Consumer Reports 2017 Lowest-Rated Cars in 10 Categories

Knowing what not to buy can be as useful as knowing what to buy. That's why each year we highlight the cars that have the lowest overall scores in our testing in 10 categories. Check out our Top 10 Car Picks for help in figuring out which car to buy.

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2017 Five Least Reliable New Cars | Consumer Reports



Автор Hayes Riviere ( назад)
everyone talks smack about ford but i see no ford on this list

Автор KillinGroundz22 ( назад)
funny how the mirage is shown here. i wouldnt say its lowest rated. may in terms of speed but MPG? Might consider it intead! been a user of this car and havent had any issues. but if you want a race car then go buy one! BTW they showed a 2014-15 mirage not 2017.

Автор hawkesworth1712 ( назад)
I was surprised Toyota got a mention but then I realised that it is probably a US built model.

Автор JohnTheGuy ( назад)

Автор SKauy ( назад)
pheww! so, ill get a volkswagen thing

Автор Zachary Bornhoft ( назад)
How in the world can they even predict reliability just based on a survey? The only way the truly find out is to own the car for an extended period of time.

Автор Josh Difulvio ( назад)
No shit it's a Maserati it's supposed to be a fun car that rich people can throw around.

Автор Smooth Character ( назад)
useful video but all the cars save the toyoturd and the masarati are a repeat of their worst for 2016 video. watching this was a waste of time

Автор Jason Falk ( назад)
Ironic that my last car, 2013 Dodge Journey, was on that list. That was the most reliable car I've ever owned. The only time that car got 16 mpg was pulling my 14' steel trailer, otherwise it was a consistent 22 mpg ave. 26 on the highway.

Автор Joesph Sharon ( назад)
an unreliable Toyota 😐

Автор Dillon Celano ( назад)
"Only averages 21 mpg". It's an SUV though..

Автор Dillon Celano ( назад)
Mitsubishi went from Eclipse and Evo to failure

Автор Graham Clarence ( назад)
A noisy cab isn't a bad thing in a company that makes sport cars.

Автор Graham Clarence ( назад)
Tacoma has the worst reliability? Where the fuck do you get your information. I know people who have put over 300k miles on several of them with no problems whatsoever.

Автор Titus Mercado ( назад)
Mitsubishi is Suzuki 2.0, and there's no denying that. They still exist?

Автор Sonos45 ( назад)
6 of these are from dodge or dodge owned sub-companies...

Автор edwardk12687 ( назад)
this is why I don't listen to consumer reports lol. as a huge gear head I never once paid attention mpg or noise in the cabin unless it's to quiet

Автор Luis Garcia ( назад)
lol. like people who buy a 70-100k Escalade even care about gas. This was comical

Автор Steel Knight ( назад)
'72 Cadillac!

Автор CCZ ( назад)
Toyotas are fucking ugly trash like the mom of the person who just read this.

Автор Alex K. ( назад)
I have never heard the words "Ferrari" and "fuel economy" in the same sentence.

