Merriam-Webster’s 2019 word of the year is “they”

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Merriam-Webster announced the pronoun “they” as its 2019 word of the year. The word can be used to refer to one person whose gender identity is nonbinary. The nonbinary use of "they" was added to the definition in September. Searches for "they" on Merriam-Webster's website increased 313% over the last year.
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  • steven hicks
    steven hicks 15 days ago

    They ? Is that not a movie . In fact a horror movie ? Hahahha how fitting for they

  • Marisa Ruiz
    Marisa Ruiz 27 days ago

    When she said: "...somebody said they to me the other day and I thought that THEY(singularl) where talking about a group of ppl but THEY(Singular) where talking about 1 person, I'm still trying to get on board"
    Like buddy you just did it, congrats you used they in singular form and it was grammatically correct. This isn't a new things, it's just now getting recognized is all.

  • codeblood2000
    codeblood2000 Month ago

    #Moralerosionisreal #NeedJesus

  • 하늘바람
    하늘바람 Month ago +1

    this is why we need Donald Trump again.

  • Blackholefourspam
    Blackholefourspam Month ago

    All these boomers are so mad and its great

  • Limerick502
    Limerick502 Month ago +1

    Try third grade English teacher who drills that into your head.

  • Donnchadh O Fearraigh

    My word actually two words of the year are.Cop on .

  • igotthis
    igotthis Month ago

    Are we really having to debate this? People are just plain sick and I will never conform to them or their way of thinking! NEVER! Nor will I even bother debating this. If you don't know by now that the word "they" is plural then you're not worth my energy. What's next? Are you going to tell me there's 52+ genders and that gender doesn't mean sex? Oh! Wait! What's that?

  • G Deezy
    G Deezy Month ago

    If you're born with a penis you're a man. If you're born with a vagina you're a woman. Simple as that. To think you have out smarted the natural order of life since the being of time is arrogant and laughable. You don't get to pick your gender. Mother nature already did that when you were conceived. It's one of the few things you have absolutely no say in. Just stop.

  • Incognito
    Incognito Month ago

    I don't mind people being homosexual, I know a few decent ones actually, and it's their choice to prefer people of the same sex, but I don't get this "reinventing" of the genders - it's not biological. Niether bio... nor logical...
    At birth you are either born male or female. No matter what kind of person you want to be and/or turn out later, your genome determines if you are a either a "he" or a "she". There's no "they", unless you have a very rare condition that makes you intersex, but then again you probably won't be referred to as "they" either.

  • Striker Thunderlick


  • Striker Thunderlick

    GET A LIFE!!!!

  • B McB
    B McB Month ago

    Word of the year...

    STaSHZILLA Month ago +1

    they seems so divisive.

    like "us" versus "them"

    "the other people"

  • Mario Hiccup Witwicky

    I’m only here to make Looney Tunes jokes.

    (Yosemite Sam raises “They” flag)
    Bugs Bunny: “Yoo-hoo! Mister Enemy!”
    (Flag says “We”)
    Yosemite Sam: “Charge!”
    Bugs Bunny: “Charge!”

  • cryptfiend461
    cryptfiend461 Month ago +1

    This is so dumb and confusing

  • matthew campbell
    matthew campbell Month ago +2

    I see they deleted my comment about mental illness.

    • michael mcpeek
      michael mcpeek 10 days ago

      @no thanks broski Shut up stupid.

    • no thanks broski
      no thanks broski 10 days ago


    • michael mcpeek
      michael mcpeek Month ago

      It does not fit the "new paradigm" of sexual depravity couched in terms like "inclusiveness" "tolerance" and "acceptance".

  • abarronboy
    abarronboy Month ago

    LMAO it didn’t take long for RUclip to take this video down.😂😅 Only two.

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku Month ago

    *THEY* are stupid!

  • Joumana Damlakhe
    Joumana Damlakhe Month ago

    please notice me , watch this video and kindly follow

  • Flying High
    Flying High Month ago

    And so it begins. The mass manipulation of everyone's thought patterns. Except this one is really dumb. They is even more impersonal than he or she. "They" are literally brain washing 95% of the population to accommodate 5%. I'm just calling people by their names if that's okay with "them."

