Will Food GO BAD in a Vacuum Chamber?

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
  • Today we're seeing if putting different types of food in vacuum chambers can keep them from going bad after a month!
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  • Neelix99
    Neelix99 Day ago

    Nitrogen in bags of chips is used because nitrogen is heavier than air so it pushed the air out thus no air to react with.

  • Edung Edward
    Edung Edward 2 days ago

    Did you just prove life can survive in a vacuum? Mold is life.

  • Alex P
    Alex P 2 days ago

    How does a fungus stay alive in a vacuum?

  • 1000 Subs with no Videos?

    Anaerobic bacteria: hehe boi

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 3 days ago

    Is that how to make lucky charms?

  • Anirudh A
    Anirudh A 3 days ago

    it wouldn't stale even that much we can see a very little amount of air entering the vacuumed jars

  • Amrutha Srinivasan
    Amrutha Srinivasan 4 days ago

    But these jars weren't completely without air-the rubber stopper seals the jar at some point when internal pressure is less than external pressure, so what you have is jars with significantly less air and pressure than jars left in the open. However, they aren't truly vacuum chambers because the rubber seals the jar before zero internal pressure is reached.

  • ChickenGrilledChicken

    The king of your mum

  • Dylan Chester
    Dylan Chester 4 days ago

    This is not science. This is not how science is done.

  • Cody Johnson
    Cody Johnson 5 days ago

    Next video: how in the world does mold grow in a vaccume?

    MAC VENA 6 days ago

    Bacteria, humidity, contaminants, temperature will likely spoil this sort experiment.

  • Jeff Fabian
    Jeff Fabian 6 days ago

    you cruel cruel people putting apples in a jar

  • bilbo baggins
    bilbo baggins 7 days ago

    Put jello in a vacuum chamber

  • Chucks_Dad
    Chucks_Dad 7 days ago +1

    I have aterrible idea: Let's drill a hole in a lid that is designed to vacuum seal. Maybe we can reseal it with a piece of rubber!
    Amuch better idea: Just put lid on the jar and put that in the chamber. Do not drill a hole in the lid!. When you release the vacuum on the outer chamber, it will remain inside the jar. That is how they work!
    LOLOLOLOL 😅😄😃😂😆
    Generally the rubber softens when heated during the canning process. You might need to put a little weight on top to get it to seal just under vacuum with no heat but there is absolutely no need to drill a hole!

  • Lee Bratton
    Lee Bratton 7 days ago

    what happens when u put chicken in a vacuum chamber

  • Husain B
    Husain B 8 days ago

    tape isn't enough to keep the vaccum, you could've vacuum sealed the individual jars maybe

  • MPSecare
    MPSecare 8 days ago

    yo if you dont have a food saver yet you should get one

  • Catherine & Winter
    Catherine & Winter 9 days ago

    Wdym rubber?
    Sis that’s flex seal

  • Rohith Rajesh
    Rohith Rajesh 9 days ago

    Or you can just use Tupperware

  • Artun İsci
    Artun İsci 9 days ago +1

    call an ambulance

  • Tristan Simpson
    Tristan Simpson 9 days ago

    BBQ lays. We don't have that here.

  • Ninjas Hyped
    Ninjas Hyped 9 days ago

    Can bugs survive in a vacuum chamber?

  • Derckspeed !!
    Derckspeed !! 9 days ago

    Has gloves
    Proceeds to eat food

  • Whimsical Imaginings
    Whimsical Imaginings 10 days ago


  • Paddy PAA
    Paddy PAA 10 days ago

    11:03 ITS CREAM

  • StringCheese In progress


  • 【HørrørGәmer37】

    Can't bacteria reach and eat food in a vacuum chamber?

  • Heidi Murphy
    Heidi Murphy 11 days ago +1


  • umperthay
    umperthay 12 days ago

    Dip the apples in & wipe the inside of the jar & lid with ethylene. Also dab some petroleum jelly on the rubber strip. They should stay edible for MUCH longer.

  • Raphael Loh
    Raphael Loh 12 days ago

    Why didn't you use vacuum seal bags? Isn't that method more reliable?

