Building a $1400 Ryzen Gaming & Streaming PC

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    Just a heads-up: This video was filmed and edited BEFORE our Hydro X custom loop build log feat. the Ryzen 9 3900X! Enjoy :-)
    PC Parts List:
    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X: (Amazon)
    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master: (Amazon)
    EVGA GTX 1070TI: (eBay)
    Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4: (Amazon)
    NZXT H500: (Amazon)
    ADATA XPG SX6000 NVMe SSD: (Amazon)
    EVGA P2 750W PSU: (Amazon)
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  • Greg Salazar
    Greg Salazar  7 months ago +98

    Hey, everyone! Be sure to check the video description for parts used. This definitely could have been cheaper, but that wasn't the goal here. Also, this PC was technically built before our Hydro X custom loop (which is why I refer to this as my first official Ryzen build for personal use). Hope you enjoy!

    • IT Developer
      IT Developer 6 months ago

      @TheLightSilent - no issues to speak of unless you quibble over 50hz - most people appreciate a secure fast CPU which is why intel are halving prices - nobody wants their CPU

    • TheLightSilent
      TheLightSilent 6 months ago

      im amazed no ones reporting any third gen ryzen issues. We know the issues exist yet they aint surfacing on bias reviewers content... strange right.

    • rtoozy
      rtoozy 7 months ago

      I got a question. Why do you use 2 heatsink on the nvme. You use the included heatsink from the ssd and then you put the motherboard heatsink again on top of it.

    • IT Developer
      IT Developer 7 months ago

      @Jacky CS GO - I'm still on FX 8370 / Rx 570 8gb - good for high / ultra 1080p (currently playing Prey on ultra in a Windows VM inside Linux with KVM vfio)

    • Jacky CS GO
      Jacky CS GO 7 months ago

      @IT Developer thanks I am still rocking a i5 2400 and a r9 280x they hold up good but for med-low 1080p so.

  • Gtx 1080 Ti
    Gtx 1080 Ti 2 days ago

    "A little underkill"
    *Proceeds to use Aorus master with domplats*

  • Chelsea Thomas
    Chelsea Thomas Month ago


  • John Keith
    John Keith Month ago

    Congrats on the baby. Make sure you spend lots of time with your wife & child. Computers can get in the middle IF you allow it to.

  • HolyGeorge
    HolyGeorge Month ago

    shwing us his sponsor fractals psu and uses evgas psu

  • x Uniqq
    x Uniqq 2 months ago

    What FPS does it get on fortnite

  • gamer champ
    gamer champ 2 months ago

    Pc looks sick JUST SICK

  • MrDemizle
    MrDemizle 2 months ago

    why do you paste on top of pasted coolers? That is overkill tbh

    • MrDemizle
      MrDemizle 2 months ago

      @Greg Salazar oh, well i was curious because i know they come with paste already applied. Why not use it?

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  2 months ago

      Why are you assuming that's what I did?! 😂 I removed the cheap paste on the cold plate.

  • JerryNova
    JerryNova 2 months ago

    I’m willing to bet you got that shirt during their 2010 tour.

  • gamer champ
    gamer champ 2 months ago

    Rtx 2070super r7 3700x 16gb

  • Ismael Martinez
    Ismael Martinez 2 months ago

    Capture card is not listed.

  • Matej Gr.
    Matej Gr. 3 months ago +1

    Hey Greg did you updated your bios after the win10 installation or before.Cheers.

  • Zr. S
    Zr. S 3 months ago

    Ryzen for playing game??? RU kidding me?

  • Mohannad Yasser Awadalla Ali

    like this

  • Anonymous47
    Anonymous47 4 months ago +1

    Is a 600 watt PSU enough?

  • AuraPulse
    AuraPulse 4 months ago


    BTBAMMER 5 months ago

    Greg I need your help. I have the xfx raw II 5700xt. its almost a 3 slot card and it covers up my slot to install a capture card on my b350 tomahawk. what can I do? am I doing something wrong?

