Alastor’s Past Life? (Hazbin Hotel Theory)

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    Written by: Rainbott
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    Footage: Hazbin Hotel
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  • Another YouTube animator

    Alistor: D I E D I E D I E D I E
    mimzy: maybe stop
    Alistor: YOU DIE YOU DIE

  • God emperor Of mankind


  • MankiStudios
    MankiStudios 11 hours ago

    Its ok a nice story

  • Goji
    Goji 21 hour ago

    1:02 i was thinking about Hannibal Lector but okay!

  • emo princess2005
    emo princess2005 Day ago +1

    i know this is stupid of me to say but... would if the hazbin hotel characters are real demons in hell

  • Omega Steel k9
    Omega Steel k9 Day ago

    He might be a demon but he's polite
    He even waited for charlie to open the door to finish his hello

  • Fae Forest
    Fae Forest 2 days ago

    Alastor: *killed*
    In hell: *murder spree*
    Me: ...Eh, Still seems interesting to meet.

  • Gacha Love
    Gacha Love 2 days ago


  • shorty ferret flirt
    shorty ferret flirt 2 days ago

    You can explain:
    How alastor meet niffty and how he know her?

  • alex maisse
    alex maisse 2 days ago

    i think he died in a war or something cuz of his voice sounds like a 1980s radio so

  • Sienna Randall
    Sienna Randall 3 days ago

    Me: *watches video*
    Also me: *goes to older brother* Hey, bro.
    Brother: *gets angry ‘cause I interrupted his Godzilla movie* What?
    Me: Did you know Alastor was shot in the head for being mistaken for a deer?
    Brother: I’m pretty sure that’s just an incorrect theory.
    Me: *watches video again*
    Also me: 🧐

    TOHA FARID MD ZAIN 3 days ago

    Meet charlie chloewin and she pretty little same alastor but she just kill she is 98 years old when she get 100 she will get to know technologic :>

  • Deringer Brewster
    Deringer Brewster 5 days ago

    okay here's my theory Alistair is still a human but he got tricked into killing people or possessed into killing people by the shadow that usually always near him and that's the real demon and he is Innocent but he got sent to hell cuz the demon that brought them there is the shadow

  • Eimillian
    Eimillian 5 days ago

    my little idea as to why alastor is so strong, is because sometimes in folk lore or modern day demon lore where people come up with new ideas for how demons live, for example, he could be a mix of wendigo and some other demon, considering he was a cannibal and serial killer, but not just that grew to power that fast.I have two ideas for how powerful he is, either 1) it was how many people he killed and ate in his past life, fueling his wendigo side, or 2) his habit of making deals brought him that much power, because who wouldn't want to hire a wendigo to kill someone, they would leave no evidence behind.

  • thelazy wolfyoutube
    thelazy wolfyoutube 6 days ago

    Nice backstory :D
    But.... I have one question. ......
    How did he get the rabbit/deer details on his head??
    Did his family give him a bad haircut? Did he disguise his self again during another murder scene? ',-/

  • Jaeda Blume
    Jaeda Blume 6 days ago


    i’ll leave

  • Mayorbramos
    Mayorbramos 6 days ago +1

    The axeman of New Orleans is probably not Alastor, Alastor hid the evidence of his murders while the Axe Man of New Orleans didn't.

  • Kendra B
    Kendra B 7 days ago

    Here's my theory: so Alastor was a bit jumpy so when he was broadcasting his thing a dog started barking so that caused him to flee into the woods when a hunter came along he heard the dog barking and saw Alastor running assuming it was a deer and shot him point blank on his forehead (or seeing the comments that he's a Wendigo, here's my theory on that: when Alastor became le Wendigo he was walking around the woods when a dog saw him and barked at him causing him to run and hunter heard about a strange tale about dead bodies around that area and was looking for him and when Alastor came running he saw him and shot him in the head killing him almost immediately)

  • Richardson Bechette
    Richardson Bechette 7 days ago

    I checked the wiki in looked at alstars over view and he died to a dog related incident and he has a rival which is Cox the tv demon that we saw in the start of hazbin hotel and vaggies story

  • Veronika Hornicseková

    I like that.

