How CO2 Could Be The Future Of Fuel | VICE on HBO

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • As climate deniers and their allies in industry and government thwart conservationists’ efforts, some scientists are working to develop a back-up plan: use technology to “geoengineer” the Earth's atmosphere and reduce the impacts of climate change.
    See the full report Friday at 7:30 PM and 11 PM EDT on HBO.
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  • KoaBosk
    KoaBosk 8 days ago

    If we go carbon-negative. Don't forget that all of our plants and crops need CO2 in order to survive. If you remove all the CO2 from the atmosphere they all died and the rest of the world starves to death then the world dies.

  • mechuniversal
    mechuniversal 22 days ago

    Unfortunately the right questions are not asked by the interviewer, and the guy being interviwered only glosses over it briefly, but you need a ton of solar or windmills to power the process of carbon capture described here. I think it is a great technology and we need to implement it along with other solutions. The most likely scenario is to build a nuclear reactor next to one of these plants to power it to make fuel or just capture carbon and bury it.

  • ikbal khan
    ikbal khan 25 days ago


    • Hamster V10
      Hamster V10 23 days ago

      ikbal khan Because it's still too expensive for us but don't worry the price will go down in a few years

  • TL Winslow
    TL Winslow 27 days ago

    What a self-defeating technology. Not to mention it's threatening to choke greenery.

  • angelairenaable
    angelairenaable Month ago +2

    Isnt the fact that it uses up the Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and can use the vehicles already available the big bonus here?

  • avinash bhujan
    avinash bhujan Month ago +1

    Big Oil will not like this

  • Colin Spencer
    Colin Spencer Month ago

    It will be unnecessary to combine hydrogen with carbon dioxide to create energy. If and when Thorium Molten Salt Reactors are used to generate electricity they will also be producing massive amounts of hydrogen and water as byproducts. Using hydrogen fuel cells, electric propulsion of all types of transport can be the ideal long term replacement for oil burning reciprocating engines, at the same time, giving us cleaner air. Carbon Dioxide is not your enemy. All forms of life depend on carbon dioxide for their very existence. Eliminating toxic chemical emissions from the air is the way to protect life itself.

  • william mitchell
    william mitchell Month ago +1

    Trump voter here.. let’s do this now!! Helloooo!!

  • Ch N
    Ch N Month ago

    Q: Why not get CO2 directly from coal fired power station together with the waste H2O? Got all the power you need. A: Well that would be technocratically correct but politically incorrect ... the amount of capital wasted on these junket science projects is incredible, taking the plant food out of the atmosphere how dumb is that???

  • Hippo-Drones
    Hippo-Drones Month ago

    If you use the CO2 up, what would the plants use?

  • Bird Cage
    Bird Cage Month ago

    climate deniers?

  • La Chris
    La Chris Month ago

    Electric vehicles are probably ten times more energy efficient than gasoline vehicles with this fuel. In other words, when you charge an electric vehicle and produce gasoline for a gasoline vehicle with the same amount of energy, the electric vehicle would have ten times the reach.

  • The Manitoba Wingnuts

    Totally solves energy storage issues related with renewables!

  • Gina Constant
    Gina Constant 2 months ago

    think most people have been doing this already for personal use but using humans also ( targeted individuals to be precise) hence the reason for the wildfires everywhere to collect more CO2 and H20. maybe a good topic for vice to cover since you can communicate with people with a better knowledge on these matters. great video by the way.

  • Bhaskar Raju
    Bhaskar Raju 2 months ago

    Water is scarce!1

  • Michael Styczynski
    Michael Styczynski 2 months ago

    this we will be introduce probably too late, just because greed of oil company's and governments, they need to create legal aw to allow this be sold, similar to marijuana, is been on hold till pharmaceutical company's can make profit, business and greed ruins the world

  • Michel Bernatchez
    Michel Bernatchez 2 months ago

  • nagu naga
    nagu naga 2 months ago

    Plsssssss how co2 takes hydrogen what is it's mechanisum plssss any one replyyy plsss plss plsss7899796289my what's app no.

  • Muhammad Teguh
    Muhammad Teguh 2 months ago


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  • giddeo
    giddeo 2 months ago +1

    We need something like this to pull co2 levels down, reverse them. That will always take energy BUT you can use renewable energy for that process. So yes it is viable and necessary because without proactive methods like this we will never reverse climate change

  • Robert Balejik
    Robert Balejik 2 months ago

    and what about the methane?

  • Magnified
    Magnified 3 months ago

    I think Audi is manufacturing this type of fuel.

  • Nick66
    Nick66 3 months ago +1

    NET Power in Texas uses their turbine to capture Carbon to produce energy. If this company did that aswell, then they would capture carbon with one turbine creating energy which then capture more carbon turning it into fuel. Making it 100% renewable and self-sustaining.

  • Marcos Lepe
    Marcos Lepe 3 months ago +1

    CO2 is an oil field in the atmosphere! Introducing it back to hydrogen is brilliant

  • Scott Etter
    Scott Etter 3 months ago

    This was a very well produced commercial

  • hermantel Bo
    hermantel Bo 3 months ago

    And the world gouverments keep quiet because they dont want solutions but only your money. We live in a world of lies were inventors been silenced

  • Ricky Parker
    Ricky Parker 3 months ago

    thermal depolymerization...

