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  • patron senor
    patron senor 21 день назад

    No muslim has ever sang a song to raise the sun! Great poet, but he needs to have his facts straight..

  • Try-One VH#22
    Try-One VH#22 3 месяца назад


  • Spanish Babino
    Spanish Babino 6 месяцев назад

    Nice like that

  • bull419
    bull419 7 месяцев назад

    Yo soy Puertorriqueño but he doesn’t represent me, I’m from jibaro stock, honest, hard working, humble.

    ARCTURUS 8 месяцев назад

    This guy is Tits !!! I say jump dance shake your pants you doin it wrong If your into romance step aside watch me glide If your gunna get down baby hitch a ride , Its a shame its a pitty you ain't gettin no tity betch you feelin pretty bad bech ya feelin pretty shity... Ya I wrote dat shit

  • Michael Gallagher
    Michael Gallagher 8 месяцев назад +1

    felt it except Cali got the best weed.....!

    • UncleElEx
      UncleElEx 4 месяца назад +1

      He never said they had the best weed... just the best weed SPOTS.

  • carmelo Davila
    carmelo Davila Год назад

    bushwick is where we from this guy is a smart man and a good one to knickerbocker and grove

  • Lela Nhlapo
    Lela Nhlapo Год назад

    please check out my poetry at Lela nhlapo 'we are but only sand'

  • DR G
    DR G 2 года назад

    by far one of the best poems I've heard

  • bull419
    bull419 2 года назад +9

    savage skulls and chingalings are from the bronx.

    • Hector Dejesus
      Hector Dejesus 5 месяцев назад

      they had and still have chapters in brooklyn

  • Paul Newman
    Paul Newman 3 года назад +2

    Love, Peace,Harmony. Stop preaching the hate.❤️🌻

  • taino20
    taino20 3 года назад +4

    Shout out to all the ladies of Brooklyn from the Boogie Down Bronx!

  • Richarda Glass
    Richarda Glass 3 года назад +28

    i wish this man as acting. he really should be in movies.

    • maritta kuffour
      maritta kuffour 2 года назад

      +maritta kuffourvvb

    • maritta kuffour
      maritta kuffour 2 года назад

      +Richarda Glass -pll"""-"gvh

    • Richarda Glass
      Richarda Glass 3 года назад +1

      oh wow really? he is i love Lemon.

    • Abel First-Quao
      Abel First-Quao 3 года назад +1

      +Richarda Glass Ever seen the 2006 movie 'Inside Man' with Denzel Washington? He played a character by the name of Paul Guitierez, and he did a great job in that role in my opinion.
      There also seems to be a film that came out called 'Lemon'. I believe it's a documentary following his life.

  • CarmensWorld
    CarmensWorld 3 года назад +7

    I am part bodigua! and this to is we're my mindset lies. this guy is good

    • Chris R
      Chris R 2 месяца назад +1

      Did you mean Boricua? Lol

    • CarmensWorld
      CarmensWorld 3 года назад

      Lol my android always correcting stuff incorrectly lmto. I ment bodicua. I didn't notice that duh on me

  • EllaThePan
    EllaThePan 4 года назад +15

    Oh my gosh he's so amazing! I actually got to meet him too and he's just a really nice person.

  • lady2hood4u
    lady2hood4u 5 лет назад +4

    I loveeeee him

  • Rahul Khan
    Rahul Khan 5 лет назад +1

    Shit. I’m jealous towards my cousin. He has been unattached for life. By a fluke, he has got a model to deeply love him in no time. Just how is that even thinkable? He told me he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone stunning told me they loved me… I can’t remember ever seeing him so positive. Kinda makes me sick.

  • Cheapgamer420
    Cheapgamer420 5 лет назад +2

    Muslim, 5%percenter, Israelites.. This guy know his shit

    • OEFBugout
      OEFBugout 3 месяца назад

      He IS a 3-time felon.

  • Marquita Stokes
    Marquita Stokes 5 лет назад

    This was awesome, so much talent. He takes poetry on a different level

  • Mixtape121
    Mixtape121 5 лет назад

    shut the fuck up

  • rdangelo
    rdangelo 5 лет назад

    He needs to talk more like a respectable American. Phony.