Автор rockford2523 ( назад)
Consumer Reports is at it again with their readers opinions of good and bad cars and SUV's. The information they gather to rate cars is mostly from their 300,000 readers. Sure, some of the cars CR rates are no good. The Mitsubishi Mirage and Fiat 500 L quickly come to mind. However, some of their "badly" rated cars are not as bad as they claim. One example of an SUV they hate is the Dodge Journey. They claim it is poorly built and unreliable. What they don't tell you is that you can buy one brand new with a 3 year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty and 5 year 60,000 mile engine and power train warranty for $15,000. At that price, it comes with a bunch of standard features. Keyless entry, push button start, rear a/c and rear heater vents and a large cargo area with several clever hidden storage nooks. It has a radio and USB ports and gets ok mpg for a mid size crossover SUV. There is no other mid sized SUV available at this price point. I know people who have them and they have over 200,000 miles on the odometer. The only maintenance they have done is to change the brake discs, tires, oil+filter and fluids. I don't know about most of you who will read this, but, I don't have $28,000-$45,000 in my pocket to spend on a vehicle. A CRV is $27,000 but when you add extra options the price goes way up. The CRV extras are standard features on the Dodge Journey. Yes, the DJ is an older vehicle. It has been on the market since 2007. In 2011, the interior and suspension where upgraded. Still not a fancy interior, but durable, well made and rattle free. (I have an aftermarket stereo in mine and I can play it very loud and none of the trim vibrates or rattles!) The DJ drives and handles just fine. It is not a race car! It is a great family SUV that gets 26 mpg on the highway with the 283 horsepower V-6. The DJ rides as smooth as other SUV's I have owned. The Chrysler 200 is another ok car. Yes it has a cramped rear seat and a 9 speed automatic transmission that sometimes shifts to a higher gear for gas saving purposes. But, when you floor it, the car moves just fine. The 200 handles great and has a comfortable and slightly firm European suspension. It has all the bells and whistles you want in a sedan that costs thousands of dollars less than a smaller Corolla. I don't work for a car maker or sales company. I'm not an FCA (Chrysler) loyalist. I am just a person that wants a car that will get me where I need to go in reasonable comfort and at a price that is affordable. The Journey and 200 may not be the best vehicles in the marketplace today, but they are nice enough and reliable at a great price. A price families can afford! If you purchase a Journey or 200 but are worried about reliability, buy an extended warranty. While you are with the finance person, have him or her show you what type of extended warranties they are selling, and bargain heavily with the finance manager for a lower price on a decent warranty product. Read the fine print and make sure everything is covered and that your deductible is no more than $100.00 per breakdown. Buy a warranty that starts AFTER your factory one is expired.(Consumer Reports does not recommend extended warranties.) Consumer Reports is a fine organization and they do offer a lot of automotive information. They have an automotive review team that consists of engineers, scientists and journalists. They buy all their cars and SUV's and they do not take money or gifts from carmakers. However, people that test and rate cars for a living spend a lot of time in all types of vehicles. Oftentimes they get "nit picky" and forget that most people don't have the kind of money needed to buy one of their recommended vehicles. Most of us just need a vehicle that goes from place to place without any drama. When shopping for a vehicle, read Consumer Reports and other publications. Go online and read stories from people who actually own the car you are interested in. Most car models have Facebook groups and YouTube videos. Talk to someone who has one. Put all the information together on paper or in your brain and go to the dealer and buy the best priced car that works for you and your family. One more thing, Consumer Reports has been wrong with some of their recommended vehicles over the years. (Early Ford Taurus's come to my mind.) Car buying can be fun and a pain. But armed with information from many sources, you will find the right car, truck or SUV that will fit your needs and your budget. Buy what works for you. Even if the model is not recommended by Consumer Reports.

Автор Phuong Vo ( назад)
with Tacoma taking up a huge majority of that segment , I can see why it's probably on the list. there's not much to compare it to.

Автор Kid Boise ( назад)
I'm upset the Tacoma is on this list. I wish I knew how to defend it. I'm sure the ride is stiff and the handling is poor. I've heard the GM pickups are better in this regard. But the Tacos are great trucks. CR including it here just feels like such a passionless decision. But then again, it's CR

Автор Shawn Amison ( назад)
They had me until Tacoma. Lol, but seriously what other small size trucks do they compete with that are better? Maybe the Nissan pickup?

Автор Dan Rigsley ( назад)
Tacoma, worst reliability? lol. Can you trust CR anymore? I do agree with Tacoma clumsy handling though but most people don't care. Cars are subjective...tested it yourself than trust reviewer like CR.

Автор Robert Profita ( назад)
Toyota Tacoma poor reliability 🤣🤣😂😂😂what are they smoking

Автор joe b ( назад)
Wait. Did she say Toyota Tacoma below average reliability? Too bad Fiat aren't reliable. I like the 500.

Автор Sean Hart ( назад)
I love half of these cars even with their faults, but the Tacoma being unreliable is a fucking joke. I'm not a Toyota fanboy or a huge fan of with the brand has been doing in the past few years, but calling the Tacoma unreliable is a flat out lie.

Автор Hello There ( назад)
the Tacoma????? this is bullshit it's dominated mid sized for a long time now.

Автор LinusScrubTips ( назад)
Im a GM Fanboy but that toyota ranking is fucking bullshit. The Tacoma is a beast. THE BEST small pickup hands down. And sloppy handling? IT'S A FUCKING TRUCK NOT A CORVETTE....

Автор needtoknow204 ( назад)
Toyota!!! Fake report!!