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody 3 months ago +2

    Jeremy Clarkson is gonna be a investor in this

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 3 months ago +1

    Take my money and take it now

  • NPDarkside13
    NPDarkside13 3 months ago +1

    regardless of what you're opinion is on global warming, gasoline/diesel engine fuel is a finite resource and the increase in prices have shown it's getting harder to obtain. The future of what fuel you fill your car up with is open to different theories and ideas but the one idea that sticks, is recycling that energy.

  • Adrien BERNAY
    Adrien BERNAY 4 months ago

    please, Americans .. stop being so naive by saying that you just have to plant trees ...

  • G Honda
    G Honda 4 months ago

    This is National Geographic's article on this process.

  • Alex Bruni
    Alex Bruni 4 months ago

    Hello Vice,
    I am one of those 18-35-year-olds that considers you the best and most reliable source for news, and also bringing attention to things that need to be put in the light.
    I ask that you revisit this plant and talk to them about their current financial supporters and how the technology has come along.
    Thank You.

  • Budi Sulisto
    Budi Sulisto 4 months ago +3

    There is no silver bullet to climate change, We need them all, carbon capture, more trees, ev cars, planes, solar, etc.

    • Bird Cage
      Bird Cage Month ago

      Stoping the 3rd world population bomb would be a good start, then stop all immigration and food aid to the most populated and fastest growing regions on the planet.....

  • hawk eye
    hawk eye 4 months ago +1

    im a co2 skeptic, and i love this idea. it means that no more supersizing of electric cars.

    • Bird Cage
      Bird Cage Month ago

      @Diver, Sky Clearly this guy denies the climate according to Vice "climate deniers and their allies in industry and government."

    • Diver, Sky
      Diver, Sky 3 months ago

      _im a co2 skeptic, and i love this idea_
      That makes sense, because this video is bullshit.

  • Crurned
    Crurned 4 months ago

    What would be the chemical byproduct after the combustion process?

  • চৌধুরী তাহমিম

    Tree is the cheapest alternative of this technology.

    • চৌধুরী তাহমিম
      চৌধুরী তাহমিম 4 months ago

      @Zer0F0rze i know that, for oxygen, seaweed algae and some bacteria are better than tree.
      But for cheapest energy storage system, tree is still the Winner.

    • Zer0F0rze
      Zer0F0rze 4 months ago

      Tahmim Chowdhury and now we know trees can’t save us

  • Christopher Robleto-Harvey


  • The Mask
    The Mask 5 months ago +2

    Like all things good, it will have to battle the force's of evil.

  • Life Syver
    Life Syver 5 months ago

    I stead of finding a way to cature it how about find a way where you can make a machin to make it work like a tree but better? Is that possible? Or something? Idk, i aint no scientist.
    Edit: Also this is a great idea!

  • Milan Draganic
    Milan Draganic 5 months ago

    Because of lithium companies, they want all the money

  • karel degreef
    karel degreef 5 months ago +1

    shame on you Vice News in calling us climate deniers !!!
    we are climate critics !!!
    we know CO2 is not a problem and it's a scam !!!
    and we are for clean air and water !!!
    climate is mostly controled by the sun and the now rapidly changing earths magnetic field !!!
    you don't deserve 4.3 million subs if you are going to mislead them !!!
    people are waking up and stopping to blindly beleave the mainstream science and media !
    the evidence is out there CO2 has an effect but a very tiny one (neglectable) !
    btw: CO2 max on the workfloor is set to 5000 ppm that's 13 times higher than global average (1300%) !!!
    CO2 max in a clasroom is set at 4000 ppm !!!
    in a cinema it's 7000 ppm !!!
    carbon is deadly at 80.000 ppm to 100.000 ppm but you will never get those values on this planet !!!
    carbon has been up to 4 times higher than today so we are far away from any carbon problems !!!
    + for every human there is 1000 kg or 2200 pounds of termites who put more carbon in the air than we do !!!
    carbon taks is a scam ! (however we need to controle fine dust and other toxic materials)
    but climate is again controled by suncycles !
    people who look at the carbon output from 1945 to 1970 will see a rise of 300% wile the global temperature went down !
    it's the sun that drives our climate and we are in a cooling phase now !
    what makes it even more complex is the now rapidly changing earths magnetic field !
    the ice caps follow that magnetic field and it is moving 60 km to 65 km per year now (it used to do that per century) !
    climate is a very complex topic but the data doesn't lie => carbon isn't the bad guy !
    they make it the bad guy to taks the shit out of everybody !!!
    it's general theft !!!
    shame on you to contribute to that scam !
    look it up people.
    do your resurge and set yourself free .
    good luck !

