Humans Are FORCING Animals to Evolve Faster

Something strange is happening worldwide, humans are causing animals to evolve faster. Some animals have developed strange super powers!
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Автор AlexDaKoshak Gaming ( назад)
The thumbnail tho😂😂

Автор Venomous Watermelon ( назад)
i wonder if cows,pigs,etc. will grow a sac inside their body so that everytime a human kills them,they squirt poison into their meat..then we all have to go vegan #sports

Автор Wolf Darkrose ( назад)
still doesnt mean we have the right to kill everything on this planet even if they are evolving but hey we want shit. so fuck the world as long as im happy and my death comes quick. yes dark but its a fact. be happy.

Автор Daviesi ( назад)
Who jumped so had when there was the wolf bit!!!

Автор Duane Locsin ( назад)
at over 7 BILLION people and counting our population is too big!

we are not masters of our domain, but simply slaves to it.

I remember a ecosystem experiment in high school Biology where fruit flies in an aquarium container, where their population growth exploded far outstripping the resources they had and all eventually died from starvation (including all their larvae)in a few short generations and I can't help but see the same for humans at this rate.

The thing that is faster then technology and innovation, is our birth rates and the ability to exploit our natural resources, even at the expense all other species that depend on it.

I really don't want to have any kids, and if I did it would only be one(or adoption).

the governments need for a larger tax base
our parents grandpa/ma hormones kicking in
Religion's edict to by 'Fruitful and multiply' and to pay tithings.

Generation Y is struggling as it is with the Economy we are supposed to take over, and Generation Z is screwed.

Автор Shadow Zestu ( назад)
I hate you humans just die and it's a race humans that know who I'm talking about

Автор ᗯᎥŁᗪ Gaming ( назад)
you look like a bunny

Автор Cammy ( назад)
Ha what a fucking awful future ahead of us. Nature < cities

Автор Fire Fixing ( назад)
zoo by James Patterson

Автор koolerpure ( назад)
i came just to laugh at people arguing that evolution doesnt exist, i left ashamed because everyone here is intelligentish

Автор Dean Natuno ( назад)
"Calm down, I'm not going to show an image (of a big spider)"
*Shows a video of a rat*

Автор misskuni ( назад)
lice has also become more resistant to pesticides. uggghhh

Автор Polydynamix ( назад)
Adaptation... the word is adaptation. Evolution isn't some genetic change that occurs in a poof. Adaptations lead to new desirable traits and those carrying said traits are more likely to breed... THAT'S how natural selection works.

Автор Jack the Gestapo ( назад)
three miles island, chernobyl, now fukushima, with all these power combined, yay I think we can see godzilla any second now

Автор Alpo Pitkänen ( назад)
Wait... what happened to "Thanks to the view, subscribe for more"?

Автор JoJiJoJo ( назад)
That fucking thumbnail lmao 😂

Автор julian arroyo ( назад)
It is a cycle, Soon enough we will have to adapt to these animals again.

Автор Walter Evans-Wentz ( назад)
I actually do not think this has to do with evolution in any strict sense of the word. This is selection or adaptation but not mutation. It's just elephants without tusks survive instead of those with them. This is not a gain, but rather a loss of genetic material. No mutation means no speciation whatsoever.

Автор Nutts lmao ( назад)
Elephants donts evolve, cuz only the elephants with tusk get killed and the elephants without tusk wont get shot so they will reproduce with their tuskless genes and more elephants without tusk will be born I wont call that evolution..

Автор Harvey Taylor ( назад)
Why aren't you my teacher for goodness sake

Автор Ayman Futa ( назад)
I'm giving you a dislike for that autistic thumbnail. otherwise good video

Автор Jason Dank Memes ( назад)
OMG thank you for not showing an image of spiders

Автор Jason Dank Memes ( назад)
Have you seen the Adam ruins everything video about dog breeds?

Автор celeste cavallo ( назад)
hey at least now we know animals are getting smarter than humans will ever be :)

Автор Ninjamaster36 ( назад)
The next evolution is probably talking animals

Автор Michael Burgarino ( назад)
Coyotes are annoying af in America

Автор GSS ( назад)
That's it, we need an apocalypse.

Автор Anthony Polaczuk ( назад)
Yes its true, we have even taken monkeys (i.e. niggers) from the country Africa; and taught them how to harvest cotton, cook, clean, and even use a toilet.
Not only that but many of us pure breed men have gifted a select few of those monkeys with our seed. Even though at first, they tried to resist.

Автор Makrustic ( назад)
I just watched Zootopia and, Why didnt I saw his name in the credits?

Автор Rozamunduszek ( назад)
you won't show a spider yet you show a bedbug? Gee, get your priorities straight, man! XD

Автор Phantom Al ( назад)
Trinity evolution is Dna changing adaptation is a trait animals acquire to help them in a new environment.

Автор Xburos ( назад)
anyone else thought from the title it'd be cruel inhumane experiments done on animals

Автор madCRO008 ( назад)
I wonder how can nature know that elephants are killed for tusks...