Автор Glen Wright ( назад)
what alot of shite... my fiat 500l has to be one of the most comfiest car I've owned

Автор LoneWanderer360 ( назад)
Is anybody surprised the Fiat 500 sucks? They are all garbage, including the rebranded Jeep Renegade.

Автор Joe Ees ( назад)
Who buys a Maserati for its fuel economy? What next complaining that the ride quality of a Porsche is too stiff, or a Ferrari accelerates too quickly?

Автор A Slo ( назад)
Thanks for the article and video. I now know to NEVER trust Consumer Reports! Toyota Tacoma unreliable...LMAO

Автор Frank Magana ( назад)
A toyota is on this list? What happened, that bankroll support from toyota not coming in anymore? Shit, i remember when they were making isuzus look bad because the trooper was a huge threat to the 4runner. So what did toyota and CR do? They killed its public image. Its a shame because a fully loaded 02 trooper has as much features as a new 4runner.

Автор fargeeks ( назад)
I was fooled into watching this

I shouldve known it be modern vehicles today

Автор MoutainMan3000 ( назад)
You think Escalade owners carw about fuel economy? What planet are you living on CR? Pull your collective heads out of your collective asses.

Автор j hrk ( назад)
Where are Fords on this list?

Автор kclefthanded 427 ( назад)
Mitsubishi still sells the i-Miev?

Автор JELH ( назад)
John Cadogan was right. The Mercedes CLA is a shitbox.

Автор bandwagon240 ( назад)
In an article published by you in April of 2016, you praised the Tacoma for above average reliability. Now you're saying the same truck is unreliable. Which is it?

Автор Andy Branch ( назад)
Kia Optima a CR recommendation?! Must have made some improvement. I owned a 2012 Optima for 3 years as a sales rep on the road. By 100000km (62000 miles) it was falling apart. I was about to put a second set of brakes on it. Instead I traded it for a 2015 Accord, my 4th Accord. The troubles were too many to list here. I've had 4 Accords now. The 4 of them combined didn't have as many problems as the one Optima!

Автор BackRoad Kingdom ( назад)
an Italian car with a Ferrari engine is confusing, weird, loud, and expensive?? no freaking way!!!!

Автор Anthony S. ( назад)
Jap crap.

Автор David Arndt ( назад)
Land Rover which isn't reliable ? Lmao oh fuck that's surprising

Автор PotPotatoe ( назад)
When people who don't know shit about cars try to inform you on why you shouldn't but a car...

Автор TopDawg e ( назад)
Its not the 1st and 2nd gen Tacoma's that are unreliable. Its been the 3rd gens given Toyota hell

Автор TheBobobobob123 ( назад)
chrysler isn't the worst automaker, I see so much old caravans and town and country's, sebrings, neons, etc from the early 2000s still being driven today. I feel even tho fiat did do some good, they kind of ruined it with the rotary shifter. Thats why majority of the FCA cars can't go over 30k miles w/o transmission problems. They also need to do something about the patriot and liberty. idk why those still exist.

Автор mechmat12345 ( назад)
Anyone who thinks the Tacoma is the worst in the category has never driven a Nissan Frontier. I suggest anyone actually shopping for a truck look somewhere else than Consumer Reports. The Tacoma "has it's followers" because it is the best off road truck in the category. They rated the Honda Ridgeline the best truck, but it's not the best at anything, other than being a truck-shaped-car. The Taco is the best off-roader, the Colorado diesel is the best for towing.

Автор greggytheeggy ( назад)
I figured coming in here, I'd see a ton of Chrysler and maybe a Land Rover, and I was right. I'm definitely surprised to see the Tacoma over the Nissan on this list as they have barely touched the Frontier since the mid 2000's. Makes sense that the Tacoma could be on this list seeing as they just recently (2ish years) gave it a revamp. Just gotta get the kinks out. Also surprised about the Mercedes.

Автор first name surname ( назад)
You should change your presenter. They're just annoying.

Автор phant0 ( назад)
Something tells me if you own a Maserati you won't give a crap about fuel economy.

