• Published on Mar 18, 2019
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  • Life OD
    Life OD  3 months ago +356

    Subscribe with notifications or we’ll stance your daily and make it un-driveable !

    • Ellis Berry
      Ellis Berry Month ago

      Our daily is stanced and undriveable

    • DarkKnight420
      DarkKnight420 Month ago

      yea k-sport they are good I have a set on my civic hatch big thumbs up from me :)

    • Robert Shatzman Savage
      Robert Shatzman Savage 2 months ago

      Life OD dare u

      BKNY FINEST 2 months ago

      @Chris Harris welding even you can do ..just proves you watch every rice dinner show hahahahaa

  • Created Film
    Created Film 4 hours ago

    this is the most stupid dumbness thing ever,...

  • Christian
    Christian 13 hours ago +1

    Camber is hideous

  • 琥珀恋華
    琥珀恋華 15 hours ago +1


  • Alan De Jesus
    Alan De Jesus 22 hours ago

    Are we stanced out right now.??😆😆😆😭😭


    The sad apart abouy this is it was a goof... But we will start seeing this on the road now.. Lol

  • prophet's people

    That is the stupidest thing I ever saw..

  • Нуржан Байболов

    Полный отстой придуро👎к зачем криво подставить колес

  • Mike Rivera JR
    Mike Rivera JR Day ago


  • IMakeRandom
    IMakeRandom Day ago +1

    1 replay cost 1 like

  • Luke Rainbow
    Luke Rainbow 2 days ago

    Literally fun literally video. Literally.

  • John W
    John W 2 days ago

    Looks like a transformer that malfunctioned and got stuck lol😂

  • Rubicon Adventuring
    Rubicon Adventuring 2 days ago

    That's not stance that's just stupid !

  • Jared Swift
    Jared Swift 2 days ago

    Shampoo as engine oil

  • Y M
    Y M 2 days ago


  • Remains
    Remains 2 days ago +1

    Axle and Suspension: *am i a joke to you?*

  • Anas Anas
    Anas Anas 2 days ago

    Parah idenya

  • Miaw Comot
    Miaw Comot 2 days ago

    With vtec b18c type r or not?? 😂

  • Shah Detomaso
    Shah Detomaso 3 days ago

    Takdok kije,cari kije

  • MALCOM Franco9989
    MALCOM Franco9989 4 days ago

    And rice is not nice

  • The F150 is Stylish
    The F150 is Stylish 4 days ago

    Looks like the civic reached its max miles on the odometer that the wheels feel off

  • Barry Turner
    Barry Turner 4 days ago

    Forgive me but whats the point,

  • José Fonseca
    José Fonseca 6 days ago

    dude your car looks like shit your are so stupid

  • Wactal Games
    Wactal Games 6 days ago

    back to the future?

  • BUZZLIGHT masipopo
    BUZZLIGHT masipopo 6 days ago

    Looks like the drive on water cheat

  • Julian Caballero
    Julian Caballero 7 days ago

    Is this supposed to be a joke?

  • Yousuf Musthaneer
    Yousuf Musthaneer 7 days ago

    the caar got sea ways

  • Joe Famous
    Joe Famous 8 days ago

    This is the most stupid thing I've ever seen you sure know how to destroy a car fucking retards

  • かいたろう投稿者


  • Lord Nano
    Lord Nano 8 days ago


  • Jacob Verellen
    Jacob Verellen 9 days ago

    Looks like the human species is losing chromosomes in vast numbers. LITERALLY...HAHAHAHAHA

  • CaliBuilt 661
    CaliBuilt 661 9 days ago


  • Yudha Pola
    Yudha Pola 9 days ago

    Whats the point....

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson 10 days ago

    Mario kart 8 wall riding

  • Flimsy
    Flimsy 10 days ago

    When you shoot your wheels in GTA

  • Bizzare Atom
    Bizzare Atom 11 days ago

    Seeing the entire control arm with shock dangle by the break line actually make me cringe and look away lmao!

  • Erick Espiritu
    Erick Espiritu 12 days ago

    Does it fly like the delorean in back to the future 2?

  • Kenneth Ritchie
    Kenneth Ritchie 12 days ago


  • Brandon Paci
    Brandon Paci 12 days ago

    Do a burnout wont... Lololol

  • Trap Boss
    Trap Boss 12 days ago

    Why tf whould someone do that to there car

  • George Cicairos
    George Cicairos 12 days ago

    That shit is the most ridiculous stupid mod that ever came out for cars. It's like hey look at me, I'm a moron.

  • Khirro Toribio
    Khirro Toribio 13 days ago

    Civic eats rice and this happened

  • Jaime Aparicio
    Jaime Aparicio 13 days ago

    Y vendrán cosas peores dice la Biblia

  • Randy Ledford
    Randy Ledford 14 days ago

    Pretty ridiculous 😒

  • James Rice
    James Rice 14 days ago

    You guys should turn that car into the most stupidest thing ever. Just for s*** and giggles.

  • Don Dubray
    Don Dubray 14 days ago

    So stupid what moron would do that lol ........must be another Millennial piece of s*** prolly still live in Mom and Dad's basement

  • 長縄卓
    長縄卓 14 days ago


  • Pol
    Pol 14 days ago


  • zzzzzsleeping
    zzzzzsleeping 15 days ago

    Not insane bUT STUPID !
    If you want to be more stupid, why not do that to a rear wheel engine car?
    Not funny at all.

