• Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • The Sidemen play Hide & Seek on a Cruise Ship! Enjoy!
    Sidemen Clothing:
    Thanks so much to MSC Cruises for letting us be some of the first people ever on their brand new ship MSC Bellissima. If you want to find out more about the ship visit
    ● Miniminter:
    ● Zerkaa:
    ● Behzinga:
    ● Vikkstar123:
    ● TBJZL:
    ● Wroetoshaw:
    ● KSI:
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  • Rose Asante
    Rose Asante Day ago

    My chwest 😂

  • Reece Frost
    Reece Frost Day ago

    JJ I would do the exact same thing lmao 😂🤣

  • Ritveek Govardhanam

    Me at 23:06
    Oh no! JJ finna get found!!!

  • Teddy Bots
    Teddy Bots Day ago

    Vik: I am very vulnerable out here

    JJ: where should I hide?... maybe the buffet

  • Kari Laakso
    Kari Laakso Day ago


  • [RAGE] Leek
    [RAGE] Leek Day ago

    Ya jj is literally me tho

  • Teddy Rose
    Teddy Rose Day ago


  • Andrew Makin
    Andrew Makin Day ago

    At 6:44 a man looked in where tobi was hiding lol

  • Tommy Keane
    Tommy Keane Day ago

    Bulking at its finest

  • Joshua Webster
    Joshua Webster Day ago


  • Dayton Cooper-Chase
    Dayton Cooper-Chase 2 days ago

    6:32 ethan had a voice crack lol

  • Sebastian Krause-Huckleberry

    JJ is a legend

  • Hydro 24
    Hydro 24 2 days ago

    JJ sat and ate the whole time

  • P S98
    P S98 2 days ago

    "We're on a giant ship and the first thing that comes to our mind is to take out our cameras"

  • VincentCool
    VincentCool 2 days ago

    JJ absolute legend just got food and slept

  • JonTV
    JonTV 2 days ago

    900 million dollars is not spent on the cruse but JJ's food spending

  • Sufi Hussain
    Sufi Hussain 2 days ago

    Ethan's voice crack at 6:32 "It's got a football pITCh"

  • Sardonic Cinefile
    Sardonic Cinefile 2 days ago +2

    Wow, a SDMN video that gets to the point within the first minute.

  • sohan patel
    sohan patel 2 days ago

    vik the gang leader leading his gang from the police

  • Rook []
    Rook [] 2 days ago

    KSI and Ethan have literally switched places KSI is fat and Ethans in training

  • Pykairo 1
    Pykairo 1 2 days ago

    "Why am I so black"
    Ksi 2019

  • sam gamer
    sam gamer 2 days ago +2

    Sick Outro! u guys need to use this more.

  • Dr boss
    Dr boss 3 days ago +1

    hide an seek
    jj eat and sleep

  • Dr boss
    Dr boss 3 days ago

    5045 anyone

  • Egyptian Scooba Doo
    Egyptian Scooba Doo 3 days ago +1

    Everybody hiding while JJ eating 😂

  • Safaa O
    Safaa O 3 days ago

    0:45 Tobi walk tho😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • EZ BOP
    EZ BOP 3 days ago

    Everybody follow me on Instagram Itz.kenzo47

  • Zoo Mee
    Zoo Mee 3 days ago

    6:52 that's what she said.

  • Nicholas Cellucci
    Nicholas Cellucci 3 days ago

    Is degi ksi's brother

  • F28 JP
    F28 JP 3 days ago

    Haha I can't get over Toby's glasses!

  • zombie plays
    zombie plays 3 days ago

    This reminds me off hijacked from bo2

  • Harrison Kingham
    Harrison Kingham 4 days ago

    ive been on the exact same ship as 2 aswell and dont forget doremi

  • michael michael
    michael michael 4 days ago

    do hiden seek in a haunted house

  • Lovely bless
    Lovely bless 4 days ago

    I wish JJ won lol he reminds me of me...

  • Mílo
    Mílo 4 days ago

    JJ would have possibly won if that one guy who keep giving clues didn't give the direction

    HATE HIMM!!!

  • XMW3 V3N0M
    XMW3 V3N0M 4 days ago

    6:33 Ethan’s voice crack

  • Liam O’Leary
    Liam O’Leary 4 days ago

    Some how jj eating was the most entertaining part

  • Kaze Stealth
    Kaze Stealth 4 days ago

    JJ Is recording himself on the toilet

  • -Ari_애정枕头
    -Ari_애정枕头 4 days ago

    Real world problems- racism
    JJ- “why am I so black?”

  • Aaron Michael
    Aaron Michael 4 days ago

    There is no way jj pulled that off

  • Boxyewe666 Boxyewe
    Boxyewe666 Boxyewe 4 days ago +1

    Ur so black because ur African and do u have Ebola? pls don’t like this

  • Leon Andre
    Leon Andre 5 days ago

    Ksi could have hid in the toilets then they wouldn't have been able to find him at all.

  • Madjer Tchakondo
    Madjer Tchakondo 5 days ago

    Why is JJ filming in toilet

  • True Loner
    True Loner 5 days ago

    Vikk: Iran
    I thought he was Indian

    GABRIEL SAYS YOOO 5 days ago

    Check the buffay!!!!

