Dave Chappelle explains what convinced him to host "Saturday Night Live"

After what he calls a career "detour," comedian Dave Chappelle is making a comeback with three new Netflix specials. In a rare interview, he tells "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King about the tipping point that made him "resolute" on his "Saturday Night Live" appearance last November: SNL's first new show after President Donald Trump was elected into office. Watch Gayle King's in-depth interview with Chappelle Monday, March 20, only on "CBS This Morning."

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Автор Terrance Mann ( назад)
i wish there was a channel where i could listen to dave talk 24/7... something like the truman show

Автор Andre Carter ( назад)
obviously they've done something to this man

Автор Alan Madlinski ( назад)
just a matter of time before some idiot is gonna break this interview down, explaining how "this is NOT the real Dave" because he blinks twice after every vowel...get real.

Автор Roberson540 ( назад)
I love how they describe Dave as "rare" lol

Автор honeyzshaz1 ( назад)
typo ....Holloway should be Hollywood

Автор honeyzshaz1 ( назад)
Poor Dave Chappelle (and it is not about the money) they have taken his soul period. What is happening to Hollywood Dave is going against everything he has exposed about Holloway what is the real reason he is back scary affair

Автор Ele Ven ( назад)
dave sacrificed charlie murphy for his comeback #facts

Автор PoeticBoii ( назад)
The world is glad you came back Dave

Автор vigneshrk ( назад)
only my man dave chappelle could get away with saying "bullshit" on cbs

Автор HaveFaith33458 ( назад)
Just discovered him on Netflix. Such a brilliant comedian & story teller. ❤

Автор Dee Miles ( назад)
That thyroid gland area is bulging though. I hope he's being seen for that. It affects so much within the body

Автор Ned Gold ( назад)
This bitch has no idea who Talib Kweli is

Автор thekillinglights ( назад)
Dave Chapelle is not the same. He seems slowed down. Like the fire inside was extinguished. That's the best analogy I have of relating pre "Africa" Chapelle to post Africa Chapelle, to use that as a marker. But whatever. Maybe he matured and chilled out. But still, I get a big sense of conflictedness with his persona before his hiatus and after. And I am not really satisfied with the info provided. I am not the one to figure this mystery out. But he used to be genuinely funny. Now it's like... weird. EDIT: And no I am not implying that he is a clone. Because I understand that is a popular theory being tossed around. I do get a gut sense of something being fishy though.

Автор D Facilitator ( назад)
if you can get over yourself you can do so much

Автор Little Lulu ( назад)
what does comedian dave chappelle have to do with politics? and in particular trump....in the past isn't he the court jestor?

Автор TheMuricanStig ( назад)
Dave hung out with Jack White, this fills me with happiness.

Автор grant Diggs ( назад)
I know people age but he looks like a different person

Автор KILL THE FED ( назад)
He sold out. Now he has to rape kids on camera to be part of the elite. Please investigate: The Franklin Cover Up, Johnny Gosch, Jeffrey Epstein, Virginia Roberts, Jimmy Savile, Corey Feldman, Elijah Wood, and the list goes on and on. The name of the game is blackmail.....they have you rape a child on camera then they have you blackmailed for life. To move up in politics or Hollywood....this is something you have to do or you will be stuck at the bottom. The general public is too naive and stupid to connect the dots. 800,000 children go missing every year in America....and the news NEVER covers it.

Автор aaron the gamer bo3 ( назад)
David Chappell is amazing, this interview shows even the bedt, richest, famous ppl get insecure, hurt, etc. But pressing on is a lesson that applies to all.

Автор 4thandinches ( назад)
Dave, stay away from the deranged, idiotic, mainstream media whores like Gayle King, and the other libtard losers and Hillary sycophants at SNL.

You are too brilliant, to be taken down to their filthy level.

Автор 4thandinches ( назад)
Dave is too brilliant to hang out with those Hillary sycophants, and libtards over at SNL.

Автор tranche2pain ( назад)
Happy to see Dave Chappelle back in the spotlight, just feels right

Автор Fleshreap ( назад)
uu...yeah...uh hu......hhhhh.....uhhu.....yea....

Автор A T Morgan ( назад)
i like the guy, and hes a great comedian. But fuck, he looks like shit, something bothering him.

Автор Lance Brookins ( назад)
why are people so dam dumb man THATS NOT DAVE... He doesn't even look the same😒

Автор Andrew Cundiff ( назад)
I could listen to Dave talk forever.

