Rep. Adam Schiff connects the dots between Trump and Russia -- Part 2

Rep. Adam Schiff connects the dots between Trump and Russia.

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Автор Midblu Metal ( назад)
how people cant see thru Schiff, Pelosi, Comey,every democrat, and MSM especially CNN blows me away... Russia conspiracy is a fairy tale narrative that will last as long as there is a ongoing investigation thats why after 8 months u havent seen a shred of evidence only speculation, opinion, and word salads.. Schiff just said it, officials are highly confident which translates to nothing sandwich. now Nunes actually does have evidence of wiretapping and its gonna rock the nation. this will be demise of Russian theory... so believers prepare to be feeling the pain of election night all over again when Russian theory is proved to be just that a fairy tale... ill say it now TOLD U SO.

Автор Damion Williams ( назад)

Автор William Money ( назад)
Adam Schiff is (as Trey Gowdy says) not a fact based witness. Those who testified at the hearings are fact based witnesses and they ALL said there is no connection between Trump and the Russians.

Автор christopher worth ( назад)
I'm not going to read the trumistas here simply because I can't stand that level of blind stupidity any longer. You guys are the biggest patsies on the planet and if nothing said said above can change your delusions nothing I or anyone can say will alter that.
But, for those with a functioning frontal cortex I say, let the trials begin.
Can't send these traitors to federal prison soon enough.

Автор HK Tepochcalli ( назад)
but why blame Russia, blame inside traitors - inside job # 2

Автор HK Tepochcalli ( назад)
let's say it's possible and there is evidence they are not disclosing because of keeping a secret, will trump run to North Korea or Russia?

Автор omgitsFishStix ( назад)
Thank you Senator Schiff, Swalwell, Speier, and the many others that demand to get to the bottom of this web of ties. It is in our best interest to discern what these clear connections means.

Автор Nan Smithy ( назад)
Thanks for putting these videos up so people could see for themselves. I'm not in the US and don't have access to CNN, but really wanted to see the statements Schiff made.

Автор CyberdelicXP ( назад)
when we visit Trump in federal prision, can we tell him "your fired!"

Автор Michael T ( назад)
Trump and his KLAN are going to jail.

Автор m Riddell ( назад)
All coincidence. Do not know and will not know. FBI will not answer. Notice Schiff call America Democratic and Liberal Democratic. What 2 Americas? Schiff is looking for something that is not there.

Автор GS ( назад)
He's finished. Proper fucked!

Автор We the People United ( назад)
Wikileaks and the NYPD needs to release everything they have dealing with child trafficking and then the people will see why all these people are trying to impeach Trump.

Автор ANONXZAR ( назад)
This cunt Schiff and Sanches did their his best to cover for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she testified at the House Benghazi Select Committee. Neither Schiff nor Sanchez showed any interest in finding out the truth about why four Americans died on Sep. 11, 2012. Instead, they ran interference, floating bizarre conspiracy theories and accusing Republicans of partisanship. Schiff, who is the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, floated a crackpot theory that the GOP is trying to prove that Clinton “interfered” with security arrangements in Benghazi. In fact, what Republicans suspect, and what was shown on Thursday, is that Clinton neglected security there. As Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) pointed out, Clinton’s “friend” Ambassador Chris Stevens did not have her personal email address, but her crony Sid Blumenthal, who was providing informal advice and angling for business favors, wrote to Clinton constantly.

This cunt is doing exactly the same again.

In addition, Schiff repeated Democrats’ talking point that there had been seven previous investigations already. What he surely knew, but failed to note, is that Clinton and the State Department had stonewalled each one, both by hiding Clinton’s emails– which are damning–and by failing to make Clinton herself available for questioning. This cunt is doing exactly the same again.

At one point, after the first round of questioning, Schiff joined Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) in a grandstanding performance demanding that committee chair Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) release the full transcript of Blumenthal’s testimony be published so that he would have a chance to give the “context of those emails” that the public had already seen. Gowdy countered that the Democrats had refused to allow all witness testimony to be released.

Sanchez accused Republicans of having unreasonable expectations of security in Benghazi, demanding the “total elimination of risk.” In response, Clinton actually said that Stevens “understood the risks” of his diplomatic post–as if he were to blame for his own death, which came after his requests for more protection were denied or ignored.

Later in the evening, Sanchez played the role of unofficial timekeeper, demanding Gowdy cut questioning short. Christine Mai-Due of the Los Angeles Times notes that the committee hearing was a rare chance for the two Democrats to enjoy the national spotlight. “Schiff and Sanchez being aggressive at the Benghazi hearings can give them more coverage this week than they might get all year,” she quoted one Democratic strategist as saying. That is true, though it also allowed the public
to see that Schiff and Sanchez place party loyalty before the national interest.

