Panthers pay tribute to Parkland

  • Published on Feb 23, 2018
  • The Panthers hold an emotional ceremony honoring the victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL before their game against the Capitals
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Comments • 140

  • Rainbow Writer
    Rainbow Writer Month ago

    Go to 4:32 No other words needed

  • V B
    V B Month ago +1

    Columbine. Sandy Hook. Aurora. Virginia Tech. Las Vegas. El Paso. Dayton. Thousand Oaks. Santa Fe, TX. How many more people need to die before we take necessary action? Too many places of gun violence, too many innocent people dead.

  • The Anonymous AcclerDew

    I was there, as a livelong South Florida resident, and as somebody who has friends who are Stoneman Douglas alumni, I had tears in my eyes during the pre game opening ceremony. #ForeverStrong #ForeverMSDStrong #FloridaStrong

  • Nancy Grégoire
    Nancy Grégoire 6 months ago

    Little Martin made me cry!

  • mackenzie broomfield
    mackenzie broomfield 7 months ago

    i am amazed by the action that has been taken. i am too a student who at times has been afraid to got o school cause of these shootings but we need to keep making a difference. you can put a silencer on a gun but not on our voice. MSD strong

  • FlippnFilipino
    FlippnFilipino 10 months ago

    My hometown in Florida had always experienced shootings. But parkland was bad along with the death of my favorite rapper, XXXTENTACION.
    R.I.P Parkland Victims

  • Ryan Cowell
    Ryan Cowell Year ago

    From Los Angeles Cali. my heart hurts for you, as do I still hurt for all places that school shootings occured. I broke down when I heard the news. In solidarity United We Stand!!

  • Bruce Long
    Bruce Long Year ago

    so I guess "God bless the NRA" for paying millions of dollars to Senators and Congresspersons to make it possible for those types of people to obtain AR-15 and accomplish their goals of mass murder. Good job NRA and your supporters.

  • Ashley Anderson
    Ashley Anderson Year ago +2

    not only should no one ever have to go through this, but also no one should ever have to worry about something like this EVER happening. we need to stand up and keep fighting for all children. just like Emma Gonzalez said “fight for your life before it’s someone else’s job”

  • Imaan Ahmed
    Imaan Ahmed Year ago +1

    You have the support of millions across the country Parkland. We stand by you. #MSDSTRONG. You're not alone in this fight.

  • Cassidy Harris
    Cassidy Harris Year ago

    As a both a Season Ticket Holder and a Middle Schooler in Broward County, attending this game was difficult. I vividly remember crying while watching this special moment and my friend tapping me on the shoulder, I turned to her and started to cry harder and gave her the biggest hug. I never want anyone to go afraid and unaware if they are going to go home to their families that day. I tell my family every day that I love them and I think everyone should. Be nice to one another because you never know when it will be your last day.

  • Simply_ here
    Simply_ here Year ago


  • Caleb Logan Editz

    18 dislikes it’s because the people are sad that the victims died

  • Thomas Kontos
    Thomas Kontos Year ago

    Please check out the tribute video I made to honor the victims and their families of the Parkland shooting. My school, Charlotte High School, held a student-led walk-out and the video is based off that.

  • oogabooga
    oogabooga Year ago +3

    I was at a coyotes game the day after parkland happened and they did a moment of silence and it was so chilling you could hear a pin drop

  • Jamila Wana
    Jamila Wana Year ago


  • miraculous 8543
    miraculous 8543 Year ago

    Im in tears right now. There is no words to describe this tragedy

  • no name
    no name Year ago +2

    FreeMason sport

    • powerstack123
      powerstack123 7 months ago

      @David Rauschenbach There's a pattern, a script, that all of these shootings follow. Reality doesn't do that.

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 7 months ago

      @powerstack123 So what?

    • powerstack123
      powerstack123 10 months ago

      @David Rauschenbach google Sandy Hook Superbowl - the surviving children sang with Jennifer Hudson

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 10 months ago

      @powerstack123 They did not

    • powerstack123
      powerstack123 Year ago +1

      Students from previous shootings sang at the Superbowl. Deja Vu..

  • Ana Molina
    Ana Molina Year ago +2

    Enough is enough already! How many more innocent people have to die? How many more school , businesses ,etc shootings , have to happen before the government does something? Why can’t the most powerful country in the world find a way to control this. What is wrong with us?

  • Julian b
    Julian b Year ago

    i have fam there

  • Pow
    Pow Year ago +5

    It’s not just weapons causing the problem it’s something deeper. now a days kids need a class that helps them learn different ways to deal with their emotions and struggles instead of just grabbing a weapon thinking it’s going to fix their problems. The new generation is so hooked on social media they forget how to connect with people and just ask how they are doing.

