How To Make a Cheeseburger Pizza

Today I show you how to make a delicious cheeseburger pizza. This authentic Italian pizza recipe is incredibly easy to follow - You don't have to be a qualified chef, anyone can make this delicious cheeseburger pizza in minutes. Simply follow the step by step instructions & your pizza will turn out perfect. Looks familiar? That's because this is the exact same recipe that is used by Pizza Hut & Dominos on a daily basis. Until now it was kept secret. Bon appétit.

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Автор Matthew Young ( назад)
an american thanksgiving

Автор 0Name ( назад)
Does anyone know the song he used?

Автор KOROKOLOKOKO :v ( назад)
like por lo ultimo :'D

Автор Arabella! at the Disco ( назад)
aww he it was so sweet when he gave the real pizza (and a burger) to a homeless guy. 💖

Автор Francis Yshii ( назад)
What a nice person

Автор Coucou lps, Sa va? ( назад)
omg tank you so mutch!

Автор Dead_Fox Music/Games ( назад)
that end was so nice ;)

Автор Kane Malupet ( назад)
how to basic is really nice I want to see him in person

Автор P H A N T A S M A G O R I C A L ( назад)

Автор SparcMacLlVE ( назад)
i liked that ending <3

Автор Bang Obin ( назад)
I Still Don't know how This Is Humorous To me

Автор Logan Connor ( назад)
He tricked me

Автор knight shaka 2511 ( назад)
good guy

Автор tổng hợp chanel phú phan ( назад)
ngtốt có khác

Автор Hi Jackson ( назад)
Who in their right mind would dislike this

Автор Martina Salguero ( назад)
quién no ha visto un vidio de este tío?

Автор Zoe ( назад)
0:00 - 0:31

is how far we went without destruction.

Автор Mr Cat ( назад)

Автор Nguyên Anh ( назад)
ôi chúa ơi

Автор rabka dewa ( назад)

Автор SynC ( назад)
Dude that was so cool of you to give the pizza to him :)

Автор Rin Okumura ( назад)
Below this comment is all about how nice he is.

Автор taga toons ( назад)
y yo que pense que era normal el video

Автор Anders VEVO ( назад)
Nice that you give that pizza to him 😀😀

Автор Hotshotter3000 ( назад)
The ending... so he isn't a total psycho! At least he only destroys inanimate objects!

Автор Brian Arceo ( назад)
What is the music?

Автор Abooa Abood ( назад)
كس أمك يا قحبه

Автор KreZZes ( назад)
0:20 okay..

Автор Thomas Kempis ( назад)
can someone please tell me the name of this music

Автор TheMightyGaming Official ( назад)
This could be a real recipe...

Автор GT BATUHAN ( назад)
Helal olsun be

Автор Luxy CZ ( назад)
Im sure he will enjoy the pizza

Автор GrumpyGamer YT Videos Random Por ahi :V ( назад)
The fucking plotwist dude!

Автор mrgasty dv ( назад)
Now a days the craziest guys are the better people

Автор Plague AnTi-Human ( назад)
wow howtobasic finally did a good thing xD

Автор retardadoraptor ( назад)
obrigado eu fiz isso tudo ai e deu certo

Автор eternal gamer ( назад)

Автор Psikopat Bir Jojuk - PBJ ( назад)
hani trolle mallık arasında bir ince çizgi vardır ya bu adam o çizgide halay çekiyo

Автор borisruleselsayescailliouno 047 ( назад)
1:05 Kids In Africa could have eaten this homeless man

Автор TheKris Dragon ( назад)
He starts of Nice and then goes crazy on every videoXD

Автор Annie Eliane Juárez Vargas ( назад)
I Love you Dallas :3 hahaha ok... maybe I don't

Автор Hellraizer 299 ( назад)
Aww howtobasic you a man brah u will be a hero

Автор PKGamer XD ( назад)
Wtf i thought He will gave the Shit pizza he made

Автор Sardrellas ( назад)
Howtobasic is an ass hole for giving him a good pizza and burger. Should have given him the gross one.


Автор Natalie -Natagator- ( назад)
I died inside when I saw him burning all of that good food.

Автор Hydn Alger ( назад)
from what it looks like HowToBasic actually just gave a cheeseburger and a pepperoni pizza to a homeless person, godspeed....

