Episode 4: The Silent (Fan Animated)

  • Published on Jan 2, 2019
  • Watch the rest of the series: ruclip.com/video/-WsZ2fUXbZg/video.html
    Enjoy ^^
    Song used: The Silent/ Tragic Tantrum
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Comments • 10 906

  • Girlkitty Plays
    Girlkitty Plays 7 hours ago

    Honestly i would have stayed human cause it looks like death being a vampire trapped all alone :|

  • Маленькая Fox
    Маленькая Fox 17 hours ago


  • 西園寺遙
    西園寺遙 23 hours ago


  • Алина Майер
    Алина Майер 23 hours ago

    Тут русские есть? ))

  • Olivia Vaughan
    Olivia Vaughan 23 hours ago

    make more pls ship them

  • matthew timm
    matthew timm Day ago

    I think they're gonna dance in the next one

  • MochiArts
    MochiArts Day ago

    She _protects_
    She *Attacc*
    But most importantly..
    She *_Needs Her staff bacc_*

  • MochiArts
    MochiArts Day ago

    She _protects_
    She *Attacc*
    But most importantly..
    She *_Needs Her staff bacc_*

  • Полина Ланкина


  • aj thomason
    aj thomason Day ago

    This is just to amazing. How has no one contacted about making this a TV series or something. I can't wait for more after watching every song so far!~☆

  • Bean on Screen
    Bean on Screen Day ago

    Just wait till' day then she can run

  • Rayvin Nicole
    Rayvin Nicole Day ago

    Can't wait for more!!!!

  • Юлия загдачная

    Эм, Рашин люди?..)

  • paula Agudo
    paula Agudo Day ago +1

    Her name is Melissa Dumatias
    Her birthday is 7\7
    And her program is literature

  • robko vavra
    robko vavra Day ago

    Please more videos

  • Mythiczz Monica
    Mythiczz Monica Day ago

    Ill wait for the next video😍😍

  • Mining Milashka
    Mining Milashka 2 days ago +1

    Алилуя люди)

  • Anna Clara
    Anna Clara 2 days ago


  • Kharen Matan
    Kharen Matan 2 days ago

    An i the only one thinking the Staff is driving her Insane?

  • deneb altair ephan
    deneb altair ephan 3 days ago

    pls make the next animation

  • Nick Nick
    Nick Nick 3 days ago

    she a insane vimpier but inecont homen

  • Lobo de Gubia
    Lobo de Gubia 3 days ago

    3:15 "emergency contacts" nessa?

  • Lobo de Gubia
    Lobo de Gubia 3 days ago +1

    1:16 Edgar Allan Poe's easteregg. :v

  • Kayley Lefferson
    Kayley Lefferson 3 days ago

    I wood like more:0

  • Chloe Swain
    Chloe Swain 3 days ago +1

    Melissa ?Dumarias?
    D.O.B 7/7
    mum, dad and Nessa(sister?)
    she likes literature. Goes/going to go to college


    Brb: get ready for the *showdown*

    oooooo forshadowing ^w^

    I L0vE tHis tOo mUcH

  • Woldelamin Fay
    Woldelamin Fay 3 days ago

    I saw your name in Hazbin Hotel Series are you participating?

  • Janna Pitts
    Janna Pitts 3 days ago

    I can wait for the next one! XD

  • Ilona Akhmetova
    Ilona Akhmetova 3 days ago


  • Matthew Cuentas
    Matthew Cuentas 3 days ago


  • Nikku Studio
    Nikku Studio 3 days ago

    I just hope that she can turn back to her real self...

  • SweetRose
    SweetRose 3 days ago

    Please send this to Netflix. I want to See this as a Serie oO

  • Владилена Юрченко

    У Миси криша едет не спеша

  • Donovan Asami
    Donovan Asami 4 days ago

    I hope they end up as a couple.

  • Chrisma Hewett
    Chrisma Hewett 4 days ago

    Please make another episode please.

  • AlphaVee325
    AlphaVee325 4 days ago

    I just learned me and her have the same birthday...

  • Molly Wiesner
    Molly Wiesner 4 days ago

    Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Emeralda Gacha Dragon

    1:50 Reflect in mirror... Oof

  • Alec Ana
    Alec Ana 4 days ago

    The video is bomb as fuck but also this song is so amazing. For both the story she is telling and also i just really like this song.

  • Existence 420
    Existence 420 4 days ago

    On her emergency contacts list, there was a name. Who the fuck is Nessa?

  • Александр Евтушенко

    I want to continue!!! It's amazing. I just love vampires and I'm gonna say, you're about to release a sequel!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Isacosmickookie
    Isacosmickookie 4 days ago

    Yo Daria whos Nessa at 3:14?

  • Ut imperium
    Ut imperium 5 days ago

    when is the showdown going to be finished?

    • Ut imperium
      Ut imperium Day ago

      I think the next animation should be very good because the average wait between the animation is about 3 months. So she is taking longer which i believe means a better animation and conclusion.

