Odell Beckham Jr. didn’t commit a crime, the NCAA is ‘bogus!’ - Stephen A. | First Take

  • Stephen A. Smith reacts to Tigers alum Odell Beckham Jr. handing out money to LSU players after the CFP National Championship Game.
    #FirstTake #NCAA
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Comments • 80

  • Colby Covington
    Colby Covington Month ago +1

    4:51 great point😊😊✊🏾✊🏾

  • Cody Michels
    Cody Michels 2 months ago

    Everybody’s tripping but they don’t understand what the boosters are doing. What Odell did is nothing compared to boosters lmao

  • Larri Lindsey
    Larri Lindsey 2 months ago +1

    The NCAA is a joke. PAY THE PLAYERS NCAA

  • Jerry Sliger
    Jerry Sliger 2 months ago

    He touched a police officer inappropriately : That's is a crime !

    • Cody Michels
      Cody Michels 2 months ago

      Jerry Sliger nah fr look up the incident it wasn’t a cop haha. i just typed, “odell beckham security guard” and the search showed that it was indeed a security guard. not that it matters but i think he was legit just celebrating, you’re in the locker room of the natty champ, the security guard is prolly a fan of the game, it’s why the charges were dropped and nothing is happening

    • Jerry Sliger
      Jerry Sliger 2 months ago

      @Cody Michels verified through whom ? Your sources are false .

    • Cody Michels
      Cody Michels 2 months ago

      Jerry Sliger verified security guard

  • Local Toledoan
    Local Toledoan 2 months ago

    OBJ only did what atheletes have been doing for decades upon decades. He did what any other star player would have done. He did not act outside of the realm of sports. Athletes of most sports have been slapping people's behinds since the beginning of organized sports. The only reason there is an issues is because he is black. If it had been a white player, nothing would have been said at all. There would be no discussion. There would be no investigation. It would not have been news at all.

  • EtelorveHc49
    EtelorveHc49 2 months ago

    I lol everytime max mentions Jalen and looks over at molly and asks if she knows him lmao

  • Derick Harvey
    Derick Harvey 2 months ago

    Every one of those players he gave money are all going to the nfl

  • Shawn M.
    Shawn M. 2 months ago

    Max and Stephen A are wrong on this. Either we are following the rules, or we are all corruptible and not following the rules, but not both.
    The NCAA is not paying some players, while other players starve and struggle. The NCAA is the overseer of collegiate sports and they called out an issue that should be addressed.

  • Kip Wonder
    Kip Wonder 2 months ago

    Interesting conversation:. Maybe OBJ is smarter than he's given credit for and his overt gesture was intended to say: These athletes should be paid. Just because he's not giving ESPN a soundbite to corroborate his gesture doesn't mean the intent wasn't there. Stephen A is trying to Jedi Mind Trick OBJ into talking.
    Instead of recognizing the obvious intent of OBJ's gesture, typical of America's common view of Black American men, the least intelligent perspective of the gesture is assumed and posited by the media: OBJ was so caught up in the emotions of the moment and his own ego that he decided to flaunt NCAA rules. FOH!!
    Good stuff, OBJ. Pay those young men who are basically engaging in the most popular version of human dog fighting in America - football. Except, they don't get paid. And, unlike with Michael Vick, no one who arranges this dog fighting goes to prison.

  • K Rich
    K Rich 2 months ago

    F OBJ!!!

  • whatdatal
    whatdatal 2 months ago

    Blatant disregard for the law and rules in front of cameras and everyone. We all know Athletes and Hollywood stars get preferential treatment so OBJ flaunts it.

  • knowledge is power
    knowledge is power 2 months ago

    I mean it's his freaking money so oh well

  • Clifton Brown
    Clifton Brown 2 months ago

    So the NCAA doesn't want pay the young man because they make so much off all athletes since it starts it's a shame salute 😎💯

  • Almighty DaVinci
    Almighty DaVinci 2 months ago

    How is it illegal or a problem for someone to give someone money? All them panhandlers need to be arrested and arrest me I just gave my brother $5 .