  • Soccer Player
    Soccer Player 13 days ago +1


  • Fergly Kola
    Fergly Kola 13 days ago

    Next video: food inside water in jars

  • catty cat
    catty cat 13 days ago

    I now know how to keep the gram crackers fresh

  • tech guy135
    tech guy135 13 days ago

    What happens when you put your phone in a vacuum chamber

  • Crazy Ninja
    Crazy Ninja 13 days ago

    Try putting dry ice in a vacuum chamber

  • Crazy Ninja
    Crazy Ninja 13 days ago

    Put different liquids in the vacuum chamber

  • Sreenivasulu Sreenivasulu

    Hey dued why don't you try to keep chicken curry in a vacuum chamber

  • Christy
    Christy 14 days ago

    Does lead explode in a vacuum chamber or egg?

  • Mr Diesel
    Mr Diesel 14 days ago

    Why do you drill holes and use rubber to act as check valve? Why not just put the lid on without the ring until it’s gone through the vacuum chamber and let the lid act as the check valve?

  • Not Zelda
    Not Zelda 14 days ago +1

    put faro fluid in acitone.

  • Donovan Moretta
    Donovan Moretta 14 days ago

    Every time I see TKOR I see Thor I just now realized thats its TKOR and not Thor. It makes so much sence now.

  • mc clips
    mc clips 14 days ago

    8:37 that's like the toast at my school.

  • Tyler Fornella
    Tyler Fornella 14 days ago

    Can you paint or dye gallium

  • Richard Richard
    Richard Richard 15 days ago

    that was defiantly not kept under a vacuum that seal would not hold up for 4 weeks

  • Team Challenger gaming

    Do a Thor cooking with metal and stuff

  • Puppet Show
    Puppet Show 15 days ago

    Say voldemort five times
    Clap three times
    Don't talk until you've posted this on another VIDEO
    You will sneeze

  • cordy joseph
    cordy joseph 15 days ago

    What if you encase it in resin?

  • Sal Stotibrigovic
    Sal Stotibrigovic 15 days ago +1

    So mold survived in vacuum. Got it, totally trust this experiment. Maybe actually vacuumed jars may work.

  • Charles
    Charles 15 days ago

    Lol american “bread” is just cake.

  • Villads Claes
    Villads Claes 15 days ago

    What does coca cola taste like without sugar or sweetener

  • guido braeckman
    guido braeckman 15 days ago

    Spoiler/ awnser: no

  • Your Real Estate Expert

    That music in the background is really irritating.

  • Xbox1 GT OG Rat killer x

    Isnt this the purpose of vacuum sealing

  • Mini Pie
    Mini Pie 16 days ago

    Tryna flex on Africa real quick he thought

  • Georgina Leija
    Georgina Leija 16 days ago

    Try slime in a vacuum chamber

  • Matthew Ramsey
    Matthew Ramsey 16 days ago

    make thor's stormbreaker

  • Rainbow Zeebra
    Rainbow Zeebra 16 days ago

    For a real test you should have put the other half in jars with the lid on, otherwise you do not know if the vacuum does anything

  • vocalpatriot
    vocalpatriot 16 days ago

    potato chips are put in with nitrogen because the manufacturers simply extract the oxygen from the air...pretty cool process actually.

  • Makenzie Mcfadden
    Makenzie Mcfadden 17 days ago +1


    FREE THE PEOPLE 17 days ago

    'Touches mold' -Grabs chips and eats them- lol noice

  • emily velasquez
    emily velasquez 18 days ago

    Is it possible to drop something into a vacuum chamber whilst it is still sealed? Like the feather vs a bowling ball

  • Almost Art
    Almost Art 18 days ago

    Where I live everything gets moldy if you leave it out

  • rahma122
    rahma122 18 days ago +1

    Can you do this as the next video:put dry ice vs. regular ice in a vacuum chamber and put those in a fridge and freezer for 2 weeks? I would really like to see this

  • Costabella
    Costabella 18 days ago +2

    Why would you touch that moldy bread and than eat chips with those same gloves ?

  • Ty Schroeder
    Ty Schroeder 19 days ago

    Put aerogel in a vacuum chamber!!!!

  • Alexandru Serban
    Alexandru Serban 19 days ago

    Chio chips

  • Killgore RBS
    Killgore RBS 19 days ago

    interesting ! please try a redoo with flour, butter, onion, fresh meat and smoked fish !!! FOR SCIENCE !!!