  • possum440
    possum440 Month ago

    Merriam-Webster is irrelevant. "Irrelevant", look up related to Merriam-Webster, up 5000%, next year's "word" of the year.

  • J_Raggamuffin
    J_Raggamuffin Month ago

    I refuse..... THEY don't like labels, yet label, oooook

  • Heron Cabo
    Heron Cabo Month ago

    Feliz natal p todos vocês jornalista competência. Q o senhor Jesus Cristo abençoe todos 🙏👼 ok boa sorte eu estou pintando muito... não tem mas tempo.... vendendo.obras...o senhor Jesus Cristo abençoe todos 🙏👼 ok boa

  • keepleft
    keepleft Month ago +1

    They live. We sleep. Obey.

  • Colleen Grudzien
    Colleen Grudzien Month ago

    ok good to know. Now it is officially the correct grammar.

  • 70 Series Tires
    70 Series Tires Month ago

    And non-binary is a horrible use of language. What is mean is *non-Boolean*. Binary doesn't describe a 2-state system, it describes a number system based solely upon ones and zeroes.

  • Legal Slander
    Legal Slander Month ago

    new record for dislikes v likes

  • 70 Series Tires
    70 Series Tires Month ago

    Okay, sure, whatever.

  • For Glory!
    For Glory! Month ago

    Shamelessly publishing a DIRECT LIE from a less than trustworthy source.
    Oh, and then putting a spin on it for a vacuous justification of ONE OF THE WORST SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT IN 15 YEARS!
    Are you proud of yourself for selling your soul for shameless Leftist propaganda, CBS...? If your mom wasn't crazy she would be beating you into a hospital bed for representing her upbringing in such a disrespectful way!

  • mikeyh0
    mikeyh0 Month ago

    The definitions are mutually exclusive. Duh. It cannot mean both singular and plural because no one would have any idea which one you are trying to say. And I will never say: "They IS....."!

  • GunDrone
    GunDrone Month ago +2

    My word of the year is "#FakeNews"

  • GunDrone
    GunDrone Month ago +1

    Gender Identity? Are you kidding? Oh, i forgot i identify as a male attack helicopter with non-binary fluid missiles, that know when they see bovine scatology.

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle Month ago +1

    "Neither sex nor gender is inherently binary in humans..."
    We are now being taught biology by progressive activists instead of scientists.

    • Tom Price
      Tom Price Month ago

      Then again, Americans never believed scientists either.
      They find "theories" about evolution and global warming to be "hoaxes" and "ridiculous"....
      But men walking on water, men rising from the dead, burning bushes talking to people, an all powerful dude up in the sky orchestrating everything here on earth---THAT they find totally believable.

  • abarronboy
    abarronboy Month ago

    My word of the year.....TWO

  • Charlie Osaba
    Charlie Osaba Month ago

    all the angry snowflakes in the comments throwing a tantrum over a pronoun are giving me gas

  • Tom Price
    Tom Price Month ago

    This is why Trump won.

  • Richard Sentochnik
    Richard Sentochnik Month ago +1

    I’m don’t know why “lt” isn’t used when referring to gender neutral folks. After all it’s singular, and there’s precedent - Cousin It of the Adams Family was gender neutral...

  • Scott Stevens
    Scott Stevens Month ago +2

    Stop justifying this.Your either boy or girl, gay or straight, no in between.

  • Bob Fox
    Bob Fox Month ago

    Next years' word.......It

  • ernest747
    ernest747 Month ago

    2019 was such a terrible year. and 2020 is going to be worse.

  • Adam Wood
    Adam Wood Month ago

    What is wrong with the news now a days wtf...

  • Rachelle Gayer
    Rachelle Gayer Month ago +1

    The only problem I have with it, is that "they" is a plural word, not singular. We need to find a word that is singular when we mean singular non-binary

    • Alexis P.
      Alexis P. Month ago

      True. It was weird writing nonspecifically in my essays. Couldn’t use the general “you” in formal writing, but the editor told me that my use of “they” wasn’t fit since it’s plural. Can’t even use he/she if the person is not revealed I.e. he/she/they cut just ran a light

  • Susan Hampton, VA
    Susan Hampton, VA Month ago

    I hate it. Referring to one person as "they". If it was a male, say he, female, say she. What's the big problem?!! While I'm on this soapbox, stop referring to women as "guys". I know it's been going on for decades, but when a waitress addresses my table of all women with "What can I get you guys", I'm tempted to reply "Another waitress", but usually I say softly that we aren't guys. If she persists because of habit, it's reflected in her tip with a note. When my sister owned restaurants, she directed her staff to never call women "guys". Just lazy informality. People didn't speak so ignorantly 100 and more years ago. OK. I'm done.

