Rep. Adam Schiff connects the dots between Trump and Russia -- Part 2


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  • Midblu Metal
    Midblu Metal Год назад

    how people cant see thru Schiff, Pelosi, Comey,every democrat, and MSM especially CNN blows me away... Russia conspiracy is a fairy tale narrative that will last as long as there is a ongoing investigation thats why after 8 months u havent seen a shred of evidence only speculation, opinion, and word salads.. Schiff just said it, officials are highly confident which translates to nothing sandwich. now Nunes actually does have evidence of wiretapping and its gonna rock the nation. this will be demise of Russian theory... so believers prepare to be feeling the pain of election night all over again when Russian theory is proved to be just that a fairy tale... ill say it now TOLD U SO.

  • Damion Williams
    Damion Williams Год назад


  • William Money
    William Money Год назад +2

    Adam Schiff is (as Trey Gowdy says) not a fact based witness. Those who testified at the hearings are fact based witnesses and they ALL said there is no connection between Trump and the Russians.

    • James Warner
      James Warner Год назад

      How? What evidence proves a link Trump and the Russians? They have a partisan political narrative & unsupported accusations, not evidence! If they have proof, where is it? Because all we're getting on this topic is 10 pounds of bullshit stuffed in a 5 pound sack!

    • William Money
      William Money Год назад

      Brilliant rebuttal, and yet again, you propagate more useless information.

    • Baritone45
      Baritone45 Год назад

      William Money The only things sorry about you are your brain and your moral compass. I mean nothing but the simple truth when I say your refusal to accept facts and norms of behavior shows you are a useless piece of shit.

    • William Money
      William Money Год назад +1

      Sorry...facts over rule your wishful thinking. Fact based witnesses testified that President Trump was not colluding with the Russians.

    • Baritone45
      Baritone45 Год назад

      Quite the contrary. They have proven Trump is in bed with the Russians.

  • christopher worth
    christopher worth Год назад +8

    I'm not going to read the trumistas here simply because I can't stand that level of blind stupidity any longer. You guys are the biggest patsies on the planet and if nothing said said above can change your delusions nothing I or anyone can say will alter that.
    But, for those with a functioning frontal cortex I say, let the trials begin.
    Can't send these traitors to federal prison soon enough.

  • HK Tepochcalli
    HK Tepochcalli Год назад

    but why blame Russia, blame inside traitors - inside job # 2

    • Evan Regis
      Evan Regis Год назад +2

      ??? What in god's name are you blathering about? Did you not listen to part 1 and part 2 of this?

  • HK Tepochcalli
    HK Tepochcalli Год назад

    let's say it's possible and there is evidence they are not disclosing because of keeping a secret, will trump run to North Korea or Russia?

  • Nan Smithy
    Nan Smithy Год назад +2

    Thanks for putting these videos up so people could see for themselves. I'm not in the US and don't have access to CNN, but really wanted to see the statements Schiff made.

  • CyberdelicXP
    CyberdelicXP Год назад +4

    when we visit Trump in federal prision, can we tell him "your fired!"

    • James P
      James P Год назад

      Nexan had nothing to do with the Watergate break in but he was guilty of trying to cover it up so in the end its about what did you no and when did you know it.

    • James P
      James P Год назад

      No not in mattern times.

    • James P
      James P Год назад +1

      Actually i can I'm registered Independent so i followed the election and and did my home work, I understand why people voted for him they were just to lazy to honestly study trump and Clinton what i dont understand is why and how Trumpkins can now play the blame game.

    • Paul Kim
      Paul Kim Год назад

      James P
      can you imagine ANY president having 1/10th the dirt they have on him already?

    • James P
      James P Год назад +1

      Its only a matter of time now if the press can find all the shit they have imagine what the the FBI will come up with.

  • Michael T
    Michael T Год назад +4

    Trump and his KLAN are going to jail.

  • m Riddell
    m Riddell Год назад

    All coincidence. Do not know and will not know. FBI will not answer. Notice Schiff call America Democratic and Liberal Democratic. What 2 Americas? Schiff is looking for something that is not there.

    • Baritone45
      Baritone45 Год назад

      How can a person capable of typing not see the obvious. Trump betrayed his country and admitted it over and over again in campaign stops. It's simple, it's obvious. Trump is operating in the interests of Russia and rich Americans, not the US. Trump also admitted fondling and assaulting women, but claimed he didn't when confronted with clear evidence. There's a theme here. The theme is you morons, he's not even trying to hide his bad behavior, but you morons try to ignore it and explain it away.

