The Murders That Haunt The Lizzie Borden House

  • Published on May 12, 2017
  • We investigated the house of a hundred-year-old murder mystery
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  • Duff Man
    Duff Man 11 hours ago

    Watching this at 0.25 speed is the greatest thing ever 😂😂 especially when he gets scared at 1:01

  • Alec Skrrt
    Alec Skrrt 11 hours ago

    I’m one of her distant cousins 🙃 proof because I have the same last name. And my great grandads dad was alive during the time

  • Piper Godsey
    Piper Godsey 14 hours ago

    Even without knowing the history the house is creepy af

  • Richard Simone
    Richard Simone 17 hours ago

    When HE saw what she had done she gave her father 41.
    You said it wrong all 3 times.

  • lidia Ho
    lidia Ho Day ago

    Should they really be taking pictures of dead people

  • Izzy Brown
    Izzy Brown Day ago

    didn't sam and dean visit there?

  • This Is That
    This Is That Day ago

    0:20 that’s what she said

  • Pixlated Mic
    Pixlated Mic Day ago

    Ryan: *squeezes doll*
    Doll: *laughs*
    Ryan: *freaks out*
    Shane: *laughs with doll*
    Ghost children: *laughs with shane*

  • Ibrahim Hamzah
    Ibrahim Hamzah Day ago

    *"She gave her father forty-one"*
    Why did that sound so cool?

  • Osito Cedar
    Osito Cedar 2 days ago

    If you’re someone like Ryan where you’re not so much a skeptic but entertain the idea of the paranormal and you’re at some trippy place like that, ya need someone like Shane, a skeptic, to help lighten to creepiness that’s happening to help keep your sanity lol

  • Michelle Rivas
    Michelle Rivas 2 days ago

    Theory : all three of them ( Lizzie , John , and the maid ) killed them

  • poptube
    poptube 2 days ago

    i was gonna go here for my friends birthday

  • Lyla Snortheim
    Lyla Snortheim 2 days ago

    I think Maggie, and Lizzie did it together, Maggie killed the mom upstairs, and Lizzie killed her dad downstairs

  • Mariah Zeh
    Mariah Zeh 2 days ago

    There is a movie called “Lizzie Borden Took an Axe” based on this murder. And then their is a tv series kind of set after the movie called the Lizzie Borden Chronicles

  • Raucous Orange
    Raucous Orange 2 days ago

    7:14 of course it’s “fucking offal” its a brain

  • Aneko Sea
    Aneko Sea 2 days ago

    Do o e about Ireland and our haunted 🏰 castles

  • Aneko Sea
    Aneko Sea 2 days ago

    If you read this comment there will be no bad spirits every where you look re-comment to be even more safe

  • Aneko Sea
    Aneko Sea 2 days ago

    This is a theory
    So my theory is that it was Maybe John Morse was his name John idk 😐 anyway
    His story was faulty but there is a good chance that the doctor had left for a few minutes to study Mr. and Mrs. Borden so ask the doctor wait no one did… damn you America

  • This is just a Another YouTube channel

    Who else got chills when they entered Lizzie’s room

  • Flaming Iceberg
    Flaming Iceberg 3 days ago

    Maggie could've heard it. But if you were trying to go to sleep would you run downstairs for a tiny thud? Mr. Bordan was supposedly asleep so he wouldn't have screamed

  • Blessie De Los Reyes
    Blessie De Los Reyes 3 days ago +1

    Shane X Ryan my opinion don't judge and don't hate please 💓💓💓

  • Wrong Turn
    Wrong Turn 4 days ago

    dude, the dresses were hard to put on, Often the required the help of another human being and sometimes were impossible to put on by oneself. Why does no one think that maybe the sisters plotted together. Lizzie came up with the plan and her sister, Emma, who was "out of town" actually committed the murder? Or it would be easy for her to pay someone off to do the job for her and later poison them or something.
    Or the three could have plotted together. Emma might have said, I am gonna just go out coz I can't stand it. His uncle could have committed the murders. Axing someone to death seems the way a butcher would kill people. Women are generally partial to using poisons.

  • Wrong Turn
    Wrong Turn 4 days ago +2

    who thaught it was a good idea to put an axe in the allegedly haunted house in the exact spot where one of the supposed ghosts was murdered. Who is that genius, I would like to know and give him a good smack across the face. Unless the axe is fake, of course.

