AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME Going After Thanos Trailer NEW (2019) Marvel Superhero Movie HD

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME Going After Thanos Trailer NEW (2019) Marvel Superhero Movie HD
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  • jordan jackson
    jordan jackson 3 days ago

    What ever it takes
    I'll do you one better, WHYever it takes

  • Pica
    Pica 15 days ago

    Avengers endgame full version ruclip.com/video/Wzt3s5lV3o0/video.html

  • Henry Lam
    Henry Lam 16 days ago

    Beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice!!!

    TRUTH ABSOLUTE 19 days ago

    Brie Larson's racist little face is already annoying me. I think they removed my first comment so I'm saying it again.

    TRUTH ABSOLUTE 19 days ago

    Everything looks good except for seeing Brie Larson.

  • lucas bohus
    lucas bohus 19 days ago


  • Lee Bowers
    Lee Bowers 19 days ago

    Quite like the vibe all serious and all that , my idea for thanos is a different more guardians vibe, with thanos marauding through the avengers with sympathy for the devil playing in the background while he kicks ass.

  • BANANA 241
    BANANA 241 20 days ago

    Solo juntaste los trailers pedazo de estupido, puto retrasado mental

  • Marisela Izquierdo
    Marisela Izquierdo 21 day ago +1

    Nadie habla español :(

  • David Ticks
    David Ticks 21 day ago


    JACOB LAW 22 days ago

    This proves tony made it out the ship!

  • Jose Pineda
    Jose Pineda 22 days ago +1

    Quien mas cumple en abril como yooo?

  • Jose Pineda
    Jose Pineda 22 days ago +1


  • Kingsley O
    Kingsley O 23 days ago

    Why did Steve look he was going to die and get erased?

  • R EE
    R EE 23 days ago

    I guess I know where my dog went.

  • Fox Ghost
    Fox Ghost 24 days ago

    Guys if some of you think thanos will wipeout the other half your wrong because if he does he would go with it.

    • Fox Ghost
      Fox Ghost 24 days ago

      And he not dumb enough to do so

  • Ellie Kim
    Ellie Kim 24 days ago

    this movie is going to be so amazing

  • Shane Marshall
    Shane Marshall 24 days ago

    2:00 Uhm, that's ma boi Ultron

  • YBNyoungboyz 103
    YBNyoungboyz 103 24 days ago


  • Mat plays tamml
    Mat plays tamml 24 days ago +1

    antman expands in thanos ass

  • Christopher Villalpando

    If thanos wins again I'm going to not watch marvel movies ever >:(

  • Francesco Spuntarelli
    Francesco Spuntarelli 24 days ago

    Is an avenger movie or ironman 4 the depression continues?

  • Francesco Spuntarelli
    Francesco Spuntarelli 24 days ago

    The flying black wasn't an actor so no doubts about his disappearence

  • Francesco Spuntarelli
    Francesco Spuntarelli 24 days ago

    The magician I don't know anything about was an actor at least from his movies trailers ... why did they pulverize him?

  • Linda Bickham
    Linda Bickham 24 days ago

    Is he gonna die by that I mean thanos

  • Ailsa Qi Yeo
    Ailsa Qi Yeo 24 days ago

    Guys you know that voice at 2:00 that is not thanos it’s ultron

  • Despacito 2 Remix
    Despacito 2 Remix 25 days ago

    Antman is gonna go through thanoses ass and expand

  • Lego Builder268
    Lego Builder268 25 days ago

    Is the only reason they release avengers in April because avengers starts with a

  • zombiebrody90 idk
    zombiebrody90 idk 25 days ago

    this bout to end in antman crawling up thanos ass

  • Cooper Smith
    Cooper Smith 25 days ago

    Somebody just say john cena and thanos is dead

  • Dirt eating faggot
    Dirt eating faggot 25 days ago

    I bet 50% of Endgame is gonna be Ant-Man's journey inside Thanos

    THE IRON CRAKS 25 days ago

    No lo se Rick parece falso.jpg

  • JF
    JF 25 days ago

    Wait, aren't plants living things too?

  • TestyMuffin
    TestyMuffin 25 days ago


  • Phantom
    Phantom 25 days ago

    If he snaps again, its up to Deadpool...

