IS THIS POSSIBLE? MEGA BOX OPENING - New Account! // BrawlStars!

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • Twitter: Baxtrix8
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  • Иιɢнтмαяɛ.
    Иιɢнтмαяɛ. 9 days ago

    Hey where are u from im asking cuz i saw in the shop "CZK"

  • Cíba 73
    Cíba 73 18 days ago

    Nechceš natáčet i brawl star v češtině?

  • Preside Gacha
    Preside Gacha 21 day ago


  • BSC /Juanpa
    BSC /Juanpa 21 day ago

    I also upload Brawl stars if someone goes through my channel I would appreciate it

  • Oscar Carcamo
    Oscar Carcamo 23 days ago

    You luck like muselk

  • Retish Suresh
    Retish Suresh 24 days ago

    Ur the best

  • SmoothRex
    SmoothRex 24 days ago

    Do you give me 1 gem?

  • Есимханова Аруна

    Хочу Легу спайка

  • Ibraheem Najeeb
    Ibraheem Najeeb 24 days ago

    Love all your vids👍🏿👍🏿 and your lucky you have a legendary

  • Let's all spin BS
    Let's all spin BS 24 days ago +4

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how much money this guy spends on his box opening videos

  • Bobby Seghal
    Bobby Seghal 24 days ago +1

    9:12 slips bad word

    • qtDark
      qtDark 14 days ago

      I dont here it. What did he say?

  • efe kahraman
    efe kahraman 24 days ago

    Turkler like

  • Snowman Playz
    Snowman Playz 24 days ago

    Bruh batrix is just a dirty gemmer with no skills

    • Snowman Playz
      Snowman Playz 23 days ago

      Its Omar The Gamer I have 18k trophies, Vice President of SSG Ace. And I have 29 brawlers, not all have star power. He has less trophies but is maxed out, but his skills are worse than my 1k Friend’s skill

    • Its Omar The Gamer
      Its Omar The Gamer 24 days ago

      Shut up bot he is better than you

    BRAWLING WITH DJ 24 days ago +1

    I got both star powers of Mortis in just a single mega box

  • TTVOzcarBSYT
    TTVOzcarBSYT 24 days ago

    you are trash . All you do is gemming and letting randoms carry you in duos

  • Supercell Fans
    Supercell Fans 24 days ago

    I always wait to see someone getting the box first than i kill them

  • Leo 0
    Leo 0 24 days ago

    Oh no I got a diseases walking around through the nabber hood spreading all my flies everybodys like what u got I got std

  • Dexter13524
    Dexter13524 24 days ago +1

    6:07 That feel when baxtrix says he dodge it but actually he missed it. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Brawler Karl 2.0
    Brawler Karl 2.0 24 days ago

    👍=el primo
    Subscribe=Leon, Sendi

  • izabelkaBM
    izabelkaBM 24 days ago

    Oh Yes but the Super episode Spike

  • YTTjjl TTJJL
    YTTjjl TTJJL 24 days ago

    I have you for my friend my name is Luka40

  • Eugen Renita
    Eugen Renita 24 days ago


  • Eugen Renita
    Eugen Renita 24 days ago


  • mr banana
    mr banana 24 days ago

    look roblox catlog buy robu

  • Walter Marchi
    Walter Marchi 24 days ago

    No entendí nada pero tengo 7mil copas no tengo a carl a mortis tara y ni una legendaria y gente con menos copas con legendarias tara mortis carl que malo supercell😔💔

  • Mr. Gabriel
    Mr. Gabriel 24 days ago +1

    I am gay

  • Nomzy - Productionz
    Nomzy - Productionz 24 days ago +1

    When Baxtrix Gets 10 Trophies.
    Baxtrix: I Got 10 Powerups.
    Me: WTH You Got Ten Trophies.
    Time: 3:43

  • Colt 1k
    Colt 1k 24 days ago

    Big shit content

    EFSO TERLIK 24 days ago

    11bin kupali 29 kalkarakterli 3 efsanevili çekilisi var +SANDY

    EFSO TERLIK 24 days ago +1

    11bin kupali 29 kalkarakterli 3 efsanevili çekilisi var +SANDY

  • Water.
    Water. 24 days ago +4

    No one is talking about that he didn’t use a code


    • Jaeden11 - Brawl Stars
      Jaeden11 - Brawl Stars 24 days ago

      Water. He’s just a dirty gemmer
      Don’t even think he knows what is a creator code

  • Yehye Hassan
    Yehye Hassan 25 days ago +1

    Baxtrix ❤️

  • Sarunas Budzius
    Sarunas Budzius 25 days ago

    Baxtrix Plz read this message what club are u in

  • zCeata GT
    zCeata GT 25 days ago

    What legendary is OP?

  • Game life
    Game life 25 days ago

    Есть русские?

  • אביתר אוחיון

    תעשה כתוביות עברית

  • Мat Show
    Мat Show 25 days ago

    Ну тип русские е?

  • Dinomaniak 007 CZ
    Dinomaniak 007 CZ 25 days ago

    Zase si to koupil hrouda:(

  • Subsribe YT
    Subsribe YT 25 days ago +1

    You getting a Carl star power yeeee You getting a second star power ooooooooohhhh

  • AsiGamer
    AsiGamer 25 days ago +3

    Your voice sounds like Mortis, its cool 😂😂

  • ρυggγ :3
    ρυggγ :3 25 days ago


  • Shabana Qureshi
    Shabana Qureshi 25 days ago

    How you buy gems please tell me I will also buy like you and I love you bro please reply me

  • muzaffer 78
    muzaffer 78 25 days ago

    Mamas 59

  • Massoud mahmD
    Massoud mahmD 25 days ago

    me 14250 and i didn't got Gene

  • Pierre Degosse
    Pierre Degosse 25 days ago


    ARGHYA CHAKRABORTY 25 days ago

    play some other events..why always showdown

    • bup
      bup 25 days ago

      Because its the best mode to make brawl stars edits

  • Daniela Antic Blažević

    Omg is good

  • Serdar BZ
    Serdar BZ 25 days ago +1

    Punch the my profile

  • MasterGamer
    MasterGamer 25 days ago

    I thought u never said shiny in your life

    HACKER TV 25 days ago

  • Lee Lynn
    Lee Lynn 25 days ago +11

    Baxtrix is flexin’ all his money by buying so many boxes
    Wish I was that rich *sniff*😭

  • Luka Trophy
    Luka Trophy 25 days ago

    Can u add me as a friend beacause i lovo your channel and i love ur reactions to new brawlers or star powers my brawl stars name is LukaNajbolji im from Croatia so im called like that

    SONICPRO162 25 days ago

    I subbed

  • Furkan Bezir
    Furkan Bezir 25 days ago +1


  • CAN YT
    CAN YT 25 days ago

    Do you know how to speak

  • Повар Барли
    Повар Барли 25 days ago +1

    Top video

  • Arttu lumijarvi
    Arttu lumijarvi 25 days ago

    Its not brand new if you have brawlers on the account

  • RadYs
    RadYs 25 days ago +1

    Your výslovnost Is very Teribble