How To Make a Cheeseburger Pizza

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  • Raccoon Chipmunk
    Raccoon Chipmunk 2 минуты назад

    when did howtobasic become nice?!

  • Paul Valluzzo
    Paul Valluzzo 11 минут назад

    When he first approached the homeless guy I was like NOOOOO DONT DO IT until he opened the box and I was like awwww

  • Ghost Yoru
    Ghost Yoru 1 час назад

    0:32 that's how the microwave or whatever you say it work

  • ShamsulBlox
    ShamsulBlox 2 часа назад

    wow you actually gave the homeless man actual food. that so kind and you even give him a cheeseburger

    PASTEQUE GAMING 4 часа назад

    j'aime bien se petit geste a la fin

  • KuroYozora Rindou
    KuroYozora Rindou 5 часов назад

    5K don't undrstand "Don't judge a book by it's cover".. ✨😏

  • Jdhdh Xbjxjd
    Jdhdh Xbjxjd 6 часов назад

    Thanks for give Food 😘👍

  • Bui Dong
    Bui Dong 8 часов назад

    i only have one question : HOW DOES HE CLEAN THE TABLE ?!?!?!?!!

  • Tyler Nilges
    Tyler Nilges 9 часов назад

    At leased he used his extremely crispy egg concoction by giving it to the homeless

  • Sumin Tokhai
    Sumin Tokhai 11 часов назад

    that's not right bro

  • MC Berry
    MC Berry 16 часов назад

    you are a good person

  • Sefa Karakaya
    Sefa Karakaya 18 часов назад

    bu ne amk

  • AlbertoMakerGames ._.
    AlbertoMakerGames ._. 19 часов назад

    you are good man howtobasic <'3

  • The Red DarkYT
    The Red DarkYT 20 часов назад

    Oh god that homeless guy was sooo cute even I would take the pizza 🍕 jk

  • Ke_pizza Channel ITA
    Ke_pizza Channel ITA 20 часов назад

    0:59 where are you gona do whit that piece?
    1:10 MAGIC and so Sweet :3

  • Othea Marshall
    Othea Marshall 20 часов назад

    aww he's so nice

  • Charlie /Bobby
    Charlie /Bobby 1 день назад

    so cute! PS. all these people seen HTB´s face

  • MLG 4:20
    MLG 4:20 1 день назад

    Does anyone know convinse the fbi to leave your house

  • kungli wu
    kungli wu 1 день назад


  • NESA aja
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  • Dark_King1904_xD
    Dark_King1904_xD 1 день назад

    oe ctm acaso te regalan las weas enfermo reculiao desperdicias un millon de comida por video invecil de mierda

  • Weird Potato
    Weird Potato 1 день назад

    awwweee sweet!

  • the three musketeer
    the three musketeer 1 день назад

    I wonder how his neighbors think about what the crazy things he does at his house

  • well well
    well well 1 день назад

    Good thing he showed what was in the box because I was actually mad and thought he was a asshole

  • Bluestar the fox
    Bluestar the fox 1 день назад

    no you just put a cheeseburger on your pizza to make a cheeseburger pizza lol

  • Dick Pound
    Dick Pound 1 день назад

    I like the ending 🤧🤧😇😇😇😁😁

  • Kevin Kitterman
    Kevin Kitterman 1 день назад

    awesome video and the fact it showed he has heart. cudos for you man! keep up the awesome vids!

  • Angela Ziegler
    Angela Ziegler 2 дня назад


  • Bravić _
    Bravić _ 2 дня назад

    esse canal é bizarro, mas é legal
    pelo menos esses doidão ajudaram um morador de rua kk

  • Yumi Rei
    Yumi Rei 2 дня назад

    Awww its nice to see ppl helping the homeless

  • Wolf Boy
    Wolf Boy 2 дня назад

    Now i know how to make pizza

  • Emma Castro
    Emma Castro 2 дня назад

    Jesus chill are you incredible hulk

  • Brandon Hates You
    Brandon Hates You 2 дня назад

    I was wondering where was the eggs

  • ZannaTheWolf and Skipper
    ZannaTheWolf and Skipper 2 дня назад

    if you did not mess it up it would be more like a cheese burger pizza sandwich

  • Matthew TV
    Matthew TV 2 дня назад

    so sweet <3

  • Nisa Taşdemir
    Nisa Taşdemir 2 дня назад

    senin amına koyayım katolik orospu evladı

  • Xd pelaaja 101
    Xd pelaaja 101 2 дня назад

    wait was that actual homelees guy or was it your friend?

  • tactical nuke bow
    tactical nuke bow 2 дня назад


  • Hetalian Boricua
    Hetalian Boricua 3 дня назад

    i wanted a cheeseburger pizza😫

  • Ender Wraith
    Ender Wraith 3 дня назад

    Does anyone remember his face?!

  • 이규용
    이규용 3 дня назад

    HowtoBasic is angel

  • Military Freak
    Military Freak 3 дня назад

    this video made me cry at the end :(  BUT IT WAS SOO NICE OF HIM TO DO THAT

  • supernova1248
    supernova1248 3 дня назад

    This must be the first time HowToBasic behaves normal (because of the end).

  • Simon 53100
    Simon 53100 3 дня назад

    i love your video

  • Harsh Agarwal
    Harsh Agarwal 3 дня назад

    For the first time Actually LIKED his video, instead of DISLIKING

  • Harsh Agarwal
    Harsh Agarwal 3 дня назад

    Wish he did that every time he thinks of wasting food...