  • DrMaxwell and MineCD DP

    tis’ but a snap

  • Steve Roberts
    Steve Roberts 25 days ago

    I remember back in high school looking at Marvel's epic ten year plan. At that point only Iron Man and Captain America had been released but I remember seeing all the titles that would come out. Ant man. Thor. Hulk. Black widow...etc, etc...... So many great characters who hadn't even see. The light of day at the time. It's funny looking back on all of it. I can just about remember where I was the first time I saw each and every one of these movies. Thanks for the memories marvel. This will not doubt be the end for some of our favorite heroes but all in all I can't wait to see the conclusion of one of the most epic stories told in our generation. Cheers to the end 🍻

  • Zycrexis
    Zycrexis 25 days ago

    0:31 my nigga thanos t-posing on all these haters lmao

  • Zycrexis
    Zycrexis 25 days ago

    How did ant man get in there tho?

  • Updated NPC
    Updated NPC 25 days ago

    Ant man is gonna be thanos worst enemy

  • Hunter Roorda
    Hunter Roorda 25 days ago

    The greatest HERO that we lost Is STAN Rip Stan we love you

  • Liam Middleton
    Liam Middleton 25 days ago +1


    BATMAN LAW 25 days ago

    Hopefully captain marvel dies.

  • Amber atagan
    Amber atagan 25 days ago

    Ok ant man is in this one! YASS

  • Alexis DE SAINT JEAN
    Alexis DE SAINT JEAN 25 days ago

    Marvel, if you DARE to fail this film, i'm gonna erase not 50% but 100% of you. Understood ?

  • Brian Awesome
    Brian Awesome 25 days ago

    I guess that's one way, that Triple H can get rid of Bautista this Wrestlemania.

  • Prime 81
    Prime 81 25 days ago +1

    Avengers Endgame Starts in Germany 24th April.
    Avengers Assemble!!!!!

  • Crossbolt27 _
    Crossbolt27 _ 25 days ago


  • Altap Nembang
    Altap Nembang 25 days ago

    Hit like if you are going to watch this movie in cinema hall.

  • Dude with Mods
    Dude with Mods 25 days ago

    Love this this was the moment which i was waiting for

  • Tiny Stark Mimirorose
    Tiny Stark Mimirorose 25 days ago +1


  • Fede2424b
    Fede2424b 25 days ago

    My birthday present

    ACE_ FORTNITE 25 days ago +1

    If 50% die tseries might not be in first place

  • Vrikkiegikk
    Vrikkiegikk 26 days ago

    Just let AntMan expand inside Thanos’ butt.

  • Xaiver Bres
    Xaiver Bres 26 days ago

    all i want is somehow, through some cosmic insanity, Luis gets the gauntlet and everyone stares at him like wtf he gonna do with that

  • Kingsley O
    Kingsley O 26 days ago

    Whatever it takes to make Thanos pay.

  • madeleine izaguirre
    madeleine izaguirre 26 days ago

    Hay ya quiero verla


    End game Antman just expanded on thanos butthole

  • Liz Is Cool
    Liz Is Cool 26 days ago

    0:12 why is no one talking about this? IT GAMORA, DRAX, AND STARLORD! THEY DUSTED.

    • Brian Asselin
      Brian Asselin 25 days ago

      Liz Is Cool cause that shot is from guardians 2

  • Mekhi Terry
    Mekhi Terry 26 days ago

    Wait a minute...if Thanos wiped out 50% of ALL living creatures, wouldn't that include sources of food like plants and livestock as well as microorganisms/bacteria? Essentially, he didn't help the universe at all....

  • Shehzad M
    Shehzad M 26 days ago

    This is the fight of our lives. Isn’t that every Avengers movie?

  • SomeBeans
    SomeBeans 26 days ago

    Time for antman to go up thanos's ass and expand.

  • Roma Tait
    Roma Tait 26 days ago

    What is the enemy in this movie thanos again. In the comics adam warlock was the one to reason with thanos . All the avengers died. Give thanos a break he kicked your asses stop being pussys . Jk

  • Kevin Ragland
    Kevin Ragland 26 days ago

    Didn't really show anything new they keeping it real close to they chest with this one can't wait to see it next month.

  • modx Firefox
    modx Firefox 26 days ago

    I really hope that they use that prototype Shield for cap

  • modx Firefox
    modx Firefox 26 days ago

    Well there’s stark so we know he’s not dying in that spaceship

  • Manuel Ignacio Delgado Talavera

    Endgame is near

  • Jai Norman
    Jai Norman 26 days ago

    Is it possible that after thanos a new villian could be on the rise.

