nonstick spray on the mold.

  • maddox keefer
    maddox keefer 9 days ago +1

    Run through it

  • Asiyah Ali
    Asiyah Ali 9 days ago

    make a mold and "cast" it

  • Michael Moya
    Michael Moya 10 days ago

    Can't you just look up if super glue is flammable, after listening to what they were gonna do and then they asked that question I was like wait...

  • David Coffey
    David Coffey 11 days ago

    Mix Superglue with melted metal, as it starts to harden, can you sculpt it?

  • Batul Batulmalik
    Batul Batulmalik 12 days ago

    Can you put it in molten metal

  • Madyson Castillo
    Madyson Castillo 13 days ago

    glue 100000 of something together

  • Narwhal 36
    Narwhal 36 13 days ago +1

    Can you boil oobleck?

  • Richtofen
    Richtofen 14 days ago

    Dear fry it

  • Devil Gamer
    Devil Gamer 14 days ago

    Super glue + sodium + cold water

  • Brendan Bastian
    Brendan Bastian 15 days ago

    liquid oxygen and super glue

  • Briana Rosa
    Briana Rosa 15 days ago

    What about seeing how gallium reacts to boiled super glue

  • Misty I
    Misty I 15 days ago

    Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you stuck your face down in the vapor like that! What if the vapor had glued your eyes shut.. 🤭 would the vapor be able to do that you think?

  • Evan michael
    Evan michael 16 days ago

    Make glowing super glue

  • Andrew Franson
    Andrew Franson 16 days ago

    Hand sanitizer is flammable

  • Archisman Majumder
    Archisman Majumder 16 days ago

    Who does boil superglue

  • ratnasudha peri
    ratnasudha peri 16 days ago

    try putting burning metal init

  • Overhand Golf Channel
    Overhand Golf Channel 17 days ago

    How did you think it was ok to do this without a face shield? If it had exploded in your face you'd be blind, most likely.

  • 53K5HUNN8
    53K5HUNN8 17 days ago

    See if you can cast or form something with super glue, either as a solid cast, or as a many-layered laminate. Something like a small tabletop, perhaps? Or a new lid for your vacuum chamber? Also, test how strong a solid piece is compared to a laminated piece.

  • Shaikh Aaqib
    Shaikh Aaqib 19 days ago +1

    What would have happened if blow torch was used on the fumes 🤔🤔🤔

  • حمد المرزوقي ۹۱۱ Hamad Almarzouqi 911

    *smells glue*
    This dum guy: BlyAt bLyaT

  • Holden Williams
    Holden Williams 24 days ago

    Soak a sponge in superglue and then light it on fire, also soak it in water, pits it in superglue, put it in liquid nitrogen, break the sponge and see if the water is still liquid on the inside

  • DrBrennan
    DrBrennan 24 days ago +2

    Ever watched CSI? TKOR, try using the superglue vapors/fumes to develop latent fingerprints!

  • BigPMachinery
    BigPMachinery 25 days ago

    Super glue sculpture!

  • Tshepiso Tsolo
    Tshepiso Tsolo 25 days ago

    Why would anyone try to boil super glue

  • Not Suitable For Mum
    Not Suitable For Mum 25 days ago

    should be using a facemask and goggles you pillock!

  • Glen the marshmello
    Glen the marshmello 25 days ago


  • Glen the marshmello
    Glen the marshmello 25 days ago +1

    What if you put super glue IN ALL THE TEST YOU PUT IT WITH

  • Glen the marshmello
    Glen the marshmello 25 days ago


  • yuri .joshua087
    yuri .joshua087 27 days ago

    4:11 HAHAHA the sound he made

  • Asher Patent
    Asher Patent 28 days ago

    Rocket fuel

  • brieale himes
    brieale himes 28 days ago +1

    I wanna see you shoot trough solid super glue, or make glasses

  • Arthur Nathanael
    Arthur Nathanael 28 days ago

    Well this is random

  • brandon delaney
    brandon delaney 29 days ago

    This is used to pull fingerprints.

  • Jeremiah Garrett
    Jeremiah Garrett 29 days ago +1

    This what everyone really smokes when they think they're smoking THC "dab"

  • Brendan Britz
    Brendan Britz Month ago

    Dry ice and super glue

  • Kynkozerio z
    Kynkozerio z Month ago +5

    Have you tried seeing how much super gluing it takes to hold the strongest magnets together?