  • Lord Megatron
    Lord Megatron 2 months ago

    I ain’t watched this show in a minute.. but Molly is still hosting? 🤣🤣

    SBONFYE 2 months ago

    I swear domonique foxworth always talks like he’s on Around The Horn on every show he appears on 😂

  • victor melendez
    victor melendez 2 months ago

    How does Stephen A even have a job. Dude is trash.

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve 2 months ago

    OBJ, you can give me money, I won't tell anybody 😂

    CHEDSA 2 months ago

    Completly agree with Molly here.. she raised some interesting points.....

  • rd f
    rd f 2 months ago

    Tempest in a teapot.

  • Nick Crimi
    Nick Crimi 2 months ago +2

    I wonder how many other players were bought by LSU.... 🧐

  • Wildchild96 jr
    Wildchild96 jr 2 months ago

    Everyone is bitching about Odell giving players money but i dont hear ppl bitching about Dabo paying the players to go to clemson or giving them Steroids/ Formants enhancing drugs.

  • Anthony Schneider
    Anthony Schneider 2 months ago

    There’s a few classy guys in this sport...but a lot of trash 🗑....from the players to the owners

  • rscmrcmd
    rscmrcmd 2 months ago

    "I'm going to climb into my own head."
    I think he already has.

  • Todd Davenport
    Todd Davenport 2 months ago

    If u don’t want to play by the rules go play for $50,000 dollars 💰💵💴 a year the max amount in the XFL! Then after taxes u bring home about $30-35,000 a year home in a major city where the cost of living would u in the poor house! So as Steve Miller would say go ahead “Take The Money & Run 🏃!”

  • rscmrcmd
    rscmrcmd 2 months ago

    "Why do you always find yourself in the news???? WHY?????"
    Because he's an idiot, that's why.

  • Todd Davenport
    Todd Davenport 2 months ago

    It’s against the damned rules! It’s against the damned rules!!!!!!

  • TheKnowitall
    TheKnowitall 2 months ago

    He didn't commit a crime but he violated NCAA bylaws. Antonio Langham signed an autographed cocktail napkin for an agent in 1992 and Bama was hit for 30 schollies. Giving money to players is against the rules. How stupid we all may think it is, its breaking the rules. Now, with that said, the NCAA had recordings of LSU's basketball coach talking deals and ignored it. They will probably do the same here. If they are handing out hundreds on the field, what happens when the cameras arent on. The NCAA doesnt have teeth anymore. 30 years ago, they would have been nailed for 30 schollies, no bowl for 2 years and vacation of wins. The NCAA will look the other way here.

  • Deese Knutz
    Deese Knutz 2 months ago

    HE did commit a crime. It was assault. If he hit a woman like that, he would be in jail right now

    • TheBlazikenBro BOI
      TheBlazikenBro BOI 2 months ago

      This isnt about that, its about him giving money to the players

  • Lord CrimsonEye
    Lord CrimsonEye 2 months ago

    I didn't see the clip on here, but I did see it elsewhere. In this case, Stephen A is being overly protective of OBJ. OBJ obviously did not like the security officer reprimanding the LSU players over smoking in the locker room. He slapped the officer on the behind with force and become confrontational with the security officer when he turned around. To me, it looked like OBJ was drunk or high, but that is no excuse.
    Given the recent precedents, he should be arrested and made to face charges.

    • TheBlazikenBro BOI
      TheBlazikenBro BOI 2 months ago

      This isnt about that, its about him giving money to the players

  • Delectro 17
    Delectro 17 2 months ago

    Why is it okay for Odell to hand them money but if a player who’s very low in funds and doesn’t have food to eat and their mom is being evicted from their house, sells his autograph then he’s kicked out, loses scholarship and the NCAA strips them from their banners like the Fab Five. Just get rid of the rule overall

  • HeyZeus M
    HeyZeus M 2 months ago

    Black people thinking they did nothing wrong again smh

  • C R
    C R 2 months ago

    Odell just needed some attention, now's he getting it. Dudes a diva and needs the spotlight.

