Binging with Babish: Parks & Rec Burger Cookoff

In the first episode of Binging with Babish, is it possible for a turkey burger to taste better than a beef burger? Some say no, but others say...no.

Turkey patty recipe adapted from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt (The Food Lab).

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Автор TheCcrack ( назад)
how does living in a city have anything to do with owning a grill?

Автор Miquel Vico ( назад)
Nope, as a catalan your allioli offends me!

Автор Sophie Wysocki ( назад)
I'm noticing how much your video making style has improved! Keep doing what you're doing!

Автор Zombie840Slice ( назад)
DWL love it

Автор Melisa Ozerim ( назад)
It would be a great idea to open a restaurant tbh

Автор Boopadoop 4182 ( назад)

Автор Jamie Sauce ( назад)
marmite <3

Автор Candlelitsoul ( назад)
This had become my favorite channel to watch!

Автор Rubz 12 ( назад)
the end😂😂😭

Автор Nah M8 ( назад)
WTF is kosher salt?

Автор BadEditing101 ( назад)
Na dude what you did at the end really got me fucked up

Автор choloeseguay ( назад)
I know what I'm about son - Ron

Автор Jack Farrall ( назад)
Turkey can never beat cow Babish.

Автор Ari Park ( назад)
You know you love a Youtuber when you watch all their videos

Автор Kai Derouen ( назад)
Me: please examine the inside of the papaya and it's vagina like features.

Him: Now scoop out those nasty seeds

Me: Well Damn

Автор Nilbog ( назад)
When I watched that episode I couldn't help but think that the turkey burger had to be 100% better than a beef patty eugh.

Автор Joe Black ( назад)
this sounds so ridiculous that it could acually work.
for the sake of safety id still substitute the turkey with 50/50 beef pork and the mango with tomatos

Автор Lazlo Loner ( назад)
what the hell is koscher salt

Автор First asian swag ( назад)
FUCK! I forgot to do my school work bc I was watching this for to long

Автор CmoneyPlayz ( назад)
1:55 song?

Автор caxe7 ( назад)
No, but seriously, was Ron's burger actually better?

Автор TheLegend 27 ( назад)
Rons burger lol

Автор stephen so dumb ( назад)
if u had a restaurant I would eat there every day

Автор ragnare ( назад)
Nice video but please give credit. That recipe for the marmite turkey mince is Kenji López-Alt's recipe from Serious Eats.
(also: papaya seeds aren't that nasty, they have a peppery flavor that can be used in cooking and they have significant medical properties such as fighting intestinal parasites)

Автор Teleport2.com ( назад)
"it's not even a competition" 😅my sides hurt 😂

Автор James Pattison ( назад)
You should make that order from spongebob with the big dude that has the crazy long order. You know, that "no pickles" guy. That one

Автор ghazt101 Gaming ( назад)
Thank you for introducing me to my new favorite comedy show

Автор Lucas VerBeek ( назад)
Wannabe chef!? Are you kidding I have trouble not burning a grilled cheese!

Автор Melanie Escudero ( назад)
Give this man a show on the food network.

Автор Kieran Boughner ( назад)

Автор Alec Salazar ( назад)
I really want to make the turkey burger
After trying it out, how do you think ginger and garlic would have played out with the other ingredients as a whole? Not sure if it would play out well with the eggplant and cheese crisp

Автор svampebob007 ( назад)
Hey guys get a hold of this guy, making aioli with eggs and no garlic. For a sheff it should be embarasing to make mayonnaise and call it aioli... and I think the garlic would fit in? but then again I love garlic.

Автор Kiran Sànchez ( назад)
Does it have to be kosher salt? or do you just use kosher salt?

Автор Ryan Thugest ( назад)
You should do some game of thrones food...I don't think you've done that yet

Автор Ayman Abid ( назад)

Автор jointhepodcastfollowthelocus ( назад)
This came out on my Birthday

Автор 0 ( назад)
I like how you bought the burger buns thats on sale lol just like Ron

Автор Evan Park ( назад)
Can you come here and make me like, 1 of everything you've created so far. Please?

Автор ionceateapinecone ( назад)
the radish sprouts might be a little overpowering on their own, maybe do a mix of daikon radish, some alpha, and a few garlic sprouts

Автор Novemu ( назад)
Make JJ's diner waffles! Or anything else from Parks and Rec

Автор McOddzen ( назад)
"wanna-be chef"
stop being so modest just call yourself a chef

Автор Gavin Drake Watkins ( назад)
I remember that episode. Ron wins with a simple barbecued burger haha

Автор The Chill Hasid Show ( назад)
He says his name is Oliver babish but the youtube channels name is Andrew rea

Автор Corrietalks ( назад)
You should make the secret sauce from goodburger

Автор Gabriel McGuoirk ( назад)
He's a filmmaker but an amateur chef. Don't be so hard on yourself. I'm sure you're an amateur at both.

Автор Steve O ( назад)
Keep doing what you're doing. These videos are so entertaining.

Автор Inquisitor Nero ( назад)
Love it, makes allioli and doesn't put in one of the 2 basic ingredients that make the sauce: garlic( allioli literaly means garlic and oil in valencian). That's just trufe mayonnaise. Your videos are great i love them, but that shit just bothers me a lot.

Автор Mario Luigi ( назад)
Make the Paunch burger with the fries and milkshake

Автор AlphaHunter ( назад)
I think those are actually aubergines (Woodhouse eggs were next in my recommended)

Автор Elle Zhang ( назад)
Not sure if he was joking at the end, I do love a classic 🍔 😂😂

Автор Potato Smasher ( назад)
Ron didn't season his burger...