Автор Silver Noob ( назад)
I could listen to Dave Chappelle describe, in excruciating detail, a cap being removed from a pen, and still be entertained.

Автор Lucas S. ( назад)
"Talib doesn't get very emotional" - false

Автор Community Chest ( назад)
Great interview!

Автор rodentcafeteria ( назад)
Gayle sitting there going "uh huh?" uh huh?" while Chappelle is telling the story about Kweli and I get the impression she don't even know who the fuck he's talking about

Автор JedimindhaX ( назад)
Hot ass asian milf bitch

Автор Zoran Malinic ( назад)
I think his looking around has nothing do with what you guys are talking about, I think it's just a tick. For example he looks at the ground too at the end, is he looking for thugs that come from the ground? No, I find my self doing this sometimes too and I'm not paranoid lol.

Автор Brent Quarles ( назад)
Thanks Gayle, I loved the interview.

Автор Nope Nope ( назад)
Just watch his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live that just aired March 21st. Its the same Dave you remember. Calm your shit, people.

Автор Van Henry ( назад)
His body language is of a man that's being held hostage. Something's seriously off with him since he's come back.

Автор Demond Tate ( назад)
This is not Dave Chappelle I actually met him I don't know Who is this guy but and up close and encounter will tell you that this is not him I am very puzzled is this a Dave Chappelle look-alike

Автор k smith ( назад)
whats going on with daves neck he looks like a giraffe

Автор Tim Gillam ( назад)
whys he keep looking to see if the rain man there?

Автор Kevin Lee ( назад)
0:25, he looked at her tits first before continuing down. lol

Автор Kopie ( назад)
I miss the thin, squeaky voiced Dave. This version of Dave looks intimidating and serious. Too muscular, voice too serious. He has big cajones for doing what he did, I tell you that.

Автор lsaye ( назад)
CBS taking a leaf out of djvlads book. out here uploading snippets instead of the whole thing. sidenote i hope dave does another actor studio appearance. it feels right.

Автор Joey Verso ( назад)
Love Dave! But what is wrong with him? He seems really sketch! Like someone is after him? Looking over his shoulder at noises like he owes someone a lot! Miss the skinny Dave as well, he seemed a lot more relaxed back in the day! Not saying he did but seems like either he is fienin or crack already messed his brain up to the point of no return.

Автор IllO Str8 ( назад)
since he left the Chapelle Show, after all those years til recently, Chapelle looks totally different ,something is really ,really off about him.
That makes you think something is very different and not right.

Автор James S ( назад)
Key&peele WTF....Not even on the same level.theirs only one king/chappelle then all yall got them other two.

Автор Justin Schwartz ( назад)
If you can't hear it, their was people in the other room moving and dropping stuff, it echoed. that's why he was looking over his shoulder. it's easier to hear it with headphones.

Автор hitman6191 ( назад)
I would tap Gayle, im just saying

Автор Timmy Turner ( назад)
The reason he keeps looking to his left is because of the noise outside. Listen carefully and you'll hear occasional bangs happening in the background every time before he turns around.

Автор Klwir Qldf ( назад)
It's like he did a few smokes too much.

Автор Babygirl 313 ( назад)
Donald Trump, If you get over yourself you can get something done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Malika E ( назад)
luv chappelle hope he's ok

Автор carlos acosta ( назад)
Why is Gayle pretending to know who Kweli is?? Dave - "And Kweli was there" Gayle - "Hmmmm" Lmaooo!!

Автор Andile Andile ( назад)
interviewing 101, let the the interviewee talk as much as possible without interrupting them. . . This lady understands that!!

Автор Jonathan Pyle ( назад)
I grew up watching this guy. he is a great mind not only in show biz but life in general. if you narrow minded fucks would actually open your little fucking minds you would understand the great philosophers of are time and this man is one of them. #knowledge

Автор LeKa Danielle ( назад)
is somebody following Chappelle why he keeps looking back? lol

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
Chappelle... you are the greatest comedian that I have heard in my life. The masses may not agree.... but the greats do... respect

Автор Dominique Cerita ( назад)
"the key to getting over is getting over yourself"-Dave Chappelle

Автор Tri Scorp ( назад)

Автор William Palmer ( назад)
Great interview and that's great on his decision to remain out of the public eye. I'm different on the other hand in respect that I love acting and directing and what I do and would never stop. I think all of those in the public eye get tired of the new trend of Fake News and sensationalism, but never enough to make you stop creating and doing what you love to do. But can understand his view. I'm different in that respect. Just taking flight.