    • karel degreef
      karel degreef 4 months ago

      @Martin Zvarík you are an idiot , plain and simple !
      you have no understanding how CO2 works and demonizing it is plain stupid .
      you make foolish comparisons that are based on pure stupidity .
      i wonder what all of those fools like you are going to say when reality hits you deep because we are in a cooling fase if you haven't notised it already !
      the only fake thing here are your toughts ;-)

    • Martin Zvarík
      Martin Zvarík 4 months ago

      start your car in garage and stay there... then report back how you feel and it how it correlates to what you just said... #EarthIsFlat and moon is fake

  • BaronBoar
    BaronBoar 5 months ago +1

    Let's suck all of the CO2 out of the atmosphere and kill off all plant life lol.

  • Doodle Joint
    Doodle Joint 5 months ago +1

    Shell would make sure that this fuel won't see daylight!

  • allmagicgy
    allmagicgy 5 months ago

    So how long until this is bought out by an interested party and blown up to keep the technology from actually being used?

  • Inigo Montoya
    Inigo Montoya 5 months ago

    what company is that?

  • Anton Nym
    Anton Nym 5 months ago +1

    I like this video! It is much less preachy than that POS I sat through a few minutes ago. Well done! Interesting, exciting. All good wishes.

  • Conrad Gifford
    Conrad Gifford 5 months ago +2

    So seems we do have the technology to “save the planet which will end in 10 years.” Lol

  • Sigmund Wallerus
    Sigmund Wallerus 6 months ago

    We must finally support and bring together existing technologies that guarantee energy security for all time, through renewable energies, while at the same time reducing the CO2 content of the atmosphere to an acceptable level and keeping the costs for the end user low without any restrictions.
    Together, with a united effort, a closed energy cycle can be created for all systems, guaranteeing energy security, in harmony with nature, forever.
    It is possible and not impossible !!!

  • Fox
    Fox 6 months ago +1

    What is the energy return on energy invested when making fuel from CO2

    • red squirrel
      red squirrel 5 months ago

      they have a web sight it might say there?

  • KrabbenLazer
    KrabbenLazer 6 months ago

    Bro i live in switzerland and here the electicity price is very cheap so e fuel here will be cheap to so it works 🙃😉

  • MMProgamer
    MMProgamer 6 months ago

    What is the name of the Machine?

  • Jeffrey Twining
    Jeffrey Twining 6 months ago +1

    Making hydrogen through water electrolysis is the next phase of world decarbonisation. That, in combination with these plants running on wind or solar, would be the ultimate goal.

  • jade ah
    jade ah 6 months ago

    Why dont we use in car emission

  • Taufik411
    Taufik411 6 months ago


  • nichjt
    nichjt 6 months ago +2

    We're not 'climate deniers', we simply never thought socialism was the answer to the problem. Free-market solutions like this will solve global warming.

    • Bird Cage
      Bird Cage Month ago

      You sound like a climate denier to me.

  • T Aikens
    T Aikens 7 months ago

    I like Emissions I have a old Diesel Engine that runs a Fertilizer Truck Trailer Auto loader it loves to smoke Blue and black smoke all say long , I love cranking it up full nosie .

  • Alpha Geminorum
    Alpha Geminorum 7 months ago

    There is exactly one (1) political body on this entire planet that denies the facts of climate science. It's called the 'Republican Party' and it exists only in the US. The Republican Party is made up mostly of evangelical Christians and billionaires. They feed off each other. The billionaires have the money to fool people with massive disinformation campaigns; and the evangelicals are already delusional what with their bizarre death cult belief system. Together they keep trolls alive pretending that the climate isn't going to change enough to pick off human civilization.
    The entire rest of the world - from authoritarian regimes to the freest democratic socialist nations are completely aware of the facts of climate change and are working to fix it.

  • Salvatore Guidone
    Salvatore Guidone 7 months ago +1

    You can tell that the journalist is completely unqualified to conduct this interview by this one sentence 'so you're capturing the energy that's already in the air'. No, you're not, you're transforming electric energy in a different form in a very inefficient way, that would more accurately portray this technology.

    • Salvatore Guidone
      Salvatore Guidone 7 months ago

      Yes, but your carbon emissions aren't 'net zero' even if the source of electricity was 100 renewable. Plasma incineration produces hydrogen and CO gas that can then be transformed into hydrocarbons. When these are combusted, carbon dioxide is emitted. And where does this carbon in the CO2 come from? From plastic. And where does plastic come from? Fossil fuels.
      So it essentially has essentially the same tailpipe CO2 emissions than any other fossil fuel. For a fuel that's very expensive and has the same tailpipe emissions as regular fossilized fuel.
      I'm not against the production of hydrogen or synthetic fuels from the gasification of biomass. But it doesn't make sense to take it from fossilized hydrocarbons and call it 'bio-fuel'.

    • Alpha Geminorum
      Alpha Geminorum 7 months ago

      The conversion of chemical (gasoline) energy into motion (transportation) is extremely inefficient due to the laws of thermodynamics. In fact, ALL conversion of energy into work is inefficient. It doesn't mean we don't make things anyway. The added benefit of THIS technology is the use of renewables to power the conversion of C02 into a liquid fuel.

  • Shane Bob
    Shane Bob 7 months ago

    or what happened to the carburetor that was so good? It was called a pogue. Trippled the gas mileage of many of the vehicles today.