  • M1ruhcl3_ Memelord
    M1ruhcl3_ Memelord 5 days ago

    yoo , Fall River is only an hour away from where I live.

  • Gary Mazzeo
    Gary Mazzeo 5 days ago

    Why do these two, insist on making morons of themselves?

  • Alexandra_Stanivukovic 20251088

    I used to jump rope to that song
    WHEN I WAS SEVEN. Sueuehejduebdldo

  • Bethany Mears
    Bethany Mears 5 days ago +2

    I am sorry but are there actually people out there who are writing fan fiction on Lizzie Borden

    • Bethany Mears
      Bethany Mears 5 days ago

      +Torch stélechos Oh wow I must be living under a rock lol

    • Torch stélechos
      Torch stélechos 5 days ago

      Theres people writing fanfiction about Jesus/Obama, yeah theres fanfiction about the Bordens.

  • Kaylee Blanton
    Kaylee Blanton 5 days ago

    Who else has watched the Netflix movie Lizzie Borden Took an Axe tons of times lol

  • Aquamarine
    Aquamarine 5 days ago

    I'm actually related to Lizzie Borden

    • Aquamarine
      Aquamarine 5 days ago

      I actually have proof of this. I took a dna test that linked me to her and a couple other interesting people

  • Funneh Bunneh
    Funneh Bunneh 5 days ago

    9:56 I’m sorry but I can’t 😂

  • NeonPizzaPanda
    NeonPizzaPanda 5 days ago

    those baby dolls are always haunted. ALWAYS.

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill 5 days ago


  • Sarah Pereira
    Sarah Pereira 5 days ago

    I’m so glad that I live ten minutes from Lizzie

  • Fynn Renner
    Fynn Renner 5 days ago

    My mom told me the rhyme this morning and now I’m watching THIS

  • Univerxe owo
    Univerxe owo 6 days ago

    i have a stepmother and i love her so i’m that 10% that likes my step mom

  • Styles Godwin
    Styles Godwin 6 days ago

    What if it was ace man and razor boy

    MNM778 SPORTS 6 days ago

    I went to that house

  • ha hoe
    ha hoe 6 days ago

    Winchester House

  • Alexander Guevarra
    Alexander Guevarra 6 days ago

    13:04 those voices 😂😂😂

  • Mishy Moo
    Mishy Moo 6 days ago +2

    Wishing I was mrs Shane madej 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • TheMeWithAnE !
    TheMeWithAnE ! 7 days ago

    i'm probably the only one scared rn?

  • Cyanicial
    Cyanicial 7 days ago

    6:09 if u put the speed to 0.25 u hear a sound what is that sound??

  • Rob Manning
    Rob Manning 7 days ago

    Why would you use British accents?

  • aj warren
    aj warren 7 days ago +3

    The house lights were on...Then when they got inside it was dark.

  • Jamie Martinez
    Jamie Martinez 8 days ago

    Omg this is something I am gonna solve I am truly in love with Ryan and Shane work how they take it so serious just to bring us entertainment. I love you guys for real.

  • More Marissa
    More Marissa 8 days ago

    To answer Shane, its generally believed that victims of violent deaths become ghosts as opposed to everyone thats died because they have "unfinished business" or have to be brought to peace before they can move on to whatever is next.

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar 8 days ago

    You should also visit Bhangarh Fort...

  • Lily Brown
    Lily Brown 8 days ago

    this episode of ghost adventures...

  • Antex RBLX
    Antex RBLX 8 days ago +2

    So you want liz bamba or sicko mode?

    Can you stopppppppppppppppppppppp (stop) (stop)
    showingggggggggggggggggggggggg images of dead peopleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (people)(people)
    oh my godddddddddd that chopped up headddddddddddddd
    i'm actuallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy really badly disturbedddddddddddddd
    I think i'm going to a therapist now wwwww ;-;

  • Antex RBLX
    Antex RBLX 8 days ago +2

    0:00 that water thing on the street sorta looks like yoda

  • Vanessa graves
    Vanessa graves 9 days ago

    This is disrespectful 🤢🤮

  • Kanita Manning
    Kanita Manning 9 days ago

    No no no no no no no you guys just solved it, or are you seeing if the house is haunted?

