The Long Night Opening Scene Part III - Dothraki Charge The White Walkers - 4K Video Quality

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • After Melisandre ignites the Dothrakis' swords with fire, they begin the charge towards the White Walkers.
    The Dothraki charge the enemy, but are swiftly annihilated; a few survivors, including Jorah, are able to retreat and regroup with the remaining armies. As they begin formation, a snowstorm quickly overwhelms the forces of the living. Eddison Tollett is killed saving Samwell Tarly. Deviating from their plan to intercept the Night King, the dragonriders arrive and burn the advancing wights as the living begin retreating into the castle but the Night King creates a winter storm just as Jon Snow is about to burn the White Walker generals, rendering the dragons ineffective as there is no visibility.
    Part I:
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  • dice1331
    dice1331 16 hours ago

    I remember watching this for the first time. When they started charging I started screaming "What the hell are you doing?? Stay and hold the fcking line!!" But no.. the writers had to do it just to capture that shot with Jorah and ghost, that flames going out in the distance. Fck this sh*t!

  • Tito Brozzi
    Tito Brozzi Day ago

    If not the scariest episode of all , Jorah's face was hopeless 3:01 as if he was coming back from hell

  • Todd Metzger
    Todd Metzger 3 days ago

    Don't worry, they'll all be reincarnated in two episodes.

  • Angel ofIron
    Angel ofIron 3 days ago

    If only if D&D knew how to write a undead horror instead of going into politics like that speech Danny gave out just ridiculous!

  • Fernando7
    Fernando7 4 days ago +1

    @7:10 innocent giant playing golf and asshole dragon just burns him, wow

  • SH W
    SH W 6 days ago +2

    Night King: Well, I figure out they wouldn't lie down and die, but a suicide charge? Here I was thinking they could do better than that...

  • Kevin Hillary
    Kevin Hillary 7 days ago

    3:19 that green screened hairline

  • BlastoTheHanaar
    BlastoTheHanaar 8 days ago

    Why wasn't the artillery lobbing wildfire down range? Effective against the undead, looks cool and would have allowed them to see the wights.

  • Daniel Keller
    Daniel Keller 8 days ago +2

    Dothraki only fear two things: Dragons, and defeat
    After the Long Night: maybe defeat aint so bad

  • yan zhang
    yan zhang 9 days ago

    Jon : strategy and planning

  • Tímea Csákvári
    Tímea Csákvári 9 days ago

    6:16 THIS

  • Fady bahaa
    Fady bahaa 9 days ago

    What a waste of time !

  • Cl 56
    Cl 56 9 days ago

    The battle strategy in this would be the equivalent to watching a show about E.R.s and having the surgeons wear no gloves...

  • Bryan Evans
    Bryan Evans 10 days ago

    6:00 Jon was about to do DAMAGE! That wind was just plot to take away his glory

  • Jediknight101
    Jediknight101 12 days ago

    The charge of Dothraki army in the long night should have the bridge of khazadum soundtrack from LOTR.

  • Ash Tapiwa
    Ash Tapiwa 12 days ago

    Anyone else think D&D thought we'd forgive their shitty writing because of "epic scenes?"

  • Ash Tapiwa
    Ash Tapiwa 12 days ago

    All those combined military minds thought this was a great defence strategy? Dog shit writing

  • SJ
    SJ 12 days ago

    iM n0t aBaNdoNiNg mY peOpLe
    * *precedes to watch everyone in the crypt be slaughtered and does nothing* *

  • Jake Mysterio
    Jake Mysterio 12 days ago

    Both the last good episode and a disappointing reminder that this is it for the walkers :( (Now imagining a world in my head where their was another season that made seasons 8/7 worth it :(.... what a fucking mess

  • Tank Dempsey
    Tank Dempsey 13 days ago

    Yeah that was a great idea

  • Hayden Lau
    Hayden Lau 14 days ago

    1. Artillery firing 24/7
    2. Light the damn battlefield
    3. Arm everyone EVERYONE with bows and obsidian arrows. Remember, Dothraki? Famed horse archers? The other archers on raised platforms/towers.
    4. Have defensive walls/spikes/trenches and fire rings in layers and layers to blunt the impetus of the undead charge.
    5. Unsullied shield wall as last line of defense.
    6. Save one dragon for the Night King while the other rakes the battlefield with dragonfire 24/7
    They could have won the battle with minimal casualties but they're too fucking stupid.

