• Published on Mar 18, 2019
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  • Life OD
    Life OD  5 months ago +389

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    • Kenia Cristina
      Kenia Cristina Month ago

      Life OD
      Life OD

    • SleggarLaw
      SleggarLaw 2 months ago


    • Ellis Berry
      Ellis Berry 3 months ago

      Our daily is stanced and undriveable

    • DarkKnight420
      DarkKnight420 3 months ago

      yea k-sport they are good I have a set on my civic hatch big thumbs up from me :)

  • Smurf Everything
    Smurf Everything Hour ago +1

    Lol it look like it can go to a wall

  • alexis sanchez
    alexis sanchez 10 hours ago

    Only for virgin guy!!

  • Fabian Baihaqi
    Fabian Baihaqi 4 days ago


  • Hans Krucek
    Hans Krucek 4 days ago

    Brutal mechanic 👍👍

  • bob billy
    bob billy 5 days ago

    All I can imagine is putting cones on the wheels 😂

  • Expo
    Expo 5 days ago

    When you break both of your legs

  • this nigga here
    this nigga here 7 days ago


  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C 8 days ago

    Bless 🙏

  • Seu Tapati
    Seu Tapati 9 days ago

    First to invented this modification. Awsome its all about using the brain

  • Ben Fennell
    Ben Fennell 11 days ago

    Bruh i bet you can put down so much power out of the corners
    A true racing genuis

  • 小兵GO
    小兵GO 12 days ago +1


  • とっと
    とっと 13 days ago


  • Игорь Сокорутов


  • Jacob Wellington
    Jacob Wellington 15 days ago +1

    the next Jesse James

  • 田中道一
    田中道一 16 days ago


  • Santana Ochoa
    Santana Ochoa 19 days ago

    ok but what kinda wheels are the back wheels?

  • mrjohnshaft1975
    mrjohnshaft1975 19 days ago

    Looks like a broken can opener

  • Zantrop64
    Zantrop64 19 days ago

    That's some high effort crap

  • Izzy M
    Izzy M 20 days ago

    Do it with a rwd . haha doubt you can do it

    I AM THE ONE 20 days ago +1

    😂 trolling hard. If you think extreme cambered cars looks cool, this is how normal car enthusiasts sees you.

  • Louielchor De Vera
    Louielchor De Vera 21 day ago


  • Mirz_786
    Mirz_786 21 day ago

    I grew up in LA where sadly, and I emphasize sadly where people seriously think this how your car should be

  • Curt Ray
    Curt Ray 21 day ago

    dat so cray cray. wait that is my name

  • Johnny Testickle
    Johnny Testickle 22 days ago

    Looks like a deluxo in GTA Online

  • Alexander Na
    Alexander Na 24 days ago

    На говно как мухи налетели

  • DirectXGaming
    DirectXGaming 25 days ago

    This is by far retarded

  • カエルとタヌキ好き!

    発想が凄い^ ^

  • Joe Joe 31710
    Joe Joe 31710 27 days ago

    Fame 🚀

  • Darren Yip
    Darren Yip 27 days ago

    Fliping hover craft

  • smokxee ghost
    smokxee ghost 28 days ago

    What was the car he used?

  • iridium56
    iridium56 28 days ago

    I honestly don't get it with this chamber stuff. Do these folk think they are too cool for functioning wheels?

    ISME &WHAT 28 days ago

    That's embarrassing waste of time waste of car waste a life what a fool😒👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎& more👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • 5000兆円5000兆円


    PAN-DULCE Month ago


  • brick production
    brick production Month ago

    What is the car please

  • yo pi
    yo pi Month ago

    like a newborn fawn?

  • Sebi
    Sebi Month ago

    do it to the front to

  • j b
    j b Month ago

    If you ever thought you seen rice this shit right my G this shit right here!!!! RICE RICE BABY

  • sakitlikod1
    sakitlikod1 Month ago +1

    Can you do 60 mph on the highway? I need to see that

  • Jon Rivera
    Jon Rivera Month ago

    It looks like an assf*ckd raped civic..

  • Ezn chendor
    Ezn chendor Month ago

    Mcm babi je aku tgk

  • Arianne Mae Ofiana
    Arianne Mae Ofiana Month ago

    That thing killlllls meee

  • God is good all the time🙈

  • julian Dueñas
    julian Dueñas Month ago

    Pura pendejada es de estar loco pa joder por nada

  • No Pudding Cups
    No Pudding Cups Month ago

    Damn you guys get to do this for a living! So lucky! 👍

  • Sonowske
    Sonowske Month ago

    People seriously stick a pole in the fender to flare it?

  • Ceim Peighn
    Ceim Peighn Month ago


  • Sienna Slaugh
    Sienna Slaugh Month ago +1

    Do it on the front😂

  • Maynard Cuason
    Maynard Cuason Month ago

    Stupidity is not cool

  • G G
    G G Month ago +3

    Those 'stance community' really admired ur guys piece of work..they really take it!

  • John Marston
    John Marston Month ago

    Ok now it doesn’t even look good

  • Pyro 2k yt Fisch
    Pyro 2k yt Fisch Month ago


  • Bobby Chudoba
    Bobby Chudoba Month ago

    Looks like he picked up a few fat gird and told them to sit it the back of the car.


    this guy is still a literal idiot.

  • askazZ
    askazZ Month ago


  • salvyballacc
    salvyballacc Month ago

    It's Over 9 Thousaaaaaaad!!!!

  • CF6 RA6
    CF6 RA6 Month ago


  • Reaph Gaming
    Reaph Gaming Month ago

    Just an average honda owner

  • Synrgy
    Synrgy Month ago

    Bruh you guys are more scummy than scum labs 😂

  • Marius Gundersen
    Marius Gundersen Month ago

    i thought we were supposed to have flying cars

  • Dharma Rotary
    Dharma Rotary Month ago

    i need to do this on a Mercedes Sprinter here in Germany

  • Angus Sansom
    Angus Sansom Month ago

    i have to say that is very ugly camber

  • WoofWoofWulfy
    WoofWoofWulfy Month ago

    Ayy you were on Drew Peacock's video o:

  • 千葉佳之
    千葉佳之 Month ago


    GOD OF DRAGONS Month ago

    World record

  • Bam Bang
    Bam Bang Month ago


  • Rudy Rajab
    Rudy Rajab Month ago

    These are positive camber extremists. Taking things too far. Im pretty sure they are doing this coz they cant afford a Ferrari.

  • James Valdez
    James Valdez Month ago

    It's cool

  • Cargradulation Daily Post

    he deserves the guiness record

  • Brian Spragge
    Brian Spragge Month ago

    9:15 "Can you do it too my car?" Hahahaha

  • Jack Kelley
    Jack Kelley Month ago

    You can play fuckin wheel roulette with that shit

  • Đ!Rع !и ተիع Շปተ


  • Sushil Suryawanshi
    Sushil Suryawanshi Month ago


  • reuben singh
    reuben singh Month ago

    What arw you smoking? Crack?? Is that crack you smoke buddy?