• Published on Mar 18, 2019
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  • Life OD
    Life OD  Month ago +324

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  • Lost Eye Games
    Lost Eye Games 12 hours ago

    If you hit a pot hole your done lol

  • Tyrone Ross
    Tyrone Ross 17 hours ago

    It just need a little more tuck and it will be perfect!

  • Mighty fine Reptiles
    Mighty fine Reptiles 19 hours ago

    That is disgusting

  • G.F 2018
    G.F 2018 Day ago

    Fucking idia

  • Tanvir Singh
    Tanvir Singh Day ago

    How to make your tires tread last forever

  • Afflicted 17
    Afflicted 17 Day ago

    Launch it....

  • 98DemonZ28
    98DemonZ28 Day ago

    dumbest shit I've ever seen

  • Mr Robert Wolf III
    Mr Robert Wolf III 2 days ago

    Always Great Deals and your just given it away

  • Mr Robert Wolf III
    Mr Robert Wolf III 2 days ago

    Gueiness book of world records Camber

  • Mr Robert Wolf III
    Mr Robert Wolf III 2 days ago

    You fucked that honda Up you So funny

  • Azan Ali
    Azan Ali 3 days ago

    Well, it won't rollover whatever you do.

  • adam 1234
    adam 1234 3 days ago

    It kind of looks like a dilorian

  • Francisco Grijalva
    Francisco Grijalva 4 days ago

    No way... Absolutely ludacris. LMAO

  • Miguel Pedro
    Miguel Pedro 5 days ago


  • cuz rocks
    cuz rocks 6 days ago

    Bunch of geeks

  • JoeyLovesTrains
    JoeyLovesTrains 6 days ago

    But.... why??????????????

  • Danny Caballero
    Danny Caballero 6 days ago +1

    By far, the most idiotic thing ever done to a car. 🤦‍♂️

  • JAPANyokosuka777
    JAPANyokosuka777 6 days ago

    アホやな~(笑) でも嫌いじゃないよwww

  • Joe Real
    Joe Real 6 days ago

    The fuckin gayest shit I've ever seen. WTF?

  • VPY4S
    VPY4S 6 days ago

    imagine going over a bump

  • E_friend 11
    E_friend 11 7 days ago

    This nigguh gunna make flying cars👏🏽#The Future

  • Owen Messenger
    Owen Messenger 7 days ago

    How to rice your car

  • Muhammad Habibie
    Muhammad Habibie 8 days ago

    Dude put some really nicey pricey rims on it, and then bring it to a big meetup!

  • Codesed
    Codesed 8 days ago

    Make a DIY widebody for that

  • Chinga Tumadre
    Chinga Tumadre 8 days ago

    Massive dot violation in motion.

  • Andy
    Andy 8 days ago

    Stupid car stupid guy das sieht so scheiße aus

  • richiesworld1
    richiesworld1 9 days ago

    UFO Stance!

  • Matthew Hensen
    Matthew Hensen 9 days ago

    My dad is drunk

  • Steaven Perkins
    Steaven Perkins 9 days ago

    So stupid. Why don't you just put tank tracks on it. Can't actually be legal.

  • jasonneal
    jasonneal 9 days ago

    I’ve seen guys with their cars like this, not to this extreme, and I just dont see any performance benefits from this. To me, it looks like it must ride like shit.

  • Marlowmurderer
    Marlowmurderer 9 days ago

    Your tires are gone.

  • CoffeeMed
    CoffeeMed 9 days ago

    So Rice I now have diabetes

  • steven ramrodd
    steven ramrodd 9 days ago


  • BroncoIIJake
    BroncoIIJake 10 days ago


  • Commack08
    Commack08 10 days ago

    ok, someone call Guinness book... Think you've taken the record for most stanced suspension.

  • BlazingFret
    BlazingFret 10 days ago

    You guys need to take this into a Les Schwab for an alignment lmao

  • Dale Birren
    Dale Birren 11 days ago


    DJ PIMPNERD 11 days ago +1

    That's the most ridiculously shit I ever seen. I would be embarrassed driving that. How is this cool? That dude driving the Honda his mom must of dropped him on his head a few times to much. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Abimael Rivera
    Abimael Rivera 11 days ago

    Ugly asf

  • Special Dude
    Special Dude 11 days ago

    Forza horizon 3 cheats

    ADONIS RAMIREZ MATOS 12 days ago

    Had a bad day? No problem!!! Watch life OD. (If u don’t get a laugh out of this vids u are fu*king dead)😂😂😂😂

  • Walter White
    Walter White 12 days ago

    I died when he came in on a close up of the tire and said “there is zero contact patch”

  • 1estorge
    1estorge 12 days ago

    Was that Chumley from pawn stars

  • byLosantos Officiel ™

    The thime machine of the stanced art car 🤣🤣👍 you are crazy guy's

  • Dan23 7
    Dan23 7 12 days ago

    It looks proper shit but it's hilarious too 😂😂
    10/10 from me 👍🏻

  • Kyle Rogers
    Kyle Rogers 12 days ago

    I seen this car on fb of course it was you guys 😂😂

  • Jarrett Mertz
    Jarrett Mertz 12 days ago

    weld them facing vertical like that, replace the wheels with fans. boom hovercraft.

  • The05ZX10R
    The05ZX10R 12 days ago

    9:52 into it that is one fat ginger bitch, I bet her bush looks like a fucking forest fire.

