10 People Who Don't Deserve Their Fame

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Автор Phill's Eyelash ( назад)
Anyone going on a talko binge watch?

Honestly 99%of people these days dont deserve fame at all

Автор Haruhi Bin ( назад)
Omg 😱 is that tana mongeau!! if not I looks like her @ 1:14

Автор Paloma Kinsman ( назад)
ok not liking kylie but she definitely deserves to be famous, she made her own makeup brand!!\
also amber rose made a talk show so she isn't famous for no reason. it's reality tv stars that dont deserve to be famous

Автор Xoxo xoxo Xoxo xoxo ( назад)
Eh L takeoff Chris brown

Автор Joshy Kitty ( назад)
You missed someone. You. Like seriously, you're just sitting somewhere, probably alone, saying people don't deserve fame. At least they got off their ass to get fame. A lot of these people got famous because of a mistake, and you're using that against them. We're all human, we make mistakes. Don't use people's mistakes as an insult.

Автор Person People ( назад)
Chris is a very talented artist he definitely deserves his fame, he's just had problems

Автор ahtyah Cannon ( назад)
chris brown does deserve his fame wtf???

Автор maja lofton ( назад)
chris brown is also talented don't forget that

Автор drb games ( назад)
chris shouldnt be on there

Автор Autumn Kissel ( назад)
Jacob sayouros

Автор Chico G. ( назад)
notice how most of these people are kardashian related

Автор Eevee Forever ( назад)
I so agree about the cash me outsside girl

Автор Fragile And Unique ( назад)
Am I the only one who came because of Daniele Goldie?

Автор Abbz_ DIY ( назад)
i do not understand, chris brown is an R&B and Hip-Hop artist why doesn't he deserve his fame ?! He continues to make number 1 hits on the charts ...........

Автор MrEvldreamr ( назад)
These people being famous says more about shitty we are, than it does about them

Автор Jeff Wai ( назад)
"Cash Me Ousside how bout dat!"

Автор Soph's Beauty Duty ( назад)
I grew up best-friends with Iggy or as i knew her- Amethyst as we were neighbours, you do not have the tiniest clue what she went through and in my opinion she deserves her fame 100%!

Автор RaeOf Sunshine ( назад)
you're a hypocrite. You don't think they belong having fame, but yet giving them fame by talking about them.......idiots.....

Автор angela 0 ( назад)
chris brown shouldn't be in this video. i dont agree with his bad acts but he is extremely talented, he worked his ass off for his fame and has his good songs that alot of people like.

Автор Frederick Sakr ( назад)
Chris brown is deserving #teambreezy

Автор Xx_kutie girl 45_xX ( назад)
On youtube you wish you where famous ;-;

Автор 123stupidfunny ( назад)
cris has talent

Автор Jakob BlackFrenchie ( назад)
Chris brown is one of the most talented singers ever

Автор Wilber Covarrubias ( назад)
danielle should be 1st i mean just for saying cash me outside how bout dat WHAT!?!?!?!?!?

Автор Vikash Raghuvanshi ( назад)
the talko who are you to decide one deserves fame or not????

Автор N Bill ( назад)
gak ada awkarin? lol

Автор sophia K ( назад)
The catch me outside girl shouldn't be famous

Автор ITZ_YO_BOY_ Darrel_72 ( назад)
rosses are blue my heart is fat be my valentine and cash me ousside how bow dah

Автор Katie Gilding ( назад)
Kylie Jenner deserves to be famous, she has an outstanding makeup range and Great quality makeup! Some of you might think, " yeah but she only makes makeup" but 1. She is taking it seriously and too faced and other makeup 'people' such as Kat Von de are famous for their makeup lines.

Автор Ash Warden ( назад)
Why exactly don't chris brown and iggy australia deserve their fame?
the other 8 people on the list are famous for being famous, and like what they produce or not-- chris brown and iggy azalea are atleast DOING something other than exisiting in front of cameras :/

Автор Nitzia Robles ( назад)
your right about "cash me ousside how about that"girl she don't deserve it all

Автор AmiiDaPanda ( назад)
Iggy Deserves it tbh

Автор Shaniqua James ( назад)
ok you wrong about kylie.... and right about the others ones and no, im not a kylie fan... im just being real

Автор Gamergirl Jai ( назад)
why is breezy on this ???