  • Lily Jade
    Lily Jade Year ago

    Quite powerful seeing the lights go dim per name

  • Benjamin Blake Mitchner

    It's really, really horrible what happened. I don't live in Florida or Las Vegas, but when the massacre in Parkland happened right after Vegas it was the end for me. I can't stand how much death and tragedy there is and how the govt. just do nothing about it and don't even care about us. No more weapons in the hands of civilians and the end of the NRA is the only solution. This is a tragedy that has become incessant. That really is sickening and a huge disappointment when I think about the way our nation works now.

  • Heelies
    Heelies Year ago +10

    I feel so bad for the victims.... I HOPE this never happens again #neveragain

  • alonzomourning33
    alonzomourning33 Year ago +3

    It's bad enough that I have not been back home for two years and may not get back there for a very long time if ever again . My heart aches for South Florida , my beloved Broward County, and mostly every man , woman , and child affected by this despicable tragedy . While I never lived in Parkland , I am convinced that my mother drove us by Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School at some point in the eight years that I lived in Broward from 1996-2004, as well as the 12 consecutive years I was able to visit my old hometown of Plantation , Florida from 2005-2016, the summer before Trump was elected President , and I am also very familiar with the street address the school is located on Pine Island Road . I believe it was only a year or so ago that the VERY terminal I have used for so many years at Fort Lauderdale /Hollywood International Airport was bombed at . As a Florida Panthers diehard fan, I have criticized them A LOT over the years for poor hockey decisions and play , but I have gained a newfound respect for their decision to honor the families and victims before a game and from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank not only them , but also their home of the BB&T Center in Sunrise , Florida for hosting not only this , but also the Florida Senate panel discussion held there last week that was nationally televised on CNN. As a former student of Central Park Elementary School (Go Owls! ), Seminole Middle School (Go Panthers !), and Plantation High School (Go Colonels !), I stand with my community and demand that #NeverAgain become an instantaneous reality , and I applaud each and every one of these parents , teachers , students , etc who are so bravely standing up and speaking out with a thunderous , ear splitting standing ovation , you must all continue to RAISE YOUR VOICES and demand action and change NOW ! I live now in Hayward , California , I was born in Fremont, California , but this soon to be 30 year old San Francisco Bay Area resident will forever be #FloridaStrong !

  • Mel PS
    Mel PS Year ago +6

    Our heart are with you all. No child should go through what these kids went through. Stoneman Douglas , Sandy Hook, Columbine and all the many more schools who have experience loss. Love from 🇨🇦

  • Shilonious Monk
    Shilonious Monk Year ago +1

    Garbage. Stupid hoax. Liars.

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 10 months ago +1

      Prove that it was a hoax

    • belly tripper
      belly tripper Year ago +1

      to Lindsay Wadell: here is a picture of Shilonious Monk's mother:

    • belly tripper
      belly tripper Year ago +2


    • Shilonious Monk
      Shilonious Monk Year ago

      belly tripper I also meant to type they’re all frauds...nobody died...nobody got hurt...stop with this garbage...

    • belly tripper
      belly tripper Year ago +3


  • O'Rangers Glory
    O'Rangers Glory Year ago +4

    We've got 11 stupid people disliking

  • That M3talhead
    That M3talhead Year ago

    And word came out today 4 cowardly cops didn't go in an stop him they could have saved lives.

  • tartsonawire
    tartsonawire Year ago +3

    Lovely, classy tribute.

  • Marc lavallee
    Marc lavallee Year ago +9

    Florida Panthers you are a class act!

  • seabass_da_bot
    seabass_da_bot Year ago

    How do people dislike the video

  • Ronald Lauesen
    Ronald Lauesen Year ago +4

    Rip .As a Chicago area family we spend a month in West Palm every year. Touching moment. God bless all these souls of the victims. . Amen

  • KathR
    KathR Year ago +4

    To the 6 people who disliked this- I really hope you had a thumb spasm or something and it made you miss the like button because y’all are heartless

  • Glenn Daniels
    Glenn Daniels Year ago +4

    Only sport with Class

  • Snelly
    Snelly Year ago +1

    Oh boy, ads

  • Denisa
    Denisa Year ago +17

    From a Rangers fan, I've gained so much respect for the Panthers. This was beautiful ❤ R.I.P to all the beautiful souls gone too soon 😢😢

  • 467sprite
    467sprite Year ago

    ...empty seats

    • 467sprite
      467sprite Year ago

      ._. Dont get mad challenge

  • BeginnersTech
    BeginnersTech Year ago +59

    As a visitor to Florida every year since I was 10 all the way from Scotland I really feel like it's a second home to me and the news of what happened is heartbreaking. Just know that even people on the other side of the world stand with you. Stay strong.