  • Konrad Sulikowski
    Konrad Sulikowski 5 days ago +4

    I mean, she Had wings... I would trade sanity for wings lol

  • Kiki Scarlet
    Kiki Scarlet 5 days ago +1

    We need this on Netflix! The animations are amazing!

  • Fangette
    Fangette 5 days ago +8

    *Emergency contact-Nessa* Pokémon sword and shield confirmed

  • Randomandannoying
    Randomandannoying 5 days ago

    So this story ( Yes I’m going to spill the big bowl of story juice)
    So Missi spends her time in the castle yet the reason she come was because duke was so lonely that he was ready to marry the first girl who walked in (hence the first episode) And as the girl is alone she also gets consumed by insanity and loneliness and even though she wants to go home she thinks that it’s her purpose to hate duke so she stays and will eat away at dukes ego until he’s nothing, and then and only then Missi might get satisfaction.

  • Rosani Rodrigues
    Rosani Rodrigues 5 days ago

    Is it weird that I like her more with glasses when she in her vampire state?🧛‍♀️

    • kyle gibbs
      kyle gibbs 3 days ago +1

      Rosani Rodrigues not really I like it as well

  • kitty cake321
    kitty cake321 5 days ago +1

    I feel so sorry for her

  • Distorted
    Distorted 5 days ago

    4.8 million in *checks notes* about a month and a half you know its good from someone with not even 500k yet even though she deserves more subs

  • -please kill me right now-

    she has a bumble bee ass

  • Preston Garvey
    Preston Garvey 5 days ago

    I've been here at least 100 times, this series is just so good. Honestly, unless you purposely make the next one a trainwreck, I'm gonna live what's going on here, keep it on.

  • мир анимашек

    Люди тут есть русские ?

  • Kyle Broflovski
    Kyle Broflovski 6 days ago

    Is there gonna be another one

  • Kyle Broflovski
    Kyle Broflovski 6 days ago

    Missi can be in sunlight?

  • Kazuto Fang
    Kazuto Fang 6 days ago

    Missi turned into a crazy kinda evil

  • FlamingKittenO5
    FlamingKittenO5 6 days ago

    So is she just like stuck there until that creep vampire leaves her alone?
    Would she want to leave if he wasn't there?

  • Danielle Heberling
    Danielle Heberling 6 days ago

    Power is too delicious

  • Chubshoo
    Chubshoo 6 days ago

    Let's just take a moment to appreciate how smooth the animation is

  • Catpuchino 123
    Catpuchino 123 6 days ago

    Part five plz

  • Xxkatherine xX
    Xxkatherine xX 6 days ago

    Wait hold on a minute so what will she do to him ?

  • Cute Snow ball
    Cute Snow ball 6 days ago


  • Cute Snow ball
    Cute Snow ball 6 days ago


  • Кирилл Еремеев

    давай продолжение пж

  • taghi Mirmohammadi
    taghi Mirmohammadi 7 days ago

    duke gonna revenge
    im pretty sure
    im very very very very interested for next part

  • Ashton Monaghan
    Ashton Monaghan 7 days ago

    I saw that damn paper at the end. wonder what the Showdown is!?

  • Aaron Carlston
    Aaron Carlston 7 days ago +4

    You should do when you're evil by Voltaire.

  • Sam M.
    Sam M. 7 days ago

    Missi just threw her cat at 1:06 Haha!!!

    • Sam M.
      Sam M. 6 days ago

      @Akira Leelarapin could you maybe not be a dick about it?? I was just enjoying the video

    • Akira Leelarapin
      Akira Leelarapin 6 days ago

      Thank you for pointing that out, captain obvious.

  • Michael Hutchison
    Michael Hutchison 7 days ago

    She’s got moves you can’t deny that also mental problems

  • BigB 2029
    BigB 2029 7 days ago

    Please do more

  • Luis Francisco
    Luis Francisco 7 days ago

    This Is SO amazing and beautifull 😍😍

  • Samuel Stygian
    Samuel Stygian 7 days ago

    I truly want to see more

  • MyBahamas242
    MyBahamas242 7 days ago

    Why did she not go back to her normal life

  • 率概
    率概 7 days ago +1

    Book bag: why me again

  • Dana Livadaru
    Dana Livadaru 7 days ago


  • Valeria Alejandra Herrera Carrillo

    Muuuuuy buena animación

  • елена боброва

    А откуда это? Манга? Аниме? Я очень хочу оригинал, судя по прекрасным анимациям фанатов

  • Julia Smithins
    Julia Smithins 7 days ago +13

    Wait, vampires DONT have a reflection... 1:50 shows a reflection of Mellisa before she held the staff

    • Leticia Misaki
      Leticia Misaki 5 days ago +1

      because she still have her human side, and that side was in the mirror, not the vampire one

  • Rosette Fall
    Rosette Fall 7 days ago

    Man, Missi has so many voices and tunes in that throat.

  • animesaint :3
    animesaint :3 7 days ago

    I just commissioned a cosplay costume missi

  • Ema a
    Ema a 7 days ago

    when will the new chapter be published?

  • Bull Reeves
    Bull Reeves 8 days ago +4

    That moment you realize Duke is the more sane and nice vampire.

