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  • Published on Jun 13, 2018
  • With an artful balance of humor and heart, director Travis Knight brings a new perspective to the Transformers universe in Bumblebee. Watch now to get a behind-the-scenes look at the film, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena, and don’t miss #BumblebeeMovie in theatres this Christmas.
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  • JDMod789
    JDMod789 15 days ago

    Where was this guy when we needed him to direct Transformers since the first film was released in 2007? I have to admit, Knight didn't do such a bad job directing the 2018 film. I would've preferred him direct the previous five films and Michael Bay to be one of the producers instead.

  • zalkanuva the God of destruction

    Travis knight is basically the savior of transformers

  • Fattercatpotatoes -
    Fattercatpotatoes - 5 months ago

    Ok I’m just going to point this out since the movie just came out...IT IS AMAZING!

  • Ben G
    Ben G 5 months ago +2

    Travis Knight, you should be shot in the head for having so much propaganda in your movie! Pushing the agenda of your puppet masters. Only people with high IQ's would understand what I mean. All of you Hollywood lefty scum will lose when you go up against the heartland of America.

  • Juan Risa
    Juan Risa 5 months ago

    When announced, nobody thougth it was needed for 100 reasons, but it turns out this was the most needed Transformers film

  • pro10 1
    pro10 1 5 months ago +1

    Finally a beautiful movie from 2019 that made this nerd heart feel loved again with a great movie, finally something done right

  • Ren Lucero
    Ren Lucero 6 months ago +1

    this like a reboot

  • Hesham Al Omary
    Hesham Al Omary 6 months ago +1

    You are the only man who can save this franchise now!

  • burhan sarac
    burhan sarac 6 months ago

    Bence benim kardesim cok 🤟

  • SiLvEr BuLlEt 9000
    SiLvEr BuLlEt 9000 7 months ago

    Like Michael or die. Travis your reign ends here Michael Bay will rise again

  • SiLvEr BuLlEt 9000
    SiLvEr BuLlEt 9000 7 months ago

    FUCK YOU TRAVIS!!!!!!!

    COME BACK MICHAEL BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Ghost of Winterfell
    The Ghost of Winterfell 7 months ago +2

    Who's here after learning that Bumblebee made Bayformers no longer cannon? Thank you Travis Knight. For erasing those awful movies from existence!

  • Prezton Vlogz
    Prezton Vlogz 8 months ago +6

    Travis Knight, thank you for saving this franchise. 😊🐝

  • Blast_of_shotgun
    Blast_of_shotgun 9 months ago

    Ooh not Bay, interesting

  • Sid Sharma
    Sid Sharma 9 months ago

    I watched this movie yesterday . Perfect story lie up with balanced fight action that is not that noisy .

  • Juan Manuel Pousada
    Juan Manuel Pousada 9 months ago

    Laika is producing it. I'm definently watching this

  • Soundwave Superior
    Soundwave Superior 10 months ago

    Travis clearly cares about Transformers . This already looks like the best movie ever .

  • Vincent Ly
    Vincent Ly 10 months ago

    Why didn't Michael Bay directed the Transformers live action movies?

  • Jonathan Meza
    Jonathan Meza 10 months ago +1

    I believe in u Knight, create the new transformers movie series

  • Ryan Hayes
    Ryan Hayes 10 months ago

    Bee you are awesome

  • Haikal Miswan
    Haikal Miswan 10 months ago

    I think JHON CENA just WWE championship

  • JackyStar64
    JackyStar64 10 months ago

    Ngl, but Charlie Watson is SO MUCH BETTER, bright, understands him and cybertron, the first human to see optimus, and she lets bee hang around his house

    THAN Screaming obnoxious Sam who gets cucked by his boss from work, has annoying parents and dies cuz Megatron shot his foot

  • Jesse 2302 SFM
    Jesse 2302 SFM 11 months ago

    That means the Bayformers will be like kind of abandoned and they make the Bumblebee movie as a reboot, making it the first ever movie of Transformers.

  • 리즈
    리즈 11 months ago

    0:02 captain marvel trailer

  • Abby. Devonport
    Abby. Devonport 11 months ago


  • Damian Wiecha
    Damian Wiecha 11 months ago

    Thank you Travis Knight

  • Damian Wiecha
    Damian Wiecha 11 months ago


  • Risk
    Risk 11 months ago

    I think the fact that they're G1 Transformers adds that layer of care and love to this movie. They care enough to make the small details right.

  • Draco Aeris
    Draco Aeris 11 months ago

    Looking forward to seeing this movie.

  • Black Lightyear
    Black Lightyear 11 months ago

    I...no sorry WE have faith in you Travis, we deeply believe that the Transformers series can be reedemed by you if this movies turns out to be good, which clearly seems on the right path.

  • Alex A
    Alex A 11 months ago

    The music behind this is the trailer music for Captain Marvel.
    Or, tbh, the opposite.

  • Jace Cantu
    Jace Cantu 11 months ago

    Cool cool hahahah I love bumblebee

  • Bryan Jia
    Bryan Jia 11 months ago

    john cena?

