Will Food GO BAD in a Vacuum Chamber?

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
  • Today we're seeing if putting different types of food in vacuum chambers can keep them from going bad after a month!
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Comments • 12 419

  • Boujee dollface
    Boujee dollface 2 days ago

    I wonder did he change the gloves each time 🤔

  • I'm just saying
    I'm just saying 2 days ago

    Food that go bad when exposed to air or moisture.
    *McDonalds enters the chat*

  • Nicholas Paulachok
    Nicholas Paulachok 2 days ago

    Watch closely kids, this is how you make hydrogen sulfide gas, a gas that is lethal in doses as small as 25 PPM

  • marinerenewable
    marinerenewable 2 days ago

    The lids of the mason jars will act as the hole and rubber if you don't over tighten them initially.

  • ManMetWokPan
    ManMetWokPan 3 days ago

    Yeah but ya didn't cover the thread of the jars with teflon tape so it wasn't a vacuum anymore even hours after pulling it vacuum. The air could still enter the jars, ya dufus.

  • Jahred Harrison
    Jahred Harrison 3 days ago

    You didn't sterilise ANYTHING

  • Thirty Three
    Thirty Three 3 days ago

    So mold don't need oxygen to grow. What kinds of bacteria don't need oxygen to grow. Maybe we need some lessons on anaerobic organisms.

  • Giuseppe Turitto
    Giuseppe Turitto 4 days ago

    Damm, you destroyed those jars. they are designed for canning, so no need for your DIY vacuum valve, because they are designed to do vacuum.

  • Alastar Showers
    Alastar Showers 4 days ago

    So those jars were already designed to pull the vacuum on them. drilling them just compromised them (redo)

  • GoTurbo
    GoTurbo 5 days ago +1

    Please be careful with things like this. Removing oxygen from a jar will only allow obligate anaerobes to grow, such as Clostridium botulinum which causes botulism. Additionally, to make the tests more reliable, you should have sterilised your jars and vacuum chamber, and any other instrument you may have used in the experiment. It's also important to all the jars in the same room/conditions although not directly side by side.

  • Michael Hartman
    Michael Hartman 5 days ago

    Wash canning lids in warm soapy water, and rinse to remove sealant. Put lids on jars. Turn rings just enough to keep the lids from sliding off. Forget the drill and tape. Vacuum. Lids will seal against jar rims. Jars and lids should have been sterilized. Dry items do very well. I have not tried chips because of the oil, so that was interesting.

  • Fishin with DP3
    Fishin with DP3 5 days ago

    Bro if my meme went stale would I be here??

  • Kimberly Janice
    Kimberly Janice 7 days ago

    I wonder what happens if you put a human body in a vacuum sealed jar

  • Traditional LivesMatter

    no way those seals held up for 4 weeks. I bet air got in within 1 hour.

  • Zack Reed
    Zack Reed 7 days ago

    This is the same concept of canning, only this would be cold canning... Am I wrong?

    • Zack Reed
      Zack Reed 7 days ago

      You guys drilled a hole in the lids for nothing lol, not trying to laugh about this but it's more of a "could of had a V8" moment.
      Try doing all the same processes without a hole in the lids, just a put a drop water on the rubber bit on the jar lid, then just set the lid on the jar without the ring and vacuum it like that.

  • Crypto Colax
    Crypto Colax 7 days ago

    Fresh McDonalds food cant be compared to rotten food, because its much worse than that.

  • Sean Ripper
    Sean Ripper 7 days ago

    25 bucks??? What cheap motherfuckers... Probably make thousands off the suggestions and the most they offer is twenty five?? Wow... Haha

  • Aco
    Aco 7 days ago

    Ugh, you know mason jars are designed to keep a vacuum right?

    That little flap won't keep a seal anyway once the food off-gases. You can just put the lid on realllly loose, air will escape the jar, and then the inner lid will seal on its own. Then you can crank them down tight, keeping the rotting inside completely.

  • Above Beyound
    Above Beyound 8 days ago

    Sterilis the vacuim

  • Shawn Singletary
    Shawn Singletary 8 days ago

    The vacuumed apples looks like it was burned by it's own juice. The spots was were the juice escaped.

  • Kuntal Mondal
    Kuntal Mondal 8 days ago

    Ever heard of botulinum which thrives in vaccum condition.

  • Farms Grace
    Farms Grace 8 days ago

    Why didn't you use the two piece lids designed for vacuum sealing those mason jars? Your experiment was tainted by not being able to maintain a proper seal.