Автор Mary Sparrow ( назад)
I mostly have no idea who any of these people are, any of them?!

Автор Robert Smith ( назад)
Why Iggy????

Автор Jade Carr ( назад)
I'm pretty sure Chris Brown has talent who can sing dance act and draw. So how tf is he on this list? Y'all are dumb if you say otherwise.

Автор PHOEBE MURIUKI ( назад)
I stopped watching as soon as they put Chris on the list. Chris brown is one of the best rnb artists of today get ua facts right

Автор Tamisha Whitelow ( назад)
damn she throwing shade at the Kardashians cash me outside and so many

Автор Oscar Scott ( назад)
Danielle shouldn't be trending and she should be punished
for her stupidity.
Shes so stupid we cant even say the stupid phrase
"Cash me outside howbow dat" thats how dumd Danielle
is .

Автор Afamousunicorn Iamawesome ( назад)
Iggy azalea should not be on this list at all ❌...right

Автор Mylee Gene ( назад)
cash me outside girl is awesome I wanna be just like her

Автор Harvir Chokkar ( назад)
Ever heard of White Dee
She got famous from being on benefits (basically sitting on her fat ass all day smoking)

Автор Steve Sonny ( назад)
Nah! Musically breezy can do no wrong.

Автор Dont givesnoFs ( назад)
Chris brown should not be on thos list. he actually earn his fame.

Автор Phoenix Wolf ( назад)
You forgot Jacob Sartorious

Автор Daniel G ( назад)
Chris Brown is one of the best singers out right now, that's why he deserves to be famous

Автор Ena Jovanovic ( назад)
Honestly, I LOVE the talko , but they arent right for this video.
Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian,Chris Brown and Iggy Azalea should NOT be on this list.
Not cool The Talko, not cool 😢

Автор Funtime Mangle ( назад)
I WANNA SEE THE"cash me ousside how bout dat"GIRL IN PERSON

Автор Marvan Ali ( назад)
Iggy Shouldn't be on this list even though she did some stuff but that doesn't mean that she doesn't deserve famr

Автор Karla Carrillo ( назад)
i think Is wrong what they said about Chris brown does sing and the cash me out side how about that girl does not sing she Is just famous for a stupid words

Автор Jantzen Gllden ( назад)
None Of The Above, So 👊😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор SAVAGE PLAYS ( назад)
U need to stop talking about other people cuz they have talent and went popular and it's not only your opinion

Автор Alexia Hills ( назад)
Don't care, love the Kardashians.

Автор TriizMaGaming ( назад)
She does not look 13 who's with me

Автор Wacky Aaron Gallo ( назад)
They belong in hell!

Автор MsCelestia Marie ( назад)
Non of the Kardashians deserve to be famous

Автор CrystalCrafter Jem ( назад)
OMG "Cash Me Ousside How Bout Dat Girl" HAS A NAME!!!! (Danielle Bregoli)

Автор hunts tv ( назад)
cash me out side how about dat

Автор Dayna Kelly ( назад)
catch me outside girl is stupid and don't deserve anything special

Автор Mrs. L ( назад)
Society is so messed now any evil person can gain fame.

Автор Saya Hussain ( назад)
Poor Kardashians😦

Автор zoremi_zoremi_zoremi 00 ( назад)
i agree with every list except for chris brown

Автор LovesofJBNeet ( назад)
I don't believe Chris Brown should be here because he is definitely talented. He's a triple threat. Sings, dance and act.

Автор Dakhari Bonner ( назад)
Wtf most of these people do deserve their fame

Автор Konnie J. ( назад)
OH NO HONEY!! Chris Brown might be troublesome, but to say he doesn't deserve his fame is ridiculous. He actually WORK for his money and fame.

