Top 10 Scary Mulan Theories

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Mulan Theories
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    Another live action Disney movie release is on the horizon. Mulan is set to be released soon. Every Disney movie are some sort of dark side to them. On this list, we will be talking about the most popular theories that fans have put together. Maybe they are true? watch to find out.
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Comments • 421

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 16 days ago

    Mulan was real

  • Cool girl 123
    Cool girl 123 20 days ago +1

    I love these creepy videos.

  • GothMermaidGamer
    GothMermaidGamer 21 day ago

    Pretty sure the "Mulan became someone's concubine and then killed herself" thing was complete BS

  • egg cheese
    egg cheese 26 days ago

    4:14 am i the only one who thought that was incredibly offensive?

  • Li Yixuan
    Li Yixuan 26 days ago

    Is this even real, where did you get this info

  • Lorenzo Craig
    Lorenzo Craig 26 days ago

    Your so hot😊☺️😊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • amoy swaby
    amoy swaby 29 days ago

    Whatever something is off they make so many videos and yet most of them make no SENCE😿😢🤕😴😛🤒😒🙄☺

    EMILY WEISZ 29 days ago +1

    So that's why Little Brother sounds like Stitch.

  • Cwreepy Weirdo
    Cwreepy Weirdo Month ago +1

    I’ll see you in the past life because I swallowed a sharp piece of broken plastic

  • Cwreepy Weirdo
    Cwreepy Weirdo Month ago

    I’ll see you in the past life because I swallowed a sharp piece of plastic

  • Nerd
    Nerd Month ago

    OMG... why bring the SJW gender crap into it?

  • Deidre Nickel
    Deidre Nickel Month ago +2

    I love Mulan too she absolutely my favorite Disney princess... But poor Li Shang, there not even putting him in the new movie😭

  • PhilippeAquilaniAndre
    PhilippeAquilaniAndre Month ago +2

    Well get ready to kill a person

  • Bradley Donner
    Bradley Donner Month ago

    I hear consistent LGBTQ views that were NOT in the original (it may of, but were not forced on us by the utter minority who keep shouting at us), but the real test is if the chinese government and chinese audience of RUclip will watch it and decide the complete forced LGBT ideology is worth their money...ever wonder why frozen wasn't their anthem for lgbt rights in china? There it is a death sentence. Why the overblown thoughts about a story that is a chinese folk story written about the horror of war? Keep it up with the blue check mark stupidity....the live action remake trend Disney is doing is just to stop paying the royalties to the animation department. They did it with Aladdin (they wanted to screw robin Williams and put scientology all in it)

  • albert kulz
    albert kulz Month ago

    Some Constructive criticism :
    You try too hard. Your expressions and actions look faked..You lack genuinity.. and your starting narration is always the same, would it be okay for you if I ask you to switch things up a bit, like change the way you interact with the camera, and change "Hello, everyone, hope you're having an awesome day!?! ".. to something else in other videos and in the videos to come. Thank you.

  • Spice is nice xoxo Fan girl

    Ok ok ok why are we digging into the movie they make movies and shows for entertainment and joy why can’t you just watch the show

  • Terra Berra
    Terra Berra Month ago +3

    I actually know people who don’t want to see the live action remake because it doesn’t have Mu Shu.

  • Courtney Wynn
    Courtney Wynn Month ago

    🤣all lies soooo FUNNY

  • Zack Foster
    Zack Foster Month ago +3

    Ayman all Disney is connected through Kingdom Hearts!!!! ALL HAIL KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!!!

  • secret channel
    secret channel Month ago

    can u do the backyardigans theory

  • Karma. Kazzi
    Karma. Kazzi Month ago +1

    Okay I officially fell in love with her after number 10 when she said but she won that MF b***h 😍💀

  • Kristen Jansen
    Kristen Jansen Month ago

    When is the live action Mulan come out ?

  • Hannah Kewin
    Hannah Kewin Month ago

    This is nonsense

  • caitlin dormon
    caitlin dormon Month ago +1

    ayman: love is love idk
    me: ayman is now my favourite top 10 tuber

  • iichaiir
    iichaiir Month ago

    im used to you wearing those stylish glasses .