  • Scorp 94
    Scorp 94 5 лет назад +10

    I love this! I'm not even from NY but he sure hell made me feel like it lol. Talk about depiction. He was too nice

  • Kristi D
    Kristi D 5 лет назад +7

    There is a such thing as "acting" a race. The movie 'White chicks', weren't they "acting" white? Some people naturally can have ways (characteristics, behavior etc) like other races because they grew up with that other race. However, there are cases were many don't grow up around said race and want to "act" black because it's "cool" or they are attracted to it. Every race acts different because of culture etc. Latino's will be similar naturally because they are mixed "races" not a "race".

  • ruwan hettarachchi
    ruwan hettarachchi 5 лет назад

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  • Kerrie
    Kerrie 5 лет назад

    That should have been my husband lol

  • percyrmiller
    percyrmiller 5 лет назад +2

    Mos Def said it in the begining "My man reppin the Boriquas" hes Puerto Rican (sorry for the spelling)

  • YaTaqwa14
    YaTaqwa14 5 лет назад

    This might just be my favorite Def Poetry performance of all time

  • Jossie Zambrano
    Jossie Zambrano 5 лет назад

    Apologize it's actually called "Gangsta MC's"

  • Jossie Zambrano
    Jossie Zambrano 5 лет назад

    RUclip search "Freedom" by AZ feat Lemon from the "Final Call" album. Lemon spits that second poem. Thumbs up if you find it.

  • AJ
    AJ 5 лет назад

    my friend is completely puerto rican and has blonde hair douche

  • jerome Walter
    jerome Walter 5 лет назад

    the only reason why he is as popular as he is, is because he said what he said being white.....not hating, just saying........

  • jordanreel kb
    jordanreel kb 5 лет назад

    The second part is really good. The first part will fly right over the heads of the non-BK natives.

  • jordanreel kb
    jordanreel kb 5 лет назад


  • Jei Young
    Jei Young 5 лет назад

    That was SIKK...!!

  • Kayla Love
    Kayla Love 6 лет назад

    Perfect. :)

  • freeflowingeternity
    freeflowingeternity 6 лет назад

    hes is really talented i first saw him on the app TED and heard his poem about taking his jordan shoes

  • Juan321C
    Juan321C 6 лет назад +1

    This poet isn't bad, but he pretty much paraphrased what has been said over and over and over and....well, you know. But I give it to him, he's pretty clever with the delivery. And in today's world, THAT is what counts. It walks to the bank and it keeps you safe and all that $#!+!

  • BMecca
    BMecca 6 лет назад +3

    Lemon grew up in New York/Brooklyn. He's a product of his environment. He's not trying to be anything but himself. There are plenty of black-Latinos. I'm from Harlem and I grew up around plenty of cats like Lemon.

  • Basmin Nadra
    Basmin Nadra 6 лет назад

    this daughter of all relations sends out big Love 2 Brotha Lemon Anderson who has learned 2B who & what he is everywhere he goes...share yo witness of true freedom u man from the county of Kings, brings a smile 2 this QueenB of the gateway city ;-)

  • Dominique McKenzie
    Dominique McKenzie 6 лет назад

    I'm so proud to be from Brooklyn! xD

  • 21JDLC
    21JDLC 6 лет назад

    Is that Vin Diesel in the back 1:45

  • Freerefills95
    Freerefills95 6 лет назад

    25 ppl dont like poetry in general

  • pikespeek1
    pikespeek1 6 лет назад

    the best weed is in cali my freind

  • Listenhoesitsmeh1
    Listenhoesitsmeh1 6 лет назад

    speaks the truth and how could he be acting black if being black is a race. Saying that is saying you agree with the stereotype that blacks should sound, act, dress a certain way. Nah, Lemon just who he is and he's BROOKLYN!!!!

  • Dissent
    Dissent 6 лет назад

    right shit back in the day I used to stand in line at Allen's bakery to get my coconut bread, black pudding, currant rolls, roti......lime with my boys at prospect park, check me if you know what im talkin bout.