  • Izzy Adventure
    Izzy Adventure 9 days ago

    I think the mum/mom did it. She came in that would explain the door open. Killed her husband maybe she didn’t want him alive. The she got Lizzie Borden to kill her. And she might of said to tell them she died. And that is why she sounded so suspicious.

  • Jorge
    Jorge 9 days ago

    We learned about this case in English class

  • Maya Fallegeros
    Maya Fallegeros 9 days ago +7

    What if it was,


  • julia the sk8ter
    julia the sk8ter 9 days ago +5

    ryan: (to the ghost) if you're here, make a noise, maybe move something...
    ghost: **makes a noise**
    ryan: probably just old furniture

  • Critt Writer
    Critt Writer 10 days ago

    Exactly when Ryan said he feels weird in Lizzie Borden's room, I felt really weird on my back.

  • sol the weaboo
    sol the weaboo 10 days ago +3

    John Morris= Abreham Lincoln? The resemblence is pretty close.

  • alexa wall
    alexa wall 10 days ago

    I’m just laughing cause that’s not how the rhyme goes at all 🤣 oddly enough I never knew she was not guilty when I was younger we would sing this thinking she was caught doing it

  • Geekgirl Graham
    Geekgirl Graham 10 days ago

    i got an advert/trailer for the curse of la llorona before this...

  • Morbid Ghost
    Morbid Ghost 10 days ago

    Recently i was looking at the photographs of the father's dead body and there appears to be no arterial spray up the wall behind him, the image is obviously black and white and the wallpaper is patterned but even then, a man being hacked to death should have produced a lot more spray up the wall, got me thinking if both of them were already dead before they were hacked up and only hacked up to hide the real cause of death?, in the photograph of the stepmother she is laying face down and the blood around her head is already congealed i wont pretend to know how long it took to get the police and take the photo but something seems strange, the father was attacked from the front so would have seen his attacker, his body positioning just brings up some questions for me.

  • Gacha_Tilly
    Gacha_Tilly 10 days ago +1

    srsly the ryhme WHO BLOODY SINGS THAT AT SCHOOL "hey wanna sing a song" yeah sure.which one" lizzie borden one" sure" sings song LIZZIS BORDON TO A AXE AXED HER WITH 45 WHACKS THE SHE SAW WHAT SHE HAS DONE SHE DID HER father 41 Lime srsly who sings that as a child and how is that even a song

  • UBashEr
    UBashEr 10 days ago

    It was the guy who liked jazz

  • I Da Fish
    I Da Fish 10 days ago

    God dam it why do they have to be haxed on my birthday

  • 101Phoenix Vlogs
    101Phoenix Vlogs 10 days ago

    0:58 that frickin scared me

  • vignesh naruto
    vignesh naruto 10 days ago

    Its suspect 2

  • kacey white
    kacey white 10 days ago

    At 5:16 the tapping sounded like it was from the mirror

  • Aneeq Hazeem
    Aneeq Hazeem 11 days ago

    Tired of starting new account on Pubg mobile with no items? Here's my main used account for sell on #carousell

  • leticia chan
    leticia chan 11 days ago

    Shane steals all the money
    Mr. Borden: I feel an uneasy energy present
    I feel less rich

  • Asia Palmer
    Asia Palmer 11 days ago

    When Shane and the baby laughed at Ryan 😂😂😂

  • Gitzie Rae
    Gitzie Rae 12 days ago +1

    i believe theory 4, as i don't think lizzie could've gotten away with anything without maggie's involvement. she would've heard things

  • Hannah Coulter
    Hannah Coulter 12 days ago

    There is also a theory that the sister Emma set up the murders and left town for an alibi. Neither Lizzie or Emma liked their stepmother despite her trying her best to get them to like her. Mr. Borden buying the stepmother's HALF-SISTER a house because she was facing eviction was just the icing on the hatred cake for the two sisters. They would go as far as to shun and ignore Abby in the streets. Also Lizzie somewhat resented her father because he came from a wealthy family but was from the poorer branch. Although they had the money the Borden's lived by the river at the bottom of the hill with the poorer people so Mr. Borden could be near work. Lizzie wanted to live on the hill with the wealthy because she believed she was "worth it". Overall Lizzie was very economically dependant on her father, and would inherit much of that if he died. Personally I believe Lizzie committed the crimes because she really had the most motive.

