Episode 4: The Silent (Fan Animated)

  • Published on Jan 2, 2019
  • Watch the rest of the series here: ruclip.com/video/-WsZ2fUXbZg/video.html
    Enjoy ^^
    Song used: The Silent/ Tragic Tantrum
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Comments • 11 842

  • Leo da Vinci
    Leo da Vinci 4 hours ago

    Why is this my favourite song

  • Tom Has D I E D
    Tom Has D I E D 11 hours ago

    This is my favorite by far

  • Hinata Celil
    Hinata Celil Day ago


  • Gacha Kitten5
    Gacha Kitten5 2 days ago

    This song is about consent, because Duke almost raped her in chapter 1.

  • Kira B
    Kira B 2 days ago +1

    I Think her name is Meissa Dumarias cause if you look when she throws her bag pause and look at all the papers you will see one that says her full name!

  • Marcelo Lobos
    Marcelo Lobos 3 days ago

    Ojala fuera serie

  • Mael Radec
    Mael Radec 3 days ago

    Malkavian vampire having a grudge against a Tzimice?

  • Jackson Darden
    Jackson Darden 3 days ago

    I LOVE this 🦇

  • Starlight Sparkles
    Starlight Sparkles 4 days ago

    she may be insane. but she's badass

  • Cheshire Shadow
    Cheshire Shadow 4 days ago

    I'm really gonna have to watch the rest of the series. This is just *such* a delight to watch

  • Brittany
    Brittany 4 days ago

    Honestly I keep rewatching this over and over again. All I want from the final episode is for them to duet to “Leaves in the Stream” by Voltaire. I heard it shortly after you uploaded this one and it just gave me such strong Missi and Duke vibes if they ever came to a truce or something. (Plus you could leave the video vague and appease the shippers too lol.)

  • Lowry
    Lowry 4 days ago

    Fuck me that's... Something

  • Анжелика Богатырева

    We want to continue!!

  • Black X /Samurai Zackx
    Black X /Samurai Zackx 5 days ago +1

    2:05 ☹☹☹ ok no mo RED BULL

  • Rosey Wolf
    Rosey Wolf 5 days ago

    Damn seeing her true self again

  • Mckenzie Murdoch
    Mckenzie Murdoch 5 days ago

    At 0:03. If you notice look at the text, you can see the purple turnin to Brown before the "shhh". I noticed that ever since I saw the animation, it just now clicked into my head.

  • Friendlyaffordable Movers

    I think this shit made her insane

  • •Nora •
    •Nora • 7 days ago +1


  • Joseph Briggs
    Joseph Briggs 7 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Missi looks cuter in her vampiric state but with her hair up and glasses on?

  • PlaystationPunk
    PlaystationPunk 7 days ago

    Missi is prime waifu meterial

  • Asari Hashim
    Asari Hashim 7 days ago +1

    3:36 if missi goes to dance show...
    FBI: GO GO GO!!
    *BOOM pOW SkskSK TSSSSSSS smok#(*%())@#)(!*)AREA#$*-298051(#*%(%!&(BOOOMLASAGNA@Q$(($&*#)RAPE

  • Dr.AprilFest
    Dr.AprilFest 8 days ago

    Hallelujah Hmm that WAHs me something

  • veronica garcia
    veronica garcia 8 days ago

    Quien ha echo todas las animaciones y la música? son geniales

  • Bimapow !
    Bimapow ! 8 days ago

    I can imagine Duke like,
    "Go to this party and we'll dance fight for *MY* cane. Thx."

  • Maddi Branham
    Maddi Branham 9 days ago

    I've watched the whole series all I have to say I WOW and I can't wiat for the showdown!

  • Maddi Branham
    Maddi Branham 9 days ago

    Amazing!,!!!!,! Your so talented!

  • John Parla
    John Parla 9 days ago

    Can I play this as a hollow wean song or is it rafering to something that kids should not now about ?

  • Lily Gaming // Theories

    She shouldn’t have a reflection if she’s a vampire?

  • Никита Карелин

    Как же я люблю этот клип

  • Justin Daniels
    Justin Daniels 10 days ago +1

    0:53 - 1:02 with the chandelier is a nice way to show her insanity level at the moment.
    0:22 anyone else notice that her shadow is human Missi?

  • STAR_PLAYZ Power
    STAR_PLAYZ Power 11 days ago



  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee 11 days ago

    So is anybody gonna talk about the captions?

  • angry teapod
    angry teapod 13 days ago


  • you Tube좋아
    you Tube좋아 14 days ago


  • 魄月静雨
    魄月静雨 14 days ago +1


  • Ресс Тандер
    Ресс Тандер 15 days ago


  • Casa De Jarp
    Casa De Jarp 15 days ago

    I love the last three ones

  • A1ex5438
    A1ex5438 15 days ago +1


  • meme Landia
    meme Landia 15 days ago

    No entiendo la parte 2:00 del vídeo

  • Банда Арины
    Банда Арины 16 days ago +1

    Пожалуйста сделай продолжение!!!

  • Eufie_ Animatez!
    Eufie_ Animatez! 16 days ago +12

    I close my doors and hit the lights
    **Hits the freaking light switch**
    Landlord: YOUR GONNA PAY FOR THAT!!!!!

  • ФωФふうこ
    ФωФふうこ 17 days ago


  • Nico Scarpinato
    Nico Scarpinato 17 days ago

    funny and good animation

  • Person
    Person 17 days ago

    "Brb, get ready for the showdown"

  • Jane Neko
    Jane Neko 19 days ago +1

    :) que buen video

  • Charlie Bright
    Charlie Bright 19 days ago

    Me: oh, this is a great song, I'm going to buy it!
    Me: ...is that a Wilhelm scream?

    • Person
      Person 15 days ago

      Finally someone said it

  • 葉スティ
    葉スティ 19 days ago


  • 꿀단지
    꿀단지 19 days ago

    머쪄요 ㅠㅠ

  • Gacha Family
    Gacha Family 20 days ago

    What’s this original game or video or something else?

  • Ariana Maldonado
    Ariana Maldonado 20 days ago

    Two genius

  • Blaziax Boi
    Blaziax Boi 21 day ago

    3:15 who is nessa? i want to see this supposed "NESSA"

    • glowworm2
      glowworm2 9 days ago

      Nessa actually shows up at the end of the 5th episode!

  • Larae Reid
    Larae Reid 21 day ago +1

    I can't tell if she hates him or loves him?

  • Soul
    Soul 21 day ago

    Animation 10/10 song is garbage

  • しある
    しある 22 days ago

    Thank you for translating!🙏

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S 22 days ago

    1:52 She is the same in the glass so I think the stick get her insane but until She don't make her souls eat she's not a total vampire

  • 0 0
    0 0 22 days ago


  • Milena the dreamer
    Milena the dreamer 23 days ago +1

    Когда ты долго пытался скрыть то,что ты русский,но под конец не выдержал и написал название видео на русском :)

    • Dèâd Lēñ
      Dèâd Lēñ 20 days ago

      Ну, как бы RUclip сам переводит названия зарубежных видео на русский :)
      /если это был рофл, прости.../

  • Kep4ik
    Kep4ik 24 days ago +1

    Ну... Такое .. не очень то уж и мощно, но и по своему прикольно) Лукас и респект автору (-ше)

  • Сакрат Форт
    Сакрат Форт 24 days ago

    Это прекрасно

  • Dan Traverse
    Dan Traverse 24 days ago

    Methinks our lady has gone quite, quite mad...