  • vivakenya
    vivakenya 6 лет назад

    Yessir!!! The lord might not come when u call but He's always on time. Word!

  • Brenda Sandoval
    Brenda Sandoval 6 лет назад

    That has always been my favourite line!

  • Manuel Estrada
    Manuel Estrada 6 лет назад

    The lord may not come when you call, but he is always on time.

  • elementsofstars
    elementsofstars 6 лет назад +1

    Black? He's acting NY

  • ewokboba
    ewokboba 6 лет назад

    yea...this is derp obvious

  • Marly Medard
    Marly Medard 6 лет назад

    I am addicted to this poem

  • lola123434
    lola123434 6 лет назад

    are u saying HOLLA or hi in spanish ?

  • lola123434
    lola123434 6 лет назад

    He not ACTIN in no way , he's from Brooklyn . we all like that

  • Marche Kelly
    Marche Kelly 6 лет назад

    "the lord may not come when you call but he's always on time"

  • Constant Noise
    Constant Noise 6 лет назад

    act how u act, if ppl got problems giv em tha fist

  • SouFLoTV
    SouFLoTV 6 лет назад

    thank you ..for saying this ....

    BOOTMAMA 6 лет назад

    He IS BLACK!..and of Spaniard descent and of Indigenous Boriquen/Taino descent. Latinos, for the most part have at least 2 out of 3 of these ethnicities in their blood. From the Darkest skin to the lightest skin, the mix is still there. Americans can't place their shade-ism issues, and historical issues about what it means to be black on the rest of us, coz' our history and our realities are different

  • MzBification
    MzBification 6 лет назад

    i like this here

  • queenlybeing
    queenlybeing 6 лет назад

    Thank you! People at my school get so uncomfortable when I say things like this. Like when I speak 'properly' I'm not acting white. And my white friend who's from the hood aint acting black. She from the hood so she naturally speaks a certain way. It's not anything to be ashamed or proud of but it's a simple fact ya know?

  • 31MillerTime31
    31MillerTime31 7 лет назад

    Sorry, but Cali has the best weed spots lol

  • Yonas Desta
    Yonas Desta 7 лет назад

    Dawn! That wad dope!

  • Lailah Ahm
    Lailah Ahm 7 лет назад

    @wojo91baby I wasn't implying that but I believe everyone goes through struggles. While people of colour may have to suffer, unless you know every single white person, you cannot say that they suffer more or less. Never underestimate another person's pain. It may not be as obvious as the pain suffered by POC but it still exists.

  • Papo1981NYY
    Papo1981NYY 7 лет назад

    This!!! is Puerto Rock Style, we can argue all day about who influenced who! white to black..... they all my panas!

  • Amanueal Wojo
    Amanueal Wojo 7 лет назад

    @LailahAhm I agree with everything except for the white part. The shit POCs go through on the daily cannot be compared to what whites go through.

  • Steven Velez
    Steven Velez 7 лет назад

    @bballer4ever Everyone likes different things. Don't be ignorant... just saying...

  • Amarra2012
    Amarra2012 7 лет назад

    Just to add to this discussion on his race, on a different video he said he was bi-racial. I'm talking about Lemon of course. Love his poetry.

  • Iraida Rosado
    Iraida Rosado 7 лет назад

    @LailahAhm well said. special note: he's puerto rican, he's people of color. same difference.

  • Kay kay
    Kay kay 7 лет назад

    lmao he real

  • 65c
    65c 7 лет назад

    this dude never been to california....

    just putting that out there

  • Rascal Gets
    Rascal Gets 7 лет назад

    san francisco
    has the best weed spots lol just saying...

  • rakbatum08
    rakbatum08 7 лет назад

    @instrumental its no act...there's no place on earth like Brooklyn. You'll only know if u been there

  • Tierra Joyce
    Tierra Joyce 7 лет назад


  • Instrumental187
    Instrumental187 7 лет назад

    I SERIOUSLY hate the way this guy acts!

  • TayBabeyy12
    TayBabeyy12 7 лет назад

    Damn. This was beautifuL

  • Statenizzy1
    Statenizzy1 7 лет назад

    @Sw88tie yes most of them do look like that if you actually go to puerto rico..people only make generalizations of what they see in america...