  • Kara Padamori
    Kara Padamori 12 days ago

    Im tapping out at the tapping. Im done.

  • Kara Padamori
    Kara Padamori 12 days ago +1

    I love these giys and the unsolved videos but the supernatural ones where they go after ghosts scare the bejeezes out of me

  • Neelab Gucci
    Neelab Gucci 12 days ago

    Hold up Lizzie was a lesbian??!!
    Lizzie lezzo...? I am confusion

  • Tyler Perron
    Tyler Perron 12 days ago

    Pause and click 7:43

  • Heathyr Dickson
    Heathyr Dickson 12 days ago

    They need to go to suicide​ forest

  • Aagam Shah
    Aagam Shah 12 days ago +2

    Do not forget to --

    _(w h e e z e)_

  • iRene King
    iRene King 12 days ago


  • BlackHawk 100
    BlackHawk 100 12 days ago

    that rhyme is fucking disturbing... who tf would make a rhyme like that?

  • alyssaashleigh99
    alyssaashleigh99 12 days ago

    How come axeman is not involved in this?????

  • Iva Aščić
    Iva Aščić 12 days ago

    Ryan: so this IS the room were are chilrden haunted
    Shane: get I toy

  • nekokat
    nekokat 12 days ago

    For Abby being the step-mother, she shares quite the resemblance to Lizzie. Maybe it's just the hair style. I'm also inclined to believe that it was Lizzie that killed her and somehow coaxed Maggie to assist in covering up the crime. Maybe Lizzie wasn't really out the back when her father was attacked, she was probably inside and as she father napped on the couch, she shut doors quietly to try and eliminate as much noise as possible. Then quietly opened the doors after killing, called on Maggie and she saw blood on Lizzie's dress and Liz probably threatened Maggie into silence, allowed her to change into a clean dress and attempt to wash the blood out before deciding to burn it. Her step-mum most likely saw her husband hacked to bits and maybe Liz had been still holding the weapon, or had not changed out of her bloody dress, attempted to hide in the guest room where Liz chopped her up. After sending Maggie to fetch a neighbor instead of a doctor, Liz most likely had clean the hatchet blade and used the handle as kindling for the fire to burn the bloody dress and she and Maggie just put on the best acting job they could.

  • Subscribe to me Dont ask why

    John Morse

    John Morseton🤠

  • maria d
    maria d 12 days ago

    I love how Shane is so not scared of the ghost and does anything to test them in every episode 😂😂😂😂

  • Jane Harper
    Jane Harper 13 days ago

    Your Welcome

  • Zena Rose
    Zena Rose 13 days ago

    Something fell of my counter while watching this lmao, I’m spooked
    Edit: ima keep watching though

  • Zom-be
    Zom-be 13 days ago

    if anyone is here right now make a noise
    WtF WaS tHAt

  • Twixcrush
    Twixcrush 13 days ago

    I always forget this happened on my birthday and I'm surprised by it every time I rewatch or reread something about this

  • Danni
    Danni 13 days ago

    If the maid hadn’t fallen asleep yet then wouldn’t she have heard the father getting brutally whacked with an axe?

  • Sophia Riccardi
    Sophia Riccardi 13 days ago

    so i watched this video a couple years ago when i was like nine and i couldn’t legit sleep for 2 days so yeah thanks shane and ryan love ya

  • Anime shot
    Anime shot 13 days ago

    How can lizzy hear that from outside? I think it was her.

  • Emily Jones
    Emily Jones 13 days ago

    I have a little ash earn for my baby cousin with some roses and a truck around it and it is at the top of a shelf and it fell... I get chills every time I think of this

  • Tea Spilled
    Tea Spilled 13 days ago +4

    It sounds like a girl voice not the voice of a grown woman.

  • Bit Box
    Bit Box 13 days ago

    Here’s Jonny!

  • Unicorn Poop
    Unicorn Poop 14 days ago

    Do the Warren Occult museum to see the REAL Annabell doll

  • Unicorn Poop
    Unicorn Poop 14 days ago

    At 0:48 when the baby laughed I just freaked out!!

  • Ahmad Raja
    Ahmad Raja 14 days ago


  • Justin Dinh
    Justin Dinh 14 days ago

    John moore looks like Lincoln

  • RubyRedRiots
    RubyRedRiots 14 days ago

    the background music they're using in this episode is the same background music as Up and Vanished podcast