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 10 months ago

      @no name Without proof, you are wrong

    • no name
      no name 10 months ago

      @David Rauschenbach I can't sorry maybe I'm wrong

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 10 months ago

      @no name Prove it

    • no name
      no name Year ago +1

      BeginnersTech don't worry it's a FreeMason school funded by the Mason's. Scottish rite

    • Louie Pancoast
      Louie Pancoast Year ago

      BeginnersTech lies.....
      All lies. No one was shot in Vegas.

  • Madhouse
    Madhouse Year ago +6

    I always forget the Panthers are in south Florida. Beautiful ceremony, gotta love the hockey community. The boy had a great voice, good job kid.

  • NIREY •
    NIREY • Year ago +60

    From a las vegas local, my heart hurts for you Florida. Those cowards taking adults and children for their own selfish reasons. One can't even cope with one tragedy without minimal healing before another occurs. Your city stands united. Your hearts all beat as one. People who only want to bring darkness into this world only prove that the light only shines brighter in such times. I'm so sorry for the loved ones you lost. Our city has slowly rebuilt it's means. So know that in time it will do the same for you. We're all humans and we should love one another. No matter what team we call our own. I'm with you guys. ♡

    • Ethan Stein
      Ethan Stein 9 months ago

      NIREY • As a Parkland Local same with u guys and what happened at the Route 66 festival 2 years ago

  • nickwick35
    nickwick35 Year ago +5

    Incredible job Florida. RIP to those beautiful people. Really hit me when the lights of the victims names went out one by one...

  • Jimbo Dangle
    Jimbo Dangle Year ago +15

    Louuu made me cry man

    • Eshrat Zaeri
      Eshrat Zaeri Year ago

      Jimbo Dangle 6plk9hsa!!!`-+[]{0👐👐✌💅👔

  • Darcy Bhaiwala
    Darcy Bhaiwala Year ago +30

    RIP to those precious souls

  • Ricardo Tavizon
    Ricardo Tavizon Year ago +8

    Parkland you have my support, nobody should ever go through something like this, from a Coyotes fan South Florida i stand with you 🙏✊ #MSDStrong

  • Marshall H
    Marshall H Year ago


  • Jonathan Sandler
    Jonathan Sandler Year ago +24

    Aaron Feis saved about 70 lives he is a real hero if not more

  • Tying Earl
    Tying Earl Year ago +3


  • DrewxB08
    DrewxB08 Year ago +2

    How could anyone hit the dislike button?!?

  • Dark Magician
    Dark Magician Year ago +24

    how the hell can someone dislike this video

  • Rubicon Crossing
    Rubicon Crossing Year ago +5


  • Jason Villatoro
    Jason Villatoro Year ago +5

    Lou made me cry... so powerful

  • Bob Dewey
    Bob Dewey Year ago +18

    What a beautiful tribute honoring the victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.

  • mackenzie shaw
    mackenzie shaw Year ago +11

    Those two people who 2 disliked have no soul
    How could u

  • GiveMeBleachPLZ
    GiveMeBleachPLZ Year ago +12


  • Tommy Miossi
    Tommy Miossi Year ago +17

    Who in the world would disliked this?

  • Pix Burgh
    Pix Burgh Year ago

    Pens fan sending support to Parkland. Stay strong to anyone this tragedy may have affected. This is one fucked up world we live in. #HockeyStrong #EnoughIsEnough

  • Daniel's World
    Daniel's World Year ago +5

    You have my heart Florida....and there’s a way we can do this out our politicians in all of their offices out

  • Daniel's World
    Daniel's World Year ago +1

    This shooting happened because of lack of policing......,the FBI got focused on trump dan forgot to do its job, Scott Israel forgot to do his job, one deputy didn’t contain the shooter, our politicians forgot about the people and put immigration ahead of the school children....we need to clean up the mess and fast vote these idiots out and NOW!

    • Daniel's World
      Daniel's World Year ago

      Nick Cantor I agree....but again the governments priority isn’t straight and something needs to be done

    • Nick Cantor
      Nick Cantor Year ago +2

      Daniel's World nobody should have an ar 15

    • Daniel's World
      Daniel's World Year ago

      Pdiviy97 but the way our politicians sound, they haven’t made the school shooting a priority

    • Subscribe to me for no reason
      Subscribe to me for no reason Year ago

      Daniel's World true but just because politicians have been focusing a lot on immigration doesn't mean that they have forgotten mass shootings. Guns and mass shootings have been issues for a long time, it's just hard for both sides to create a solution that is in line with both of their views that it seems like it's not a top priority

  • Adison Tewalt
    Adison Tewalt Year ago +10

    Rest In Peace