  • Imperial.G
    Imperial.G 26 days ago

    Avengers want to kill thanos....thanos answer: walk

  • oofer man
    oofer man 26 days ago

    rocket can now get the gun that he wanted

  • saitama _br
    saitama _br 26 days ago

    Nooooo home aranha

    LORD HYDRA 26 days ago

    Antman is going up Thanos' ass

  • Gabriel Colee
    Gabriel Colee 26 days ago

    I hope deadpool is gonna be on avengers end game

  • DeadSkull 1643
    DeadSkull 1643 26 days ago

    What if the movie really starts when the avengers is battling thanos and then it shows their flashback how they began

  • Tleipuia Papui-a
    Tleipuia Papui-a 26 days ago

    ENDGAME FINAL TRAILER 5# ruclip.com/video/W9drjp1KuQo/video.html

  • TTV Silkyjosh08
    TTV Silkyjosh08 27 days ago

    this going to be sick also loads of nastolja for it like if agree

  • Maxwell Petrovan
    Maxwell Petrovan 27 days ago

    This isn’t even a trailer to destroy thanos it’s just the trailers we’ve already seen

  • Nico Porter
    Nico Porter 27 days ago

    I'm pretty sure Stan lee would of been disapointed what they did with the avengers

  • 13 Legendary Love
    13 Legendary Love 27 days ago

    I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THANOS DIE!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬... if he died, I will carry his head and shows whole universe and take his glove as trophy 😎

  • zaza jojua
    zaza jojua 27 days ago

    the moment u realise, only villains here are fuckin’ Avangers ... Thanos removed all this fucked up world and gave them chance to start all over again ... And these dumbsters are trying’ their best to turn back that fucked up world ... So here it is, Thanos even sacrifised his daughter to save the universe that was for sure fucked up, cancered and stupid Avengers, they want it back ... That’s the whole story 😃

  • Ian Alexavier
    Ian Alexavier 27 days ago

    Time travel will be in this movie I'm pretty sure. Anyone else hear the ticking in the first trailer like a clock or watch?

  • The Moon Man Himself
    The Moon Man Himself 27 days ago

    Oh yeah no Tony’s gonna die

  • Peter Quill
    Peter Quill 27 days ago

    To win Avengers, the survival of the Universe depends on you, they are the best, I live Marvel and Stan Lee!
    Whatever it takes

    [WUT]WOOMY MC 27 days ago


  • Denis_Gamez
    Denis_Gamez 27 days ago

    Should be called bunch of old trailers mashed together

  • Kermit
    Kermit 27 days ago

    Just a guess but what if they do whatever it takes

  • the blessing survivor
    the blessing survivor 27 days ago

    J'attends impatiemment ce film

  • Kittycorn Rainbowpuker
    Kittycorn Rainbowpuker 27 days ago +1

    Ser Patrick: What are you without a dragon, Dragon Tamer?
    Black panther: Get this man a dragon.
    Peter Parker: Mr Stark please, I’m nothing without this suit.
    *Iron man takes suit away*
    Black panther: Get this man a suit.
    *Sees fat mama*
    Black panther: Get this mama a diet plan.
    Me: I need some subscribers.
    Black panther: Get this man more subscribers.

  • Kittycorn Rainbowpuker
    Kittycorn Rainbowpuker 27 days ago +1

    I swear to god I play ROBLOX and get a fucking late notification again, I’m sueing RUclip.

  • Aila
    Aila 27 days ago

    I don’t like that the people who said “whatever it takes” is predicted to die

  • John Ryan
    John Ryan 27 days ago

    Godzilla King of the Monsters & this gun b gud

  • Tommaso Guidotti
    Tommaso Guidotti 27 days ago

    but where is hulk in all of this

  • tromedl
    tromedl 27 days ago

    Fury's cat Goose will eat Thanos.😂

  • Malachi Davey
    Malachi Davey 27 days ago

    This seems more like a captain America movie than an avengers movie

  • mr epic
    mr epic 27 days ago +1

    Whatever it takes

  • Muhammad Essa Essa
    Muhammad Essa Essa 27 days ago

    Bananas but not us

  • Lesly David Wester Tamayo

    I just noticed two things......Steve looks like he is about to die and tonystark is in one of those suit that everyone has on the avenger team, so tony DOES survive


  • mediaddicts TV
    mediaddicts TV 27 days ago

    What comes next after end game? Spider-Man: Far From Home has also been scheduled for 2019, beginning Phase Four. Two untitled films are scheduled for 2020, three for 2021, and three for 2022. Any ideas?

  • Jijo Mathew
    Jijo Mathew 27 days ago

    dont know which of the four avengers are dying hope thor is not one of them

  • joshua lucido
    joshua lucido 27 days ago

    I like how they made avengers a forth movie but sadly this is the last one ;(