• Published on Oct 11, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2018
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  • Poison Stiber
    Poison Stiber 8 days ago +1

    6:55 8:22 that was she say!

  • Andrew Weckstein
    Andrew Weckstein 2 months ago

    Any reason to only drill 2 holes instead of drilling as many as you could with ~1mm of space between each? Seems like it would have been pretty easy to do on the mill since you could move it over so precisely. And seems like it might have saved a lot of time.

  • yogi bear
    yogi bear 3 months ago

    Thicc tang

  • CurlyWurly77
    CurlyWurly77 4 months ago

    I like that there's a butt ton of variation in the music you use for videos

  • Infidel7153
    Infidel7153 4 months ago

    The fuller shouldn't go past the lower guard thats an unsightly hole in the bottom .

  • lesto12321
    lesto12321 5 months ago

    if you don't make mistakes, means you are not doing.

  • Jake
    Jake 5 months ago

    5:30 smurf vagene lel

  • Anthony
    Anthony 6 months ago

    What if someone puts 24k gold in a peice, gets it rated and stamped for 24k, then replaces the 24k gold in the peice for a way cheaper gold? What's stopping them from selling the peice at a 24k value since it's stamped and rated for 24k, even though the expensive gold has been replaced by cheaper gold and recycled?

  • Dongle Quart
    Dongle Quart 6 months ago

    is this accurate to history? I don't know much about viking weaponry but that handle looks very ill-fit for halfswording

  • Dads Rule
    Dads Rule 6 months ago

    Good on you.

  • Troy Vincent
    Troy Vincent 7 months ago

    I just want to know. Are your swords really battle worthy? I mean would they last through many battles like the swords of old? I Like your work and your dedication. I really wish I had the tools the room and the equipment you have. I do have a kiln and a welder a Severt torch and an angle grinder and a two pound short sledge hammer. No anvils or forges. But I have no room here either. I work with glass and smelt silver and gold.

  • John Balman
    John Balman 7 months ago

    its like your conducting an operation with your gloves , blue tape and microscope.......

  • Mike DeCarlo
    Mike DeCarlo 7 months ago

    What is the song at 1:17?

  • ciprianpadure
    ciprianpadure 7 months ago

    would you stoooooooooop talking ...

  • A.J. Games
    A.J. Games 8 months ago

    His hair reminds me of that one dude from Meet the Robinsons

  • myumyu
    myumyu 8 months ago

    I do think that the handle look short though, it barelly fit in his hand, imagine having huge viking hands :p

  • patman0250
    patman0250 8 months ago

    Dude that little peace showing is completely fine you do not need to redo the handle!! I mean you're going to wrap the handle anyways so what's the big deal it will be covered anyways !! I understand you want to be a perfectionist but you have to make some compromises when you are working with a 5 thousand year old wood handle !! scraping it would just hake you look like a damn fool !!!

  • Kaffe
    Kaffe 8 months ago

    dude looks like the kid from stuart little

  • Mednikov Vitaliy
    Mednikov Vitaliy 8 months ago

    You work is magnificent! I'm watching you from vary begining. Keep going!

  • Raymond Strunk
    Raymond Strunk 8 months ago

    Any possibility of using the leftover piece of bog oak measuring corner to (opposite) corner?

  • Steve Abrahall
    Steve Abrahall 8 months ago

    Hay Alex Just a thought .... when it's finished may be you should give the sword to this little girl she found one but had to give it to the local museum... I think she would love what your doing!

  • vulcan874
    vulcan874 8 months ago

    ive been a blacksmith for 5 years, and a machinist for about 4 months. never heard of a hand broach till today

  • uglyduckling81
    uglyduckling81 8 months ago

    Eh that handle had a much worse problem anyway. The high point right in the middle wasn't even all the way round. It was jarring looking at it.

  • Video Master
    Video Master 8 months ago

    I know you probably won't read this one but around how much would you be selling the sword for? It would have to have a sheath for it of course but the sword absolutely intrigued my attention I have been watching for about a year now and the amount you have improved is immaculate please get back to me. You can contact me on my Facebook or reply to this and we can chat here. I hope you read this I am really interested in the absolute beauty of your sword. My Facebook profile is Dakota Farrell

  • jonnybeeeplays
    jonnybeeeplays 8 months ago

    dude, you're videos are just amazing, i can't get enough! love the craftsmanship, the audio overlay and the editing! keep up the AMAZING work! 'what a Steele'

  • Hippis
    Hippis 8 months ago

    3:01 and you allredy have made a mistake ;P But dam nice works so far kee pit up !

