Shaquille O'neal Top 10 Plays of Career

A countdown of Shaquille O'neal's Top 10 Career Plays. Relive this legendary center's greatest shots, blocks, and dunks from his rookie season to retirement.

Honorable Mention:

11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ICBi-ku-G0
12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T64j5cja4AM
13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q9cLnj4EZo
14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3dfZ_DGgKg
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Автор Reggie Lee ( назад)
3:23 So Kobe breaking an ankle, drawing 3 defenders.and throwing Shaq a perfect alley oop is Shaq's top play? Gotcha.

Автор Reggie Lee ( назад)
Poor Zo

Автор StephonST ( назад)
Guarding Shaq had to be the most unfair thing to ever do in the NBA. The Shaq era... where the centers actually had to be strong and sturdy.

Автор Lork Lorkman ( назад)
Shaq tell me how my ass tastes

Автор Jahirul Islam ( назад)
Shaquellie O'Neill is absolutely beast 🏀 .

Автор brother_paul_cane ( назад)
Wut song is this?

Автор Cynthia hernandez Quinto ( назад)
do you have...top 10 plays for..khawai leonard....

Автор wedontknow ( назад)
There will never be a big as dominant as shaq

Автор Christopher Hitchens ( назад)
Shaq spend his entire career cherry picking. He just stood right beside the basket, waited for someone to pass him the ball and then just raise his arm and put the ball in the hoop. He essentially had no ability to shoot the ball into the net.
There is a rule in basketball called the '3 second rule' - offensive player shall not remain in the free throw lane, with or without the ball, for more than three seconds.
Shaq spend his entire career in the paint.

Автор Screaming Charmander ( назад)
I thought number 1 would be shaq making his only three XD

Автор Roos Rosambert ( назад)
Shaq wasn't good he was just too big

Автор ya6655 ( назад)
The most stupid player in NBA history, big body, small brain.

Автор Allen Playz ( назад)
The breaker

Автор sskgrs ( назад)
Shaq struggled against Dennis Rodman and Rodman would not budge an inch when Shaq wanted to back up on him low post.

Rodman is the beast of NBA.

Автор op3l ( назад)
I wonder if Kobe ever regrets not having Shaq around. Probably not. But from all the games I've watched of those two, it sure looked a lot easier with Shaq around. Plus he's funny in interviews.

Автор MasonAMinerPro Videos ( назад)
Shaq made a 8 footer? Really? Omg.

Автор enes etus ( назад)
orda bir kobe gördüm sanki

Автор Trent Bucich ( назад)
Shaq was a man playing boys out there I feel bad for the players on the receiving end of his dunks

Автор Seydi Yesildag ( назад)
turk varmi la buralarda

Автор Jennie Williams ( назад)
OMG #5

Автор Braulio Ricardo ( назад)
most dominant player of all times

Автор mud cat ( назад)
Shaq sucks he's just huge

Автор Big James ( назад)
whoever made this should get fired. shaq had way better plays than these

Автор Blake Heptinstall ( назад)
Shaq was a monster. Seriously.

Автор TheJetng1 ( назад)
1st place is amazing because Kobe passes the ball.

Автор Hannes Walter ( назад)
Shaq one of the most overrated NBA Players ever. He was big and tall, wow I'm impressed...not! There is nothing to it to become what he has become in NBA history if god meant it good with him when he equipped him with such superior physics. There is no talent necessary to crush the rim like he did when you're that big.

Автор Goffe Boyz ( назад)
this is retarded u got it all in the wrong order

Автор CounterSpin ( назад)
:26 would've been a foul in today's NBA. sad.

Автор Scott Tschetschot ( назад)
his one 3 pointer


Автор Christian Rivera ( назад)
They created the 3 second rule because of Shaq's dominance.. the most dominant center of all time 3 straight finals mvp only center to have done that in nba history and no one else will do it...4 time nba champion ...truly the greatest center but he could have been better if he practiced

Автор marco lugtu ( назад)
I look up to Shaq because he is tall

Автор oopalonga ( назад)
02:31--how the fuck can he hit a shot like that and not nail free throws?

Автор Brian Perez ( назад)
lol Shaq was like fuck your high five Kobe

Автор EqUaL PoWeR55 ( назад)
best part: #7

Автор Dew Drop ( назад)
#1 is more kobrs assist

Автор brother bear is god ( назад)
2:32 fake

Автор ComicBook King ( назад)
the play where he bring down the backboard shouldn't be on the list. all though it cool but it isnt a play. its just something that happened

Автор Niño Largadas ( назад)
The Diesel is legendary all through Shaqtin!

Автор Deathbrewer ( назад)
If Shaq wants to dunk, Shaq IS going to dunk, no matter how many guys of any size you put in his way, lol...