  • abarronboy
    abarronboy Month ago +4

    How long until RUclips takes this video down. “They” don’t like the dislikes, now do “They”. My wife and I both gave this a thumbs down........just the “two” of us.

    • michael mcpeek
      michael mcpeek Month ago

      Pete "R. Puffer" Buttigieg will call you both "transphobes".

  • guptasameer84
    guptasameer84 Month ago

    They meant something else to me... Watched Interstellar and *they* meant us from the future! With M-W update, I guess both "Who *are* they?" and "Who *is* they?" is acceptable! Excuse my French, but F8ck! Can't *they* get more and come up with a new word?

  • Michael Edelstone
    Michael Edelstone Month ago

    I'm sure the ratio will be entirely normal on this video. lol

  • abarronboy
    abarronboy Month ago

    Only two.

  • Perinormel
    Perinormel Month ago

    I identify as a purple three headed dragon from the planet flip flop

    • Brad Rathernotsay
      Brad Rathernotsay Month ago

      @Perinormel Sorry. I looked it up. Some do have three heads. My error.

    • Perinormel
      Perinormel Month ago +1

      ​@Brad Rathernotsay are you seriously trying to humansplain me?

    • Brad Rathernotsay
      Brad Rathernotsay Month ago

      Liar! Purple dragons from flip flop only have two heads.

  • Dana Merritt
    Dana Merritt Month ago

    We already have a gender-neutral singular pronoun: It. Deal with it, gender-neutral spoiled brats.

    • Dana Merritt
      Dana Merritt Month ago

      @Poppy Kneegrow P.S. Use of 'it' when referring to people. According to the Webster dictionary ( the pronoun 'it' can be used in reference to "a person or animal whose sex is unknown or disregarded

    • Dana Merritt
      Dana Merritt Month ago

      @Poppy Kneegrow I know "it" sounds demeaning. But their self-entitled demand to contort ancient pronouns is idiotic. Invent a new pronoun and I bet people will adopt it. I would.

    • Poppy Kneegrow
      Poppy Kneegrow Month ago

      It-refers to an object, not a person
      i see what you tried to do, but its more offensive and ridiculous than this whole "they" "them" dispute
      We're still talking about people, regardless of if we agree with "their" codewords

    EEE RRR Month ago

    i look forward to when crap like this is a thing of the past.

    • KRONOS 1957
      KRONOS 1957 Month ago

      The t-ar-d-s are on "full tilt".

    • Perinormel
      Perinormel Month ago

      It's not going to get any better, only worse. Very dark times are ahead.

  • MetraMan09
    MetraMan09 Month ago +1

    NEVER call me a "they/them". I am so much more than that. I have a gender. I am a White Man and a Father. Any reference less than that is an insult to me.

    • michael mcpeek
      michael mcpeek Month ago

      "They" will call you a "bigot" to try and shame you. Either that or a "Theyphobe".

  • Cary White
    Cary White Month ago

    The virtue signals are shining brightly today. I doubt anyone under 30 even knows what Merriam Webster is. I guess the move these days when you are failing is to throw your lot in with the sodomites and commies who want to say men aren't men and women aren't women and force you to agree that 2+2 = 5 when they say it does.

  • Hydro Shock
    Hydro Shock Month ago

    Should be "HERM" !

  • Bree Leah
    Bree Leah Month ago

    "they" are SICK!! get some help!! #Trump2020 #michigan

  • Nolan McKinney
    Nolan McKinney Month ago +1

    Next year it will be "puppy" or "master"

  • lukewarm17
    lukewarm17 Month ago

    I’m guessing They died it’s hair purple.

  • Jeff Go
    Jeff Go Month ago +1

    WTF!?! This makes my head hurt

  • B Love
    B Love Month ago +2

    update: Merriam Webster is also replacing the word "narcissist" with "nonbinary" to save space.