    • ihadtomove
      ihadtomove Год назад +3

      I'm sorry you don't understand the phrase "liberal democracy." Go look it up. It's not a partisan statement.

  • GS
    GS Год назад

    He's finished. Proper fucked!

  • We the People United
    We the People United Год назад +1

    Wikileaks and the NYPD needs to release everything they have dealing with child trafficking and then the people will see why all these people are trying to impeach Trump.

  • 88rex4587 sdf
    88rex4587 sdf Год назад +2

    Democrats need to get over this election that was won by Trump. The only reason there is this ridiculous investigation into a Russian - Trump connection is they cannot accept that Trump won against a life long politician. They will stop at nothing to stay this election was stolen or not legal. If anything we should be glad that Wiki Leaks uncovered the true Hillary Clinton and her party. The news media was basically doing the very same thing to Donald Trump as Wiki Leaks was doing to Hillary. We accepted 8 years of an Obama administration so it is the liberals turn to accept this outcome and just move on with more important matters that face this nation. The Democrats have lost there base of supporters and need to bring the party back together or they are in a hurt of trouble for a while.

    • 88rex4587 sdf
      88rex4587 sdf Год назад

      Yeah I agree with you.The only thing I disagree about is the national debt. Obama spent more money than any other US president. That is how the Democrats think you fix an economy is by spending more. I agree that Bush messed up a lot of things, but I don't think Obama was the right person to fix the issues that Bush created. There is also a lot of things that Mr. Clinton did that was not good as well. I also think that an Independent would have been a better fit to fix this nation.

    • Denise Eugene
      Denise Eugene Год назад +1

      88rex4587 sdf this was the same response from republicans when Obama won in 2008 and 2012. Republicans determined to undermine Obama. Through lying re his birth to the tea party on and on. Democrats I am an independent have been cleaning up the republicans mess for years . The response always ? The trillion dollar debt that the2 bush wars started and the lack of job growth ..

    • Jane Calby
      Jane Calby Год назад

      most likely NOT

  • David James Bolger
    David James Bolger Год назад

    Poor Comey. He sat there for 8 minutes waiting on a question and it never came. kek.

    • The Dude
      The Dude Год назад

      This isn't the question phase of the hearings. This is the statement of known facts, which always precedes the question phase, just like it does in any court case.

  • mario garcia
    mario garcia Год назад

    Is there a part three? I couldn't find it on the menu.

    • mario garcia
      mario garcia Год назад

      Thanks, I caught it on one of the channels here on RUclip, all 5 plus hours of it. Lol.
      Yes, the Republicans, or at least the Trump diehards, don't seem to care about what is right and wrong and they also seem to have very violent and hateful, racist hearts. It's a shame that some people have become so this way. It's sad, very sad.

    • Evan Regis
      Evan Regis Год назад +3

      You can watch the whole hearing online. Notice how the Republicans don't seem to care about the Russian connections or Trump's lies and slander. They focus on whistleblowers and how bad they are.

  • Leah R.
    Leah R. Год назад

    What a worm this POS is (Schiff). Wonder how rich he'll be when he retires from being a 'Civil Servant'!

    • The Dude
      The Dude Год назад +4

      He's laying out facts and I have no clue how this translates into a $ day for him. You're accusation makes 0 sense. Don't let your love of Trump cause you to defend a betrayal of our country.

  • The Wire
    The Wire Год назад

    Regardless of who you support, I hope for some form of resolution regarding this wiretapping claim. I'm not looking to fight any side with my political perspectives, I'm just concerned with receiving information that we're entitled to as the American People.

  • De Hypnotize
    De Hypnotize Год назад

    No connections of dots here , another fake news

    • The Dude
      The Dude Год назад +1

      It's scary how stupid you are.

  • عبد الحليم بن مختار

    hahahahaha and after all this damning evidence that proves clown drumf and his acolytes are bunch of puppets in the hands of Putin , cowards and traitors the low IQ average red necks are not only still defending them but worse putting the blame on the democrats hahahahahah ...

  • mark brown
    mark brown Год назад

    we are in Russia watches the demo lie about everything, we waiting for you in Lagos.

  • Till Sandybanks
    Till Sandybanks Год назад +1

    where was the question?

