GOT7 roasting JYP

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
  • Because this is how GOT7 show their love 😉
    (On a side note, I know some of you want the funny videos back, I want to do more fake subs and conspiracy theories soon too, but I want to finish the who's who in got7 series I started over a year ago...and the beagle line series which is a year old now today too 😅 time flies, but I'm still just posting what I feel like posting each week, as always thanks for watching. When I get the random idea I'll post those types of videos, those are also my favourite since they are never planned. Okay long description is now over, if you want to see a particular video the easiest way to reach me is on my Twitter @whateverinfires.)
    (And on a side side note, sorry if my username/watermark thingy in the middle is annoying, I know the individual clips don't belong to me but I keep seeing full compilations reposted with my username cropped out, so instead of keeping it to the side of the screen I'm moving it to the middle. )

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  • Just whatever infires man

    Incase you didn't know, GOT7 are now on Spotify, follow and stream their music here if you haven't already:

    • Emma Azahra
      Emma Azahra 5 months ago

      Wait... Did they never on Spotify b4??when did spotify released??

      CHLOE LEE 7 months ago +1


      GANGSTER J-HOPE 9 months ago +1

      Just whatever infires man, I have already

    • Aminah
      Aminah Year ago +3

      They also put their Japanese album,The New Era!!
      Still waiting other Japanese albums to be available

  • Average RandomGuy
    Average RandomGuy 2 days ago

    They all​ look the​ same i​can say this​ im​ asian

  • Ateng Multi
    Ateng Multi 6 days ago

    I Sometimes wonder how Jyp hasn't Fire Got7 yet😂

  • Avaloney
    Avaloney 10 days ago

    Conforme o got7 foi crescendo eles foram ficando mais confiantes pra tirar com a cara do chefe

  • got7 mark عاشقة
    got7 mark عاشقة 10 days ago

    I love you jyp
    Love Mark 😘😘😘😘

  • Nurlinda F Sihotang
    Nurlinda F Sihotang 11 days ago

    No wonder JYP is the only big 3 company head crazy enough to host Conan O'brien

  • Queen K
    Queen K 12 days ago +1

    Jackson is the main vocalist of GOT7 the secret is out everyone!!

  • Fre Que Lynne
    Fre Que Lynne 13 days ago

    .ilove Got7 and i stan thier JYP's CEO the most stanning entertainment because he is such a goodheart to her/his artist he can joke around with them he's not bossing around he always makes fun with his/her artist

  • Amanda Amanda
    Amanda Amanda 13 days ago

    JYP is so friendly with his idol 😂 but i want him to be as friendly to male idols as he is to female idols 😤

  • MoonLae Jey
    MoonLae Jey 13 days ago

    Why do I love JYP's relationship with his artists??

  • dyslexis
    dyslexis 14 days ago


    I LOVE BTS And KEVIN 15 days ago


  • Peppa’s Pappa
    Peppa’s Pappa 19 days ago

    *be grateful to your father*

  • Josie Marie
    Josie Marie 19 days ago

    Jackson’s scream tho he’s so extra

  • ian svt
    ian svt 19 days ago +1

    I didn't knew they were close.😆


    This video proves they have a very close and hard relationship with their CEO I would like to try auditioning in JYP but note the word TRY

  • perrie 06
    perrie 06 25 days ago

    Suzy has a big role in them roasting jyp

  • caramel popcorn
    caramel popcorn 27 days ago

    3:22 Jackson highnote tho

  • mochiorangeade
    mochiorangeade 27 days ago

    Jyp,in an aegyo voice: j y p

  • perrie 06
    perrie 06 29 days ago

    It is so different how they are so comfortable with their boss they are not like others company

  • Suga's UwU's
    Suga's UwU's Month ago

    *Not only does Jinyoung like twice, But he likes Woman*

    Damn Jinyoung.

  • imDhaiche Gallego
    imDhaiche Gallego Month ago

    The last part tho 😂😂
    JYP scared Jackson bCoz of his AEGYO hekhek😂😂

  • ava
    ava Month ago

    In conclusion, got7 are all sassy little shits and it's incredible

  • Riem
    Riem Month ago

    legit screamed when bambam showed his jyp drawing IM

  • precilla mejia
    precilla mejia Month ago +1

    I really like it when they call JYP hyung or oppa it feels like they are really one family❤❤❤❤

  • Marine Hottelet
    Marine Hottelet Month ago +2

    Every time I watch the part where jyp doing ageyo and Jackson looks scared as heck I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂👏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • summersnow
    summersnow Month ago

    I love how got7 and jyp have the best relationship onlike nct and sm 😤😤😤😤

  • Fulya NAS
    Fulya NAS Month ago

    Im dead lmao😂😂😂😂


    2:35 WTF I didn't realized he was doing camouflage at that time, I was totally SHOOK

  • Anumta Haider
    Anumta Haider Month ago

    No matter where BamBam is .if he gets a chance to roast his hyungs he will do it.