  • ArsenicAlchemist
    ArsenicAlchemist 6 months ago

    I feel like the build log took advantage of almost every way to make fun of the Verge's pc build video.
    1:56 - unprotected heatsink gets stock thermal compound messed up on table
    2:06 - gobs of 3rd party thermal compound followed by mashing the heatsink on to the mess
    2:20 - the particular way of inserting the ram sticks so that it seems like they'll be left done incorrectly only to be finished with the first slot done last
    3:08 - psu short circuits the rest of the pc when it comes in contact with the case (or did you properly put it on the insulating pads? :D)
    4:04 - the showing of proper time spent in cable management though it seems you only used about 3 or 4 tweezers
    I hope this becomes an annual thing in the RUclip PC Community. The Annual Verge of Fail Celebration!

  • David Sparks
    David Sparks 7 months ago

    What’s your cat’s name ??

  • Holo
    Holo 7 months ago +4

    According to pc part picker this needs less than a 400W psu. Why did you use one that's 750W?
    I don't really understands how this work. Most x5700xt cards mention that they need like at least 600W to function properly even though pc part picker and other calculators say that I need much less

    • midwest
      midwest 5 months ago

      its better to have more than less

  • Krew790
    Krew790 7 months ago

    What capture card for streaming

  • Retro YT
    Retro YT 7 months ago +3

    A 1070 ti ? I built my pc with the same budget and manage to get an Rx 5700 xt.

    • Liban
      Liban 7 months ago +1

      Retro Guy I’m going to build my system with the sapphire 5700xt

    • Liban
      Liban 7 months ago

      Retro Guy exactly !

  • Joker fan
    Joker fan 7 months ago

    You look like rafael from the virgin girl or what ecer

  • ImADawgSoDealWithIt
    ImADawgSoDealWithIt 7 months ago

    You're gonna cry if I told you my pc is 1500$ and it only has GTX 1060 and i5 8600k and 2400mhz ram

  • Soul xDD
    Soul xDD 7 months ago

    Awesome Breaking Benjamin Shirt!🤘🏽

  • Pedro Fortuna
    Pedro Fortuna 7 months ago

    So I'm almost finished with building my first pc!! I finally had the money to do it - here the specs
    Ryzen 7 3800x
    16GB RAM @ 3600MHz
    NVMe 1TB Corsair MP600
    AIO Corsair 150i Pro
    MSI Gaming Carbon Pro WiFi
    And I'm thinking of buying the new Red Devil 5700xt graphics card
    Please give a opinion on it and help me config the bios please

  • Tragicslip
    Tragicslip 7 months ago

    I'm looking to build a streaming pc with new ryzen cpu, is the 3600 sufficient for 1080p60? Gpu is a 5700 XT.

  • Marty Thornton
    Marty Thornton 7 months ago

    I'm going to build a ryzen 9 3900x with a 2080ti gpu with a x570m pro micro atx mb

  • notseramu
    notseramu 7 months ago

    tell me how i can squeeze an aftermarket cooler into a $900 CAD build but you’re using the stock one in a $1400 USD build? I don’t think this was optimized very well my guy.

  • Daniel Leonov
    Daniel Leonov 7 months ago

    Yaay Breaking benjamin \m/

  • RuinNation
    RuinNation 7 months ago

    I've read that the AverMedia capture card requires a 2 pc setup to record PC gameplay, is that the case or do you have to run a hdmi cable from the capture card to the gpu? I know that's the way Elgato does it and I'm not a fan bc of all the cables.

  • part1cle
    part1cle 7 months ago

    yuo usde way to muhc termhal passte

  • Chuck Peck
    Chuck Peck 7 months ago

    Looks similar to what I built recently, except that I chose and RTX 2070 instead and I installed my 1TB NVME drive into my laptop rather than in my desktop...And all my tower fans have RGB lighting on them...Playing with my new rig on 1440p is no sweat...My video card fans barely turn on!

  • Andrew Braun
    Andrew Braun 7 months ago

    2:09 what is that! :OO

  • Jordan Brokaw
    Jordan Brokaw 7 months ago

    nice Breaking Benjamin shirt!

  • Xclav
    Xclav 7 months ago

    Why would you get a 3700x when Zen 2 exists.