  • Sydni Taylor
    Sydni Taylor 15 days ago

    The night King being resolved in this episode makes season 7 as a whole irrelevant. Why go beyond the wall to get a wight to get Cersei to agree to a truce? They didn't even need Cersei's help, so they wasted their time doing that. I was hoping the night King would make it to Kings Landing since it was snowing when Jaime left Cersei he looked back and snow started to fall in Kings Landing. But winter never came to Kings Landing. Then after the night king was over, Dany's army multiplies and easily defeats Cersei's forces, so what was the point of season 7 when she could've just stormed Kings Landing in season 7 episode 3 and sent ravens to the other Kingdoms to send their armies North to defeat the Night King. But instead she kept listening to Tyrion's dumb ass and I never understood why Tyrion trusted Cersei.

    • pigifi
      pigifi 6 days ago

      I agree with you on the most part but the main purpose of getting a truce with Cersei is make sure she doesn't try to think of backstabbing them while they are fighting the dead.

  • Jesse Ash
    Jesse Ash 15 days ago +1

    It would be scarier if the undead were a bunch of Matt Laurier's or Weinstein's screaming, "I can make you a star but there's a price". Terrifying 😨👌👈😭

  • David Lynch
    David Lynch 16 days ago +4

    The stupid battle tactics ruined this for me.

    • Kim Cornwall
      Kim Cornwall 14 days ago

      David Lynch me too. I was thinking, they could’ve been smarter with their weaponry as well. The Dothraki would’ve been more effective with something similar to what Benjen Stark used and at the walls, a huge stockpile of those explosives that the children of the forest used. Far more effective than Arakhs and arrows.

    ANTOINE RAFAEL R. MAXIMO 16 days ago +1

    I get the Calvalry being outside the walls but why tf were the infantry not manning the walls?

    • Ryan
      Ryan 6 days ago

      @Hayden Lau Especially as they're light cavalry. Rohirrim in LOTR were heavy cavalry, which you DO send at infantry. Light cavalry are not meant for that role, kind of why they got obliterated.

      And honestly no lie, if it wasn't for the Dragon before, they would've also lost to the Lannister army too.

    • Hayden Lau
      Hayden Lau 14 days ago

      Also, the cavalry are famous horse ARCHERS why TF send them into a suicidal frontal melee assault?

    • ARC-27-5555 Fives
      ARC-27-5555 Fives 15 days ago

      ANTOINE RAFAEL R. MAXIMO because dumb and dumber wrote this

  • DevieeBoii Taylor
    DevieeBoii Taylor 17 days ago

    At 3:20 look closely behind Jon, you can already see the dead charging towards Winterfell

  • Becky Berger
    Becky Berger 18 days ago +1

    Love Dany and Drogon, but seeing Jon on Rhaegal was badass

  • The King of Winter
    The King of Winter 18 days ago +1

    Why they call Aragorn in 1:29?

  • Spiritthoughts
    Spiritthoughts 19 days ago

    They could have done this as the ending but with the Dothraki winning charge, directly towards the night king. Yeah im still upset about GoT and thinking of ways to make it better.

  • mullaCdroF0002
    mullaCdroF0002 19 days ago

    Zombies from WWZ: No one can stop us.
    Wights from Game of thrones: 'Hold my beer'

  • jsprite123
    jsprite123 20 days ago

    The fortress seems to be bathed in white that the moonlight? If it is, shouldn't the entire terrain be illuminated?

  • DeathNyx
    DeathNyx 20 days ago

    I really liked the charge part, the way they ride toward complete darkness against undeads that assault you like a tidal wave is... kind scary. Not to mention the part were all lights slowly fade and survivors run back. Simply amazing. Other parts I loved is when Sansa and Tyrion hide behind the tomb and when the track "The Night King" plays.

  • Bamshak Fwangyil
    Bamshak Fwangyil 20 days ago +1

    Just came from a show called Attack On Titan and I gotta say their suicide charge makes this one feel extremely stupid.

  • Junaid Sajjad
    Junaid Sajjad 20 days ago

    The background music❤❤❤

  • vigo DD
    vigo DD 22 days ago

    I think I lost some brain cells watching this

  • ArmouredSpacePony
    ArmouredSpacePony 23 days ago

    Cavalry, artillery, infantry, walls.. what an insane formation

  • Phil Lower
    Phil Lower 23 days ago

    1:18 when you realize that game of thrones could have been the best show of all time if they didn’t have two hacks writing for them.