Автор dellstudio10 ( назад)
Why are they complaining about the the Mitsubishi Mirage? It's a brand new car that can be had for around $9,200 with a good warranty. Complaining about the cheap interior, of course it's cheap because the car is priced so low. It's not a $25,000 car. You get what you pay for and the Mirage doesn't cost much for a reason. It's meant to be a bare bones means of transportation at an incredibly low price point. If the lack of features are a problem then purchase something for twice the price and don't complain. People don't purchase the Mirage because it's adorned with features just like they wouldn't purchase a Lamborghini because it gets great gas mileage. You've gotta look at vehicle for it's intended purpose and use.

Автор sir dafiga ( назад)
nah man , y'all need the drift factor rating

Автор jpjaybird3 ( назад)
Toyota tacoma not reliable! lmfao don't trust this fucking consumer report! lol got to love the internet!!!

Автор Scott Watkins ( назад)
I'm having a hard time believing that the Tacoma has reliability issues. I've never heard of a Toyota having problems. My mom treats her Camry like a bad stepchild and it has 200,000 miles on it since 2009 no issues

Автор David Maglioli ( назад)
The others I can believe, but the Tacoma? Best selling midsize truck same engine for the past decade. What exactly are the reliability issues?

Автор Gerald Scott ( назад)
Disgusting. 10 vehicles, and not one of them was a 2 door model. This 4 door BS has simply gotten out of control. We need to bring back real cars, like we had in the '60s and '70s, where at least half of all cars and almost all trucks and SUVs had 2 doors.

Автор J Lang ( назад)
While I don't own any car on this list nor do I much desire to, I don't think to many Maserati, Range Rover or Cadillac (Escalade!) buyers care about fuel economy thus rating these types of cars thusly doesn't do them justice (deserved or otherwise).

Автор truckfreak1027 ( назад)
a toyota at the bottom of the list.....bullshit

Автор Millermacs ( назад)
Yeah fucking right the Toyota Tacoma has the worst reliability. I think consumer reports is actually trolling the internet because there is literally NO way the Tacoma is worse than the Chevy equivalent.

Автор 67697072 ( назад)
Toyota Tacoma.....poor reliability....give your heads a shake !!!

Автор marcducati ( назад)
Rolly polly handling....tha sounds technical. :-)

Автор Shakotan Badass ( назад)
Tacoma unreliable? how high are you people at consumer reports?

Автор David Janitschek ( назад)
Toyota Tacoma? Poor reliability? Bullshit! My aunt has a 400,000 mile 05 Tacoma 5 speed with the 2.7 four cylinder. And they've always been reliable!

Автор friendly oak ( назад)
"Maserati gets poor gas milage"... no shit. its a sports car. "its loud" AGAIN. SPORTS CAR.
you don't buy an Italian sports car for the feel of a prius. you want loud, and fast.

Автор Christopher Mehalakes ( назад)
The Toyota Tacoma is dead last in your small pickup category... I guess only to consumer reports. Did you even look at the 2017 Nissan Frontier? Most other car review sites rank the Frontier very poorly, with Car and Driver giving it a 2.5/5 and Motor Trend coming in with a whopping 2/5. Also calling a Toyota unreliable is a sin, I am not Toyota's biggest fan but the one thing they have over every-other car company is reliability (Except Maybe Honda). Also placing the Chrysler 200 and Dodge Journey at the bottom of the list was due to more then a few cheap shots. Taking a shot at the journeys 16 mpg is scraping the bottom of the barrel, using the AWD numbers and posted its city mpg rating... its smaller engine RWD gets 21 mpg which is appropriate for a vehicle of its class, if your looking for better fuel economy always stick to RWD any way. Another cheap shot is putting the Chrysler 200 last because of its visibility and poor back seat room... Why not put the Dodge Hellcat on your list as the worst Coupe due to its poor visibility and back seat room since your so busy taking shots at FCA.

Maybe next time you take a comprehensive review of the 2017 model year pick more then 60 cars over 10 category's because coming in last out of 6 doesn't exactly make a car the worst in its class. By the way the two Mitsubishi choices and the Fiat 500 are spot on in their ranking of last.

Автор carlos velasco ( назад)
so are they also saying that a tahoe and silverados are unreliable because they use the some the same components

Автор Tommy Gordon ( назад)
A 6,000lb SUV that gets 16 mpg???? Nooooooo....I don't believe it.