  • steve craft
    steve craft 8 days ago

    I miss this song from an old spooky cabaret playlist, video got blocked in my country but I this song brings back memories when I'd listen to it to study for my classes

  • rebbekah cannons
    rebbekah cannons 8 days ago +1

    Loved this song before I saw it on here, this looks neat.

  • wesley sabiston
    wesley sabiston 8 days ago +1

    So awesome

  • Tea Tsuneko
    Tea Tsuneko 8 days ago

    It’s like she’s spiraling into insanity through all of this.

  • MrDEMarq
    MrDEMarq 8 days ago +1

    1). She REZ's the Duke just to fuck with him abit.
    2). So, she not really a vamp since she was never bitten, just only corrupted buy what power is in the staff?

  • Chi-Ken Guariero
    Chi-Ken Guariero 8 days ago +1

    Is impossivle for to translate all so now i start to talk in italian : tralasciando chi è veramnete e i suoi voti vorrei più che altro parlare della storia che fin dall inizio parla di questa ragazza che va in un castello abitato da un vampiro, che forse la stava anche aspettando, e probabilmente la vuole trasformare in vampiro o solo berle il sangue ma la ragazza riesce ad ucciderlo prendendo la staffa che. secondo me, è importante perché non solo ha un grande potere ma controlla anche i mostri, come si può vedere nella seconda parte , facendo notare anche che Duke è molto importante anche tra i mostri, quasi un re. Invece nella terza parte Melissa rianima Duke,non per qualche strano motivo ma perché vuole vendicarsi, questo è amplificato dalla staffa che la trasforma anche in un vampiro facendola pensare come uno di loro e non più come un umana, e, invece in questa parte, si può notare che i mostri anche se seguono i suoi ordini in realtà non l'hanno accettata e cercano di ucciderla e, capendo che non funziona , sfruttano un momento magari di distrazione o di paura della ragazza per farla trasformare in un vero e proprio mostro ma in un attimo di lucidità mentale, magari risvegliatasi dal dolore visto che si taglio da qualche parte e comincia a mutare e comincia a piangere, riesce a liberarsene tornando a essere umana e a desiderare la vita tranquilla di prima, ma appena vede di nuovo Duke quel sentimento di rabbia torna facendole riprendere la staffa e tornando ad essere un vampiro. Per quanto riguarda i sentimenti di Duke, nella terza parte sembra arrabbiato per quello che gli sta facendo, forse è anche impaurito, da Melissa ma forse ne è quasi attratto perché è forse il vampiro più potente al mondo e non ha mai provato paura o molto raramente. Questa è come ho interpretato la storia. Per quanto riguarda i voti,la scuola e tutto il resto forse hanno solo aumentato il desiderio di non andarsene e trovare una scusa per rimanere ma non lo quindi. Sono un po' in ritardo ma vabbè

  • Ana Ramirez alarcón
    Ana Ramirez alarcón 8 days ago +1

    hola soy nueva uwu

  • Keizoku Drive
    Keizoku Drive 8 days ago +1

    I was NOT dissapointed

  • meu gato up
    meu gato up 8 days ago +2


  • J/Ash/Bran
    J/Ash/Bran 8 days ago +1

    All she wants to do is go home. The power, the insanity, it’s all too much. But with duke outside, and her rage at him yet to cool...she can’t go anywhere. The silence will slip in all the more

  • Chloe Blair
    Chloe Blair 9 days ago +1

    Bravo! Magnificent!

  • 2 to 5
    2 to 5 9 days ago +1

    So maby because the cane makes Melissa a vampire theres a soul In the cane that takes over(like i read in another comment) In Fuck you Duke just wanted the cane not the house (like another comment said) so maby there is a soul trapped in the cane that's why he wanted Melissa to be the replacement of "Missi" and when Missi summoned Duke back he tried to get the cane back so he can find someone else willing to be his "Missi" and that's who he was singing about in the first one then he can do a spell on the girl and get his "Missi" back.
    And the reason why Missi was beating Duke in the last one was cause Duke got Both Missi and Melissa in that position...
    But hey that's just a theory, a story/animation theory

  • Sebas LSCP
    Sebas LSCP 9 days ago +3

    3:23 that time when you acting like crazy inside home, then someone knocks on the door

  • Flowerfell Frisk Shy flowers are deadly

    Make more pleaseeee

  • xXAlicia Lim RobloxXx

    Make more!!!! so interesting!! so AWESOME!!! PLZ MAKE MORE SOON I BEG YOU!!😱

  • Soulless Rose
    Soulless Rose 9 days ago

    If it's alright in a video can you use this song ruclip.com/video/IRE8z_iOngI/video.html

  • Holly Rogers
    Holly Rogers 9 days ago

    she is vem 2:11

  • emmarene regadio
    emmarene regadio 9 days ago +6


    WHEN IS IT COMING?????????????

  • Minecraft Sans
    Minecraft Sans 10 days ago

    When the.....HELL is the next one coming out? It'd better be soon...if not, then it's fine, but someone seriously needs to call Netflix.