  • Errin chan
    Errin chan 3 дня назад


  • Fathia ben ali
    Fathia ben ali 3 дня назад


  • Ryan Gherghel
    Ryan Gherghel 3 дня назад

    Bruh that looks so good

  • G Earth
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  • YAGURL 2021
    YAGURL 2021 3 дня назад

    that ending tho...😭😭😭😭😭

  • viorica tuna
    viorica tuna 3 дня назад

    Riiiight... waste a lot of food in the attempt to be funny and then buy a pizza from pizza-hut and a burger to give it away to someone in need. Such an idiot.

  • duy le
    duy le 4 дня назад

    wow the ending i though you will troll him but... NO

  • Themonkeyplays !!!
    Themonkeyplays !!! 4 дня назад

    That is so good of him

  • 22kgamerstyle
    22kgamerstyle 4 дня назад

    howtobasic you are soooooooooo kind!!! <3

  • Silfa Zulfira
    Silfa Zulfira 4 дня назад

    noooo that chese burger 😫

  • Azzam Khairul
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  • KaZaXsTaR tv
    KaZaXsTaR tv 4 дня назад

    далбаеб тамақты ысырап кылмашиш

  • koala kitty12
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  • XxRAYANxYT Gaming
    XxRAYANxYT Gaming 4 дня назад

    Awwww the ending tho i think I'm going to cry.......

  • medchnine chnine
    medchnine chnine 4 дня назад


  • lil' kitty katTM
    lil' kitty katTM 4 дня назад

    99.999.99% of the comments were talking about how nice this guy is.

    99.9% are talking what really happened

  • Anita Lehmann
    Anita Lehmann 5 дней назад


  • best of royale
    best of royale 5 дней назад

    a alban steal your video

  • eldor bashkin
    eldor bashkin 5 дней назад

    you are a good person

  • Happy Lucky
    Happy Lucky 5 дней назад

    Instructions unlcear, Ended up making a perfectly normal pizza.

  • Santa Pug
    Santa Pug 5 дней назад


  • PurplePlush Plum
    PurplePlush Plum 5 дней назад

    lobot tae igit tae lobot tubol i et it poopoo boonerrrrrr wihagfwsufgweiufhwefh waziwazi

  • Fernando A Nieves
    Fernando A Nieves 5 дней назад

    0:32 when ur food doesn't turn the way u imagine

  • Books and Stuff
    Books and Stuff 5 дней назад

    r/ wholesomememes

  • Vlog Animal
    Vlog Animal 5 дней назад

    👏👏 I love

  • HafidCrafterzGaming
    HafidCrafterzGaming 5 дней назад

    aahhhh <3

  • segafan13
    segafan13 5 дней назад

    This is his most normal video XD

  • Santiago Salvador
    Santiago Salvador 5 дней назад

    i thought it would be normal for once

  • Gunsmoke Lol
    Gunsmoke Lol 6 дней назад


  • Brick Fan PL
    Brick Fan PL 6 дней назад

    the end is so nice <3

  • Brandon Haywood
    Brandon Haywood 6 дней назад

    Imagine all the pizza lovers watching this

  • Kreamii Berri
    Kreamii Berri 6 дней назад

    That was sweet :D

  • Joe Decker
    Joe Decker 6 дней назад

    So sweet

    BLITZ BRIGADE 6 дней назад

    that pizza looks so delicious...

  • Five XIMO
    Five XIMO 6 дней назад

    wow i never thought you were this good perso

  • Kabii Of The Stars
    Kabii Of The Stars 6 дней назад

    Wow that ending was unexpected from htb... that's so sweet tho! ☺

  • Atif Yusuf
    Atif Yusuf 6 дней назад

    thnx bro that was helpful! :D!

  • Vũ Hoàng
    Vũ Hoàng 6 дней назад

    So sweet❤️

  • squidkidz 1892
    squidkidz 1892 6 дней назад

    i though the homeless guy was an actor

  • squidkidz 1892
    squidkidz 1892 6 дней назад

    omg cant believe a mental guy gives a homeless guy actual food

  • Samuel Gonzalez
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  • Jegat Johann
    Jegat Johann 6 дней назад

    with that ending i wanna kill everybody who disliked

  • TheGamer JdJf
    TheGamer JdJf 6 дней назад

    cool man

  • phoenix maoxomphu
    phoenix maoxomphu 6 дней назад

    Cooking with undyne!

  • Riftys BigNig
    Riftys BigNig 6 дней назад

    best ending ever I thought he was going to offer the Burt shit to other people but I'm happy he did what he did

  • Justin Jenkins
    Justin Jenkins 6 дней назад

    I was about to get pissed at the end

  • Camila Pereira
    Camila Pereira 6 дней назад

    how to basic love eng

  • MadHatter
    MadHatter 6 дней назад

    I'll get uhhhhhh a 🅱️oneless pizza.

  • Kaden Tam
    Kaden Tam 7 дней назад

    before the "destruction" I tried it out and it tasted pretty good thanks😁

  • MR-GAMER 14
    MR-GAMER 14 7 дней назад


  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 7 дней назад

    I did what you did, it tastes like Bleach

  • Hrishikesh singh Shekhawat
    Hrishikesh singh Shekhawat 7 дней назад

    huge respect🙌🙌