Young M.A "Regular" (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Dec 23, 2015
  • 'Herstory' out now. Available for purchase at the following retailers:
    Young M.A's premieres her latest music video, "Regular", off the 'SleepWalkin' project, available for free download:
    Music Produced by Rome J
    Directed by Guy Blelloch
    Fans can also support by purchasing the project on iTunes:
    Purchase official Young M.A clothing here:
    IG: youngma
    Twitter: youngmamusic
    Facebook: youngmamusic

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  • William D'Alexander
    William D'Alexander 8 days ago

    I thought I've seen all her work.... why am I just seeing this video now....???? Young ma is 💥💥💥💥

  • Jamison Elms
    Jamison Elms 26 days ago

    Redlyfe let's get it turn up

  • Rentman TV
    Rentman TV 26 days ago +4

    Who else play this in 2019

  • Bryan Martinez
    Bryan Martinez Month ago

    Wait why is it that in every video young ma is vaping? 😂

  • mjnefan
    mjnefan Month ago

    Young M.A makes me smile.

  • meechp123
    meechp123 2 months ago

    This is how I knew of Young MA before she blew up!

  • Js Perreault
    Js Perreault 2 months ago

    you fuckin kill the take game mdma each day im the same for the glory the money the fame if you kill ..kill in my name
    RIP jake kniffe fb

    RIAKKLI WILLIAMS 3 months ago


  • martin espinoza
    martin espinoza 3 months ago

    Wtf ugly ass bitch. Wack dike rappers what's this rap game coming to. No wonder they need guns to do damage.. Cartels would chop up these clowns in peices and send them to their families.. Bet her twat is Bella tight

  • The Sandman
    The Sandman 3 months ago

    I listen to these idiots and I never thought I would say this but. I would gladly trade my life and freedom in just to cave this dumb cunts skull in one time in front of her wack gay crew that is all .....#cringe

  • kingbasebow 69
    kingbasebow 69 3 months ago

    is that a girl or a boy..that young ma

  • j acosta23
    j acosta23 3 months ago


  • Warren Timpson
    Warren Timpson 3 months ago

    This girl said, "get the dom lik da greeks"

  • Si Mon Ngwira
    Si Mon Ngwira 3 months ago


  • Koko Jones
    Koko Jones 3 months ago

    Young M.A spittin that true true no cappin straight rappin. My new favorite rapper prob my old favs favorite rapper too I'm straight but I'd be your boo. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • lil burberry
    lil burberry 3 months ago +4


  • King JCG
    King JCG 4 months ago

    Ppl needa listen to this song shit fire, disappointing how it only got like 800k somethin views

  • Assmunch Associate
    Assmunch Associate 4 months ago

    Damn , wish they made men like that , body type better then my ex .

  • jazzydiva05
    jazzydiva05 5 months ago +1

    Me: I ain’t gay
    Maury: the lie detector test said that was a lie🤭😩😭😭😭

  • hkb_ hopekid
    hkb_ hopekid 6 months ago +1

    Long live M.A regular

  • Tyler Tracey
    Tyler Tracey 7 months ago +1

    This her most slept on song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Missy Wright
    Missy Wright 7 months ago


  • Alpha 6
    Alpha 6 7 months ago

    I've 99 problems and money 💰 ain't 1 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • sorryforpartying99
    sorryforpartying99 8 months ago +1

    Under a Million views...Da'fux up wit this shitty ass world wack ass ppl..

  • Polo Blacks g
    Polo Blacks g 8 months ago +3

    " I Agree ...I agree." Pay atttention B.

  • Murda Elba
    Murda Elba 8 months ago

    I wish a nigga would but He NOT!!Regular!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • No Regrets Baby Just Good Vibes Over Here

    0:26 "ooouuu"😂😂

  • Barology Man
    Barology Man 9 months ago

    This shit still hit hard...but yo fam check out this freestyle,,, straight outta SA

  • Andrew Mills
    Andrew Mills 9 months ago

    2019 still bumpin

  • delphanie handy
    delphanie handy 10 months ago


  • delphanie handy
    delphanie handy 10 months ago


  • Amanda Lamp
    Amanda Lamp 11 months ago

    Wood u come thru

    • Amanda Lamp
      Amanda Lamp 11 months ago

      This shit decanting to me best shit u ever seen me transform to liquid to solids

  • Amanda Lamp
    Amanda Lamp 11 months ago


  • Amanda Lamp
    Amanda Lamp 11 months ago

    I c u doing sometimes

  • Amanda Lamp
    Amanda Lamp 11 months ago

    I miss u ma

  • Pointless Comment

    That gunshot caught me off guard...

  • Lalthanpuia Ralte
    Lalthanpuia Ralte Year ago +2

    she so sexy man lace up

  • Melza Randum
    Melza Randum Year ago

    Fuckin love your music omg.

  • Angelic Felon
    Angelic Felon Year ago

    I hope your having a great day. 🙌 I personally think you deserve it. I just love your videos. 😍 Check out mine. Id love to know your thoughts

  • Adam Anonymous
    Adam Anonymous Year ago

    My girl omf god laraina (probably spelled wrong srry) although that's the least of the things I'm sorry for ... Fuck like that's our .... Omg I'm so proud of you and I would love to. If ur ok with meet her and see you im so sorry I ducked up spool rain bad I still remember that day please ...

  • Jenn gal
    Jenn gal Year ago

    Yo that gun shot made me jump💀🤣

  • HunkyGod69
    HunkyGod69 Year ago

    Wait is this a guy or a girl?

  • Big Drip 9
    Big Drip 9 Year ago


  • Ayman Abd-al-Fadi

    Shit 🔥 thought this was just released lol

  • drahcir90
    drahcir90 Year ago

    First of all... there's NO thotties in here. lmao

  • Jorgina Nkosi
    Jorgina Nkosi Year ago

    Keys she cute AF

  • Eddie Roberts
    Eddie Roberts Year ago

    Fuck them guys that dislike young ma video or dissin her

  • Aliceyia Smith
    Aliceyia Smith Year ago


  • Aliceyia Smith
    Aliceyia Smith Year ago

    She's mine 😍🤤🔫

  • Geena Agao
    Geena Agao Year ago

    Heey guys why don't we create a WhatsApp group.. on young MA's songs...
    Uplifting the rainbow flag community
    My phone number..

  • Diamanae Jackson
    Diamanae Jackson Year ago

    MY MAIN💍💍😌

  • Ronnie XD
    Ronnie XD Year ago

    She looks like the type to run up in my trap n fuck my bitch and make me record

  • Ebony Eaton
    Ebony Eaton Year ago

    The best out

  • Kyle Tatro
    Kyle Tatro Year ago

    Young ma is and will always be the best female rapper out there always fire no matter what it is 🔥🔥

  • Roxy Pogosyan
    Roxy Pogosyan Year ago

    Majority of men need to ask lessons from MA keep there Wife ‘s on short leash MA is they type as much As. Faithful the women is.all they need is 23 minutes 🔴🅱️🔴🔴

  • Yung Quan
    Yung Quan Year ago


  • KSC
    KSC Year ago

    I fuck wit her heavy but it’s blue life 😂😂

  • Christina King
    Christina King Year ago

    She’s my favorite female rapper she got them bars and she vapes that’s my bitch lol

  • Rome Willagon
    Rome Willagon Year ago

    Sick I feel like drake I am so proud of u word God bless her

  • Keke Taylor
    Keke Taylor Year ago +3