  • sadye wetzel
    sadye wetzel Month ago +1

    I’m sorry I love this channel and I’m not agents gays (I am bi) but I hate this vid pleas for the love of god stop saying that just bc the girls are strong and a tomboy that they bust be a lesbian what happed to girl power and just being you and just doing something rely dum for the ppl u cere about

  • Shakaiir Original
    Shakaiir Original Month ago

    Li shang always knew she was a woman she didn’t want to admit she was and he was pissed .

  • Brytan Lord
    Brytan Lord Month ago

    Live action mulan is gonna be terrible, no Mushu

  • Kathryn Turner
    Kathryn Turner Month ago

    This video is really stupid

  • Sierra Evans
    Sierra Evans Month ago

    Lol. "Put some respect on her name!!!"

  • the Celtic Crone
    the Celtic Crone Month ago

    Little Sister COULD Have Still Been ALIVE...although she most likely was wishing that she wasn’t.

  • Aiden John
    Aiden John Month ago

    most amazing top 10 more like most scary top 10

  • Wild_がぁXY_ ふぉx

    "Hope your having a awesome day" i was like
    Me:i have a headache and almost feel like im gonna faint while walking😁👌

  • Astrid UwU
    Astrid UwU Month ago +2

    RUclip has the a audacity to be like "Mulan buy or rent" on the side

  • Golden w
    Golden w Month ago


  • Film Theory
    Film Theory Month ago +1

    Do a scary lilo an stitch

  • Kenshiro Gómez
    Kenshiro Gómez Month ago +1


  • Kako Koko
    Kako Koko Month ago +1

    You can stab me :^

  • Llaleny Wheelock
    Llaleny Wheelock Month ago

    Could that doll be Mulan's little sister

  • Abigail Brewin
    Abigail Brewin Month ago

    wtf why is she so insenstitive

  • Anthony Salgado
    Anthony Salgado Month ago

    Mulan is most likely based on the lady fu hao in the shang dynasty

  • Sorraya Bayat
    Sorraya Bayat Month ago

    Do we hear about all the Muslims kept in concentration camps by the Chinese government forced to eat pork and take their hijabs off raped and abused and then forced to change their religion

  • Judge R
    Judge R Month ago +1

    I love you. You're so beautiful xx

  • Yxjvideo Yeo
    Yxjvideo Yeo Month ago

    Mulan was an actual human her name was hua mulan

  • Meraki Abomination
    Meraki Abomination Month ago

    I don't see any connection between the little sister and the dog theory. What would have made more sense is if in the movie she had a younger sibling {brother or sister} who died at a young age, and to cope with the grief, they get the dog which Mulan calls little brother

  • princess jordan
    princess jordan Month ago +1

    I love this... I can wait for this movie to come out. My 2nd most loved movie ever

  • ThePinkDragon
    ThePinkDragon Month ago

    Chris Sanders worked on Mulan And Created Lilo and Stitch.

  • Seasonsoflove 14
    Seasonsoflove 14 Month ago +1

    Ehhh. I think people have too much time on their hands coming up with all of these outlandish theories.

  • Summer Feral
    Summer Feral Month ago

    Maybe the doll was Mulan's little sisters which leads to why she looks out on the landscape looking for more traces of her sister

  • Nefertiti_goddess
    Nefertiti_goddess Month ago +2

    She is the Chinese Joan of Arc there is nothing queer about that. No gender identity crisis.

  • -UWU- -UWU-
    -UWU- -UWU- Month ago

    I get scared sometimes when I watch stuff like this but your humor and kindness makes me feel good :)

  • Trey_ 1223
    Trey_ 1223 Month ago

    Top 10??

  • AE Reilly
    AE Reilly Month ago +1

    The family that fights together, fffffs together?

  • Omega Forever Pahrump

    I subscribe to your new channel hope to win the hundred dollars

  • yettus_the_potato_queen

    Anyone hate this girl? Just me...ok

  • Crimsonite20
    Crimsonite20 Month ago

    NOT ONE of the remakes have been anywhere near as good as the classics

  • Daikenki Oganari
    Daikenki Oganari Month ago

    Most likely its not gonna meet anyone's expectations

  • JayJSD Gaming
    JayJSD Gaming Month ago

    Oof i dead of such a good video 😈😈😈😈😈

  • s And s
    s And s Month ago

    ok im skard now aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • crazykittyplayz 546