48 Hours Mystery Murder at the Manor CBS News

  • Published on Dec 22, 2016

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  • xgrapher
    xgrapher 9 hours ago

    the gold digger had it coming

  • mr.taktok faner
    mr.taktok faner 16 hours ago

    all gold digger should die ,male or female...........................tee hee

  • Annie Alden
    Annie Alden 22 hours ago

    Jesus, could H's friend objectify women any more? He literally called Lucy a 'thing' at one point, not to mention 'hoochie'. I can only imagine H was even more disgusting, even before he murdered her

  • Cecilia Hanson
    Cecilia Hanson Day ago

    “He embraced everything” wth does that even mean? None of them look sad about any of it!

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy Day ago

    Lucy. I want your pussy!

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy Day ago

    That is so wicked. Stabbing someone that many time. So much rage must've involved with his attack. Some men are fucking evil. They would slaughter their wives and produce the most disgusting defense.

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy Day ago

    Just remember Ana Nicole. She married to a 180 year old man, on the standing she told the DA, that it was not for hid money. She also said this, I was doing my wife thingd. WTF, Is wife thing? Fucking Airhead.

  • Barbara Duggan
    Barbara Duggan 2 days ago

    old men wanting young pussy are so disgusting ... old rich men marrying a woman that could be his daughter .... could not of got her without his money ... stupid
    old rich man .... guilty ///// all right ..

  • Barbara Duggan
    Barbara Duggan 2 days ago

    young beautiful women ...marrying for greed and money might kill you ....

  • David Uziel
    David Uziel 2 days ago

    This just shows how much power money can give someone.

  • David Uziel
    David Uziel 2 days ago

    When you finally get tired of being cucked.

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez 2 days ago

    Lucy is a greedy gold digger.

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez 2 days ago

    Yes. White money. Stop wondering where corruption begin.

  • F N
    F N 2 days ago

    Anyone ever heard of a pre-nup? When a cunt decides she's had enough and wants to walk out, show her the door. You keep your money. Problem solved. This is what happens when idiots and cunts get together.

  • Warangkana Jenjai
    Warangkana Jenjai 3 days ago +1

    Hmmmm...l feel sorry for son James and daughter Lucy....however, you don't get the seven year itch, try to take a man for everything you can get, and not suffer the consequences...she got what she deserved, the greedy gold digging adulteress several times over....

  • An Pe
    An Pe 4 days ago

    The little girl is in FOSTER HOME???? WTF!!!! separating those siblings! What a cruel thing to do.

  • sonia6425
    sonia6425 4 days ago +1

    He sure is made to sound like his behavior is being treated as "boys will be boys" atitude. He is an awful person. I guess money still helps the wicked.

  • Gerald Chavannes
    Gerald Chavannes 4 days ago

    the balls of some women....

  • Francesca Rubera
    Francesca Rubera 4 days ago

    Lucy was gold digger very greedy one..from start it was just calculated relantionship, but he seems didnt mind it...he was so stupid hand it her money for apartment so she hired the best lawyer bleeding him dry...i would be otruage by it, and iam really calm person..she was too greedy so he lost it...he is just person too be pushed to far by gold digger..i have no symathy for her and i try she is victim of murder...i believe everyone has limit...and she pushed him to far and he lost it!!! is not right at all iam not saying aproving his actions not at all!!!

  • Jade Mannor
    Jade Mannor 4 days ago

    20 times is pretty intense intent, most divorces are ugly especially if there’s money and money was definitely part of the deal from the beginning.

  • ThePerfect Complex
    ThePerfect Complex 5 days ago

    Harold Landry is clearly a narcissist, and a monster. He deserves to die in jail.
    And his friends are just as dangerous.

  • Joseph Shannon
    Joseph Shannon 5 days ago

    That lawyer is hilllllarious!

  • Mister Physics
    Mister Physics 6 days ago

    haha i love the defence "she made me shoot her" haha spoken like a true abuser

  • Mister Physics
    Mister Physics 6 days ago

    "The great & the good" = Leaches, they take what they want, give £0 back, bleeding taxpayers dry.

  • Black57
    Black57 6 days ago

    Be poor.. its so much easier..

  • Mister Physics
    Mister Physics 6 days ago +1

    Age-gap relationships are always doomed, and creepy, date your peers, stay in your lane, 53 year old tool tryna buy love, pathetic.

  • John Riley
    John Riley 6 days ago +1

    mystery? what mystery? psychopath meets gold digger. doesn't end well.

  • Today In Idiocracy
    Today In Idiocracy 6 days ago

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes the 2 of them where shit people so no grate loss.