  • El Chino Tacos
    El Chino Tacos 10 days ago

    I think it's funny when in the comments it's like"next video will ice cream melt in the fridge "gets like 40k like but the ones talking about how this works and the science of it gets only like 2 like

  • Bluestreak
    Bluestreak 10 days ago

    4 weeks for one Video

  • Avishkar Daundkar
    Avishkar Daundkar 10 days ago

    What will happen if vacume is added to fishtank

  • DRB 2987
    DRB 2987 11 days ago

    Why did you drill holes In the covers? That totally voids the vaccum

    • sleeping songbirds
      sleeping songbirds 9 days ago +1

      DRB 2987 to keep the lids from flying into the air i guess

  • H2OjordanS
    H2OjordanS 11 days ago

    What will happen when dry ice hit magma

  • Afrida Huq
    Afrida Huq 12 days ago

    Guess, I don't belong to this comment section. Everyone here talks so scientific.

  • JCJR
    JCJR 13 days ago

    I hope you swanned one of those apples.

  • FluidBoom
    FluidBoom 14 days ago

    Why did you drill a hole in the top of those cans... They have seals on the lids...

  • Keisuke Takahashi
    Keisuke Takahashi 15 days ago

    No. We vacuum seal our meat, fruit etc. And it lengthens the date before it expires.

  • Theholocaust Isalie
    Theholocaust Isalie 15 days ago

    Not if you fermented it with salt water

  • Caleb Davies
    Caleb Davies 18 days ago

    chief that did not work

  • Juan Ng
    Juan Ng 19 days ago

    did you get food poisoning?

  • GodXSweT
    GodXSweT 21 day ago


  • Beth
    Beth 23 days ago

    I like how you make self sealing jars...self sealing...

  • Dragon Flame Studios !

    Can you fix a toilet with noodles???

  • Robbin Pringle
    Robbin Pringle 25 days ago

    That is a very nice cordless drill

  • Jack Schroeder
    Jack Schroeder 25 days ago

    Make a zero gravity chamber

  • Raindrop
    Raindrop 27 days ago

    What can you destroy in a vacuum

  • Domino
    Domino 27 days ago

    I did an experiment on bread mold that started in high school Biology and lasted 25 YEARS. I examining a slice of bread about every 2 years for the entire time.
    Anyone want to guess what the bread slice looked like at the end of the experiment?

  • Olivia Strickland
    Olivia Strickland 28 days ago

    Do a video and try to see if you can make your own paint then try to dry it out In the vacuum chamber

  • hoosierarcher
    hoosierarcher 29 days ago

    The jars should have been sterilized before adding food to them.

  • Candy Monay
    Candy Monay 29 days ago

    Did the gloves get changed from each

  • Johnny Lee Smith Jr.
    Johnny Lee Smith Jr. 29 days ago

    Can you light a fusee in the vacuum chamber

  • G D
    G D Month ago

    It’s strange that many people are talking about sterilization, because that’s not the point of the experiment. The experiment is ONLY about the food in a vacuum. It’s NOT about sterile storage. The question is NOT “will sterile food spoil in a vacuum?” The question is “will (normal, non-sterile) food spoil in a vacuum?”

  • Trey Fallon
    Trey Fallon Month ago

    next video electrify an apple

  • Lee Moncure Smith Rodríguez

    Also, you have to look at aerobic vs anaerobic bacteria and fungi.

  • scott mckernan
    scott mckernan Month ago

    Well now we know mold will grow in outer space😎

  • Parvati Harnesberry

    If there’s no air, what is there

  • Cool 89
    Cool 89 Month ago

    Bread turns dry

  • The Bluebird 3800 Guy
    The Bluebird 3800 Guy Month ago +1

    Molten metal in a vacuum chamber

    • unknown unknown
      unknown unknown Month ago

      Wouldn't work cuz the metal would ruin the vacuum chamber. Unless you use gallium or mercury.

  • Evan Boyar
    Evan Boyar Month ago +6

    The video: "you can actually hear that as it crumbles"
    Also the video: [annoying background music]

  • Jon Groom
    Jon Groom Month ago

    Why do Americans wear gloves for this??

  • Tyler Walker
    Tyler Walker Month ago

    Make a video on how to build a vacuum chamber

  • Pycho Hobo
    Pycho Hobo Month ago +1

    I'm at the beganing of video and am wondering,
    Why you drilled a hole in a mason jar lid??????
    They are made to form a vacuum how they are.

  • Brianna Michelle
    Brianna Michelle Month ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who accidentally ate rancid cereal when you're half awake in the morning.

  • Jae Anne
    Jae Anne Month ago +1

    Take the stuff from around babybels, mold it, melt it, burn it, freeze it

  • Brandy Sloan
    Brandy Sloan Month ago

    can mold grow in space??

    • unknown unknown
      unknown unknown Month ago

      No, but since it wasn't a complete vacuum, it was still able to grow mold.

  • Tim M
    Tim M Month ago

    Will a vacuum chamber put out a light candle