    EROCTHEEDITOR Year ago +1

    I'm SOOO confident in Travis Knight and what he does. It feels good to have people who actually grew up with the originals heading this up.

  • Matthew Tumbajoy
    Matthew Tumbajoy Year ago +1

    and his name is John cena!

  • ErnDog
    ErnDog Year ago +1

    well done paramount,you have finally seen the light G1 transformers. Would love to see cup and hotrod as the movie was the my first experience with transformers

  • GalacticHypernova
    GalacticHypernova Year ago +1

    I believe in you, Travis Knight. You've made excellent films in the past, and your intentions for this shows your heart is in the right place. I look forward to the release of this film.

  • james williams
    james williams Year ago +2

    ..the new trailer look awesome !!! ..thank u travis

  • Deadlock
    Deadlock Year ago +1

    Faith in you

  • Jose
    Jose Year ago +1

    I'm not that much of a Bumblebee fan but this is lookin so promising that if AngryJoe says that this is a good movie then I'll go watch this!

  • Trend Setter
    Trend Setter Year ago +2

    Am here after watching Bee Trailer 2, thank you buddy you bring back life to Transformers both trailer look awesome and all TF fans are so happy to see the G1 design of robots.
    Hats off dude.

  • Gamer Massi
    Gamer Massi Year ago

    Did anyone else notice the music from Captain Marvel?

    SAVUFILMS Year ago +2


  • Anibal Rodriguez
    Anibal Rodriguez Year ago

    same soundtrack! :O

  • Gianfranco Cassinelli Huanuco

    "Kubo and the Two Strings" should have won the Oscar
    Not that Zootopia bullsh*t

  • Tài Đỗ
    Tài Đỗ Year ago +1

    This soundtrack is in captain marvel trailer ,isn’t it??

  • Imagine Dinosaurs

    He should have been the real director of Transformers and not Bay.

  • Steven Knight
    Steven Knight Year ago +1

    Background song seem familiar ? Yup its in the Captain Marvel trailer

  • The19LAUNCH
    The19LAUNCH Year ago +1

    they used the same music in captain marvel. now i will know the name

    • Dan200 TF
      Dan200 TF Year ago

      Lol I knew it sounded familiar

  • Allison Bruns
    Allison Bruns Year ago

    I have just heard that David Sobolov is voicing Blitzwing in this movie and that sounds really exciting, and I am really excited for this movie because this movie is what got me into the transformers, now when I say that, I mean the true Transformers, not the Micheal bay movies I grew up watching, which is how I first fell in love with transformers, but if it wasn't for this trailer, I probably wouldn't have gotten the G1 series on dvd and enjoy watching the awesome stories of the 80's transformers, I am really excited for this film, this is what we have needed for a long time, this is probably my most anticipated movie of 2018 right now, who else agrees ?

  • Tragic Transformer Electra

    I have wild imagination too Travis Knight. I love Transformers and wants to be part of the franchise. I like the idea of transforming into a car. Probably would have feel more natural like walking. I can't drive. 😢 Unfortunately I won't live long. My chest pains had been getting worse. It's alright though. Death is peaceful. I don't belong here anyways. Like the character I created and pretending to be, I'm like an alien. This body even feels alien at times.
    But I am creating a series for you and Hasbro. I was doing a comic book but it takes too long. So I'm doing one on my Wattpad. I will publish it when I get ready to die. In it, I will reveal my actual name. It will have different cyber-formed aliens in it. It'll be kinda like Star Trek. In it, I am Electra Magneta, a cyber-formed Xygonian. She feels so alive and I love her. I hope you will too. It will be in my will that you (Hasbro) will have her. She's my gift to you. I love Transformers!

    • Tragic Transformer Electra
      Tragic Transformer Electra Year ago

      Also if you do decide to make my story into a tv series, I want Major Lazer dedicate a song to it.

  • kratos
    kratos Year ago

    nobay is good

  • Megatron rage
    Megatron rage Year ago

    Hey paramount pictures are you sure your letting travis film his first transformers movie cause he just named starscream to blitzwing

  • 910AM Superstation Funnies

    Looks like we may have a real Director for Transformers! Now people will know and understand how Transformers is supposed to be, not the "Hollywood greedy money grabbing Bay auto deal-making movie commercial, scheme artists that he is!"

  • Naresh Mallick
    Naresh Mallick Year ago

    Please transformers 6 make 2019

  • Petrobros34
    Petrobros34 Year ago

    Travis fucked up by putting blitzwing in over Starscream

  • TitanPlay's 17
    TitanPlay's 17 Year ago

    I want him to direct a Titanfall movie with help from Respawn

  • TitanPlay's 17
    TitanPlay's 17 Year ago

    Travis Knight is a Awesome directer he mad the Titanfall 2 Jack and Bt reallated story to BumbleBee

    SH3LL SH0CK3D Year ago

    The 25 dislikes are Michael bays accounts

  • Getaway's escape
    Getaway's escape Year ago

    Bro, I've seen Coraline, I didn't know it was him doing this... Its a really good movie, not gonna lie...