How Black Panther's Visual Effects Were Made | WIRED

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • Daryl Sawchuk, Visual Effects Supervisor for Method Studios and Animation Supervisor for Black Panther, gives WIRED an exclusive look at breakdowns of the digital Black Panther and Kilmonger suits, and the final fight scene of Marvel's mega-blockbuster.

    Black Panther is available on Blu-Ray and DVD May 15, 2018.

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    How Black Panther's Visual Effects Were Made | WIRED
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Comments • 2 572

  • Jens B
    Jens B Day ago +1

    Too bad the cgi in this movie was so bad

  • Dude Sah
    Dude Sah Day ago

    God that underground railway scene was so bad. I’m surprised they included it in this video.

  • Hyung Suk Park
    Hyung Suk Park Day ago

    As much as i want to appreciate the movie, i like black panther in civil war more than its original movie

    DiPAK KOLLA Day ago

    Black Panter Says Wakanda Forever… I say Daryl Sawchuk your Visual Effects are Forever...

  • Shaanan Rod
    Shaanan Rod 2 days ago

    0:22 please the melody? name?

  • LeanFortnite
    LeanFortnite 3 days ago

    It’s simple, they just did
    /add suit black white-marks panther T’challa

  • Terrevue
    Terrevue 4 days ago

    this was made exactly one year ago:D

  • fleshlight that cries
    fleshlight that cries 4 days ago +1

    Not well

  • noobmaster69
    noobmaster69 4 days ago

    "You dont want to replace everything just because you can" hahahaha
    99,99% of the movie is cgi🙄

    • noobmaster69
      noobmaster69 4 days ago

      Sometimes the practical effects looks better, they had a beautiful non cgi black panther suit. That final fight without cgi looks awesome

  • BrokeHomieJuan
    BrokeHomieJuan 4 days ago

    i just wish that the suits could have been prac effects

  • jaimeantoflo
    jaimeantoflo 4 days ago

    I want to know how killmonger´s skin was made

  • ADN
    ADN 5 days ago

    Pause at 1:24 or 1:25 and look at black panther’s hand 😂

  • cyFFrowy
    cyFFrowy 5 days ago

    Catwoman wants it's CGI back

  • b g
    b g 5 days ago

    My problem with MCU is even though you can add practical effects they use vfx which sometimes suck...

  • illiterate
    illiterate 5 days ago

    Last battle was a PS4 Fight

  • Devina Padayachy
    Devina Padayachy 5 days ago

    Cgi is getting worst is was better year ago

  • Wayne Bruce
    Wayne Bruce 5 days ago

    Third act cgi was kinda bad

  • mastersson22
    mastersson22 5 days ago

    I'm sorry, but with the money Black Panther 1 made for Disney and Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige has no choice but to hire the VFX and CGI crews (Digital Domain, Weta) behind Infinity Wars series rather than these guys!

  • Hyper Tendencies
    Hyper Tendencies 6 days ago

    Remember when Marvel released the clip of the final fight and everyone just assumed the CGI would get better?
    Oh boy where they wrong.

  • Vinsternator40
    Vinsternator40 6 days ago

    Whelp Daryl did your job terribly

  • Not Mason
    Not Mason 6 days ago +2

    are they proud of the last fight scene? caussseeee they shouldn’t be

  • Spencer Leonardi
    Spencer Leonardi 6 days ago

    Black Panther's suit looks way better in Civil War because they had a beautifully crafted hand-made physical suit, that was only touched up in post. in Black Panther, it looks way more video-game-y because its entirely made in a computer.

  • Spencer Leonardi
    Spencer Leonardi 6 days ago +1

    Marvel's CGI has always been at its worst when they do full digital suit and body replacements. Iron man's suit looks better in iron man 1 and 2 because they put more time and money into making beautiful, physical suits, that were only touched up digitally, or only the bottom half done digitally. Iron man 3 and especially Civil war, Infinity War, and Endgame have entirely CGI suits, and they look much worse in comparison.

    • Nicksaw
      Nicksaw 4 days ago

      They used the physical suit to build a reference in CG, it looked good because they modeled it perfectly after the real thing.

    • Nicksaw
      Nicksaw 4 days ago

      Spencer Leonardi Uh, no. Iron Man 2 was also entirely CGI suits. You mistake the fact that RDJ wears a sculpt as them actually using it. A sculpt is a reference, it is covered up in post. Also, the was a physical suit built for Iron Man 1, but everything shown in the movie was entirely CG.

  • GXD
    GXD 6 days ago +1

    thanks for letting over studios know so they DONT DO WTF THEY DID WITH THE LAST FIGHT

  • BangableRoz
    BangableRoz 6 days ago

    wow what great cgi, so glad they told us how they were made cause i was absolutely DYING to know

  • Rayyan Hussain
    Rayyan Hussain 6 days ago

    Gta SA had better graphics

  • Bee Phan
    Bee Phan 6 days ago +1

    that scene at 6:30 why cant they use real suit real actor, and then add in the scenery and special effects for the rests.