  • Kobe Caban
    Kobe Caban Month ago

    Can water catch on fire

  • Dominic Daniels
    Dominic Daniels Month ago

    Freeze Dryer and Super Glue

  • Musically Me
    Musically Me Month ago +1

    Put in the oven and see what happens

    • meme 33
      meme 33 Month ago

      😂😂😂😂😂death will become u

  • bar shalom
    bar shalom Month ago

    Super glue in the microwave

  • Wanda H
    Wanda H Month ago +1

    You should put molten salt in super glue

  • Jacob Leasure
    Jacob Leasure Month ago


  • Jiang Yan
    Jiang Yan Month ago

    Make a glue cup,put it in liquid nitrogen and then drink from it

  • Smokey Studios
    Smokey Studios Month ago

    What if u mix it with silly putty or slime then boil that and see if its bouncy

  • Noah Luka
    Noah Luka Month ago

    4:11 when your antivaxx kid talk for the first time

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N Month ago +1

    How much $

  • Psychopath Nyan Cat
    Psychopath Nyan Cat Month ago +1

    How about trying to coat some different things of your choice in super glue then put them in lava and see how the item and the super glue is effected

  • DevilSlayer58
    DevilSlayer58 Month ago

    How about you mix superglue that’s on fire with super glue that is boiling and see if it explodes

  • bluberry 05
    bluberry 05 Month ago

    What will happen to the glue if you take all the air from it?

  • schube98
    schube98 Month ago

    we just took sniffing glue to a whole new level

  • Jean Elysée
    Jean Elysée Month ago

    😭 RIP earth

  • Sunitha Rachamallu
    Sunitha Rachamallu Month ago

    Dehydrate the superglue!

  • Mr Brown Jack
    Mr Brown Jack Month ago +2

    What if you put electricity in super glue

  • lil 21 boi
    lil 21 boi Month ago

    Make slim with it ??

  • GrilledCheese
    GrilledCheese Month ago

    Ha, I loved the reaction when the fumes went in his eyes

  • Yanick Fradette
    Yanick Fradette Month ago

    At is there superglue so thin

  • Autumn
    Autumn Month ago

    What would happen if you mix super glue with nail polish and/or a slime mixture and run it through boiling, vacuum chamber, liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and maybe a Vortex Fountain test?

  • The Divine Spooketh
    The Divine Spooketh Month ago +1

    Also, even though I’m 8 months late,

  • The Divine Spooketh

    *my hitman senses are tingling*

  • Jamyson Roundtree
    Jamyson Roundtree Month ago

    Drink it

  • crafty chicken
    crafty chicken Month ago

    Put it on a helium balloon and see what happens to the balloon

  • OperatorHank
    OperatorHank Month ago

    What happens when you mix super glue with cement instead of water

  • George bush
    George bush Month ago

    Super glue was a wound sealent in the Vietnam war by medics

  • Andrei Oancea
    Andrei Oancea Month ago +1

    Imagine one man putting super glue in someone's anus.

  • Leya Wafi
    Leya Wafi Month ago

    What happens when u boil flex glue ?

  • Chad Case
    Chad Case Month ago

    Dip a cat in it!

  • Leeaf_ Gaming
    Leeaf_ Gaming Month ago

    Superglue and Microwave

  • Gamer Dude
    Gamer Dude Month ago +2

    Try to put it in the freezer for 24 hours and see how it reacts

  • Robert Villarreal
    Robert Villarreal Month ago

    Make mold the size of marbles and fill them up with superglue and shoot them from a slingshot to see what type of damage the superglue could do. Or boil it again and when it thickens use the thick stuff to see if it's stronger or weaker.

  • wallie dizon
    wallie dizon Month ago +5

    Can super glue be turned into liquid again after it has hardened?

  • Xavi Freychet
    Xavi Freychet Month ago

    What happens when you freeze super glue

  • cute anime catgirl
    cute anime catgirl Month ago

    dehydration is wut you should do to the super glue

  • Jessica Foster
    Jessica Foster Month ago

    They use super glue vapors in forensics. The fumes stick to fingerprints and makes them easier to see and easier to copy

  • Efacel
    Efacel Month ago +1

    Can you cast super glue?

    ARUN KUMAR Month ago

    Anyone after markangel comedy 🤣

  • Joseph Maquire
    Joseph Maquire Month ago

    you should make a superglue sword

  • Gillnuts creations
    Gillnuts creations Month ago

    Put it in a mold

  • Derick Jones
    Derick Jones Month ago

    Superglue a bumper on my car

  • wanshui ma
    wanshui ma Month ago

    Shock it with a Tesla coil

  • eleGurl400 xo
    eleGurl400 xo Month ago

    Mix super glue with nail polish remover and light it and boil it

  • BravoSquad 001
    BravoSquad 001 Month ago

    Dude The US Military Uses Super Glue To Seal Skin A.K.A. Skin Seal