Автор Paula Brown ( назад)
He's right. We all need to get over ourselves.

Автор oldirtyrobb ( назад)
This isnt that funny

Автор Hypernova ( назад)
Nigga looks like a fucking monkey

Автор Nice Rice Ninja ( назад)
This is a serious interview format but watching this I couldn't help but chuckle when he mentioned his fear of raccoons lol

Автор Donsknotts ( назад)
"I hope Donald Trump is watching..." 4:10

Автор Donsknotts ( назад)
that Tribe Called Quest had song had to be one of the best SNL performances ive ever seen... So, fucking, baller

Автор Miss Wormwood ( назад)
WTF is wrong with Dave? seems off, talking like a little bitch all quiet like. its weird

Автор suchaladyj 0114 ( назад)
That anit no damn Dave Chappell. Dave don't look like that or talk like that bullshit

Автор Manchester Is Blue ( назад)
best comedian in history

Автор Trent Mathews ( назад)
She is so bland and irritating with the "mmmm, yah"

Автор ic3 boy ( назад)
We love u Dave

Автор Big Tom ( назад)
I still love Dave and he's still funny but is it me or is it like he's only moving at half speed these days
Lower energy? Idk still Dave lol

Автор b rad ( назад)
is there ever going to be a point where dave ISNT going to be a dramatic bitch

Автор Deplorable Jimmy ( назад)
washed up crap. just stay gone dave. we don't miss you

Автор riverw007 ( назад)
He used to speak his mind and had to go into hiding so going along with the flow and his acceptance of promoting the regular narratives was the smart thing to do. He was right back in the spotlight with a huge contract as soon as he did it. Survival should always be the priority.

Автор chevyridin86 ( назад)
he's coming back cuz the only jokes he knows are racial jokes, since we got trump as president he said I should come back cuz now my racial jokes will be funny again.. what a fucking bald headed fagget Dave is

Автор Demetrius Kent ( назад)
damn, I wish I knew Phife, Talib, RZA, D'Angelo, and all those legends on a personal level like Dave does. what a dream. glad to see him back at what he does oh so well.

Автор Andy Dominic ( назад)
his analogy/metaphor about why he left fame is perfect.

Автор Darenn Freitas ( назад)
this is what a comedian looks like, not Kevin Hart that dumbass us unfunny, ruins movies and had literally one good stand up his whole career its like you guys only like Kevin because his height

Автор nique ( назад)
he looks super uncomfortable

Автор TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ ( назад)
Money convinced him.
Dance monkey, entertain us, or sit down and shut up.

Автор Michael Johnsen ( назад)
Dave really needs to poop, poor fella :(

Автор GoodLightGoddess ( назад)
I am praying for you Dave! I appreciate you being so brave. I remember what you taught us. It can't be erased.

Автор TheySeeYou7 ( назад)
So glad he's coming back!

Автор John D Gates ( назад)
What people don't know is that comedians are clowns without makeup. Behind their smiles,their funny jokes and interesting way of seeing the world is a very sad and depressed person.

Автор John Bank ( назад)
Ever since he came back around. He looks and acts like something bad happened to him. Deff not the same person. Sad. Hes still one of the best ever.

Автор SoldierCyfix ( назад)
one of the best comedians ever, certainty the best black comedian.

Dave Chappelle, Bill Hicks and George Carlin in no particular order

Автор Jorge Barajas ( назад)
He just need a hit
Or two 😂😂😂😭😭😭

Автор Vinc Huynh ( назад)
4:17 nuff said

Автор Dojocho ( назад)
he looks medicated..speak is a bit off

Автор Stacey Wade ( назад)
a true genius

Автор Lord Destiny ( назад)
Dave's voice alone tickles my funny bone. Even if he's being serious. Idk why man. Dave just has that effect.

Автор The Way ( назад)
Dave is obviously paranoid and afraid.

Автор Okamiviking ( назад)
Dave is a very fun man I'd love to talk to the man

Автор Santi Cruz ( назад)
We love you Dave🙏🏻

Автор never knows Best ( назад)
Dave looks so tired

Автор frieza ( назад)
i always liked dave i hope he wins the long fight

Автор Flyguykalu ( назад)
I just seen the other interview he's okay maybe he was just nervous at the beginning of the interview and also because they were talking about close ones to him that died

Автор Super Geek ( назад)
uh huh, uh huh yeah yeah. thats all i could hear lol

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