  • A N Detjen
    A N Detjen 2 months ago

    That's why California is going to make the NCAA's "amateur" rule vanish. Greedy bastards.

  • Good guy here Man on a mission

    What’s funny is both sides are right! My final conclusion is, sometimes you can do the right thing at a wrong time! Making love to your wife is right! Making love to your wife in public is wrong (maybe, Lol)! 😁😁😁😁

  • IEienI
    IEienI 2 months ago

    He just needed to be smart about how he disturbed the funds. Looking at the scenario it looks like it was really attention driven. He didn't commit a crime but you gotta be careful of who you do extra.

  • John Funk
    John Funk 2 months ago

    Until the rules are changed. U obey the rules that are set. No matter how many millions of dollars these colleges get from football or other sports No
    Players is allowed to accept money

  • Frankie Godinez
    Frankie Godinez 2 months ago

    Really Steven A. What about the NHL player that got arrested for the same thing????

  • Sammy Coleman
    Sammy Coleman 2 months ago

    Nfl players forget that the nfl owns you before the season starts and after the season is over!! And not only that but cell phones are everywhere no matter what a person has in there hand one of them is a cell phone!! You sometimes wonder do they take the time to take a 15 minute shower not my neighbor I live in a apartment complex when my neighbor takes a shower my hot water turns cold so one day I time her and low and behold she was in there six minutes top came out side with a robe on and went to the mail box with mail in one and yes you guess it the cell phone in the other hand wow technology is making them cut back on hygiene I mean really!!!!!!!!

  • Shadow Cappi
    Shadow Cappi 2 months ago

    Hold it right there! That’s right hold it right there at .59. Odell is not Smart. Just like your boy. Elijah Moore. Which you never commented on. You P O S. Listen to this old man ? Lol. Smith says on social media. Hey it’s your boy Steven A Smith. How old are you old man? Lol.

  • Shemuel Roget
    Shemuel Roget 2 months ago

    I only watch because of Molly. Molly is the heart and brains of the show.

  • Bobby Spitz
    Bobby Spitz 2 months ago

    Technically yes it was battery according to the law, I don’t agree with it whatsoever but the law is the law.

    • TheBlazikenBro BOI
      TheBlazikenBro BOI 2 months ago

      No they’re talking about odell handing out money to the lsu players

  • Gstring
    Gstring 2 months ago

    That officer is gonna end up like that one reporter women, he's gonna get cut to go to a commercial when they interview him.

  • Mulundano Chitalu
    Mulundano Chitalu 2 months ago

    Max: there is a guy on get up called Jalen rose and looks straight at molly..lol

  • Logan Salzman
    Logan Salzman 2 months ago +2

    Smacking a cop is a crime.

  • Jason Tidd
    Jason Tidd 2 months ago +2

    So it's not OK for a fan to touch or grab a player but it's OK for a player to touch or grab someone OK I see the biased

  • Andrew Macias
    Andrew Macias 2 months ago

    Me :spanks a metermaid
    Me at home:(crash boom pow)its the police lower your weapons of mass destruction.

  • Desmond Bozeman
    Desmond Bozeman 2 months ago

    Lol smoking a cigar inside the locker room is not a crime.

  • sw famaliy Welch
    sw famaliy Welch 2 months ago


  • Clutch Sports
    Clutch Sports 2 months ago

    Why aren't they talking about Edelman? If it was Odell gettin arrested I'm sure that's what the topic would be about. Ridiculous.

  • Lisa Moses
    Lisa Moses 2 months ago +1

    Not a crime? I hate to break it to you but it IS a crime to put your hands on another person without their consent, especially their backside. Also a double standard here, what about the male marathon runner who slapped a female reporter's backside? No argument there and he's being held criminally accountable. So why is this any different?

  • Mr Wat Da HELL
    Mr Wat Da HELL 2 months ago

    I got one question about college sports wasn't college sports operating before the NCAA why can't they break away and pretty much do what they want to do

  • CSRULESbob
    CSRULESbob 2 months ago

    Dominique is one of the most annoying pundits. Not only is he wrong or is opinion is bizarre 70% of the time. Hes also very cocky and arrogant! Smh.

