Walking Street Pattaya - I Got The Best Thai Girl

  • Published on Aug 27, 2018
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    Walking Street Pattaya - I Got The Best Thai Girl
    Today we visited Walking street Pattaya, we started the night at the buffet followed by a nice ride down to Jomtien beach. In Jomtien we went to the Jomtien night market before going to walking street Pattaya. One of the best things to do in Pattaya is to take a walk down walking street, checking out the Pattaya bars and enjoying the Pattaya nightlife.

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  • The Holistic Trainer
    The Holistic Trainer  Year ago +14

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    • karthik from Hyd
      karthik from Hyd 8 months ago

      Her aim is very steady great shot.

    • phillip trapp
      phillip trapp Year ago

      Hope OK Google

    • Mendoza Nancy
      Mendoza Nancy Year ago +1

      It's a fantastic 👩‍❤️‍👨couple both of them was happy and enjoying the place...

    • Gaz Ali
      Gaz Ali Year ago +1

      Shes nice...

    • iain Rose
      iain Rose Year ago +1

      Most Thai girls are friendly and good natured like Sai .. 😊

  • Jeff Hag
    Jeff Hag Month ago +1

    She is so right........CHINESE STEAL EVERYTHING........

  • Włodzimierz P.
    Włodzimierz P. Month ago

    beautiful eyes of a Thai Girl. (TIGER)

  • Randy Dreese
    Randy Dreese Month ago

    I think I like her before surgery in this Video

  • Connie Perez
    Connie Perez 2 months ago

    I am just discovering your channel. I freaking love Sai!!!!

  • Leo Oh
    Leo Oh 2 months ago

    Can you please recommend the motorbike rental shop you used to rent this white motorbike? Thank you.

  • דניאל אגסי
    דניאל אגסי 2 months ago


  • דניאל אגסי
    דניאל אגסי 2 months ago


  • Renee Hutchens
    Renee Hutchens 3 months ago

    Yuk !! The things she eat is disgusting!!

  • Kevin Martyn
    Kevin Martyn 4 months ago

    I went to Rayong beach a couple of weeks ago and it is 100% better and cheeper than Pattaya

  • Van Stiller
    Van Stiller 5 months ago +1

    I've been going to Thailand, Phillipines, Cambodia and Vietnam since I was in Viet Nam in the early 70's working for U.S. Govt. So Beautiful. Wonderful, wonderful people. I have been with Countless women there. Your beautiful, smart, funny Sai is one of the very best I have ever seen. A beautiful, wonderful lady. YOU BETTER MARRY THIS ONE CHUM. GOD BLESS. And thanks for yours and Sais videos. Brings back FOND, FOND, BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES. PEACE.

  • Antonio Layug
    Antonio Layug 6 months ago

    Sai, I'm so impressed by your incredible appetite. Keep it up and enjoy every food you eat.

  • Luck Peace
    Luck Peace 6 months ago

    Short is too loose

  • c CC
    c CC 6 months ago

    doesnt she know its custom for the girl to serve the guy 1st

  • bhavin Patel
    bhavin Patel 6 months ago

    Nice videos

  • Bangladeshi Vlogger Gaibandhar meya

    He looks so dirty n nasty specially his teeth but his attitude omg

  • Kenneth Mosburg
    Kenneth Mosburg 8 months ago

    Congratulations on your SUPERLATVE TRIPS videos. Sai has more Charm and Charisma than most of humanity! Awesome and adorable, You two have dramatically raised the bar on RUclip videos, travel videos and behavior standards, SUPERIOR TROPHY QUALITY WORK FROM BOTH OF YOU, Thank You for sharing your lives! Best Wishes to both of you!

  • Anthony Bove
    Anthony Bove 8 months ago

    This place is human meat market .

  • Anthony Bove
    Anthony Bove 8 months ago

    This woman is a hungry lady.

  • Saanvi Debbarma
    Saanvi Debbarma 8 months ago

    Please upload new video...

  • Johny Lobo
    Johny Lobo 8 months ago +1

    Nice pussy

  • Trevor Hawkeswood
    Trevor Hawkeswood 8 months ago

    shes so sexy like so many thai girls and older women

  • daniel fernandes
    daniel fernandes 8 months ago

    Sai really has an appetite.But i really sensed that she is a born dancer within.she has the dancer moves.