Автор Cachorrinho Seboso ( назад)
parece que so tem eu de br aqui

Автор SHIT Studios. ( назад)
*obligatory, old, unfunny, irrelevant comment saying: *obligatory comment about how Africans could have eaten an inedible object**

Автор Sotia Zannetou ( назад)
the end is sooooo cute

Автор Joao Henrico 0412 ( назад)
quem e br aqui?????

Автор CSmartin Vlogs ( назад)
the end was very nice

Автор Shoopdewoop ( назад)
Used this video in a presentation in school... I got a B! LOL

Автор Duy Luu ( назад)
He needs some milks

Автор mr. random ( назад)
I'm dieing lol

Автор bm7001 ( назад)

Автор Vania Maria ( назад)

Автор Kusoki Koyoka ( назад)
I heared a cat meow when the sprinklers went off.

Автор Gigi 03 bisou ( назад)
quelqu'un parle français ici ?

Автор keenen johnson ( назад)
anybody started laughing when he put hot sausage on the pizza

Автор Ashlyn Murray ( назад)
dude what is wrong with u

Автор mouthfullarockets ( назад)
this is as american as it gets

Автор Leonel Messi ( назад)
How american do a pizza

Автор Kamil Turkey ( назад)
Fuck right na pussy

Автор Sjnskjdndjd Ainsbuxgbd ( назад)

Автор Petar Lapatanovic ( назад)
you are such a nice person :')

Автор Aguia 04 ( назад)
howtobasic finaly make something good in the fisrt time

Автор Adam Cotton ( назад)
Surprised by the end

Автор bruno games ( назад)
Now to basic you are a good person

Автор Yolo G4L ( назад)
i love that howtobasic really gave a homeless guy food it made me smile

Автор Sam Darlow ( назад)
I would hate to live next to him

Автор Ilove Corpseparty ( назад)
Kids in America could have eaten that

Автор CutterPuppies 2 ( назад)
Howto Basic you done something right today and u made us all proud. Giving a nice diliciouse dilivery pizza to the homeless guy was the right thing to do. Subscribe to Howto Basic right now!

Автор Tonejo Kun ( назад)
i think something bad, until that open the box :')

At the end he actually gave a Real pizza and a burger omg so Nice

Автор Wiktor Gowor #R ( назад)
ahh a lot of cheese

Автор Aislyn Porkly ( назад)
how to mak a  slime

Автор тне геаl sselecaF ( назад)
Was everyone looking at him like that cause he was naked like in all his other vids?xD

Автор MercuryWolf ( назад)
now we know how to basic has a heart 😂💙👍

Автор motiejus joksas ( назад)
LOL i laughed hard but...


Автор Eray Efe ( назад)
your hareket is beatiful

Автор Josh Antonio ( назад)
What if someone straight up took the pizza without the homeless man even noticing kindness of how to basic

Автор zuhairi kurosaki ( назад)
he really is a kind heart guy

Автор Jonah33Henry 123 ( назад)

Автор elver galarga ( назад)
pensé que harías como reset pero me sorprendiste :D likaso xd

Автор Jackson, God of Salt ( назад)
The ending was so sweet

Автор Xx EmoVloger xX ( назад)
awwww he gave the pizza to the homeless person :D

Автор 김석호 ( назад)
it's not that garbage

Автор NiTrO_ BoY ( назад)
Ooooh the last one was cute

Автор Maxim Friesen ( назад)
You son of a bitch there's so much to eat

Автор Not Important ( назад)
I followed the tutorial without crazy stuff~ i mean main parts and it actualy taste good

Автор dkahmedkhalaf ( назад)
Relaxing music anyone name? Much apreciation :)

Автор Nguyễn Nhân ( назад)
you are a great man

Автор 김보석 ( назад)
계란성애자맞음? . . ..근데콜라는안주네스인성갑

Автор Ferranchu ( назад)
A Beautiful Ending for a Crazy Video :)

Автор Isabela Marie Gonzales ( назад)
That was definitely coming.

Автор zfghty uuyghju ( назад)
I think you should have brought that guy the destroyed pizza. I bet he would have eaten it anyway :D

Автор Missygeorgia2008 drawings ( назад)

Автор pugzly is here ( назад)
Let's fuck

Автор Man Lee ( назад)

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