Five Years Time Lapse (half a decade of hair growth)

  • Опубликовано: 11 июн 2016
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    I've been taking a photo of myself since the 11th of June 2011. This is a five years time lapse (11/6/11 - 11/6/16) of 1827 photos showing my face getting hairier and hairier.
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    === Frequently Asked Questions ===
    Even though I love replying to your comments, I see a lot of questions that are being repeated, so I decided to use this space here to answer a few of them.
    Q: Are you still growing your hair?
    A: Yes! And I'm not planning on stopping any time soon.
    Q: Did you ever trim your hair?
    A: While I was making this video I trimmed my hair twice (about once at 18 months and then again at 36). I used to trim my beard every 3-4 months, but now I do it every 1 or 2 months.
    Q: How old are you?
    A: I was born in 1991. So, I was about 20 when I started this.
    Q: How do you wash/take care of your hair?
    A: For the first two years, I used to use regular shampoo and comb it as often as possible. Later, I found out that using shampoo every day can actually damage your hair and scalp.
    After trying out a lot of things, I came up with a routine of shampooing my hair twice every week with shampoos that contain as little chemicals as possible. I also condition my hair right after I shampoo it. I'm also taking multivitamins and I try to eat enough protein every day. I've also started using beard oils for my beard and mustache. (Check out BeardBrand if you are interested in those!)
    Q: What did you do/What should I do during the "awkward" stage?
    A: Hats! ..and patience.
    Q: How long did it take until you were able to tie your hair up?
    A: It took me about 1 year until I was able to do a little "hair bun" and another 6-8 months for a proper ponytail.
    Q: Where are you from?
    A: Cyprus. I'm Greek-Cypriot.
    Q: Why does the background keep changing?
    A: I'm from Cyprus, but I study in the UK. The room with the Evanescence door is my bedroom in Cyprus and the one with the Fight Club poster is my room in England. The room towards the end, is the room in Cyprus, but I painted it black and moved my desk (that's why you can't see the door anymore).
    Q: What software did you use to make the video?
    A: I used Adobe Premiere Pro, but I think that you would be able to have the same results with a more basic and easy-to-use software.
    Q: Are you Jesus?
    A: Yes.
    GENERAL NOTE: I am not a hair expert (or whatever they are called). I'm simply telling you what I did to grow my hair! These tips are based on my personal experience and might not work for you.
    === Thank you for your interest! ===
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