  • blanca white
    blanca white 7 лет назад

    @StatenIzzy1 Really?I didn't know that. But most of them don't look it.

  • Juju P
    Juju P 7 лет назад

    i luv this

  • John Courty
    John Courty 7 лет назад

    this guy's had the most applause i've heard in one performance!!

  • Kimberly Fentress
    Kimberly Fentress 7 лет назад

    there's no such thing as 'actin black' 'actin white' 'actin spanish' NOTHING. U cant act an ethnicity u ignorant people
    P.S. I love this ! & he is soo fine woo Lol

  • Brooklyn1530
    Brooklyn1530 7 лет назад

    Are these 2 poems he said in this video or one long one? Please help ^_^

  • Kashawnna Anthony
    Kashawnna Anthony 7 лет назад

    he is fine!!

  • aderonke1000
    aderonke1000 7 лет назад

    Hahaha @ 2:05 I thought he was gonna leave:)

  • Lailah Ahm
    Lailah Ahm 7 лет назад

    Acting black? I really hate when people say that. I don't think he's acting 'black' per se, it's more that he dresses and talks a certain way because he was influenced by the enbironment in which he grew up in. Why would it matter if he were white? Just because he is white or puerto rican does not mean he doesn't face similar issues as people of colour would especially if he lived in the same low-income neighborhoods.

  • Statenizzy1
    Statenizzy1 7 лет назад

    @ADayDreamer777 yes that makes him spanish so therefore hes white

  • kira concepcion
    kira concepcion 7 лет назад


  • Jeane Byas
    Jeane Byas 7 лет назад

    love it!

  • KBG
    KBG 7 лет назад

    much respect for him! this is the prime example of a person who turned his life around. He was in jail and educated himself and started doing poetry so no excuses.

  • Nancy Watson
    Nancy Watson 7 лет назад

    Boricuaso Mira what's good fellow brooklynite! Bed Sty raised me. Shit in PR they call me crazy! Peace!

  • jrlockwood3
    jrlockwood3 7 лет назад

    Heman underweares

  • AA
    AA 7 лет назад

    its not a song to raise the sun, it is a call to prayer and worship God.

  • neag12
    neag12 7 лет назад

    Not glorifying, simply understanding where he's from and appreciating

  • Jacob Fehr
    Jacob Fehr 7 лет назад

    I probably wont get any thumbs up, but it seems as if he is glorifying poverty

  • XxChiiChobitsxX
    XxChiiChobitsxX 7 лет назад

    If Ya Like This Ya Should C him perform his book County Of Kings - My Grade went to see him perform and he is amazing!!!!!!!

  • Buck 50
    Buck 50 8 лет назад


  • Jodice Edwards
    Jodice Edwards 8 лет назад

    15 poeple hit dislike 'cause they don't have the best weed spots

  • Joren the Cat
    Joren the Cat 8 лет назад

    That shit was crazy. I love seeing this generation strong in the Spoken Word

    FRANK MUSH 8 лет назад


  • John Palmer
    John Palmer 8 лет назад

    @captainterrible525 I know you're wrong. But I want to help you. Read "Unacknowledged Legislation, Writers in the Public Sphere by Christopher Hitchens. I think this will help. I would be happy to accept any recommendations from you.

  • captainterrible525
    captainterrible525 8 лет назад

    @john "I don't expect you to agree with me. Our argument has come up because our viewpoints are opposed." You have decided that I am wrong and you are right. So, if we agree that we disagree then your continuing posts serve no purpose other than to feed YOUR ego. "You can quit this conversation any time you want, but I'll keep posting" okay

  • John Palmer
    John Palmer 8 лет назад

    @captainterrible525 I can only assume you are quoting me here because you think this is a "gotcha" moment. I will continue to post, if you don't want to have a "discussion" (two people or more) then you can quit. I will keep posting (requiring only one person). Is this clear enough? ...strangely you still haven't responded directly to most of my comments, and I sense you realize that your argument in coming apart at the seams, so this would be a good time for you to save face and give up.