Автор 88rex4587 sdf ( назад)
Democrats need to get over this election that was won by Trump. The only reason there is this ridiculous investigation into a Russian - Trump connection is they cannot accept that Trump won against a life long politician. They will stop at nothing to stay this election was stolen or not legal. If anything we should be glad that Wiki Leaks uncovered the true Hillary Clinton and her party. The news media was basically doing the very same thing to Donald Trump as Wiki Leaks was doing to Hillary. We accepted 8 years of an Obama administration so it is the liberals turn to accept this outcome and just move on with more important matters that face this nation. The Democrats have lost there base of supporters and need to bring the party back together or they are in a hurt of trouble for a while.

Автор David James Bolger ( назад)
Poor Comey. He sat there for 8 minutes waiting on a question and it never came. kek.

Автор mario garcia ( назад)
Is there a part three? I couldn't find it on the menu.

Автор Leah R. ( назад)
What a worm this POS is (Schiff). Wonder how rich he'll be when he retires from being a 'Civil Servant'!

Автор The Wire ( назад)
Regardless of who you support, I hope for some form of resolution regarding this wiretapping claim. I'm not looking to fight any side with my political perspectives, I'm just concerned with receiving information that we're entitled to as the American People.

Автор De Hypnotize ( назад)
No connections of dots here , another fake news

Автор عبد الحليم ابن مختار ( назад)
hahahahaha and after all this damning evidence that proves clown drumf and his acolytes are bunch of puppets in the hands of Putin , cowards and traitors the low IQ average red necks are not only still defending them but worse putting the blame on the democrats hahahahahah ...

Автор mark brown ( назад)
we are in Russia watches the demo lie about everything, we waiting for you in Lagos.

Автор Till Sandybanks ( назад)
where was the question?

Автор Landon Fitzgerald ( назад)
Can people stop pretending to be from the others party? Jesus its obvious people

Автор Dr. TJ ( назад)
Anybody notice a difference between how Democrats present evidence and how Republicans present evidence? Republicans shouted "lock her up" as if they had evidence of Clinton committing a crime, when none was presented. Trump failed to assign a special prosecutor as promised to investigate Clinton because he knows there is no evidence of a crime. Schiff provides the evidence and then says "could this all be a coincidence?", which gives him an out if it all is a coincidence. Now which way is smarter? Of course the Democrat way is smarter because you always want to give yourself a way out of any situation. Trump has backed himself into a corner and has no way out except to say he lied. But should the President of the United States be allowed to stay President once he admits that he lied about a former President committing a felony? Of course not. It was a serious allegation and there must be serious consequences. Come on Representatives, start the impeachment process now.

Автор Black Eye Bob ( назад)
Do you hear that flappy wet sound? It's trump and his criminal gang shitting down both legs. What COMRADE you don't believe? Clearly the Donald lickers are scared. Read their cry baby posts. Some dufuses are sill trying to beat on Hillary Clinton.  Bwaaaaaahaaaaahaaaa. That won't save trump. Nothing will.

Автор Regressive Report ( назад)
"Bush did 9/11" had better arguments than this drunken rambling of Adam Schiff.

Автор Senny_sen ( назад)
Got my cheetos ready, waiting from them to put the last nail on his coffin.

Автор Hyles Vincent ( назад)
were is proof

Автор ruebensfilms ( назад)
No it's not a coincidence. Wow just wow.

Автор Juan Figueroa ( назад)
We need to know what McCain knows about this

Автор GjOvE66 ( назад)

Автор Killer Bill ( назад)
so Schiff needs the fbis assistance yet the DNC refused access to the servers?
I am so happy I saw the light. I voted Democrat for 22 years. never the fuck again

Автор Killer Bill ( назад)
connects what dots? Hillary and her mother fucking criminals rigged the primary, and the whole world got to see it.
mother fucker Hillary wouldn't allow the FBI access to the hacked servers.
mother fucker Hillary Clinton and her mother fucking private unencrypted server are never mentioned.
so Russia hacked the most secure servers in the world, yet didn't hack that mother fuckers private unencrypted server?

Автор Pradeep Balakrishnan ( назад)
No info on wiretapping? Did Comey investigate at all?

Автор Ruud Boy ( назад)
😂😂😂 Fake News. I can't wait to Watch the late night comics react to this tonight. impeach him

Автор Chris Bogausch ( назад)
Wow, He clearly doesn't "connect the dots" as you said.

Автор Loodi TV ( назад)
we are watching from Uganda +256776777990

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