  • Blanksy 123
    Blanksy 123 6 days ago

    People who think this movie has good CGI:

    Everyone else: 3:10

  • WarR3ady
    WarR3ady 7 days ago

    A lot of people mention the cgi but even the sets look fake. The scene by the waterfall where they fight to be the next king you can clearly see the difference between being on set and being outside. The lighting it's so bad it makes the whole scene look cheaply made.

  • Suaim Khalil
    Suaim Khalil 7 days ago +3

    Marvel has got a big problem of CGI. They really need to cut it down.

  • My ig is Brythepatato

    In the thumbnail my dude looks like a rabbit lol

  • chinaboyhere
    chinaboyhere 7 days ago +1

    The cgi was pretty good until the train fight, that was pretty bad

  • This is Me
    This is Me 7 days ago +2

    Poorly. That's how it was made

  • Tandtroll6
    Tandtroll6 7 days ago

    why black panther? that film has worse cgi then the all the other marvel films.

  • Ervin Iskandar
    Ervin Iskandar 7 days ago

    0:54 Oh look she's white

  • _ androo _
    _ androo _ 8 days ago

    The civil war suit is way better

  • Jorban
    Jorban 8 days ago

    This movie had some of the worst CGI I've ever scene. Why are they focusing on this film of all things??

  • LouMah
    LouMah 8 days ago +2


    black panther: It's okay, if most things are CGI, nobody will notice when we get tired and make entire scenes CG animated.

  • fruitoson
    fruitoson 8 days ago


  • Husain Patel
    Husain Patel 9 days ago

    They did great on Making WAKANDA CGI

  • 14przemoIO
    14przemoIO 9 days ago

    Oh this is why it looks so badly

  • Mrsirgentleman
    Mrsirgentleman 9 days ago

    Black panther not even a good movie

  • Snoogle Foot
    Snoogle Foot 9 days ago

    Uhhh not well? Is that how?

  • Unknown
    Unknown 9 days ago

    Why was the suit replaced by cgi if u did taht then there is no point making a suit in real life

  • BellyBro
    BellyBro 10 days ago

    Why not just use the actual footage of them doing the stunts instead of having them do the full stunts with the outfits and replace them with cgi.

  • Dan
    Dan 10 days ago +4

    this movie was so overrated.
    laughable bad

    • Cloverload 123
      Cloverload 123 7 days ago

      Dan people like this movie dummy, that doesn’t make it overrated there are plenty of people who don’t like it calm down

  • ahmed fadel
    ahmed fadel 10 days ago

    Song name in beginning?

  • TiggerLiveToo
    TiggerLiveToo 10 days ago

    this dude is why this film is no good....

  • wlgur8086k
    wlgur8086k 11 days ago

    The overall CGI was great I think, just the last battle in some cave with trains were suck.

  • Mathias Voorhees
    Mathias Voorhees 11 days ago +9

    I'm guessing the last battle was made by the same people behind Resident Evil 1.

  • Qurani Halim
    Qurani Halim 11 days ago

    Black Panther CGI and choreography are rubbish

  • in shOt
    in shOt 11 days ago

    Lol they had a real life suit for black panther and they used CGI for his costume

  • sup me
    sup me 12 days ago

    This was the dumbist movie and the worst cgi ive ever sean

  • Valeria Absinthe
    Valeria Absinthe 12 days ago

    All this time and effort into the effects, and they missed the fact that if someone is gonna have their throat slit in one scene and be on camera for a good amount of time, that you should have added blood to it. I don't care if PG13 is the only demographic that movie-makers think matters, logic should matter too when it comes to death scenes. Not everyone who watches these movies are kids.

  • yagav yagav
    yagav yagav 12 days ago +2

    it would be better if you tell what software you have used to edit this film

  • henry frith
    henry frith 15 days ago +35

    when you have beautiful practical suits why don't you use them and build the scenes around the suits instead of giving my eyes an aneurysm. it would have cost less as well.

  • EGL Edits
    EGL Edits 21 day ago

    "You don't want to replace everything because you can." You guys clearly have and it shows all throughout the film

  • Rainbow Luke
    Rainbow Luke Month ago

    Wakanda looks good...the suits looks so bad...and the worst, they shoot with full suits, so, they just need to replace a lil and create parts that did not replace all with cgi

  • Micheal Sauce
    Micheal Sauce Month ago

    Still better than any DCEU CGI scene

  • leonardo58147
    leonardo58147 Month ago

    Now I know why y’all be banking

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam Month ago

    yea, this person should never supervise a cgi team ever again

  • _ Dojo _
    _ Dojo _ Month ago

    this movie looked like total rubbish

  • _ madmanransom _
    _ madmanransom _ Month ago

    everything about this movie looked about as god awful as it possibly could

  • Mr Sak
    Mr Sak Month ago

    Awesome I like it.