  • El de la 4.8
    El de la 4.8 19 days ago

    Have y’all put carbonated drinks in the vacuum chamber ?

  • THEbarbourBrOs 78
    THEbarbourBrOs 78 20 days ago

    What happens to liquids in a vacuum chamber

  • ツMarcos
    ツMarcos 20 days ago

    You should try it with a avocado

  • Carter Schiffman
    Carter Schiffman 20 days ago +6

    I didn’t know mold could survive without air😮

    • ShadowCuber
      ShadowCuber 15 days ago

      And they also let out their own gases which the mold forms in

    • ShadowCuber
      ShadowCuber 15 days ago

      Carter Schiffman moisture.

  • Korbon Sowers
    Korbon Sowers 20 days ago +5

    Lol me and my friend were watching this and for the marshmallow part he asked me, "is that how raisins are made?".

  • David Bell
    David Bell 20 days ago

    Why tf are you wearing gloves?

    TACTICAL JON 20 days ago

    Can you grow crystals in a vaccum chamber like so he will see

  • TK 4174
    TK 4174 20 days ago

    Will food go bad in a gas chamber

  • Duckist Dood
    Duckist Dood 20 days ago +1


  • Luis K
    Luis K 20 days ago

    You know that these jars a made to keep a vacuum already...

  • SamipRegmi official
    SamipRegmi official 20 days ago

    Mix aqua regia with liquid nitrogen and pour random metals in it

  • Claudia Johnson
    Claudia Johnson 21 day ago

    Try to make aerogel!

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer 21 day ago

    Funny story, the same kind of valve is used for people who have a collapsed lung...

  • Wasim Mohammed
    Wasim Mohammed 21 day ago

    I think I'll just buy fresh

  • Kitleesi Kitty
    Kitleesi Kitty 21 day ago

    next video: what happens to dry ice in a vacuum chamber does it react like it does in water or does it go mouldy???

  • Make Romania great again

    That's funghi

  • Make Romania great again

    For those who didn't know
    The higher the air pressure, the easier liquids boil. For example, if I want to boil water at sea level, the water will boil at 100°C. If I want to boil water at the top of mount Everest where there's less air, it will boil at ~32°C. If I am on a space ship and let some water in space, it will instantly start boiling

  • Benjamin Albrecht
    Benjamin Albrecht 21 day ago

    Bread shouldn't be squishy

  • Jason Webster
    Jason Webster 21 day ago

    Put lemon juice on the fruit before vacuum it

  • Aditya Vasant
    Aditya Vasant 21 day ago

    Can a bug or plant survive in vacuum for few seconds.

  • King Damien
    King Damien 22 days ago

    Does bread gets wet with the solution that makes anything dry under the rain with thunder

  • Neet
    Neet 22 days ago +4

    Me presenting my group work at my failed biology class be like

  • Reagan Powell
    Reagan Powell 22 days ago +12

    R.I.P for headphone users at full volume at 3:43

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 22 days ago +1

    Do Black clothes get hotter than regular clothes?????????

  • ACardboardBox
    ACardboardBox 23 days ago +1

    Will memes die in a vacuum?

  • Frank Lewandowski
    Frank Lewandowski 23 days ago +5

    Pretty sure you misused those jars. Lol. Let's take this metal disk with rubber seals that will work better than a small square piece of rubber for the exact same task. Lol😂

  • yougotit96
    yougotit96 23 days ago +4

    actualy thats how you make croutons my dude, bake bread with seasoning and let it sit till its hard as rock

  • Tim Moody
    Tim Moody 23 days ago

    A vacuum requires a sealed chamber. The universe is a vacuum. It must be a sealed chamber!

  • Keoki Malulani
    Keoki Malulani 23 days ago

    Whats with the rubber gloves?

  • Lisergiko
    Lisergiko 23 days ago

    Buy European food and then redo, preferably use some fresh food and not dried stuff full of preservatives...

  • Xx midnight xX
    Xx midnight xX 23 days ago

    Can you put a phone in a vacuum chamber without it breaking?

  • GörryInder
    GörryInder 23 days ago

    oh ja äpfel schneidet man am besten beim lagern! wie die alten Seefahrer!

  • Byron Guillot
    Byron Guillot 23 days ago

    You should invest in a colored printer