  • Earvin Rivas
    Earvin Rivas 23 days ago

    This episode was insane

  • Beef Mode
    Beef Mode 26 days ago +5

    Dothraki: "LEEDLELEEDLELEE!"
    NK: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Beef Mode
    Beef Mode 26 days ago +4

    Dragon kills a giant at 7:10. I never caught that!

  • ChicanoPridex08
    ChicanoPridex08 26 days ago

    Greyworms War face is fuckin epic!

  • Douglas William
    Douglas William 28 days ago +1

    I love how they are fighting a horde of undead monsters and the logical conclusion they get is that, in order to protect the women and children, they should send them to the catacombs...
    brilliant.. absolutely briliant

    • Ryan
      Ryan 6 days ago

      Well the rules changed. First wights couldn't break out of wood, now they can smash stone.

      No consistency at fucking all.

  • John Odell
    John Odell 29 days ago

    5:23 such amazing sceen

  • Cronk
    Cronk Month ago +1

    i know that this scene was made to show how raw and dark the nightkings army is, but from a pure strategic perspective..... this was a very odd choice to charge like that... into the darkness, no visability,

    why not have them stationed on the castles sides, wait for the enemy to attack in the front, the use the cavalry to flank them

    i say this with years of playing Rome total war lol, so dont listn to me

    also... in close combat like this, wouldnt it be better to have smaller swords and axes? swinging large two handed weapons and a FAT mace that probably weighs a shit load takes quite alot of momentum to have any proper force

    Edit 2:
    Also, why the fuck did they place the trebuchet in front like that?`????

    FUUUUUCK I HATE David Benioff and D.B. Weiss... they fucked up this show so bad, i hope they never get a job in hollywood again.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 6 days ago

      No no, you are 100% correct. Light cavalry are ALWAYS meant to flank. Feel good about saying that because it just shows you, unlike D&D, have an IQ above 5.

      Seriously, this entire battle is moronic.

  • Mandrak789
    Mandrak789 Month ago

    Not very good phalanx by Unsullied. Spartans would have hold the line. Well, a bit longer.

  • My oh my
    My oh my Month ago

    From season 4 I always wanted to see the dothraki in a battle, against the army of the dead. And it ends up like this? Fuck this shit.

  • Dee.god5
    Dee.god5 Month ago +1

    How tf did Jamie survive all that with one left hand

  • Jake Robinson
    Jake Robinson Month ago

    Wildlife could have been used in those catapults

  • Jake Robinson
    Jake Robinson Month ago

    Wildlife could have been used in those catapults

  • SummerTime High
    SummerTime High Month ago

    Sam should've died. Why TF was he even out there. Edd does and he runs away smh

  • theskullthatone nasir

    Yup premature ejaculation by dathrakis

  • geographer ix
    geographer ix Month ago

    Reminds me of another movie
    Dothraki 1:" So we're charging in darkness into a forest and without knowing who or what is there?"
    Dothraki leader: "So?"
    Dothraki 1:"So it'd be nice to see!"
    Dothraki leader: "Goddamn it! This is a raid! I can't see, you can't see! - So what? All that matters is can the fuckin' horse see. That's a raid!

  • Djangus Roundstone
    Djangus Roundstone Month ago

    The way the wights just devours everyone in the beginning make's it so stupid how their entire defence isn't just done and dusted within a minute. I mean they're overwhelmed by a SEA of UNDEAD, just coming in waves. Yet somehow all the main characters survive. Over and over again. It really is a tragic ending for a show that once used to be so great. Because it was grounded in realism, even within it's fantasy setting. It had its own rules that it followed. All that got thrown out the window the last seasons.

  • john dacallos
    john dacallos Month ago +3

    This replay button costs 1 like


  • Comrade Dyatlov
    Comrade Dyatlov Month ago +1

    They have walls ffs why the fuck would they be outside

  • rockthecasbah420
    rockthecasbah420 Month ago +2

    7:09 i love how they added that extra little "ffffttt" when the dragonfire gets the giant. So satisfying, like popping a pimple

  • name
    name Month ago

    grey worm was a beast for surviving in the front line the fucking wights came in a tidal wave formation

  • Jorge Castro-Salinas

    Can we just say, for the sake of storyline purposes, how epic and honorable is for Jorah, after being exiled from home and become a wanted man by Ned Stark, to come back, lead a charge for the defense of Winterfell next to a direwolf. Just let that sink in for a second.

  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus Month ago

    6:15 .. BEAUTIFUL.

  • Stannis Baratheon
    Stannis Baratheon Month ago +1

    Funniest shit I have seen