  • Dom
    Dom Month ago

    It be cool if they remade gremlins with this new CGI

  • Timur Shah
    Timur Shah Month ago

    he blinks like twice a second

  • das veult
    das veult Month ago

    No wonder the cgi sucked

  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa Month ago

    marvel over uses cgi

  • Jean Slim - Motion Designer

    very good, I realize a fault in 7:37 left there are rocks with grass the scene cuts and back and the grass disappears and only the most visible stones remain

  • Simon R
    Simon R Month ago

    Why so much CG??

  • Ape Mayor
    Ape Mayor Month ago


  • Alexander Angelus
    Alexander Angelus Month ago

    The effects of the specific company are usually stellar. My only explanation was that they used most of their members in Infinity War, and they were left with the bare minimum to finish this film.

  • Spider man
    Spider man Month ago

    F CGI sometimes

  • TommyTonk
    TommyTonk Month ago

    Hey, I'm just popping in to tell ya'll that the CGI in CM was somehow worse than Black Panther's.
    Although CM did have a lower budget, Antman had the lowest budget and looked way better.

  • Patrick Orr
    Patrick Orr Month ago

    what program do they use?

  • Jules Verde
    Jules Verde Month ago

    This is dope, however one trend I think these movies need to reduce is putting the camera in "impossible" locations/movements in CGI-composited shots because it's a dead giveaway; it immediately informs the viewer that it isn't real no matter how great/realistic the fidelity of the CGI in the shot is. For instance, that shot with the rhinos charging right at/past the camera. I know this is more of an aesthetic choice, but I just feel like if you use every CGI-heavy shot as an opportunity to do unrealistic camera movements then it defeats the purpose of making it look believable, and it's distracting because it rips the viewer out of the moment.

  • NOCH
    NOCH Month ago +1

    As much as I liked the movie, it depnded way too much on CGI and you can tell that certain parts were'nt given the time or budget to look good.

  • kelly daniel
    kelly daniel Month ago


  • Famoz Fam
    Famoz Fam Month ago

    I felt that it was way too much cgi

  • Seth Parris
    Seth Parris Month ago

    I don't want to know

  • Rolando Leyva
    Rolando Leyva Month ago

    best animated movie of 2018

  • Dee Cookie
    Dee Cookie Month ago +3

    Wow this is some good Photoshop

  • Chantel Mills
    Chantel Mills 2 months ago

    Everyone who knows nothing about cgi literally does not care, we still liked it

  • Jayden Calderon
    Jayden Calderon 2 months ago

    And yet the prequels are the ones known for cgi. This movie had 10x as much cgi.

  • M Wing
    M Wing 2 months ago

    Wonder why 1000 haters? This is info only and pretty cool as well! :O)

  • Andromeva
    Andromeva 2 months ago

    Your CGI was bad, and you should feel bad.

  • Arthur Duarte
    Arthur Duarte 2 months ago +105

    Much of the cgi of black panther was exaggerated, the killmonger and t challa fight scene locked like video game

    • χσνєятιмєχ
      χσνєятιмєχ 10 hours ago

      Majority of the people hating on cgi are white

    • Axil Lopez
      Axil Lopez 11 days ago +1

      This is the fault of CGI

    • sup me
      sup me 12 days ago +2

      Way way worse i cringe just thinking about it baaarf

    • Avenger Gamer
      Avenger Gamer 28 days ago +7

      Worse than a video game.

  • BuVi Gamer
    BuVi Gamer 2 months ago

    Black Panther Is The BEST

  • Nexie  Terithu
    Nexie Terithu 2 months ago

    I recall Black Panther winning a Visual Effects award. Shortlisted for Best VFX in Oscars.

  • feldimz
    feldimz 2 months ago

    But the thumbnail itself explained that all the vfx was created *WIRELY*

  • Byarugaba Umar
    Byarugaba Umar 2 months ago

    That was awesome. Great visual effecting.
    But on the other hand, movies are getting boring with too much editing. You watch a movie but deep in your mind you know everything is fake, everything looks plastic and exaggerated! It's like a lady wearing too much makeup, she can't look appealing anymore.

  • Sam Grima
    Sam Grima 2 months ago

    The final fight scene looked like ps2 graphics...this movie is an example as to why movies should have a mix of practical effects and cgi like the original iron man not just cgi

  • Lorenzo Giganti
    Lorenzo Giganti 2 months ago

    “How black panthers visual effects were made” Ans: terribly

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K 2 months ago

    5:17 how ironic, I wish you used more practical effects

  • Rockwolf 012
    Rockwolf 012 2 months ago

    you had one job Daryl, ONE job

  • Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton 2 months ago

    Best ps2 game I've ever played

  • ያልታወቁ ሀበሾች /YALTAWEKU HABESHOCH/

    Hey people is it about the cgi or about most of the black actors who are working in the movie that you're expressing this type of hate?

  • Jonas Music
    Jonas Music 3 months ago +2

    So this is how they messed up the VFX in the third act. Interesting!

  • UnKnown TemPtatioNs
    UnKnown TemPtatioNs 3 months ago

    Eventually actors won’t even be in a movie they’ll just CGI them in

  • Leo Rautenberg
    Leo Rautenberg 3 months ago

    Wait, this film's CGI was made??