  • Tiny Humans
    Tiny Humans 7 days ago

    Sooooo he was a real person

  • Reya Fox [tales ]
    Reya Fox [tales ] 7 days ago

    I think your story though meby really. ... oh and my thoughts about his past. .maby u are right about story meby but so I think he had his power from his masteks and hateness of the world and because he loves doing radio show more than anything (that why he killed his family :( )
    Because radio was everything to him meby his power and Nike name came from by his amazing dream to be a femose radio show meby

  • please yeet me off a brig

    just one thing wouldn’t alesters parents be in hell to?

  • Xi Chen
    Xi Chen 8 days ago

    *_I don't mind the fact that people make theories- And people who just decide to make the comments literal hell like dude- Just chill- Your videos are perfect don't let people in the comments cause hell to your life_*

  • Blaze Flareon
    Blaze Flareon 9 days ago

    You know what be cool if there a character that similarly to Jack the Ripper

  • Mia Pace
    Mia Pace 9 days ago

    This was a interesting theory

  • edward spaghetti
    edward spaghetti 9 days ago

    Alastor is the guy from princesses and the frog

  • Nightshade23 *brooke cross*

    So was alistor a really guy or is this all just a theory about him if he was a really inspiered to be in this show then what was his really name and how did u find out about him (I'm just really interested in his beginning he seems like a really mysterious guy and i would like to know more)

  • brown cADET
    brown cADET 11 days ago

    hey, i just noticed that by vox's hand is that Lilith or Rosie? time: 5:30 to 5:32 just asking
    people who thinks it rosie
    I it lillith
    I I
    V V

  • Faith the cat uwu
    Faith the cat uwu 11 days ago


  • Phoenix Feather
    Phoenix Feather 12 days ago

    You'er theory is best theory ^^

  • Gaming WithXX
    Gaming WithXX 12 days ago


  • Rita McMahon
    Rita McMahon 12 days ago

    I smell pennies

  • Daizy Doe
    Daizy Doe 13 days ago +1

    Okay time to spill a little tea
    Vizzepop said on her live stream that Alastor’s real name was Anthony. Another thing is that in my oc of Hazbin Hotel, Catlot (Alastor’s girlfriend) got mad and told him to cool off in the woods. That was when he died being mistaken by a deer. She later died of grief of Alastor, and joined him in Hell. She would cook Alastor’s victims after they died, so they can hide the bodies. That was when she was named “The Cannabinl Demon”

  • Akela Furry
    Akela Furry 13 days ago

    Shouldn't his parents be in hell just a thought

  • Chelsea Kitchen
    Chelsea Kitchen 13 days ago

    Alastor’s real name is “Alastor Crouly” or Crowly

  • Nevaeh McNeill
    Nevaeh McNeill 13 days ago

    I got a theory I believe that angel dust died of a spider bite that's how he got his like spider look in the animated show ☺️

  • Alastor But With a Gun


  • Eli's Vlogs
    Eli's Vlogs 13 days ago

    I still love Alastor

  • alastor Hernandez
    alastor Hernandez 14 days ago

    My name is alastor.H

  • K.R.J random channel
    K.R.J random channel 14 days ago

    My theory is that when alastor died Charlie's father decided that he hadn't seen a sinner this evil in centuries and decided to take alastor under his wing and train him
    That's why alastor is so powerful
    It has been said that they have a mutual understanding

  • Blueberry foxy entertainment

    When they said "he was shot through the head" it sounded like angel was saying it

  • Ethan Bortner
    Ethan Bortner 16 days ago

    You are amazing please keep making content

  • star wreslting ACTION FIGURES

    I think a last or was shot after getting found eating a cop by a cop

  • Sans The Pun Master
    Sans The Pun Master 17 days ago

    They’re Hazbin Many Theories I’ve seen about HH(Hazbin Hotel)

  • Samuel mindi Crewe
    Samuel mindi Crewe 17 days ago

    Is there going to be hazbin hotel 2

  • SaveTheAmazingCakes
    SaveTheAmazingCakes 17 days ago

    I feel like Alastor's hair is a natural redish orange color originally. If of course he died his hair.