  • Jerry Knudsen
    Jerry Knudsen 7 months ago

    your shirt says you have exquisite taste in music

  • Hatzili
    Hatzili 7 months ago

    One time, the m.2 screw fell into the case.
    I had to do the worst thing imaginable, I shaked the case until the screw fell out.
    10/10 will drop again

  • Jaiyam Sharma
    Jaiyam Sharma 7 months ago

    Does the thermal paste come with the 3700x?

  • Lucid Gamer
    Lucid Gamer 7 months ago +2

    did you tried to summon satan on that processor while applying thermal paste?

  • Z4VIAT10N 26
    Z4VIAT10N 26 7 months ago

    I subscribe just because there’s a cat

    (Jk I love your personality and video type that I really like )

  • Stanislav Angelov
    Stanislav Angelov 7 months ago

    Does this build include the cat ?

  • HemeHaci
    HemeHaci 7 months ago

    No disrespect but a bad way of using a budget there. You should have guided your viewers better, not random mish-mash components. That motherboard seriously?

  • Alvin Alberto
    Alvin Alberto 7 months ago

    Any idea 💡 when and if this pc 💻 goes on sale from your channel?

  • BoastfulToast
    BoastfulToast 7 months ago

    I gotta ask because I'm about to pull the trigger on a very similar build, why 1070 over 1660ti?

    • BoastfulToast
      BoastfulToast 7 months ago

      Nick Name yeah that's what the plan was, actually just realized he had a 1070ti not a regular 1070

    • Kowalski
      Kowalski 7 months ago

      Both cards you've mentioned perform nearly identical (1660ti is marginally faster, marginally more efficent- consumes couple of watts less). I'd get newer 1660ti unless you can get very good deal on 1070

  • Victor Sv
    Victor Sv 7 months ago

    You followed The Verge application of thermal paste. Sigh

  • Rickson Denden
    Rickson Denden 7 months ago

    The only thing that is underkill is the 1070ti... and even that isn’t underkill. And what happened to using a meshify c? You’ve changed man, I don’t know you anymore

  • FrosTy theNoob
    FrosTy theNoob 7 months ago

    Breaking Benjamin shirt

  • Solfix
    Solfix 7 months ago

    Good Build Brother : )

  • Tight Eyes
    Tight Eyes 7 months ago

    that shirt doe :)

  • Larry Horse
    Larry Horse 7 months ago

    Dude, you need to start eating.... like a lot, especially meat and grain. And other shit you could lay your hands on. Just eat... often and planty for like 8 months straight, non stop , at night , especially at night... and during a day... non stop ..till your biceps is larger than your nose. Till your torso is larger than your head ... eat ..all the time. And fuck that vigen shit too, tub of lard and brisket and eggs and bacon and raw and cooked meat of all kinds and shit... Eat it all. All the time.. for months. Computes will wait. Eat some shit... Than when you are about 181 lb ...stop and talk to me about Threadripper 3950 and RTX 3080Ti

  • DJ Dang
    DJ Dang 7 months ago

    Love the thumbnail

  • Grom8P
    Grom8P 7 months ago

    It's almost a mirror of my build. Only differences I made were: X470 MB, H500i (controller & lighting version), Corsair RGB RAM, slightly different storage and I will be getting an ASUS 5700XT next week!

  • ClydeFrog93x
    ClydeFrog93x 7 months ago

    Is that shirt from the tour with three days grace and flyleaf!? i was there good lord 10 years ago ?

  • low q
    low q 7 months ago

    Wheres the link to the capture card?

  • Jeremiah Hoyet
    Jeremiah Hoyet 7 months ago +1

    It would be nice to see the performance of the setup while streaming vs not. It would give us a better relative idea of the performance under the conditions you described.

  • Prokiller780
    Prokiller780 7 months ago +1

    What I like about that channel that you are natural and truthful in your videos keep up the good work💪🏻💪🏻

  • ConsumeTheKids
    ConsumeTheKids 7 months ago

    Anyone tried a 3600x or 3700x on the msi b350 tomahawk since that bios was put out? Curious about the performance and stability

  • Cristy576
    Cristy576 7 months ago

    RTX 2060 > GTX 1070TI

  • damionchunheakimster
    damionchunheakimster 7 months ago

    There are two kinds of you tubers with pets. First kind is the intro of the video, the second kind....look up brookehouts

  • Peter Blum
    Peter Blum 7 months ago

    Love the shirt greg.