  • Landon Fitzgerald
    Landon Fitzgerald Год назад +1

    Can people stop pretending to be from the others party? Jesus its obvious people

  • Dr. TJ
    Dr. TJ Год назад +12

    Anybody notice a difference between how Democrats present evidence and how Republicans present evidence? Republicans shouted "lock her up" as if they had evidence of Clinton committing a crime, when none was presented. Trump failed to assign a special prosecutor as promised to investigate Clinton because he knows there is no evidence of a crime. Schiff provides the evidence and then says "could this all be a coincidence?", which gives him an out if it all is a coincidence. Now which way is smarter? Of course the Democrat way is smarter because you always want to give yourself a way out of any situation. Trump has backed himself into a corner and has no way out except to say he lied. But should the President of the United States be allowed to stay President once he admits that he lied about a former President committing a felony? Of course not. It was a serious allegation and there must be serious consequences. Come on Representatives, start the impeachment process now.

    • David Adams
      David Adams Год назад

      Amen to that !

    • Reality Jester
      Reality Jester Год назад

      All he has to do is not admit he lied, if pressed by a reporter he can simply say he was mistaken. But I seriously doubt he can even manage that, too large of an ego

  • Black Eye Bob
    Black Eye Bob Год назад +2

    Do you hear that flappy wet sound? It's trump and his criminal gang shitting down both legs. What COMRADE you don't believe? Clearly the Donald lickers are scared. Read their cry baby posts. Some dufuses are sill trying to beat on Hillary Clinton. Bwaaaaaahaaaaahaaaa. That won't save trump. Nothing will.

  • Senny_sen
    Senny_sen Год назад

    Got my cheetos ready, waiting from them to put the last nail on his coffin.

  • Hyles Vincent
    Hyles Vincent Год назад

    were is proof

    • Hyles Vincent
      Hyles Vincent Год назад

      Are you a fool is that your evidence ....Wow

    • Mad Rhino
      Mad Rhino Год назад +3

      Investigations collect evidence. This is an investigation. Duh.

  • ruebensfilms
    ruebensfilms Год назад +10

    No it's not a coincidence. Wow just wow.

  • Juan Figueroa
    Juan Figueroa Год назад +2

    We need to know what McCain knows about this

  • GjOvE66
    GjOvE66 Год назад


    • Jane Calby
      Jane Calby Год назад +1

      Bla Bla and Somebody wasn't listening

    • Mad Rhino
      Mad Rhino Год назад

      Apparently an itsy bitsy treason does not excite you?

  • Bill Dolbow
    Bill Dolbow Год назад +18

    so Schiff needs the fbis assistance yet the DNC refused access to the servers?
    I am so happy I saw the light. I voted Democrat for 22 years. never the fuck again

    • Seán Tripp
      Seán Tripp Год назад

      Hey James... Go fuck yourself

    • BJ Anderson
      BJ Anderson Год назад

      Now CH3-H2PO4POET...ya do know that my comment was directed towards the Trumpers and Trumpettes who blindly follow all of Trumps lying claims and baseless rhetoric...right...

    • BJ Anderson
      BJ Anderson Год назад

      Yepper, but ya most likely voted for Trump didn't ya...
      Go on now be truthful..."I know, nuance sucks, huh"...

    • James P
      James P Год назад

      Hey my fellow Americans Sean here is a precise example of closed minded RNC supporter who can only justify his blind support with hate and anger.

    • Seán Tripp
      Seán Tripp Год назад +1

      methhead... Because we won't support the democratic party doesn't mean we like Trump... I know, nuance sucks huh?

  • Bill Dolbow
    Bill Dolbow Год назад +4

    connects what dots? Hillary and her mother fucking criminals rigged the primary, and the whole world got to see it.
    mother fucker Hillary wouldn't allow the FBI access to the hacked servers.
    mother fucker Hillary Clinton and her mother fucking private unencrypted server are never mentioned.
    so Russia hacked the most secure servers in the world, yet didn't hack that mother fuckers private unencrypted server?

    • Baritone45
      Baritone45 Год назад

      You are the criminal. Like Trump you even admit it. Trump did/does at campaign stops. You admit you are a criminal or would like to be with your screenname.

    • J.D. Walter
      J.D. Walter Год назад +1

      88rex4587 lol a few states? You mean the majority of American people would decide the election? Get fucking bent trump is going down clearly

    • shingshongshamalama
      shingshongshamalama Год назад

      I hope I don't come off as against the electoral college, because quite frankly, it's not a bad concept. What's broken is the corrupt system behind it where huge businesses can just buy politicians, and the entire fundamental of single-ballot voting.
      But putting a layer of responsibility between the direct voice of the general public and the actual election is perfectly reasonable in principle because the public thinks Avatar is the best movie ever.