  • Gary Myers
    Gary Myers 8 months ago

    Picky much?

  • Vzdanishslav
    Vzdanishslav 8 months ago

    Alec, great and inspiring work you do, thanks a lot! Please keep up the good job!
    A question raised on the handle material. You say it's five thousand yrs bog oak - no mistake here? Cause I can believe in five hundred and it's ok for bogged oak so far - but five thdns looks way too much. Or I miss anything? Thanks!

  • jason placing
    jason placing 8 months ago

    How many subscribers have you lost stuffing around with this one project worst thing you ever did was go to that museum

  • Elmeri M
    Elmeri M 8 months ago

    Haha him drilling away that extra sixteenth of an inch off the upper guard looks like a surgery

  • 12papara
    12papara 8 months ago

    Episode 354.. The tip of the sword is dull...

  • Paul Heymans
    Paul Heymans 8 months ago

    where are you!!!!

  • K Why
    K Why 8 months ago

    Hello. I'm new to your channel. I was wondering two things.
    1. Are you familiar with elmax steel?
    2. What was the end result of the David Bowie knife your friend made on the "forging a meteorite episodes" back in November of 2017?

  • Tim Woods
    Tim Woods 8 months ago

    Such a waste, you actually waste a lot of good material on every project. I guess RUclip money is easy. Try starting ALL your projects with cheap materials so you can waste crappy stuff. I'm conflicted on watching you create amazing things, but they come at such a cost that you really don't seem to care about. Please don't do a full viking armor, unless you make the first 3 attempts from tin, or aluminum.

  • SassyAsshat
    SassyAsshat 8 months ago

    Today, I've spent many hours watching this series. I am not disappointed.

  • Hanri
    Hanri 8 months ago

    part 27 and yet you can only make a average looking viking sword? I've seen better one and the best part is it only takes 10 mins. video to show their craftsmanship. talk about milking the project for content and views.

  • Patrick O'Neill
    Patrick O'Neill 8 months ago +1

    I've changed jobs three times since this video series started 😄

  • Aurora Alchemy
    Aurora Alchemy 8 months ago

    You can still save the handle you shaped and use it in another project where the footprint of the handle is smaller. That way you don’t have to throw it away. I’d almost create a project around that piece of wood just so you can use it. You the off cut for a pommel piece to go with it. Something that doesn’t have a lower guard (or upper guard I can’t remember which is which, but no guard between the handle and the pommel). Make a smaller knife/sword with an all wood handle and pommel, no guard between them, and an inland guard between the blade and wood handle. I think it would be a good use of that awesome wood your friend gave you.

  • Good and Basic
    Good and Basic 8 months ago

    Your attention to detail and commitment to quality is profoundly admirable.

  • Shawn Huolihan
    Shawn Huolihan 8 months ago

    I just watched a guy in a different channel make a knife start to finish in one 13 minute video..... Maybe some day Alec can figure out how to do that.

  • geargrndr
    geargrndr 8 months ago

    Just weld the gap in the hilt & mill it avoiding the laser etch

  • foofighterubu
    foofighterubu 8 months ago

    So... From the chopper video I see we are waiting on another bit of bog Oak. That's good. I imagine there's still lots and lots of that stuff laying around in the muck somewhere. That was a costly mistake but like every other costly , you always maintain a great attitude and crack on. I look forward to seeing how you resolved the issue of the exposed Gap. I supposed to shake the door handle it's going to try to change. I expect you're always already making some design drawings for that resolution. I'll be interested to see some illustrations from the you're a witch inspired this particular sword to begin with. And you did that with the Engraving and I wonder if you're doing that with the shape of the handle now?

  • PrettymuchSTOCK
    PrettymuchSTOCK 8 months ago

    I feel like I have been waiting for this episode for a month. Totally risking getting fired to watch it right now.

  • Jason Notter
    Jason Notter 8 months ago

    Just cut it shorter and put a spacer in the handle?

  • Aziz Emad
    Aziz Emad 8 months ago

    Please find a way to not abandon the bog oak it’s the best looking wood ever ... the greenish Brown ... ugh I’d hate for it not to be there

  • Jaques Kemp
    Jaques Kemp 8 months ago

    Hey alec why dont you make 2 gold spacers that sit in the outside of the wood that will hide the holes like a washer each side of the wood handle

  • cable a
    cable a 8 months ago

    Congratulations on the History series dude, looking forward to its start on Thursday 👍

  • Thor Forsell
    Thor Forsell 8 months ago

    (Love this sword and i truely enjoy watching this)
    Viking Sword Part 782: Redoing the Upper Guard because the Engraving on the Chape of the Scabbard turned out so awesome with this new technique

  • Leo Arc
    Leo Arc 8 months ago

    For your Viking sword, I am not sure about the colour of the wood. Its too simple to match the rest of the sword.
    I would carve shallow channels on the wood (maybe channels which, in geometry, match the cross section of the handle itself) and then fill them up with soft black paint (not too dark).
    A thin inlay of a bright/gray metal on the wood would also help the handle to blend nicely with the rest of the work. As it is, the handle just stands out too much. It doesn't do justice to all the exquisite work everywhere else.