Автор Amber Msp ( назад)
your just jealous not to be rude

Автор Just My Cup of Tea ( назад)
Why is the talko literally so salty in every one of their videos lol

Автор shayla rose Peterson ( назад)
I like Kim k , kylie and iggy

Автор ludwck friedrice ( назад)
wtf is Chris Brown here. u must be retarded or very very retarded. the man became famous before even meeting rihanna

Автор Amareon Fariss ( назад)
wtf, why mention Iggy, how does she not deserve fame

Автор cee jay ( назад)
smh... the fact that you put chris brown here.. made me hit dislike

Автор cee jay ( назад)
you brought chros brown in this..... he sings and dances.... he deserves his fame...... stay on your lane...

Автор beverly a ( назад)
Danielle is nothing but a foul mouthed rotten kid. I saw her on Dr Phil and I wanted to slap the crap out of her. This is one of the problems today - People worshiping foul mouthed people and thinking its ok.

Автор Leilani Vasquez ( назад)
Quit being a hating ass puta reporting this video its controversial -_-

Автор Orla Higgins ( назад)
To be fair Kylie is trying to do something with her fame

Автор Boca Joslyn ( назад)
okay what y'all need to do is stop holding shit over people's heads as if y'all are saints Chris Made a mistake the whole fuckin world knows it but yes he does deserve his fame he wouldn't have it that boy is still an amazing person who has owned up to his mistakes and both him and RiRi let it go give the boy a damn break he's Talented that's why he's still famous and people recognize it so shut TF up

Автор Charles Kiley and lizard ( назад)
How else clicked on this with their middle finger?
I always do

Автор Blurryyy Faceee ( назад)

Автор Iz Chick ( назад)
cash me ouside howbow dah? girl.... this is why she doesnt deserve fame cuz of this:

shes stupid
bad looking
she treats her mom like crap
swears to the audience
I dont have enough time to confront and expose her

Автор Evan McKay ( назад)
that stupid cash me ousside girl does not deserve fame. she steals cars n shit ffs

Автор Olivia Barker ( назад)
no way some of these people do deserve their fame gurl

Автор Lisa games too much ( назад)
im srlsy in love with this channel!

Автор sudath Nival ( назад)
HEY! iggy azaelea doesnt deserve to be in that list! NOT AT ALL!!!!!!

Автор Zinzy Zoozy ( назад)
also Justin beiber

Автор Priscilla Leitch ( назад)
on 5th I will do a shout out

Автор Mimi Michelle ( назад)
Weird list to be honest. Iggy and chris actually were in the industry and worked for their fame, even if I think they both have shitty attitudes. Everyone else on the list, however, I'd agree with.

Автор Jordan Foster ( назад)
The "cash me outside how bout dat" girl didn't deserve her fame at all. she is just a rude 13 year old who said a few stupid words. Honestly she really doesn't deserve it. Its also stupid that she is getting her own talk show. This world disappoints me.

Автор Emojinx ( назад)
The cash me ousside girl has a name...

Автор Nadia DeSield ( назад)
Danielle bergolie just said catch me outside and now shes a million air

Автор MojoTV ( назад)
WTF.. Chris Brown is the most talented singer and he deserves much more fame than what he is getting right now. why so much hate just because he has done some stupid thing years before. Move on people, he is also a human being and nobody is perfect.

Автор Ikeytta Anderson ( назад)
Chris brown do deserve his fame! tf! he work hard its very clear! 🖕

Автор Guabaloo ( назад)
I smiled when I heard the name Kim kardashian, she should be on the list 10 times

Автор Swifty 6 ( назад)
The talko I love your vids and have respect for you but stop having that ugly ass annoying cash me outside girl on your videos and thumb nails I keep trying to think that people aren't stupid enough to have a slut like her famous but she's every where

Автор Lauren Collins ( назад)
Haha, Chris is very talented, I had to stop watching the vid.

Автор Destiel Trash ( назад)
Quit giving them more attention how about that?

Автор Curtis Green ( назад)
Chris Brown is famous because of his music you guys forget he is a actual artist before auto tune which was made big by t-pain. Chris Brown worked hard for his fame. you guys are just mad it's not you

Автор Collian McBean ( назад)
rihanna didnt make chris famous

Автор alexasrugrat ( назад)
does it have to be someone on that video ? because the two people that i think that don't deserve their fame well is not on that video at all but should have been put on this video

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