  • Melvin Pruitt
    Melvin Pruitt 2 months ago

    The NCAA has been making it rain on itself for decades on end and nobody utters a thing, but let a young black male hand out a few dollars to a student athlete and all he'll breaks loose.

  • Keinoooo
    Keinoooo 2 months ago

    Odell Beckham is attention starved. Do more on the field than off the field. Ego swollen ways will split your identity...ask Antonio Brown...smh...Yall should know better...but your behavior shows either you dont know better character conduct or you dont care.

  • TheFlowG
    TheFlowG 2 months ago

    There are 2 possibilites...
    1. The security retard is a racist

    2. the security retatd wants money

  • David Vance Brown
    David Vance Brown 2 months ago

    It amazes me how they always try to tell these players what their intentions are like why do they have to say it publicly to clear it up. They just having fun man that’s it. Especially for superstars they deserve more respect than that. They deserve the benefit of the doubt. It’s not fair to create a story on their own beliefs and no facts from the inside I.e the players themselves

  • Fotten Låhi
    Fotten Låhi 2 months ago

    Am very disappointed in this article

  • Evin Brauneller
    Evin Brauneller 2 months ago


  • Christopher Stone
    Christopher Stone 2 months ago

    NCAA has some of the dumbest rules and investigators I have ever seen.

  • Chris Torrey
    Chris Torrey 2 months ago

    Molly, men are talking..

  • To the Face
    To the Face 2 months ago

    Don’t blow it. Keep it simple. Count your money.

  • Billy Hudgins
    Billy Hudgins 2 months ago

    That cop should only be thier to make sure they safe that's it. Get u a life cop

  • clayton davis
    clayton davis 2 months ago

    It was stupid.... case closed drop it who cares not a big deal

  • Peggy Lee
    Peggy Lee 2 months ago

    Mr.Stephen A. stay on point!
    action and words Do matter!!💯

  • Peggy Lee
    Peggy Lee 2 months ago

    Mr.Odell Beckham Jr. why feed
    news to the hungry!😤

  • Uncle Ben
    Uncle Ben 2 months ago

    you meant...how should journalists view him ?

  • King EB
    King EB 2 months ago

    "He's smart!" (Obj) -SA 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wisdom
    Wisdom 2 months ago

    Oh and one more thing I guess we better issue a warrant for his arrest The Head man in charge The man right here

  • Wisdom
    Wisdom 2 months ago

    That want to be down in the boot partying what's going on it's about time we stand up SMH

  • Ewolf5150
    Ewolf5150 2 months ago

    Molly over here lookin like the Gordon’s fisherman

  • Eddie Love
    Eddie Love 2 months ago

    Max in the middle of making a point.
    Molly: ok so I have a question...

  • Corey Davis
    Corey Davis 2 months ago

    Let them liv tf warrant for odell the cop didnt have an issue wit it cmon man

  • rumpelstiltskin
    rumpelstiltskin 2 months ago

    The bottomline is that the guys who won the game were college football players. The guy in the lock room throwing money is a millionaire. His behaviour was not representative of a college football player and that's how he should be judged. If he had been a rich alumni who had been caught giving players money then we would be talking about sanctions. With Odell Beckhams behavior, he could have potentially hurt LSUs team

  • rumpelstiltskin
    rumpelstiltskin 2 months ago

    Being talented is no excuse for his behavior.

  • rumpelstiltskin
    rumpelstiltskin 2 months ago +1

    We should view him as a glaring fool who should not have been allowed within 500 yds of the football team

  • bubbiesdad
    bubbiesdad 2 months ago +1

    Assault isn't a crime?

  • Chad wic
    Chad wic 2 months ago +1

    I heard they were smoking marijuana and now this!

    LETS GET IT THEN 2 months ago

    I whooped obj n the airport

  • Financially Coded
    Financially Coded 2 months ago

    The coaches get paid millions, while players make nothing... I see nothing wrong