Will Smith’s Full Interview with Ellen

  • Published on May 25, 2019
  • Will Smith explained how he persuaded his wife Jada Pinkett Smith to go skydiving for his 50th birthday and his experience bungee jumping out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. The “Aladdin” star also chatted with co-stars Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott about bringing beloved Disney characters to life and played a game with the audience called “Rub My Lamp,” giving some lucky fans huge prizes!
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  • Hebah
    Hebah 9 hours ago

    Naomi is precious

  • Sumeya Abdul
    Sumeya Abdul 13 hours ago

    no one in this world i wanna meet the way i want to meet Will Smith😭😭😭

  • Jerry Traveler
    Jerry Traveler 18 hours ago

    Will Smith is one of the few Hollyweirdos that I like.He came from nothing and made himself into something.And I have to tip my cap to him for that.

  • AJ Taylor
    AJ Taylor 19 hours ago +1

    Similar to Keanu Reeves, we don't deserve Will Smith. Not at all. This dude is the standard for what a human being should be.

  • Danessa Faye
    Danessa Faye 20 hours ago


  • Danessa Faye
    Danessa Faye 20 hours ago

    Hi ELLEN that funny now ELLEN that funny now ELLEN that funny now ELLEN

  • Ashika Mcalphin
    Ashika Mcalphin Day ago

    That intro!! 💃💃

  • Don't Kill My Vibe

    I love how Mena is looking at Will with such admiration and fascination.

  • Max Recoupe
    Max Recoupe Day ago

    Charismatic persone💎💎

  • Tâm Đặng
    Tâm Đặng Day ago

    Will is slowly turn into Uncle Phil.

  • Вера Олеговна Г.

    Love this guy))) just made my day 💋💋💋💋💋🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️

  • Deovrat Singh
    Deovrat Singh Day ago

    Ohh myy... Rub my lamp 🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂

    TYTEAM Day ago

    will is really good at making impresions

  •  Day ago

    One of the may favorite person

  • Sushma Nehra
    Sushma Nehra Day ago

    Ellen mam please interview Sadhguru ......Love from India.

  • Milton
    Milton 2 days ago

    Will Smith is amazing

  • LadyLee11
    LadyLee11 2 days ago

    Who else is going to watch getting jiggy with it.

  • Jose Montes
    Jose Montes 2 days ago

    This man is humble and also he is a great actor

  • Romina
    Romina 2 days ago

    Loooove Will Smith !!!!

  • Cindy Ellis
    Cindy Ellis 2 days ago

    One of my ALL TIME fave actors with one of my all time fave show hosts. It doesn’t get better

  • Ali Rizvi
    Ali Rizvi 2 days ago

    I would live a greater life if I was in the company of more people like him.

  • Ninith P
    Ninith P 2 days ago

    Where did he get this jacket I want it !

  • missym877
    missym877 2 days ago

    Will is honestly one of the best story tellers lol, as far as his costars, the actor who plays Aladdin was very charming in the movie. I hope he’s cast in more because he held his own nicely next to Will.

  • Isabel Marinho
    Isabel Marinho 2 days ago

    The best talk show host ever, and the best guest ever as well!!

  • Beko Kinka
    Beko Kinka 3 days ago

    I can't believe he's 50

  • Sudarut Thongvises
    Sudarut Thongvises 3 days ago

    Ellen Show​ is​ so​ cool.

    JAJA ZAKEE 3 days ago


    JAJA ZAKEE 3 days ago

    So its whatever.....Left field offering..............18..........5

  • salferaih1984
    salferaih1984 3 days ago

    What an Entrance

  • casilda maldonado
    casilda maldonado 3 days ago

    Will 2020 🇺🇸

  • Abi Tulabot
    Abi Tulabot 4 days ago

    I love Will's laugh, every time I hear it I think of Ellen's monologue at the 2014 Oscars

  • Lucy Xie
    Lucy Xie 4 days ago

    loveeee will and ellennnn so much!!!!!!

  • Mrs. Ortiz
    Mrs. Ortiz 4 days ago

    What Kris do to you Ellen??

  • Cassandra Butler
    Cassandra Butler 4 days ago

    She didn't know the Jeffersons? Your black card is hereby revoked

  • Cassandra Butler
    Cassandra Butler 4 days ago

    This is what pure happiness looks like

  • Yetbe Cube
    Yetbe Cube 4 days ago

    The best intro ever on Ellen show😎

  • Mari Garcia
    Mari Garcia 4 days ago

    I love you, God bless you 😚

  • Marites Lumapas
    Marites Lumapas 4 days ago

    i just love W.Smith! 😍❤️ and Ellen of course!❤️

  • Candy Wu
    Candy Wu 4 days ago

    I really can’t believe it. It looks like Will Smith in his 30’s. His smile is so motivating.

  • Unknown ????????
    Unknown ???????? 4 days ago +2

    I would never have thought will Smith was 50.

  • Marie Robbie
    Marie Robbie 4 days ago +1

    He bunjee jumped out of respect for Trevor. RIP

  • Mónica Ayala
    Mónica Ayala 4 days ago

    13:04 what a darling!!! :3

  • Renata Tavares
    Renata Tavares 4 days ago


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  • Fatima Faisal
    Fatima Faisal 4 days ago

    This is so motivational

  • M & M II
    M & M II 5 days ago

    I'm soo 💀helicopter lol

  • Lourdes Mederos
    Lourdes Mederos 5 days ago

    Will is still fly! Love him and the family! God bless the Smith's always!

  • blauewassermelone
    blauewassermelone 5 days ago

    I would never have imagined that someone on Ellen's show could be funnier than Ellen

  • Eunaaa KK
    Eunaaa KK 6 days ago

    like him so muchhhh

  • Che Layla
    Che Layla 6 days ago

    You rock will

  • 跟阿強看影片學英文

    How is he 50? Plus, energetic and adventurous

  • Sugahplum
    Sugahplum 6 days ago

    That lamp had me dead 😆

  • Terryn Wangui
    Terryn Wangui 6 days ago +2

    Will Smith is a world's treasure😍😍

  • Adam Beydoun
    Adam Beydoun 6 days ago

    13:15 bruh 😭😭😭😭

  • kayla so blessed
    kayla so blessed 6 days ago

    Go follow me at kayla so blessed

  • Mike O'Keefe
    Mike O'Keefe 6 days ago

    Anyone else slightly bummed he didn't mention Yes Theory? If it wasn't for them, he wouldn't have done the helicopter bungee jump!

  • Valerian Tsiklauri
    Valerian Tsiklauri 6 days ago

    Just i love this show

  • AQT1212
    AQT1212 7 days ago +1

    I’d really just love to know how many blazers Ellen has!! But loveeeee her so much

  • Aleezay Alee
    Aleezay Alee 7 days ago

    To be really honest I don't like ala din movie

  • Xyience Xzibit
    Xyience Xzibit 7 days ago

    Seems like camera/phone is not allowed....i didn't see anyone holding.....👍👍👍

  • MiMi Jamż
    MiMi Jamż 7 days ago