  • Hilario Figueroa
    Hilario Figueroa 16 days ago

    Pinches gente mongola jajajajaaaa

  • XxpaysagorxX
    XxpaysagorxX 17 days ago

    The first clip omfg how he has not broken or bend the axles 😂

  • Classible
    Classible 18 days ago

    why would anyone ever..

  • Ewan Lebans
    Ewan Lebans 19 days ago

    That seems like a problem

  • nate smith
    nate smith 20 days ago

    Ridiculous lol

    DARIUS MARK 20 days ago

    It reminds me of the Delorean from back to the future in flying mode 😂

  • SparK SparK
    SparK SparK 20 days ago +1

    Now get a fat wide body

  • Sixsiege
    Sixsiege 20 days ago

    Do a burnout

  • Scat Cholo
    Scat Cholo 22 days ago

    Dumbass kids.

  • Emanuele Piatti
    Emanuele Piatti 22 days ago


  • Dave Rowland
    Dave Rowland 22 days ago


  • コメントで登録者1万人チャレンジ


    • 長縄卓
      長縄卓 13 days ago


    • コメントで登録者1万人チャレンジ
      コメントで登録者1万人チャレンジ 13 days ago +1

      @長縄卓 多分バックトゥーザフューチャーになりたかったのでしょう!

    • 長縄卓
      長縄卓 13 days ago


  • saint venom
    saint venom 24 days ago

    idiot disgusting.

  • MrBoombastic
    MrBoombastic 24 days ago

    Open dash
    Type seaways

  • 黒塗りの高級車に追突してしまうアカウント


  • sk8booooy
    sk8booooy 24 days ago


  • JDM Danniel
    JDM Danniel 25 days ago

    Of course its a fucking honda

  • Diogo Abreu
    Diogo Abreu 25 days ago

    00:00 🤢🤮

  • Kim Fook Ng
    Kim Fook Ng 25 days ago


  • Ismail ardıç
    Ismail ardıç 25 days ago

    Sizin beyninizi sikiim, geri zekalı mallar.

  • zachary oneil98
    zachary oneil98 26 days ago

    This is a way ricer start it 😂😂😂

  • Kirmestechnoboxenstratege

    how about a highspeed test?

  • cacat gaming
    cacat gaming 26 days ago +1

    You are the center of attention !!!

  • Igor Bakowski
    Igor Bakowski 26 days ago

    Looks like back to the futer car but not fully transformed

  • Igor Bakowski
    Igor Bakowski 26 days ago

    How to destroy ur side walls in 5 seconds

  • Victor Barns
    Victor Barns 26 days ago

    I want to stand on it and just spin

  • Kanishi
    Kanishi 27 days ago

    S E A W A Y S

  • Kae King
    Kae King 27 days ago

    You guys are fucking amazing

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez 27 days ago

    Those rear wheels look like Devours gauge ear piercings😂😂😂

  • David Maldonado
    David Maldonado 27 days ago


  • TooShortToTurn SS3
    TooShortToTurn SS3 28 days ago +3

    My wife caught me watching this video. She saw the cambered Honda and instantly dropped her panties

  • james Yager jr
    james Yager jr 28 days ago

    Went to much

  • あ?てめぇふざけてんなよこら


  • Eduard Gogan
    Eduard Gogan 28 days ago


  • K U
    K U 28 days ago


  • Dingle Berry
    Dingle Berry 28 days ago

    All these fucking ads make this video annoying to watch

  • guy guy
    guy guy 28 days ago

    This car has polio

  • SantaSquirtle
    SantaSquirtle 29 days ago

    Thats really cool but whats the most possible reverse camber can you have?

  • Chris W
    Chris W 29 days ago

    Where we're going, we don't need roads......

  • jack rabbit
    jack rabbit 29 days ago

    1 word insane love it

  • Friska Hapsari
    Friska Hapsari 29 days ago

    why don't u use motorcycle tires for that rear wheel? so it safe enough for the rim.

  • MStreppelhoff
    MStreppelhoff 29 days ago

    i would do more camber this is totally shit man..... ! seriously....i had tears in my eyes watching this video...holy crap ^^ :D

  • Erepbbabl
    Erepbbabl 29 days ago


  • Furry Playz
    Furry Playz 29 days ago

    The part when the channel get demonitize

  • amurwa zulfigar
    amurwa zulfigar Month ago

    too many in indonesia :v

  • TheRedStormer
    TheRedStormer Month ago


  • Prince Ali
    Prince Ali Month ago +3

    I think a lot of the children in the comment section forget the enthusiast, maniac, and mechanical side of having fun with cars.
    Meh, most car people have probably never held a tool

    • Kae King
      Kae King 27 days ago

      Yup. You said it man.... These dudes are having fun and making dough on RUclip

  • Mungkhone Nachampasak

    Pretty cool. Now I'm going to this to my bike.

  • Bobby Digital
    Bobby Digital Month ago

    This is by far the dumbest shit ice ever seen. I miss old haggard garage.....damn.....


    Fuck stupid car

  • Vince Black
    Vince Black Month ago

    What is the point