  • AnIMe_IS LYfE
    AnIMe_IS LYfE 5 days ago

    JJ in the vids just for the benefits

  • Zlast
    Zlast 5 days ago

    JJ be eating beerus pizza 15:16

  • Harry L.P.C PLAYZ
    Harry L.P.C PLAYZ 5 days ago +2

    Do a tour of the cruise ship

  • Ellie Louise
    Ellie Louise 5 days ago +2

    JJ is a mood, like if that was me I'd do the exact same thing. Also, love how they actually looked there but didn't actually see him

  • Wesseltop
    Wesseltop 5 days ago


  • Iftekhar Hussain
    Iftekhar Hussain 5 days ago +1

    Actually it’s cacti

  • Lizzie Yorke
    Lizzie Yorke 5 days ago

    Tobi is so underrated smh

  • TheLegend27
    TheLegend27 6 days ago +2

    This is just a KSI mukbang with a hide and seek included

  • cubed box
    cubed box 6 days ago

    Titanic 1997 (colorized)

  • Unweildlychain 67
    Unweildlychain 67 6 days ago

    6:33 Ethan’s voice crack!

  • Ned Salkeld
    Ned Salkeld 6 days ago

    I like how ksi is just eating casual in the middle of the opening

  • Satish Parajuli
    Satish Parajuli 6 days ago

    The titanic sank on its first voyage.

  • Skeletonboneman
    Skeletonboneman 6 days ago +16

    Josh: surely there's no one in the cafeteria
    JJ: hold my pizza

  • TomaskoCZ
    TomaskoCZ 6 days ago

    Not 21 Savage - JJ Savage eating pizza btw

  • money hood
    money hood 6 days ago

    That pizza looked soooooo good

  • Aiden Tandy
    Aiden Tandy 7 days ago

    6:35 Ethan foot ball pitch voice crack🤣

  • Kate Foxley
    Kate Foxley 7 days ago

    Via at 6:26 has me dedd

  • Fox Tamer34
    Fox Tamer34 7 days ago

    Mean while there’s just me eating like numnumnumnum

  • kn cookie kn
    kn cookie kn 7 days ago +3

    I was laughing my head off through the whole video 😂😂😂😂

  • GamingCube NL
    GamingCube NL 7 days ago


  • Jennifer Cameron
    Jennifer Cameron 7 days ago

    f ksi

  • Mr Tiddles
    Mr Tiddles 7 days ago

    Got enough mid roll ads guys?

  • sophia И
    sophia И 7 days ago

    How can they buy a 900 milion dollar cruis ship if they don't even have 10000 dollars

  • Eli2Nasty
    Eli2Nasty 7 days ago

    *World War III going on*
    JJ: 22:13

  • Tahmid Ali
    Tahmid Ali 7 days ago

    Ksi vs Logan paul

  • Tahmid Ali
    Tahmid Ali 7 days ago

    Vik is a idiot

  • Asmr Snips
    Asmr Snips 8 days ago

    13:09 did some tell tobi to stop swearing?

  • Whittaz
    Whittaz 8 days ago

    Josh should be included more, he does so much as a coordinator that he misses out of all the cool stuff

  • Tiny Tot
    Tiny Tot 8 days ago

    16:39 Harry be like

  • Kaydn Storie
    Kaydn Storie 8 days ago

    I went on that last year in June

  • Nerd boy Karim
    Nerd boy Karim 8 days ago

    That buffet part killed me

  • JakeMessi10
    JakeMessi10 8 days ago

    KSI and Ethan switched roles, Ethan working out with Harry and ksi eating

  • HolyZack Playz
    HolyZack Playz 8 days ago +1

    Josh”93 nah screw it”😂🤣

  • foxy hook
    foxy hook 8 days ago

    I like how everyone is trying to find a place to hide while KSI is just eating in the buffet

  • The Anxious Pagan
    The Anxious Pagan 8 days ago +1

    I love how KSI just goes to the buffet and is completely unbothered 😂

  • Gio Quagliata
    Gio Quagliata 8 days ago

    6:33 that voice crack

  • Sekai Sekai
    Sekai Sekai 8 days ago

    What the song name that they use for intro?

  • Pewdiepie Fan
    Pewdiepie Fan 8 days ago +1


  • David Amoah
    David Amoah 8 days ago

    KSI is so fat 😂😂😂

  • weareewancameron
    weareewancameron 8 days ago

    why is he saved as 'Vik RUclip' in Tobi's phone

  • Dolly Art Tastic
    Dolly Art Tastic 8 days ago

    Sub to me pls

  • thelmaja kennedya
    thelmaja kennedya 8 days ago

    Thatsa nice cruise


    There we are just casually $900 MILLION Dollars 💵 on water how expensive is the water 💧 now?

  • MrJrbf
    MrJrbf 9 days ago

    JJ So Funny Just Eating While Everyone Worried to get caught

  • baby dropper
    baby dropper 9 days ago

    What song is that on 1:05

  • Mr Dawg
    Mr Dawg 9 days ago

    How did JJ laugh while eating

  • Mitchell Smith
    Mitchell Smith 9 days ago

    Rest of the sidemen: hide and seek
    JJ: bulk and sleep

  • xbysz
    xbysz 9 days ago

    They doin hide n seek and JJ out here doing a mcbang

  • GaZe_SavageShadow TXX

    Who else heard Ethan’s voice crack

  • Will Sullivan
    Will Sullivan 9 days ago

    sorry 3:33

  • Will Sullivan
    Will Sullivan 9 days ago

    football pItch

  • Will Sullivan
    Will Sullivan 9 days ago

    Ethan's voice crack 6:35

  • Emanuel Fernandez
    Emanuel Fernandez 9 days ago

    I think JJ is going to win

  • Verteks Gamez
    Verteks Gamez 9 days ago


  • Verteks Gamez
    Verteks Gamez 9 days ago

    Pause on 1:53