  • suni214
    suni214 8 months ago

    sai loves to eat and swim but she always acts herself thats what nice about her she not phony

  • Praphat Kasemsant
    Praphat Kasemsant 8 months ago

    She lovely 😊
    Also Souy mak mak 😉

    PAULO 9 months ago

    Dude , I’ve been watching all your stuff and Sai is just awesome!! Her beautiful personality and smile is just amazing

  • Ron Grant
    Ron Grant 9 months ago

    This girl must have a massive tape worm no way she can eat all that food herself.

  • Gary Boldt
    Gary Boldt 9 months ago

    You will always be well protected when sai around. Love the vlog.

    NIKKI WORX 10 months ago

    I want to advice Sia that dont depend on others instead make yourself so strong that this ugly white man one day ask u to buy his underwear.

  • james burns
    james burns 10 months ago

    does Sai,ever stop eating lol x

  • Rick Thompson
    Rick Thompson 10 months ago

    Are y’all not a couple?

  • harold vonhelms
    harold vonhelms 10 months ago

    she making room dancing-- she eats a lot

  • Peter Taylor
    Peter Taylor 11 months ago +1

    l got the best Thai girl !

  • TubeManagement
    TubeManagement 11 months ago

    Your videos are informative but could you relax on the corny cheese compliments to your girl bro lol “I don’t have to go to a show because I have you” soo cheesy 😩

  • Robb Ward
    Robb Ward 11 months ago

    Dude - you never let the lady walk next to the cars ! A gentleman always walks next to the moving traffic with the lady on the inside !

  • Robb Ward
    Robb Ward 11 months ago

    What did that meal host you in bahts?

  • grahame belton
    grahame belton 11 months ago

    Wow! I can't eat that much. Where does she put it all? What I find good when I'm eating Chinese food I have Chinese tea with it. That cleans the stomach and makes room for more. But these days I can only manage one course.I like your videos. Thank you for them they are very enlightening and encouraging. Keep them coming.

  • HondaGoldwingGL1800
    HondaGoldwingGL1800 11 months ago

    Now I know where you get a lot of your money...paying $27.00 per month for videos much like this one...but no T & A...not worth it for me.

  • MacksHouseRJU
    MacksHouseRJU 11 months ago

    how much?

  • Lewis Maker
    Lewis Maker 11 months ago

    New subscriber here. Love your videos. I have noticed that either day or nite in the many places where you eat there are no flies buzzing around on the food or tables. How do they manage that in Thailand? That's a very unique thing.

  • Vinnie Romano
    Vinnie Romano 11 months ago

    She can eat for such a small girl.

  • Tone Coop
    Tone Coop 11 months ago

    She definitely a keeper ❗

  • Tone Coop
    Tone Coop 11 months ago

    This girl love some food !!

  • Wesley Verhulst
    Wesley Verhulst 11 months ago

    She is amazing idd. You are a lucky man! Good luck and enjoy

  • Tom J
    Tom J Year ago

    She could be on the food Network 1000%

  • William Diaz
    William Diaz Year ago

    Hey do you married that girl. ?

  • oskar115
    oskar115 Year ago

    Hope she don't eat dogs!

  • Jerry Baldwin
    Jerry Baldwin Year ago

    She is the perfect woman you better hold on to her for sure does she have a sister that would like to live in Texas

  • John Lukach
    John Lukach Year ago

    She reminds me a lot of my woman which means you found a great one! Don't mess it up you will regret it.

  • Rockin Rollin n Trollin

    Sai Could you please teach that Holydiptwit how to say Par tay jaa and not patty e ja.

  • Lloyd Wright
    Lloyd Wright Year ago

    Floss I meant,,

  • Lloyd Wright
    Lloyd Wright Year ago

    Looks like fairy gloss,,,but it is not. It's noodles...

  • Lloyd Wright
    Lloyd Wright Year ago

    Organs?,, no thanks. I would rather a shrimp on the barby,

  • Imaginashawn
    Imaginashawn Year ago

    Is she even 18 yet?

  • Lorenzo Giannone
    Lorenzo Giannone Year ago

    Zoom in on the face of Sai are your best shots

  • Tony 3232
    Tony 3232 Year ago

    Keep that money coming in bro because if it runs out your girl will be so unhappy. She's used to the lifestyle you've given her now. Cash is king in Thailand. She's definitely not after your good looks or charisma !! Just my opinion. ✌️

  • Soorya prakash M M K


  • VAPING WITH TOM planet cloud

    Hey a pcx I always hire one..they are cool

  • whiter park
    whiter park Year ago

    We love pattaya thailand

  • whiter park
    whiter park Year ago

    Many beautiful lady and lady boys at walking street in pattaya yoyoyo