  • JohnnyRottenest
    JohnnyRottenest 8 months ago

    9:31, you said “viking”, but I know what you meant.

  • Max Smith
    Max Smith 8 months ago

    This is going to be amazing!

  • absolutely_snailed_it
    absolutely_snailed_it 8 months ago

    Do you ever want to make movie or video game weapons in the future?

  • Eric Crevels
    Eric Crevels 8 months ago

    Are you going to make a scabbard for this sword? I think it deserves one

  • David Lara
    David Lara 8 months ago

    Please tell me you are planning on wrapping the grip on leather. It looks 100000x better than bare wood

  • Niklas Felk
    Niklas Felk 8 months ago

    Nice Video ! I really hope that you're gonna decorate the handle in the same Style as the other parts of the Sword

  • hahah haha
    hahah haha 8 months ago

    HOW DOES HE STAY CALM! damn love his patience and positive mindset

  • Matheus Schramm
    Matheus Schramm 8 months ago

    Cut half of the handle and glue a new piece of the same wood

  • Thomas Russell
    Thomas Russell 8 months ago

    Good eye, Jamie. Save the Bog-oak for another project or put some leather washers at either end to take up any imperfections in the wood.

  • Bz B.
    Bz B. 8 months ago

    Dear Mr. Steel,
    Would you be so kind as to make a movie of your Making a Viking Sword series of videos by compiling them when you're finished ?
    Thank you for your work and enthusiasm.

  • TheGlaive
    TheGlaive 8 months ago

    Alec, Couldn't you just tig weld in some steel into that gap on the guard and then sand back down to a finish, that way you could keep the 4000-year-old wood?

  • Nils Sindre Jensen
    Nils Sindre Jensen 8 months ago

    Hey Alec, thats a expensive piece of wood. I would have welded in some filler using TIG/low amp/thin rod&filler material. But I guess you could use the handle for something else, just have to make the new piece fit the handle :)

  • Arielle Marin
    Arielle Marin 8 months ago

    Are you planning on making a sheath or a display case for it?

  • mobspeak
    mobspeak 8 months ago

    OMFG, what is wrong with you?

  • Vlad Golovin
    Vlad Golovin 8 months ago

    Make a Cossack saber!

    DATING HARLEY QUINN 8 months ago

    PART 28.........???
    C'mon Alec - my life is on hold waiting this next episode :-0

  • Garden Of Eden
    Garden Of Eden 8 months ago

    Such a shame, but i agree with the others that a bone space would do awesomely. Also a thin twisted gold wrap would look stunning and make it match the guards

  • Unconventional Kay
    Unconventional Kay 8 months ago

    You should've just drilled more holes

  • William Jones
    William Jones 8 months ago

    27 that’s a record

  • Lilou Bdk
    Lilou Bdk 8 months ago

    why you don't use two pieces of the same wood the top piece make it in a shape of upper garde

  • Austin_dyer18
    Austin_dyer18 8 months ago

    I think you should go back and remaster you’re million layer karambit now that you’ve gotten more experience in you’re work

  • Henry Scoggins
    Henry Scoggins 8 months ago

    I think you should make a viking shield, and helm next. Armoring is a very interesting branch of blacksmithing that I think you could achieve.

  • Zach Parker
    Zach Parker 8 months ago

    .......You're gonna make a scabbard too right....?


  • Meevious
    Meevious 8 months ago

    Afaik, while oak is considered a prestigious wood in modern times, it hasn't traditionally been used for tool/weapon handles, as it contains a lot of corrosive tannin.

  • Maxwell Green
    Maxwell Green 8 months ago

    I stopped watching for a couple months and I come back and see that you’re still working on that Viking sword😂

  • Paul Hardy
    Paul Hardy 8 months ago

    I am glad you are pushing through I have really enjoyed this series. I am inspired by your dedication to getting it right. I was getting nervous that we weren't going to see the sword finished so I am very happy that you are pressing on. Keep at it. Thank you for what you do I am learning a lot from you and I am twice your age. You are tenacious focused and you enjoy what you do it is a real pleasure to watch and learn from you.