    • 88rex4587 sdf
      88rex4587 sdf Год назад +1

      That is why the Electoral College was created by our founding fathers. If an election was just by popular vote only a few states would decide the election. This election had way more turnout for Trump because people in his party finally had a reason to vote. What my point was that there was a lot of Democrats who stayed home on election day because they just didn't care to vote for her. I also agree that Putin is a dangerous person, but he wasn't running for president. I mean if you look at a map of the election results most of America is red and voted for Trump. There is no argument there. I think the fact that rural America finally won an election really struck a nerve with liberal progressives.

    • shingshongshamalama
      shingshongshamalama Год назад

      Trump won because most of america didn't vote, for a variety of reasons which are, in and of themselves, long-running societal issues. Trump won because of the electoral college, that allows a candidate to be elected by the electors despite being voted against by a majority of the popular vote. Trump won because people in strategic places voted for him, because of his campaign promises, because of his bigoted rhetoric, or just out of spite.
      Trump won for a whole bunch of complicated reasons and treating it like a clear-cut black and white matter is bad and doesn't address the underlying problems.

  • Pradeep Balakrishnan
    Pradeep Balakrishnan Год назад +4

    No info on wiretapping? Did Comey investigate at all?

    • Pradeep Balakrishnan
      Pradeep Balakrishnan Год назад +1

      There was only one country that was vocal about supporting Trump.Hundreds of the rest were damaging him and supporting Hillary. Somehow, the dems have convinced weak minds like you that they were defeated by this ONE media and ONE country, Wikileaks and Russia.. So, was there a collusion between the Hillary's campaign and the rest of the world? Fake news need an audience too. You can be anything you want.

    • J.D. Walter
      J.D. Walter Год назад

      Pradeep Balakrishnan so you are more worried about the wire tapping than the clear Russian collusion in to the government and the sale of rosneft? OK idiot

    • Pradeep Balakrishnan
      Pradeep Balakrishnan Год назад +1

      After an investigation, what would ones response be to a question about it?
      "we have no info to support that claim", or "we found nothing to support that claim"?
      Why were there no questions about what sort of investigation was conducted on the Trump tower?
      Comey says the investigation into the Russian ties started in July 2016. It's still in early stages. So the wiretapping investigations were concluded in a matter of weeks? what were these FBI agents asked to look for. Extra wires dangling that should not be there?
      Trey Gowdy shed some light on this matter.
      You have to remember, wiretapping if classified info. The public will never get to know if it exists.
      Trey questioned about the source, info , transcripts on the Flynn case. In these questions and answers it was subtly revealed evidence against Flynn was found through wiretapping.End of story. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the show.

    • methylphosphatePOET
      methylphosphatePOET Год назад

      He's ordering the wiretaps but just months ago Trump and his supporters were praising Comey for "doing his job" against Clinton. Trump and his supporters are one and the same, idiotic blowhard that turn on anyone who doesn't support their agenda at all times and they are left with nothing but enemies. Keep it up Trump, you're digging your self a deeper whole by the minute. I can't wait for you and your supporters to fall in. Fucking idiots.

    • J.D. Walter
      J.D. Walter Год назад +1

      Pradeep Balakrishnan wiretaps didn't happen. Stop getting gas lighted you weak bitch

  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller
    Special Counsel Robert Mueller Год назад +2

    😂😂😂 Fake News. I can't wait to Watch the late night comics react to this tonight. impeach him

    • Special Counsel Robert Mueller
      Special Counsel Robert Mueller Год назад +1

      Paul Kim Lol nah, it's real alright. suspended and cancelled investigations and all. I can't wrap my head around how that Nunez guy said that the information he got in the middle of the night from the white house prove that American citizens were incidentally wiretapped but it had nothing to do with Russia. Then goes and cancels the witness testimonies the next day until further notice. Epic

    • Paul Kim
      Paul Kim Год назад +1

      i think he thought you were blurting out 'fake news' lol asi trump supporter
      . that's what i thought myself..

    • Special Counsel Robert Mueller
      Special Counsel Robert Mueller Год назад

      joe mamma Paying attention to what exactly?

    • joe mamma
      joe mamma Год назад

      Ruud Boy You obviously aren't paying attention

  • Chris Bogausch
    Chris Bogausch Год назад +7

    Wow, He clearly doesn't "connect the dots" as you said.

    • Baritone45
      Baritone45 Год назад

      Chris, you're either a moron, a Fascist, or like Trump, both.

    • J.D. Walter
      J.D. Walter Год назад +2

      Chris Bogausch really? What's not connected for you?

    • Mad Rhino
      Mad Rhino Год назад +6

      You gotta have a brain to understand English.