  • David Brown
    David Brown 6 days ago

    Only old people are sane

  • Delilah Weeks
    Delilah Weeks 7 days ago

    This guy is a psychopath...

  • A busy mind
    A busy mind 7 days ago

    His lawyer friend had me ROFL with his comments 🤣🤣🤣

  • A busy mind
    A busy mind 7 days ago

    His lawyer friend had me ROFL with his comments 🤣🤣🤣

  • Boogie Down Bronx
    Boogie Down Bronx 7 days ago +1

    Boy, ur mom was just as evil as ur stepfather and she played w/ fire and got burned... She was wrong to involved u in their divorce proceedings and poisoning u against him... She made a big thing out of his attempted murder charge to u but didn't give a damn about it when she married him for his $$$ which meant bringing him (an attempted murderer) into ur life... Now, b/c of her AND him, ur sister's in foster care (strange n sad that no one form either side of the fams took her in) and the two of you live apart... Hopefully, u and she will be able to learn from this and live very happy lives w/ positive people... All the best 2 u both Peace w/ a smile

  • Apryl’s Page
    Apryl’s Page 7 days ago +1

    This guy is an American Poster child for this type of treachery. So many just like him. If in the USA his $$$ & status would’ve gotten him off again! Meanwhile jails are filled with ppl awaiting a trial, wrongly convicted & excessively sentencing! Serving life for a bag of weed & H got probation for attempted murder!! See the difference?

  • Lancelot Dufrane
    Lancelot Dufrane 7 days ago

    “H” is a classic Narcissist. He is where he belongs.

  • Cynthia Lyman
    Cynthia Lyman 8 days ago

    Greed's nasty. It's just stuff; can't take a bit of it with you. ls it worth killing someone and throwing your freedom away? Don't think so.

  • Cynthia Lyman
    Cynthia Lyman 8 days ago

    So H shoots a man in the mid 90s whose wife he's screwing; by the end of the decade he's free as a bird to troll the Internet for another woman and winds up killing her? What's wrong with this fricking picture?

  • Macs M.
    Macs M. 8 days ago +1

    The kid is either a liar or very naive. He says, "She began to hate him because she found out about his past." Well, she knew what he was before they were married, he told her all about himself, so she didn't learn some dark secret that turned her love to hate. That's totally bogus. The kid is in denial and because he's young and gullible and loved his mother, is trying to rationalize his mother's hatred for her husband. I think it's pretty clear she married him for his money and felt confident that in a divorce she would get the lion's share of it. When stupid people play stupid games they often win stupid prizes.

  • Chuck McOrmick
    Chuck McOrmick 8 days ago +1

    Self confident? More like self absorbed. He's conceited as fuck. Then again he's a southern white boy, can't expect any less

  • Dante Goodman
    Dante Goodman 9 days ago

    Dude murders someone in cold blood...Gets it pled to a laughable charge, and winds up doing no time at all. That’s why I laugh when white people throw around “fbi crime stats” to defame other races. If whites were actually charged and did time for the crimes they commit, crime stats would look a WHOLE LOT different.

  • Audrey Ketchum
    Audrey Ketchum 9 days ago

    That gator belong in the swamp. Poor Lucy.

  • Jazmin Acosta
    Jazmin Acosta 9 days ago

    He'll be free soon again. People should marry for love and not for millions. Oops did I say that🤗...

  • Bebechen
    Bebechen 10 days ago

    They both sound like toxic people, together they made a very bad combination. Not surprised it ended in murder.

  • Bubbles DeVille
    Bubbles DeVille 10 days ago +1

    There you go fellas....don’t marry a gold digging slapper 👍🏻👍🏻

  • littleblackfox1
    littleblackfox1 10 days ago

    That slimy lawyer makes this guy out to be some loveable go getter who wont let the fact that he's a horrible murdering asshole get in the way of what he wants.. as if thats somehow endearing..
    Fuck that guy I hope he gets shanked.

  • Kelsey Williams
    Kelsey Williams 10 days ago

    I feel for the victim's son. He has the characteristic maturity, seriousness, and composure of a child with narcissistic, neglectful, and/or abusive parent(s) who has been forced to raise himself and, in this case, a younger sibling.
    I hope that both he and his sister were placed in the care of adults who put their needs first and have helped them deal with and heal from the trauma they've experienced.

  • suzy klitgaard
    suzy klitgaard 10 days ago

    Cajun H goes England style.
    I'm sure the blue bloods were impressed with this story....🤔🤔😖💀

  • PIE
    PIE 10 days ago +1

    The victims son is a lovely guy. I feel for his sister and him.

