Random Duos...but with a SUPER FAN!!

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • • Fortnite Random Duos with a kid who knows everything about me!
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  • NGG Quip
    NGG Quip Day ago

    I’ve watched you since season 1/2

  • AlphineMob 23
    AlphineMob 23 3 days ago

    Twitch nick

  • Hunter Brock
    Hunter Brock 4 days ago +1

    i think it’s funny ad ironic how they start in PP and they leave, and the final zone is in PP 😂

  • Dmoney227
    Dmoney227 5 days ago +1

    Gamers pet

  • BUBBLES lol
    BUBBLES lol 5 days ago

    Thst is so cool

  • Bailey Miller
    Bailey Miller 6 days ago

    Even in season 9 I call them places air plane places

  • Isaac Cornwell21
    Isaac Cornwell21 7 days ago

    I was there that one steam Nick was on Twitter about to Tweet to Under Armor about a sponsor

  • The_Bean_Bros
    The_Bean_Bros 8 days ago

    Please add him

  • XFaZeShadow_x Yo
    XFaZeShadow_x Yo 8 days ago

    Nice nick

  • Delio Denis
    Delio Denis 9 days ago

    :) :) :) :)

  • Delio Denis
    Delio Denis 9 days ago

    Nickeh30 has a girlfriend

  • bennyboy69r 69r
    bennyboy69r 69r 9 days ago

    All these kid wont forget thay played with Nick Eh 30 he's such a nice guy and funny great steamer 👍

  • LIFE is a GAME
    LIFE is a GAME 9 days ago

    ive been subed for so long but lost my other youtube account and you cant see how long ive been subed for😭😭

  • Devin 777
    Devin 777 10 days ago

    This is the best one by far

  • Midnight
    Midnight 11 days ago


  • Jeremy Rouse
    Jeremy Rouse 12 days ago +1

    Nick is the best💖

  • M4Aragon30
    M4Aragon30 12 days ago

    2:45 Jason is very proud of you

  • Montage Central
    Montage Central 12 days ago +2

    Who else is ocd and likes every comment lol

  • DylWel _YT
    DylWel _YT 13 days ago +1

    Ya are never gonna reply but I love ya vids and streams!

    TRISTON FROST 13 days ago

    Nick you better add this kid

  • Andre A
    Andre A 14 days ago +1

    We need more people like this

  • William Sugden
    William Sugden 14 days ago

    I talked about you in my vid and said to go subscribe and turn on post notifications I watch you all the time I am subscribed and turned on post notifications I also told them to use code nickeh30 no spaces in the item shop witch I also do thanks for making me smile.

  • Alex Watkins
    Alex Watkins 15 days ago

    Is it me or do streamers act so sweaty when they play with kids that are fans 😅

  • Yahir Garcia Delgado
    Yahir Garcia Delgado 16 days ago

    Why are you saying bad words

  • oldmrfortnite 12
    oldmrfortnite 12 17 days ago

    Superfan 😂 I been here since he started streaming fortnite

  • King Kh4n
    King Kh4n 17 days ago

    How do you become a member in live streams

  • BO2CHAMP5000
    BO2CHAMP5000 18 days ago

    I want to random duo's with Nick Eh 30 please Nick im decent compared to you but to my friends I'm pro please send me an invite BO2CHAMP5000 and I don't swear

  • Curt Simpson
    Curt Simpson 18 days ago

    You are the best fortnite player ever

  • Usman Zahra
    Usman Zahra 18 days ago

    What meacher

  • Coop Tube
    Coop Tube 20 days ago

    I would buy your merch🤩

  • Kian Seedat
    Kian Seedat 21 day ago

    This is entertainment

  • Fortnite Marcqel
    Fortnite Marcqel 25 days ago

    I have barely been watching Nick Eh 30, but I’ll watch him so much more when The Last Of Us 2 comes out

  • Connie Simmons
    Connie Simmons 25 days ago

    Me to but i don't no you that much

  • aidenplays05
    aidenplays05 25 days ago


  • La 1
    La 1 26 days ago

    He is so cute

  • Matthew Mossa
    Matthew Mossa 27 days ago

    Whats the name of the pickaxe Nick is using at 2:16?

  • Granny's Daughter Roblox

    He's like the kid version of Nick Eh 30

  • Zaimyre Rivera
    Zaimyre Rivera 29 days ago

    Nick was swearing he was saying crap

  • Ryan Pittman
    Ryan Pittman Month ago

    you should’ve added him💯

  • LionelGaming HD
    LionelGaming HD Month ago +1

    Who can here after watching him playing with thepeachcobbler

  • Ralph Muril
    Ralph Muril Month ago

    He’s a great kid and supports you and been here since day 1 you need too add him 🔥😤

  • Marcos Franco Corona


  • Livi Tracze
    Livi Tracze Month ago

    Can you friend me Fx tiger

  • yummy crisps
    yummy crisps Month ago

    this kid sounds like I do when I present in front of the class

  • Gabby’s World’s
    Gabby’s World’s Month ago +1

    Blue smg or purple compact

  • Brian Jennings
    Brian Jennings Month ago +1

    Wow nice vid you inspire a lot of kids keep up the good vibes use creater nickeh30

  • Stream Way
    Stream Way Month ago +6

    EHH Team!!!
    Make this blue
    👍 to make Nick Blue :)