  • Some Horny Fuck
    Some Horny Fuck 8 months ago

    This makes me proud of my ancestors

  • wolfpaw creations
    wolfpaw creations 8 months ago

    One style of Damascus id love to see you make is feather Damascus

    • wolfpaw creations
      wolfpaw creations 8 months ago

      @Timothy S. i havnt seen that yet. Thanks! Going to watch now.

    • Timothy S.
      Timothy S. 8 months ago +1

      He made feather damascus for the Kris he made a few months back, it turned out fairly well

  • Josh Redmond
    Josh Redmond 8 months ago

    Well you could repurpose the bog oak for another project just design the piece around the handle. That way it doesn't go to waste.

  • IWantAdonut
    IWantAdonut 8 months ago

    Viking shield should be the next project

  • Timmy Reeves
    Timmy Reeves 8 months ago

    did you realize that there is a candle company with the same (s) as your touch mark

  • Shift -Z
    Shift -Z 8 months ago

    should have done the Roman (3 segments) style grip which the Saxon blades from the 6th and 7th century often had. The crossguard on most of the early Saxon blades were very short, this implies that sword on sword combat was rare, thus protecting the hand wasn't so much needed. Mostly it seems that sword use was focused on going over or around the shield. The reason..... a majority of warriors that (the sword wielder would meet) had Axes, spears or long knives (seax) and mostly armored with only a shield. These were poor desperate farmers not nobles.

  • Eggo_ Doggo
    Eggo_ Doggo 8 months ago

    for the love of god please finish

  • Jake Young
    Jake Young 8 months ago

    Does anyone else get the feeling that Alec is afraid to finish it?

  • Tin Town
    Tin Town 8 months ago

    I saw you on an advert for Nat geo. Does that mean what I think it means?

  • Tutu Rer
    Tutu Rer 8 months ago

    Hello Alex. What liquid you use for damas drawings?

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G 8 months ago

    Maybe a really stupid Idea,
    But why not kut the handle in the centre and put some sort of spacer in, so you have to shave a little of the wood at the end, were they meet the guard, to fit again. Should be a little ticker and cover the hole like that?

  • Nebucad LaVey
    Nebucad LaVey 8 months ago

    Hi Alec, I'm glad to see how your audiance increased since the last time i saw you. I remember the time you where hitting the 400k mark and now you got over 1,3 mio viewer, congratulation.

  • Neil Currie
    Neil Currie 8 months ago

    Alec, been meaning to ask. Where do you get those wee hand saws you use to hollow out the tang hole?

  • Susse Thrane
    Susse Thrane 8 months ago

    If you truly want to know anything closely to the truth about the Vikings then go to the countries, where the came from.
    The only Vikings who wore body armor ie chainmale was the rich Vikings. The average Viking didn't.
    Use Google translate to read this Q&A page. So much myth out there.

  • I'm-a-Player2 Gaming
    I'm-a-Player2 Gaming 8 months ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! frustration overload, well of to hang myself now! I promise it will be finished in less than 27 episodes! =P

  • King Plays
    King Plays 8 months ago

    Stay alive when I get older I will need you to make me a sword

  • Unicorn QUEEN
    Unicorn QUEEN 8 months ago

    Did anyone else notice how Alex's hair magically got shorter between the shots from making the scribe lines to when he got the pieces back from the assay office? XD

  • jacob noyons
    jacob noyons 8 months ago

    hey, if you havt yet made a new handle, i can get you some ebony, purplehart or whatever you want

  • Faris Amer
    Faris Amer 8 months ago

    if you have to do the markings again. finish the sword and then send the pieces.

  • Luis Antonio
    Luis Antonio 8 months ago

    engraved bone spacers , DO not abadon the OAK

  • OmnieStar
    OmnieStar 8 months ago

    You should do something from PoE. They are doing a crafting comp atm.

  • Joseph Littlepage
    Joseph Littlepage 8 months ago

    I have a major challenge for you, there's a metal called inconel its hard to work with and extreamly strong stuff i have a small bit i bought that id be happy to send if i have to but im sure its not enough. My challenge is to make a knife from inconel

  • farfrmsane
    farfrmsane 8 months ago

    can you make Excalibur from the 2017 king arthur: legend of the sword?

  • Jordan Garcia
    Jordan Garcia 8 months ago

    You should do an all-day live stream of a project!

  • Snorri Ö.K.
    Snorri Ö.K. 8 months ago

    How about using the bog oak but laminating a gold inlaid black leather wrap onto it instead?