    DIST ORTION1919 13 days ago


  • zeterani
    zeterani 13 days ago

    its on the sidewall.

  • Badass TrapBass
    Badass TrapBass 13 days ago

    Panty Snatcher

  • Lawrence Lentini
    Lawrence Lentini 13 days ago +6

    The car probably gets more miles per gallon than miles per tire.

  • Nightcore Family
    Nightcore Family 13 days ago

    it reminds me of a dog draging his ass across the floor

  • Азизбек Исматов

    Блин дебил гандон

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 13 days ago


  • trey kearns
    trey kearns 13 days ago

    Stance life! Side-brake slides for days!

  • trey kearns
    trey kearns 13 days ago

    I literally misuse the word 'literally' probably like literally a hundred times a day. . . .literally.

  • John O
    John O 13 days ago +8

    You should take it in to a shop and ask for a wheel alignment.

  • Billy Banks
    Billy Banks 13 days ago

    Kids in carparks trying so hard to be Japanese just doesnt look as cool in anyway shape or form

  • Gdcd Gdcd
    Gdcd Gdcd 13 days ago

    Genius engineering to obtain the stupidest result 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Moroni Raynor
    Moroni Raynor 13 days ago

    I love how the corvette is right by him yet he's getting all the attention 😂😂

  • Confuse VR
    Confuse VR 13 days ago

    Reminds me of tge dogs that drag them.self around

  • chrismanisay
    chrismanisay 14 days ago

    This makes the wheels look like ear gauges lmaooo

  • john lombert
    john lombert 14 days ago

    “We need more” had me weak asf!! Lol

  • _euphrosyne
    _euphrosyne 14 days ago

    camberghini eat your heart out

  • Steve Edmondson
    Steve Edmondson 14 days ago

    You shoulda brought a jack and jack stand to lift one side and take a wheel off to show em the goods 🤙

  • cherry_sonata
    cherry_sonata 14 days ago

    K Sport doesn’t have 08 Hyundai Sonata Coil Overs

  • Manbrosquad dude
    Manbrosquad dude 14 days ago

    You guys should do roof mounted nitrous and rear mount turbo on that thing.

  • WebbTV
    WebbTV 14 days ago

    this amazing omg lmao

  • thedevilsmaster
    thedevilsmaster 14 days ago

    All that accomplished is showing everyone how retarded some people are

  • stealthkiller RagingBull1014

    How are y'all a bigger channel I've been watching for a long time and love ur vids keep up the good work

  • Mexican _Fro
    Mexican _Fro 14 days ago

    Would you sell that Civic

    To me...........................…

  • TheHatKid 21
    TheHatKid 21 14 days ago

    Rice rice baby

  • Roll-in- peace
    Roll-in- peace 14 days ago


  • Malice min
    Malice min 14 days ago +1

    >three lugs
    i hate you guys so much

  • red neck
    red neck 14 days ago

    I need this as my daily driver please sell this for me I will give you a hundred thousand

  • Nick Kiedaisch
    Nick Kiedaisch 14 days ago

    Those poor wheel bearings haha

  • Robert0276
    Robert0276 14 days ago


  • Questchaun
    Questchaun 14 days ago

    K-sport the Chinese choice.

  • Arne Jager
    Arne Jager 14 days ago +1

    Next do extreeeeeeme toe

  • STtyrone
    STtyrone 14 days ago

    Now do the front😏🤣

  • 2011.5BBC
    2011.5BBC 14 days ago

    Such BS commercials and in video ads, about as cool as the what’s being done to cars on here.

  • Mini car garage
    Mini car garage 14 days ago

    Can chow mein learn English already

  • boostinsti1
    boostinsti1 15 days ago

    Back to mustang vs crowd videos i love life od videos still dont see how you guys havent bought a cheep boost guage for all the turbo frankenstein shit yall do

  • Jay Tha Driver
    Jay Tha Driver 15 days ago +1

    Lol that sounds like car trouble

  • meengreen52
    meengreen52 15 days ago

    Lmfao 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Aussie Shane
    Aussie Shane 15 days ago

    I love Rice. I bet you do as well.

  • Ray Bastida
    Ray Bastida 15 days ago

    What the fuck did he say @7:07 ??? I dare you to keep clicking on @7:07 over and over lol

  • 田代まさし
    田代まさし 15 days ago


  • Forget
    Forget 15 days ago

    Where we're going, we don't need roads....

  • mivecturbo 4g63
    mivecturbo 4g63 15 days ago

    Hella flush civic lmao ridiculous camber!

  • jay chill
    jay chill 15 days ago

    Holy shit I wouldn’t be caught dead in tht thing 😂

  • Robbe Schuerewegen
    Robbe Schuerewegen 15 days ago

    Please please cut it up again install it upside down with the same camber that be cool xD

  • Tyler Sizzle
    Tyler Sizzle 15 days ago

    Lmfao running straight on sidewall

  • Kristen Klausen
    Kristen Klausen 15 days ago

    Motherfucker, Delorean time machine next time 😂

  • Markus
    Markus 15 days ago

    Typical Honda people

  • DRIFT__KANG101
    DRIFT__KANG101 15 days ago

    guy in back round"can it do burnouts?" me *you know its a CVIC RIGHT i am dooooooooooone

  • Joseph Dugan
    Joseph Dugan 16 days ago

    Can you drive a car with four flat tires?

  • Richard Cabral
    Richard Cabral 16 days ago +1