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  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • Check out the top new trailers released this week that you've gotta see! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
    00:00 It Chapter Two
    02:27 The King's Man
    04:16 The Kitchen
    05:49 The Red Sea Diving Resort
    08:09 Playing with Fire
    10:21 Hustlers
    12:32 Don't Let Go
    14:44 Ad Astra
    16:58 Top Gun: Maverick
    19:06 Cats
    21:29 Terminator: Dark Fate
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Comments • 47

  • Johnny
    Johnny Month ago +2

    too much bad CGI in Terminator. Should've used more practical effects when possible.

  • Damien Hoop
    Damien Hoop Month ago

    Well you furry fans are in for a real treat with the cats movie. Lol.

  • tflannagan
    tflannagan Month ago

    This is a scam

    SEN TASCI Month ago +1

    Cats? Awful !
    Brad Pitt? Overrated.
    Tom Cruise? Too old to play Maverick.
    Why send kids to school? Let them be actors. They can be a pilot, pole dancer, hustler, clown, astronaut, murderer,... Always good references for life and examples for people. Let them have an identity crisis. That's normal. They can learn from it. Let them be famous and earn so much money that they can pretend they are gods. And let them stay in that fantasy. It's awesome. Miauw.

  • Teddy Hp.G
    Teddy Hp.G Month ago

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  • Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana
    Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana Month ago +1

    My nephew and his girlfriend can't wait for IT Chapter Two. I had seen the first one with them one day after IT came out on September 8th, 2017.

  • Chris Wattz
    Chris Wattz Month ago

    Please make the video About the undertaker

    • james howe
      james howe Month ago

      Chris Wattz why are you asking them they don’t make movies

  • Daniel G-B aka Alien
    Daniel G-B aka Alien Month ago +1

    It 2, Ad Astra, Terminator, Red Sea Diving Resort look amazing. Hustlers, looks good too, so I'll give it a shot.

  • Aman Strings
    Aman Strings Month ago

    Where is Tom cruise

    • james howe
      james howe Month ago

      STRINGS MUSIC watch the video

  • Gabby Guevara
    Gabby Guevara Month ago

    Okay is it me or does Chris Evans look like Mark from Midland!!?

  • Sergio Hernandez
    Sergio Hernandez Month ago


  • Süss Hexe
    Süss Hexe Month ago +1

    Tom Cruise on that thumbnail surely looks like M. Shadows 🤔

  • lukas alkauskas
    lukas alkauskas Month ago +6

    19:06 So it's some everly realistic furry movie? xD

  • niceguy63073
    niceguy63073 Month ago +3

    Even as a cat, Jennifer Hudson is overdramatic

    • Leena Stark
      Leena Stark 10 days ago +1

      For the first time - I cringed while listening to the song _Memories_ as she *screamed* it...horrible, just horrible..

  • Christopher Thwaites
    Christopher Thwaites Month ago +2

    Don’t let go - basically frequency all over again...

    • Matt G
      Matt G Month ago +1

      Except looks alot darker 👍🏽

  • Cody Johnson
    Cody Johnson Month ago +1

    These all look incredible!

  • Teresa Jimenez
    Teresa Jimenez Month ago +5

    Some classic should be left alone. Top gun is one of them. It doesnt grab me.

    • Teresa Jimenez
      Teresa Jimenez Month ago

      @Alchemistic Academician yes i am aware of that. I saw top gun many years ago. I just cant imagine where they will pick up after thirty years as a pilot!!

    • Alchemistic Academician
      Alchemistic Academician Month ago

      Top Gun looks good because it's not a remake. And because Tom Cruise IS Maverick for real, as far as being an adrenaline junkie to this day.

    • LaRon Fox
      LaRon Fox Month ago +1

      @Teresa Jimenez Yeah I mean from the previews it looks at least decent, and Tom Cruise is going to go all out so it will be at least entertaining. I don't know why they keep bringing out new Terminator movies. They should have stopped at number 2. Its just looking ridiculous and even Arnold is going to be in this one as well.

    • Teresa Jimenez
      Teresa Jimenez Month ago

      @LaRon Fox i agree !! Terminator should have end at two!! From 3 on was terrible!!. Cameron wasn't at the helm for those!! With top gun just having trouble how they will pick up 30 years later. Even Val Kilmer is expected. U could be right. It may turn out good!! We will see!! Smiles

    • LaRon Fox
      LaRon Fox Month ago +2

      That actually looked pretty good, love the F14 Tomcat at the end. I think it will be a good movie. The one that didn't grab me was Terminator: Dark Fate. Can they just let the franchise die with dignity.

  • Jacob Wilkes
    Jacob Wilkes Month ago +2

    “Here’s week 29 of trailers from upcoming movies coming to a theater near you.”

  • Andrew Doolittle
    Andrew Doolittle Month ago

    "why so serious..

  • Twinkle
    Twinkle Month ago +13

    Maybe the Sonic design wasn't that bad....

    • james howe
      james howe Month ago

      Twinkle if it was not then why did they redesign it

  • ThisGuyFrritz
    ThisGuyFrritz Month ago +73

    00:00 It Chapter Two
    02:27 The King's Man
    04:16 The Kitchen
    05:48 The Red Sea Diving Resort
    08:08 Playing with Fire
    10:20 Hustlers
    12:31 Don't Let Go
    14:44 Ad Astra
    16:57 Top Gun: Maverick
    19:06 Cats
    21:28 Terminator: Dark Fate

  • amilani3
    amilani3 Month ago +9

    19:06 Uncanny Valley - The movie

    #TEAM TRUMP Month ago +1

    Omar's back baby awesome

  • suvro sarkar
    suvro sarkar Month ago +32

    A great week for movies, apart from that NIGHTMARE FUEL Cats movie

    • Luna Lovegood
      Luna Lovegood Month ago +1

      i like the cats trailer cause of all the funny comments below

  • sub me for no reason?
    sub me for no reason? Month ago +4

    When I saw the thumbnail and clicked and then the video started to play the trailer of 'it chapter 2'
    I got confused. Then I realized its a compilation of various trailers. And I this this comment is pointless. Sorry for wasting your time. Good day /night.

  • amilani3
    amilani3 Month ago +16

    No timestamps movieclips?

    • james howe
      james howe Month ago

      You can find them all on there channel

    • ThisGuyFrritz
      ThisGuyFrritz Month ago +2

      I got timestamps. :-) See my other comment.

  • Edison Macay
    Edison Macay Month ago


  • Genetically Modified

    Ya hoo

  • travel er
    travel er Month ago


  • travel er
    travel er Month ago +1

    First comment like pls SUPSCRIBE ME❤

  • Teguh Prayitno
    Teguh Prayitno Month ago +1