  • Rebecca Dreier
    Rebecca Dreier 17 days ago

    o.o .... >^< b b njbvctyuhnijmkjnhbg.0\\\0... hi... T-T.... UwU... OwO

  • Queen Ratigan the First

    My theory is that the reason Alastor was so powerful when he entered Hell is that he's not fully mortal, but rather is the half-mortal son of Lucifer.
    After seeing the success of Jesus Christ, the half-mortal son of his archenemy God, Lucifer decided to visit Earth and sire a powerful halfling child of his own that would spread misery and evil across the world. However, after many encounters with mortal women, all his offspring that resulted died before they could reach their first birthday. Lucifer decided that his plan obviously wasn't meant to be, so he gave up and settled down in Hell, marrying Lilith and starting his family there.
    However, Lucifer's last rendezvous in New Orleans with a powerful Louisiana voodoo queen did result in a child that survived; that child being Alastor. The boy was born with bright red hair and pale skin, in stark contrast to his mother's darker skin and hair. I definitely agree with the idea that Al is a mama's boy as a youngling, as she was the only one in their community who really tolerated him, since the others stayed wary of him because of his bizarre power that would radiate from his body when he was mad. Being the son of the local voodoo queen, though, Al was required to accompany her to a lot of the rituals and ceremonies she would lead, so she would tell him to keep his anger pushed down inside him, always smile, and she would darken his hair with black walnut powder to help him "not stand out as much," hence why he has black tips in his hair as a demon.
    Al would grow up listening to the radio a lot and singing along, dreaming of becoming a radio entertainer one day. His mother, of course, didn't want him leaving the family business of performing their voodoo rituals and selling gris-gris and herbs. After one big argument with his mother about his dreams, Al ended up letting out all his pent-up anger, which took the form of a huge power blast that killed her. After she was gone, Al left the voodoo family and took up his radio career.
    From then on, my theory pretty much coincides with yours, so I'll drop it now.

  • Junie Arts1912
    Junie Arts1912 18 days ago

    I went to New Orleans

  • Luna BloodMoon
    Luna BloodMoon 18 days ago

    i think that als real name is hazben

  • Lunar`kun
    Lunar`kun 19 days ago +1


  • funtime foxy playz
    funtime foxy playz 19 days ago


  • Røse Prødūtionś
    Røse Prødūtionś 22 days ago

    I think that Alastors name was Alex

  • Ellam21 :3
    Ellam21 :3 23 days ago

    I wonder the reason he came so powerful when he just entered hell is cause his family was like a cult and maybe praised Lucifer and so when he died Lucifer gave him power cause his cult like family who maybe praised him (lucifer)

  • Cole Rapsky
    Cole Rapsky 23 days ago


  • Amelie Germano
    Amelie Germano 24 days ago

    My theory is that alistor is afraid of the unknown, and went on a killing spree when he entered hell, out of fear His fear for not show due to his representative fake "radio face".

  • midnight dark
    midnight dark 27 days ago

    So who is more powerful alstor , bill cipher, sans or jevil but no chara because she a human with 20 lv

  • Floofy Booper
    Floofy Booper 29 days ago

    I think Al started killing people because he became insane after the love of his life,(I support the Al xCharlie ship)someone who had the features of Charlie,died by a mafia attack.