Автор harpreet bedi ( назад)
wtf he brought down the entire structure

nba countdown you are the best i have no words fantastic job keep it up :)

Автор Reckless gaming ( назад)
lol all dunks wonder why

Автор Gerald Johnson ( назад)
Mar.6: Happy birthday NBA (Ret.) / analyst Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal; 3 x NBA Finals MVP, 15 x All Star, 4 x NBA Champion. God bless. Thanks for the upload, NBA Reel. Blessings

Автор R Curtis ( назад)

Автор Eazy E ( назад)
What a beast man I love this guy🔥🏀🏀

Автор jtz100607 ( назад)

Автор Alfredo Izg ( назад)
All dunks , that sumarrizes shaq's skills

Автор Wayz ( назад)
no one will make a top 10 plays video for my boy. Except for his top 10 _______ _ ____ plays.

Автор YRN PrettyBoyNazi ( назад)
This Nigga was a Refrigerator and a Tank and Monster Combined with School Bus big body ass

Автор Adil Ariff ( назад)
Came here because KD's pussy ass said Shaq didn't have skill

Автор Khiann ( назад)
So this is it? BORING

Автор Abilash Gunawardana ( назад)
This guy is super bad at 3 pointers but slam dunks wooow he is a legend

Автор Carolyn Fernandez ( назад)
Wow 😳

Автор Enes Çoban ( назад)
amk ayısı potayı kırdın

Автор Jon F ( назад)
better than jordan?

Автор Jimmy Doin ( назад)
Godzilla strikes again!

Автор kreisā Ciska ( назад)
the biggest suprise for me was when kobe passed....like he never passed and to shaq like wtf.

Автор L's Down ( назад)
he should have hof poster badge

Автор Adrian Dabrowski ( назад)
1:20 TVN Haha. That's a Polish channel.

Автор Jie Zhang ( назад)

Автор Jordan Thomas ( назад)
Whats the song name?

Автор Veljko Pavlovic ( назад)
debeli shakil o nil

Автор Julio Pacheco ( назад)
2:02 How did they finish the game?

Автор iChispa FX ( назад)
her boy of shaquille o'neal can Play in NBA

Автор TeddyBoy Disomimba ( назад)

Автор Songs About Jane ( назад)
why aren't his airball shots on here

Автор Jazz gamer ( назад)

Автор Chris Loukou ( назад)
all star💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Автор Chris Loukou ( назад)
all star💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Автор Nathaniel Barnes ( назад)
Shaq is such a Tank when it comes to basketball.

Автор N TV 33 ( назад)
kako je pao kos

Автор N TV 33 ( назад)
kako je pao kos

Автор xScars ( назад)
This guy was a fucking monster

Автор xxXNoScope GamingXxx ( назад)
i loved number 5

Автор Kodak 69 ( назад)
There will never be another shaq in the league

Автор Dari henzel ( назад)
número 1

Автор Александр Азаров ( назад)

Автор M X ( назад)
i miss Oneal and KOBE so much
I've seen O'Neal once in BEIJING , we took a picture together

Автор Gerson Argueta ( назад)
Not to be ignorant but why are these top plays are from only when Shaq was in the Orlando magic and Lakers and not when he was in the Miami heat or celtics?

Автор Ognjen Bosic ( назад)
mi fai proprio pena loby

Автор Bryant Wong ( назад)

Автор *Nicole Lamm* ( назад)
He's dam good 👌🏻 Now this girls LOVES her Warriors tho !! 🙌🏻✊🏻💯

Автор Yavuz Sultan Selim ( назад)
The most dominant player of all time.

Автор Don't Look At My Profile Picture ( назад)
Realize how he did plays instead of shots?

Автор LT Marbles ( назад)

Автор Will Goodwin ( назад)
That last play brought me to tears from all the nostalgia. What a time to be alive. That's when the NBA was great

Автор Jia Le Chua ( назад)
2:04 when u dunk to hard haha

Автор Tony Challenger ( назад)
The only way to stop him is sending him to the free throw line

Автор Q Man I love watching fireworks ( назад)
Qthamano9Awesome I like when he broke the goal

Автор Jordan O'Neal ( назад)
See where Draymond got his signature from 😂

Автор the loot ( назад)
I liked it when he pushed hardaway haha

Автор RYANALLS1 ( назад)
I was waiting for shaqs dunk on Dudley. The best poster ive ever seen

Автор iggy082 ( назад)
this reel fails to convey shaqs dominance on the court. this video fails but not because of shaq. plus the music is tedious and overbearing.

Автор FamilyGuy-er ( назад)
Where is Shaq's game winning three pointer

Автор Nossa vida na rua ( назад)
Esse cara joga muito!!

Автор RYOT MAKER ( назад)
Shaquille O'Neal doesn't he play for the Yankees?

Автор miguel guerrero ( назад)
la 5 fantastica eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Автор Sergio_Zavaleta ( назад)
his one three pointer better be on here

Автор Sahaj Mehta ( назад)
#5 though

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