  • Tiffany G.
    Tiffany G. Month ago


  • cold summer
    cold summer Month ago

    I never really was a fan of how JYP treats Youngjae.

  • AA *
    AA * Month ago listen this please 💚💚

  • Icar Caguioa
    Icar Caguioa 2 months ago

    The fact that they can joke around JYP is another level, damn boys! Such a crackheads 😂

  • Marsha_ _Gamers
    Marsha_ _Gamers 2 months ago

    At 4:31 , JYP's face is more like Gorilla's Face ( Just Kidding )

  • goku son
    goku son 2 months ago

    I LOVE this man he is so adorable

  • ahti naw
    ahti naw 2 months ago

    Jackson: but his mouth was overly close x2

  • Marine Hottelet
    Marine Hottelet 2 months ago +1

    I can't stop laughing at the video 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂My stomach hurts from laughing

  • MTBB
    MTBB 2 months ago +1

    JYP saw when they sang never ever and was like it has to have more air

  • chika aqeela
    chika aqeela 2 months ago +1

    i love my boys

  • R.J. IGOT7 Stray Taes
    R.J. IGOT7 Stray Taes 2 months ago

    This literally called a family and we are proud to be in it

  • R.J. IGOT7 Stray Taes
    R.J. IGOT7 Stray Taes 2 months ago

    the end though

  • emyuu
    emyuu 2 months ago +1

    can we please save got7 from jype i've had it with the company and their stupid ego holding got7 back 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  • Inspiritft.Ahgase 2017-2019

    This is why JYP doesn't promotes GOT7 like he does in his other artists. Kidding

  • subakai
    subakai 2 months ago

    I don't know if this even exists, but I'd like to see them do JYPs 'She Was Pretty'.

  • Kpop BTS EXO GOT7 SUJU SHINee trash

    Imagine got7 having a comeback with the name “Tarzan and Jane”, that would be so ridiculous😂🤣

  • GinkoGurako
    GinkoGurako 2 months ago

    6:45 Jackson’s scream of terror. Lmao he’s in so much pain.

  • Stray Kids Stan
    Stray Kids Stan 2 months ago

    6:46 same Jackson same😹

  • Aleata Illusion
    Aleata Illusion 2 months ago

    They are so hilarious!!!

  • Elisabet Valentina
    Elisabet Valentina 2 months ago

    Who’s jyp for them? The manager?

  • _.Fruitae ._
    _.Fruitae ._ 2 months ago

    I love the way jyp treats his artists

  • Rania- xpx
    Rania- xpx 2 months ago


  • KpopTrash
    KpopTrash 2 months ago

    And this is why JYP is 1st. He would be the perfect if he, Didn't overwork their idols. Besides that he is the best. He has fun with them, let's them mess around, have theme practices, and so many other cool stuff :))))

  • selma sacid
    selma sacid 2 months ago

    I never knew they call him hyung, I thought they call him sir or something like that. I love the way JYP treating his idols, and the way his idols treat him like an older brother. All love and respect from me to JYP and got7. ❤️❤️

  • TÇT 27397
    TÇT 27397 2 months ago

    JB saw the pins: bowling ball hit none
    JB imagining JYP's face on the pins: STRIKE!!!!!

  • xxx hani rose xxx
    xxx hani rose xxx 2 months ago +1

    just a few nights ago, i went to got7’s concert, and while posing for photos at the end of the concert they were saying basic stuff like, say cheese,, and then bam bam was like, sAY jYPppPp and i wheezed but everyone yelled jyp.

  • GK
    GK 2 months ago

    I love never ever but the chorus was edited very badly and I'm glad that the boys know that. It means my music taste isn't shitty

  • f duff
    f duff 2 months ago

    0:46 anna oop 🕷👄🕷

  • Nel Gevorgyan
    Nel Gevorgyan 2 months ago

    Because of them I can’t listen to ‘Never Ever’ calmly. I only hear Tarzan 😂

  • jaebum's broad shoulders

    For those who dont understand JB's mistake he was about to say "jolte" which means never.So he just dissed jyp..