Berner x B Real - Shatter [Official Video]

  • Published on Oct 13, 2014
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    Produced by Joe Milli
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Comments • 1 148

  • lorenzo vn de buurt

    Why no haze ?

  • Taylor  Wasylenchuk
    Taylor Wasylenchuk 2 days ago

    100 thousand in da trunk we just made 250 off ultra bunk

  • sampe
    sampe 4 days ago +1

    This my weed trimming song

  • Zzpx trippi
    Zzpx trippi 8 days ago

    BERN went in on this...

  • DogManiyak G
    DogManiyak G 9 days ago

    Real smokers real factors in this Weed shit💪🤣🤣

  • Faith Quinn
    Faith Quinn 13 days ago

    Wssp Berner415 I need a job need your help

  • Garrett Little
    Garrett Little 20 days ago


  • Jeff Williams
    Jeff Williams Month ago

    I am 57 years old and live in FL. So why did they say they don't fuck with Hazes? Hazes are some of my favorites.

  • Roman Garza
    Roman Garza Month ago

    Dis shit was wack

  • Spider-Mang !!
    Spider-Mang !! Month ago

    Coast to coast. I Fuck with that shop. Club 33 and blucifer fire 🔥

  • ChicanoBluesAZ
    ChicanoBluesAZ Month ago


  • John Jacob
    John Jacob Month ago

    Wtf happened to b-real? This is embarrassing

  • jacob martinez
    jacob martinez Month ago

    That shop in Denver gots flame 🔥 been there definitely recommend though

  • How Heavy This Axe
    How Heavy This Axe Month ago

    Takin dabs of Northern Lights and DJ Blueberry Short while listening to this 🔥

  • Jeff Shrik
    Jeff Shrik Month ago

    B real and berner #latinogang gang 💯 💪 💯

  • Mikio Medina
    Mikio Medina Month ago

    We're at in Colorado ese

  • Teddy Shludda Bmx
    Teddy Shludda Bmx Month ago

    Whole fkn vatter 🤤🤤

  • Cobra Dallas
    Cobra Dallas 2 months ago

    I got jet fuel and Blue dream. LoL cookies was last week.

  • Jason
    Jason 3 months ago

    Fuck ya, this the shit right here.....

  • Jorge –high
    Jorge –high 3 months ago


  • Creative Genius - TV
    Creative Genius - TV 3 months ago +8

    Man, time flies. I remember smoking at my homies crib and he played this and I became an instant Berner fan. Memories.

    • Ernesto Garcia
      Ernesto Garcia 2 months ago +1

      Creative Genius i remember around the time this song came out I had barely moved to Michigan from California and put everybody in my small ass high school on berner. Time fucking flies my guy

  • T'Town Tim
    T'Town Tim 3 months ago

    i grow a shitload of bud .. in an 8 x12 shed made out of fkn pallets...=]...bosses see possibility where other see despair ...=]

  • K-BooM's Jokes
    K-BooM's Jokes 3 months ago

    Peace from Cireasov ✌ 💪 💨 💨

  • ich bin 100 Noktan 2
    ich bin 100 Noktan 2 4 months ago

    Still Dope

  • Yanez Rene
    Yanez Rene 4 months ago

    Slapin yeeeee

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 4 months ago

    man dam still goes hard summer19

  • keraroma
    keraroma 4 months ago


  • apenguincannotfly
    apenguincannotfly 4 months ago +1

    Berner fuckin sucks, breal a legend tho

  • Leobardo Diaz Diaz
    Leobardo Diaz Diaz 5 months ago +25

    Who’s listening to this in 2019?

  • Miguel Silva
    Miguel Silva 5 months ago

    Whos still smoking to this 2019?😎💨💨💨

    • Miguel Silva
      Miguel Silva 3 months ago

      @BossmanQ i got some fire shatter rn bro its crazy !

    • BossmanQ
      BossmanQ 3 months ago +1

      Miguel Silva smokin to this but it ain’t no shatter no more🤣💯

  • Tamm bianc
    Tamm bianc 5 months ago

    Aotearoa 💚

  • Riv-Slug
    Riv-Slug 5 months ago

    2019 anybody?!??!

    BMWBPS BMWBUlE 5 months ago


  • Geoff Duncan
    Geoff Duncan 6 months ago

    , :).....

  • Hunter Heald
    Hunter Heald 6 months ago

    smokin on orange cookies wax for 7/10

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez 6 months ago +1

    Happy 7/10 to all my fellow stoners 🔥🔥👌

  • John Malowney
    John Malowney 6 months ago

    B real tv stay plug into B-real Cypress family I have been a fan.

  • Mario Villagomez
    Mario Villagomez 7 months ago

    shout out to berner el chivo cool and lit dude.

  • Brendan Beatty
    Brendan Beatty 7 months ago

    I've smoked there shit up in Santa ana the shatter off label they were pushing heavy oh man

  • Hunter Heald
    Hunter Heald 7 months ago

    i wanna know bernz way of making dab

  • Michael Felton
    Michael Felton 7 months ago

    5.4 million views. can I get a hit?

    KING JACK 7 months ago

    Who smoke shatter now because it doesn't smell like weed as much as the flower🥢

    KING JACK 7 months ago

    I'm not a rapper I'm a mother fuker from the streets

  • John Malowney
    John Malowney 7 months ago

    420 B-real a legend that singed Burner Cypress Hill I have been a follower of B-real the greatest Dr.greentumb.

  • trophywolfe
    trophywolfe 7 months ago

    Why is RUclip so quiet?

  • Compton Ass Rocket
    Compton Ass Rocket 7 months ago

    Fuck purple 👊

  • O.C Ordonez
    O.C Ordonez 8 months ago

    Denver Colorado

  • 666 New World Order
    666 New World Order 8 months ago

    'Indo & sativas we aint fckng with no hazes' hmmm ... anyone know why they dont smoke haze ??

    • Yung GuapTv
      Yung GuapTv 8 months ago

      666 New World Order because they don’t have that strong effect as a Indica would indica would put you to straight couch lock or go to sleep have you tried Girl Scout cookies strain that strain puts me on couch lock n sleepy

  • Danny Allen Show
    Danny Allen Show 8 months ago

    The best Berner joint

  • matt 420
    matt 420 8 months ago

    I'd love to come try some denver weed but the UK has some fire herb right now just not legal

  • Harry Kourm
    Harry Kourm 9 months ago +1

    Berner has some fucking nasty beats & B-Real in this is perfect #420 is today Baby! Light it up

  • mark Smith
    mark Smith 9 months ago

    This song sucks mane

  • joey boyer
    joey boyer 9 months ago +5

    Get ready Denver Colorado 4:20 fest coming in 6 days

  • Valentin Gutman
    Valentin Gutman 9 months ago


  • Jose Guardado
    Jose Guardado 9 months ago +3

    Denver Colorado
    4/6/19 almost 420 baby
    Weed capital mile high city

  • toast crxptic
    toast crxptic 9 months ago


  • antonio bradiano
    antonio bradiano 9 months ago

    TOO TP wake up.

  • Tanner
    Tanner 9 months ago +1

    Bruce Fisher-When Will I See You
    In case yall looking for the sample

  • Moises Alonzo
    Moises Alonzo 10 months ago

    That shatter looks dank af i bet they get higher than the clowds all day everyday i can imagine how much they make on a daily basis💯🔥🍁

  • lupe ramirez
    lupe ramirez 10 months ago

    when ever i go to a state where i can buy it im definitely puttting this song on