  • scott Somerville
    scott Somerville Month ago

    i always played on ps4

  • Terri Silva
    Terri Silva Month ago

    Thats dope ps4 to thought ill never see it

  • Josh Connerton
    Josh Connerton Month ago

    2:22 he paused to fart 😂😂😂

  • Zalend Thames
    Zalend Thames Month ago

    Can we play

  • BigWillyMan 420
    BigWillyMan 420 Month ago

    keep up the great content :)

  • Exclusive MX
    Exclusive MX Month ago

    You should have added him

  • Danny_D -91
    Danny_D -91 Month ago

    Im sad i can't like a video twice 😂🤓

  • Nils Lindström
    Nils Lindström Month ago

    Fortnite steald the ping-system from Apex

  • Levi Williams
    Levi Williams Month ago

    Pls get merch

  • Someone YT
    Someone YT Month ago

    i watch u always in the night and if i wake up ! ! !

  • Fortnite Kings
    Fortnite Kings Month ago

    9:12 uhhhhhh

  • Jobless_ HyperTv
    Jobless_ HyperTv Month ago +1

    My friend got in your game in season 7 when u accidentally went into duo fill instead of solos😂

  • Joseph Kaminski
    Joseph Kaminski Month ago

    Can you play with the guy with the fox again

  • fire beast
    fire beast Month ago +1

    He's EH-mazing

  • stream _wild383
    stream _wild383 Month ago +1

    And this is my epic stream_wild383

  • stream _wild383
    stream _wild383 Month ago +1

    Keep it up

  • stream _wild383
    stream _wild383 Month ago +1

    And u got so much happy energy

  • stream _wild383
    stream _wild383 Month ago +1

    Plz keep up the good work man u one of the best you tubers I've ever saw

  • stream _wild383
    stream _wild383 Month ago +1

    I love all your vids

  • stream _wild383
    stream _wild383 Month ago +1


  • Alisa Romanik
    Alisa Romanik Month ago

    He’s awesome add him!

  • Economic X
    Economic X Month ago


  • Mushy Games
    Mushy Games Month ago

    Add him and play more games with him he seems nice

  • Cassies Liv05
    Cassies Liv05 Month ago

    Yeah pls add him. He was so cute and i really like him dude. Play more with him

  • Cru490 Sher
    Cru490 Sher Month ago

    Nick u HAVE TO play with him again

  • noziey goat
    noziey goat Month ago

    I watch u from season 3

  • Bryon Hammer
    Bryon Hammer Month ago

    i mean gift me a skin

  • Bryon Hammer
    Bryon Hammer Month ago

    plz im a superfine two im AndyMartillo on fortnite

    • Luiz
      Luiz Month ago

      Stop bro idk how you spelt superfan wrong as well it's written right there
      He's not gonna play with you just because you asked

  • Outdoor Survival
    Outdoor Survival Month ago

    Sometimes I think nick is school boy

  • Dennis Broberg
    Dennis Broberg Month ago


  • Cordero’s Furry town

    Is it just me or did the video play the same clip twice.

  • Xx_ Shadow42
    Xx_ Shadow42 Month ago

    Like if Nick should do squad fill

  • captaincandy fortnite YXE

    "Hit him for 9 I'm a bot"

  • Foxboy Gaming
    Foxboy Gaming Month ago +1

    Lost interest in you before you started playing fortnite but I just got back into you. Love your content even more man! ❤️

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Month ago

    Only season 63 players can like this.

  • Steven Gaddu
    Steven Gaddu Month ago

    #EH Squad like here

  • Shawn Montarbo
    Shawn Montarbo Month ago


  • Kyle Funk
    Kyle Funk Month ago

    Yes please try to play another game with him

  • Luis Zaragoza
    Luis Zaragoza Month ago

    Who has seen the axe cormecial like 5,000 times all ready every add is the black man in the tub saying tingle isn’t the manliest word

  • twiztidrage1
    twiztidrage1 Month ago

    This is my favorite video by far

  • bangz Yu
    bangz Yu Month ago


  • Just King
    Just King Month ago

    Thanks Nick, your videos always make my day or night and they bring out the kid in me lol

  • Cat
    Cat Month ago

    I have been watching from seson 5

  • Bryce Rickord
    Bryce Rickord Month ago

    Nick adddddd himmmmm

  • brajesh patel
    brajesh patel Month ago

    NickEh30 killed me in solo

  • Hayden 310
    Hayden 310 Month ago +1

    Get my RUclip to 100 sub

  • MalikTheGeek
    MalikTheGeek Month ago

    Finally somebody brought up the last of us in front of him☺️. Nick, play the last of us part ll

  • Yo boy J
    Yo boy J Month ago

    Nick just steals all of the kids loot whenever he kills someone

  • Cille
    Cille Month ago

    That kid did his research

  • Matt Haff
    Matt Haff Month ago

    Such a great kid!

  • Lolz Pleb
    Lolz Pleb Month ago

    How come my Hybrid looks a lot more orange then yours it says red colour when u change the style but it looks orange on my screen is it cause I play Nintendo???

  • Dontè Bandoo
    Dontè Bandoo Month ago

    A nickehhhhh30 shirt would be great

  • Alexander Correll
    Alexander Correll Month ago

    Sorry Nick I use code FaZeReplays in the item shop cuz he’s so underrated