  • Christine Haigh
    Christine Haigh 10 days ago

    27:00 Hmm how true is that?

  • alison webster
    alison webster 10 days ago

    when and if he gets out..deport the evil psychotic murderer ,send him back to the swamps with his trashy supporters.

  • ange lall
    ange lall 10 days ago +1

    He is loathsome, and so are his lawyers, past and present. Even if she had been after his money!

  • Towed Array
    Towed Array 11 days ago +2

    "Wanna get the hoochi gotta get the Gucci"... man... really classy. Looks like that 'Fanning' guy is next on the future-murderer list. Jeesh. The guy is so casual about this case. Very creepy

  • Rori Rory
    Rori Rory 11 days ago +1

    I hope he gets parole. To say Lucy was not an innocent victim is an understatement, H put up with a lot of BS in that marriage.

  • John Cahill
    John Cahill 11 days ago

    A smart long lad.

  • Angela Barrineau
    Angela Barrineau 11 days ago

    There’s no endings to these videos 👎👎

  • celibatairepapillon
    celibatairepapillon 11 days ago +1

    Classic sociopath.

  • Mr. Sir
    Mr. Sir 11 days ago +1

    disgusting relationship, everything was based off of money and riches not love clearly. Its always about money

  • Sharon Martinez
    Sharon Martinez 12 days ago

    Of course, he did not have the right to murder her - or anyone, for that matter. However, women who are content to marry men who are decades older than them for money - and that's what it was - have little sympathy from me. Tragic. No one needs all of those trappings and it certainly is not worth hurting another person over getting 'the goods.' I mean, even before the marriage was 'bad', the path sounds as if it was being set from the word 'go' because of the superficial approach of both parties. And, women, yes, it is a patriarchal world but do without rather than sell yourself.

  • Conscious Love
    Conscious Love 12 days ago

    ha ha they're always showing us the truth: they can do whatever they want while we can do life/be locked up at their (the evil ones) whim. this guy was a free murderer.

    • Conscious Love
      Conscious Love 12 days ago

      but we are a Chosen people & The Name of Jesus sets EVERY captive free!!!!!!

  • TJ
    TJ 12 days ago +1

    For a rich guy he wsn't too smart and for a golddigger she wasn't either. No sympathy except for the children. How sad for them. But for the selfish adults...none.

  • Barbara Boone
    Barbara Boone 12 days ago

    oh poor you - what about those poor children. You would have done the same thing if given the chance - why didn't you just let the lawyers handle everything and moved out and not spoken w/ her again. Good grief! You are a cold blooded murderer, doesn't matter what "good" stuff you've done - you are a liar and a murderer - that is your claim to fame! Good grief - so she was awful - get away from her don't stay and fight and kill.

  • Joan Campbell
    Joan Campbell 12 days ago +7

    Really? Not one family member could take his daughter? She is sent to foster parents, terrible and sad.

  • George
    George 13 days ago +1

    falls pregnant ??

  • Jordanne Brasher
    Jordanne Brasher 13 days ago

    Most of these guys are not “ A Hunk Of burning Love” and I will never understand compromising oneself for any amount of money. Men with Wealth also don’t understand the word “ No” or that the world does not revolve around them because too many people are fake and easily bought.

  • Narelle
    Narelle 13 days ago

    so that dude is ok to be friends with a guy who kills people, just because he didn't kill anyone he knows??? Seriously??

  • Twinkie
    Twinkie 13 days ago

    So, basically, this is a guy who killed a woman for trying to leave him for TRUE love and he gets a whole episode of this show dedicated to his friends saying how great he was? M’kay.

  • 守lower
    守lower 13 days ago

    '' Tadaa ~ H ~ ''

  • 守lower
    守lower 13 days ago

    ''H wasn't exactly a looker'' Americans are the most superficial and judgemental people you will ever meet. Especially when they're jealous of someone elses fortunes. I don't know what you see but I see a normal 52 year old man. Americans are dangerous, toxic , delusional and nuts >< stear clear if you want to keep your life

  • Chis T
    Chis T 13 days ago

    "It used to be a seminary to train priests now it's a crime scene" . Well, the church has always been a crime scene.

  • Sa Ga
    Sa Ga 13 days ago +3

    They BOTH were greedy and I am sure she pushed him mercilessly. That still cannot make murder legal.
    I'm glad he doesn't try to say he didn't do it and readily confessed both times. However, I find it bone-chilling how confidently he can just say he'd do it again, even if it's true. The lack of any remorse makes him a hateful and dangerous man who should never walk free again.