  • That 1 gay Billie E fan

    My theory is that Alastor is secretly GAY🏳️‍🌈

  • Doom Slayer / Guy
    Doom Slayer / Guy 29 days ago

    *Alastor is asexual*
    Shippers- *Im gonna pretend I didn’t hear that*
    (yes I know asexual means to not have sexual desire and they could still wanna relationship)

  • Adrian Negron
    Adrian Negron Month ago +1

    I think the amount of power you gain in hell depends on how much of a sinner you were alive. That’s why al gained power almost immediately once he arrived in hell

  • Abigail brown
    Abigail brown Month ago +1

    Dude we need more episodes

  • xxneverxx
    xxneverxx Month ago +2

    Alastor? 𝗪𝗵𝘆

  • Dolly Schexnayder
    Dolly Schexnayder Month ago

    I don’t want to be that guy if you know what I mean, but on 5:23 where it says “Alastor probably went on a massive killing spree upon arrival in Hell” would be incorrect according to lore as sinners can’t die unless it is from those harpoons the angels use. Granted, this is just fanfic and theorizing so it shouldn’t mean much

  • Kathy Prior 42
    Kathy Prior 42 Month ago +8

    Hell, 1929 Stock Market Crash
    Esteemed Mortal of New Orleans: The Deer Devil

    They have never caught me and they never will. They have never seen me, for I am invisible, even as the sound waves that surround your earth. I am not a human being, but a demon and overlord from the hottest hell. I am what you Orleanians call the Deer Devil. Down here, I’m the inevitable Radio Demon.

    When I see fit, I shall appear and claim other victims as I see fit. I alone know whom they shall be. No clues will be left behind, save for what you might hear on the next broadcast.
    Tell the police and the racist, elite scum of the world to beware. Let them try not to discover who I am, for it’d be better for them not to have been born than to incur the wrath of the Deer Devil. You’ll have a deer in the headlights look and won’t have any idea what hit you until after it’s too late.
    Undoubtedly, you Orleanians think of me as a monster and murderer. But if I wanted to hurt anyone else here, I would have done so already. If I wished, I could pay a visit to your city every night. I could kill every one of your best and worst citizens, for I am in a close relationship with the Shadows of the Other Side.
    At 6:06 pm next Friday night, I am going to pass over New Orleans and then visit those in Hell. I am going to make a little proposition to you people. Here it is:
    I am very fond of jazz music, electro swing, and jambalaya. I swear by all the Loas and deities that I will spare those who can provide me with some great entertainment when I visit. Word of warning, I can read you people like a book, and see into your very souls. Anyone foolish enough to challenge me will have their corpses consumed and their screams muffled by the lovely sound of jazz bands jamming the night away.
    I have been, am, and will be, the worst spirit that ever existed in fact, fantasy, or realm of Hazbins.
    Smile and stay tuned!
    ~Deer Devil (Alastor)

  • Jelly poof
    Jelly poof Month ago +1

    Maybe the reason for his power is the high kill count?

  • Luicfer
    Luicfer Month ago

    Instagram name?

  • Hanin Hussain
    Hanin Hussain Month ago +1

    1:41 can we just appreciate angel dust’s face for a moment😂😂

  • Tyler Osler
    Tyler Osler Month ago


  • Jarrica Huapala
    Jarrica Huapala Month ago

    How did angel die

  • LMNAiD MC-2
    LMNAiD MC-2 Month ago

    that’s the thing with serial killers, they’ve always got a smile on their face, and stupid polite

  • jill5971 jill5971
    jill5971 jill5971 Month ago

    maybe after mimsy death, he killed himself out of guilt bc he wanted to see her face again

  • Mercy Carino
    Mercy Carino Month ago


  • gacha monster
    gacha monster Month ago

    When I first watched hazbin hotel I thought nifty was alastors child or something like that
    Weired theory am I right?

  • Lewis Maggard
    Lewis Maggard Month ago


  • Markus Thomas
    Markus Thomas Month ago

    Alisters a warlock oldie went more dark arts and summoning satin

  • Joelin the skeleton girl

    Actually alastor's real name is Anthony it was brought up in one of vivziepops live streams! You can look it up if you wish. And I wanted to share this is because you were wondering if alastor was using a fake name. Btw love your channel! ♥

  • Hellmark Channel
    Hellmark Channel Month ago

    Is his hair a dead bird?

  • BIGGIE Godzilla
    BIGGIE Godzilla Month ago

    I feel like angel died from a drug overdose and a spider bite