Автор Bilham36 ( назад)
perfect ending!

Автор Seri Ann ( назад)
I adore your intro so much

Автор David Galvan ( назад)
what's the background music

Автор Nena Castro Martinez ( назад)
Nevermind, now I saw that ring...

Автор TheDeeznuts121 ( назад)
Please make the chocolate cake from Matilda or the soup from the tales of despereaux

Автор lolo ( назад)
turkey burgers DONT suck, bro

Автор squidward ( назад)
I wrote a short story in my freshman year of high school about a chef that gets murdered.

Автор asthaj26 ( назад)
Hey Andrew love you channel! Can you please make something from Julie and Julia? Thank you so much!!!

Автор Prae7orian ( назад)
To branch off from this episode, I definitely think the Paunch Burger #2 would be a great followup (from S5 E2)

“Double Bacon Grenade Deluxe, Hash Browns, Chili Cheese Fries, and one poached egg...I also picked up a 64 oz Sweetums Sugar Splash. Dammit, I love this country so much.”

Автор FarRAWR04 ( назад)
you should check out the anime shokugeki no souma and make some of the recipes

Автор Marcus Chan ( назад)
Because I love TV/Movies and I am just starting to cook, I'm loving your channel.

Now I just need to actually improve my knife skills... And cook more complex stuff.

Автор austin teng ( назад)
Too poor to afford saffron

Автор Flynn Newman ( назад)
When I saw the marmite 😍😍

Автор ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ ( назад)
Make the Dirty Burger from TPBs

Автор Mike Youtube ( назад)
What the fuck do you pay for this publicity? Jesus christ. I can't escape you.

Автор Caity Bright ( назад)
Please make a krabby patty

Автор Zachary Boblitz ( назад)
I know my mom always uses bison and turkey. It's quite good.

Автор Luna B. ( назад)
I'm so hungry

Автор Miche. ( назад)
simplicity is key

Автор Taylor Antique ( назад)
I love to the videos! I feel like you're doing your best Alton Brown impersonation sometimes!:)

Автор Francisco Lopez ( назад)
Have you ever thought of trying to go on chopped or any food network competitions

Автор Tiffany Vo ( назад)
You should do krabby pretty patties from spongebob!!

Автор EmpressEmani ( назад)
The fact the i'm watching all your videos or the fact that I was only just introduced to you (via-Buzzfeednes)...don' know which is crazier.

Автор haimynameiz shublabadub ( назад)
To all the people who say make a Krabby Patty, He can't because he doesn't have the secret formula, Duh

Автор Rachel Selle ( назад)
the background music never gets old

Автор Kinjo ( назад)
"I like the umami flavor."

Автор Jerry Baker ( назад)
Make the meat tornado

Автор James Thomson ( назад)
one small adjustment I'd personally make to the papaya chutney: before you add the papaya and vinegar and whatnot to the pot, heat up a tablespoon of clarified butter in it. get half a teaspoon each of whole cumin and black mustard seeds, a cardamom pod or two, a couple of cloves and maybe a quarter teaspoon of fenugreek seeds if you can get 'em. fry 'em up until the mustard seeds start popping, add the rest of the chutney ingredients and give it a good old stir.

otherwise, sick channel tbh!

Автор Zeke Tatum ( назад)
He should make a KRABY PATTY like if you agree

Автор portugesemixi ( назад)
Being from the Caribbean I cringed when he said nasty seeds. You can get a lot of trees from those seeds. 🌱 Oh well

Автор zberry582 ( назад)
I'm so excited to have found your channel. thanks BuzzFeed

Автор Haris Ridwan ( назад)
Tbh, searing and grilling brings out 2 different flavours but still a great channel tho!

Автор Sara Mahjabin ( назад)
The chocolate cake from Matilda!!!!!!! I BEG OF YOU PLEASE.

Автор zafjaf ( назад)
Where do you find gluten free brioche buns?

Автор holyxbord ( назад)
This channel only has one downside. And its only because I binged watched everything

Автор CamelCash000 ( назад)
Bob's Burgers: Theres no such things as a turkey burger

Автор alexi crow ( назад)
That look so tempting!

Автор plyzwthsqrlz ( назад)
LOL the ending has to be a joke. I mean, I do like a simple hamburger (pet peeve: when I order a hamburger and they ask if I want cheese. If i wanted cheese, I would ask for a cheeseburger). But with all that work Im sure the turkey burger would taste better

Автор Bioberserkr Gaming ( назад)
love me some good ol' fashioned Turkey/chicken tits

Автор Hüseyin Şahin ( назад)
Give me the krabby patty Andrew. sincerely not Plankton.

Автор Hunter Charaba ( назад)
quit your film making career. this is tastier

Автор Ahmad Aldaim ( назад)
ron is like here is mine a hamberger made out of meat and a bun and nothing

Автор Ahmad Aldaim ( назад)
kyle fuck off fucking fat fuck

Автор gregistopal ( назад)
Gluten free buns can never taste as good as a bun with gluten

Автор Mike Southwood ( назад)
you make me want to cook

Автор Capitán Chunk ( назад)
what a fancy way to make an allioli

Автор Marcel Robinson ( назад)
Ok, OK ok I have subbed

Автор Brace110 ( назад)
Everything always ends up in '1 inch pieces'

Автор Lupis Corvus ( назад)
Beef wins because beef will ALWAYS win! BEEEEFFFF!!!

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