  • Gamerlite78
    Gamerlite78 7 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed you didn't screw the M.2 to the MoBo? You just screwed the heatsink down over top of it.

    • Gamerlite78
      Gamerlite78 7 months ago

      ​@Greg SalazarIf you don't care, I don't care.

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  7 months ago

      You aren't the only one. Didn't care to.

  • Cui Xiang
    Cui Xiang 7 months ago

    With 1400, I could build a 3700X and rtx 2080 super with liquid cooling, why this guy can only get a gtx 1070 ti?

    • Cui Xiang
      Cui Xiang 7 months ago

      @Greg Salazar I was assuming you are suggesting some useful information for us, but absolutely we got nothing useful here

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  7 months ago

      I wasn't trying to build the best for the cheapest. Why aren't you reading my pinned comment before assuming?

  • DrevilMike
    DrevilMike 7 months ago

    I have an ASUS B450 I with a 2600 running at 4.1GHz and an EVGA GTX 1070 SC2. My question is, Is it worth putting a 3700X in it. I use it for light gaming and media center.

  • HPGrizzly
    HPGrizzly 7 months ago

    The motherboard has two 8 pin connectors. I am considering this MOBO for a 3800x and have a question, can you work with only 1 of them plugged in? I have a 550W PSU however if I need to upgrade I will.

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  7 months ago +1

      Yes. Having just one plugged into the primary is fine.

  • No One
    No One 7 months ago

    1070ti average card? Is this an april fools joke?

  • Cesar
    Cesar 7 months ago +1

    2060 super better option and will be well worth it

    • Raylan Smith
      Raylan Smith 7 months ago

      did his newest video disappear after you got a notification today? went to watch and its gone

  • Tommy Rodriguez
    Tommy Rodriguez 7 months ago

    Like for the kitty

  • ちはマダラ
    ちはマダラ 7 months ago

    Your zen 2 pc is a corsair headphone 😉😉😉😉

  • Manny1222
    Manny1222 7 months ago

    You always make practical builds. That's inspiring and what I went after when I built my first PC with Ryzen 7 First Generation. So thanks for still inspiring after all these years.

  • Arcadefan314
    Arcadefan314 7 months ago +4

    15 seconds straight of cat... check.
    Instant like.

  • just a jerk
    just a jerk 7 months ago

    Jimmy Numale

  • Ali Kanso
    Ali Kanso 7 months ago

    Too much money wasted when u could build better cheaper rig.

  • Joual
    Joual 7 months ago

    1070ti or rt 5700xt ?

  • Luke Palafox
    Luke Palafox 7 months ago

    I thought this was going to be a normal video to watch, but I saw your cat and she looks just like my cat. Some tears dropped because my cat is in resting in peace now. She left us last July 29.

  • Abhinav Prasad
    Abhinav Prasad 7 months ago

    it seems you haven't hit the gym lately.

  • Abu Sayem
    Abu Sayem 7 months ago +1

    Immediately stopped watching when I saw 1070ti there.

  • CinmarRS
    CinmarRS 7 months ago

    Nice i have the same card, how much of an overclock did you get on it? i have 200mhz core 400mhz memory,

  • Michael Muller
    Michael Muller 7 months ago

    I really think the 3700X,570 motherboard is overkill for a 1080p gaming & the graphics card isn't well priced/performance. The Ryzen 2600,Corsair 16GB Ram,GTX1660 would have performed a lot better in my opion for a 2019 build

    • Ryan Henry
      Ryan Henry 7 months ago +1

      Michael Muller if you are trying to stream and game you’ll want to get the 3700x. You could probably get away with the 2700x. And the 5700xt offers a better value overall when it comes to graphics. This build seems to be 2019 orientated with some future proofing

  • Naved
    Naved 7 months ago

    I wish I could build a 500$ pc :(