Автор Cepten Crinje ( назад)
did they just say the tacoma is unreliable... wow somebody cough cough gm paid for that lie

Автор William Ela ( назад)
What? The Tacoma is one of the most reliable trucks built and i believe is an excellent truck. I've owned 2 and only sold them with over 150,000 miles each. Never had any big maintenance problems and started every time good work trucks too loved em

Автор CeeStyleDj ( назад)
Why does it seem that some of the most interesting cars are the most poorly rated and the most highly rated cars are some of the most boring?

Автор Kcducttaper1 ( назад)
Predicted reliability? How is that even a thing?

Автор daniel gil ( назад)
that Maserati gets better mpg than my 2012 genesis coupe 3.8😂😂

Автор 24 Daytona Nc ( назад)
Wtf the Maserati and Land Rover are great cars

Автор jefftoonz ( назад)
surprised to hear about poor reliability in a Toyota

Автор SOURAV MISHRA ( назад)
I never believed in Consumer Reports! OR Never Will I!

Автор B T ( назад)
Leave it to Consumer Reports to pan the Tacoma again for handling like it's a pickup truck built out of the factory for off roading.

Something also tells me the host would prefer a Subaru Forrester.

Автор Mac Rice ( назад)
They do realize the escalade is "clumsy for a luxury car" because it's a humongous SUV.....

Автор Veightsc ( назад)
Toyota Tacoma makes the list??? Now I know not to trust Consumer Report!

Автор Zeroblade ( назад)
Not surprised with any of these

Автор mitos meios ( назад)
Crash test result is not an issue if you drive your car with care and never break any speed limits. Most important thing is that the car should give minimal amount of problem, have good fuel economy and somewhat good handling (light steering, gearshift and breaks). I'd get that Mitsubishi if it has trouble free motor.

Автор MrBuzzard123 ( назад)
funny....I own a 2008 Tacoma that now has 238,000km (about 140,000 miles) and haven't had an issue at all. It is a 4-cylinder five speed

Автор steve ( назад)
The tacoma !!!!?????😲

Автор Thomas Nguyen ( назад)
How does the Tacoma have poor reliability?
I have had a Tacoma since 2001 and I haven't fixed it yet.

Автор IronZombie ( назад)
How about you separate electronics and mechanical reliability in your next issue of new car reviews. I'm tired of seeing vehicles have poor reliability because of a stupid audio system. Or better yet, discuss the troubling spots of the car instead of just saying it's unreliable. That's a really poor way of reviewing vehicles.. For example the civic, has all green across the board from 2016 to this year, but because of the tablet display in a few of the models you say the entire cars reliability is much worse than average.

Автор ltyr2001 1 ( назад)
I love my Tacoma. No complaints whatsoever!

Автор V3MD ( назад)
The Maserati Ghibli is a sports car. You should expect low gas mileage and noise! That's the fun. Some of your scoring is just ridiculous.

Автор Kik Bloek ( назад)
This is fucking shit and not all true

Автор rogermurph101 ( назад)
Nobody that buys an Escalade gives a shit about gas mileage.

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
why is maserati on the list its a sports car

Автор SwiftAnima ( назад)
fiat 500L really took the L..

Автор TL M ( назад)
Great all cars and trucks I would never be interested in buying. And yes Chrysler do not make good cars, especially the transmission. I've owned two Chryslers. I regret both. Thankfully they ended up in scrap yards. Where they belong. Do not buy Chrysler or dodge.

Автор AudiophileTubes ( назад)
One of the most reliable small SUV's is the Buick Encore.

Автор josephboot1 ( назад)
Toyota Tacoma not reliable? BS! This proves CR is failing and going in the direction of everyone else, next you'll see American cars in the top 5 places backed by false claims and lies.

Автор Iron Griffon ( назад)
Are you kidding me. The Tacoma, a sports truck, is loud! What a surprise! And an Italian sports car getting poor fuel economy! Why I never! A Land Rover being behind the times! Wow that's crazy!

(calming down)
Following a proper ratings test could easily show the audience what to really expect from the vehicle. You seem to be operating on a daily driver/track racer fugly hybrid, instead of a test that properly segregates the Veyron from a Prius.

Автор No This is Patrick ( назад)
Not surprised that Chrysler cars made the list

Автор RoastRyder ( назад)
Toyota Tacoma? Unreliable? I'd expect my heart to fail before it does

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