Автор Jammy _GRNDLVL ( назад)
Why don't poachers just find dead elephants rather than killing them?

Автор James Rae ( назад)
Who are these crazy people who pay six figures for teeth?

Автор Troy ( назад)
The elephant having no tusks gone up 40% isn't evolution it's kind of like selective breeding as more elephants with tusks are dead.

Автор th0m4s3 ( назад)
8:46 yes, books has indeed always frighten me xD

Автор Click4Gameplay ( назад)
It's like the nature itself is telling us: Yo humans, fuck off please

Автор pokepok3 the guy person ( назад)
Spore is just the future where animals have evolved to evolve without even creating a new generation.

Автор gelise 581g ( назад)
those coyotes are tiny as hell

Автор Martina Picci De Ocampo ( назад)
what happened to your intro, thoughty???

Автор Logan Yeck ( назад)
Please let there be Khajiit in 15,000 years.

Автор Oliver Betteridge ( назад)
If we are forcing animals to evolve, does this mean we are capable of creating a new species?

Автор Max Buchanan ( назад)
Has this dumbass ever heard that 'TH' doesn't make an 'F' sound unless you're a toddler with a speech impediment. 'Fouty2 here' or 'four fousand'.

Автор The Bukkakian From The Planet Dillhole ( назад)
So it's okay to pollute. Take that, hippies.

Автор PicklePercyy ( назад)
Can we evolve the potato?

Автор CharlieZ ( назад)
What about a metabilisiom controled mentaly

Автор CharlieZ ( назад)
What about a Horn that can move

Автор Петър Петров ( назад)
This should be called "Unwilling artificial selection"

Автор Gabe Rocca ( назад)
Dogs and wolves are the same species, Canus Lupus aNed Canus Lupus Domesticus

Автор Drake Gainer ( назад)
Very interesting, but now I'm bummed out.

Автор NTYo ( назад)

Автор NTYo ( назад)
when i watch this dude i feel like watching the british version of Vsauce

Автор Isabelle Belle ( назад)
poor animals. I fucked hate people

Автор KRAKATIK ( назад)
man i hate bed books

Автор Unkown User ( назад)
This just in, the bounty on Ivory hunters is now $400k for both hands. Problem solved lol

Автор Julian Rijkers ( назад)
hey 42 here

Автор Ada123 ( назад)
They're ADAPTING not evolving...With elephants it's a selection, not natural unfortunately but it's NOT evolution.

Автор Memory Alpha R ( назад)
Evolution is amazing!

Автор Fred Fredburger ( назад)
there is no TRUE evolution. its a fake.

Автор jacqueline bonilla c ( назад)
Me like avocado dip with chips don't abuse avocado

Автор sauuu ( назад)
ur best work

Автор Trolled Woods ( назад)
You know, that doesn't create something new, it only prioritizes the better. That is not evolution, because there is no mutation involved.

Автор redfox4561 ( назад)
Can we hurry up and create domesticated cat eared girls already?

Автор Brandon Silva ( назад)
8:40 You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Or is it gentleman in a scholar? My phone keeps auto correcting scholar to scholarship, fuck you phone. Unless I'm stupid which is very probable.

Автор Ramadhan Bayuaji bayuaji ( назад)
8:35 well, nope nope nope, I'm out

Автор Hugo Olsson ( назад)
i would buy elefant tusk and then i would stab the shit out of them to a slow and pain full death and make there childs look in there dad

Автор Mista Bluu ( назад)
Sometimes I wonder if hes wearing pants

What you are talking about is adaptation not evolution. Evolution is the theory that adaptation has potential to create new and more complicated species.

Автор Ben Zix ( назад)
it's called natural selection

Автор Eve ( назад)
Thank you for this video

Автор M1 Abrams ( назад)
Flying sharks

Автор A Small Box. ( назад)
The rapid evolution could have something to do with punctuated equilibrium. Which would give further grounds to the idea that phyletic gradualism and punctuated equilibrium are both existent forces, not one over the other.

Автор F.B.I Treholt Forbrukar InspektøraneM ( назад)
Evolve or die out. Flying bears scary to think if thath was the reality😄 but there i live er have pink flying elephant's but they are harmless😂. Take care of the planet little time😐

Автор Q__44 raygunmark_FX ( назад)
wow we are turning into assholes

Автор Robert Lassiter ( назад)
there is a difference between adaptation, and evolution. you say "we" the scientific community have witnessed these different spices ADAPT. please don't say evolution when it's clearly just adaptation.

Автор POCKIEalldayerday ( назад)
awesome bro, your subs increased significantly after i came back to your channel! time to binge watch... i see you don't wear your suit anymore!

Автор NotAnActualYoutubeChannel ( назад)
no flying bears :/

Автор S.Arichard Views ( назад)
U can mutate animals by altering their DNA records... and if ill do that the first thing im making are mammoths

Автор S.Arichard Views ( назад)
I wanna die during 2084....

Автор - ( назад)
I remember a kid at my school saying evolution is fake because "I just don't see how that is possible"

Автор Global Warming Skeptic ( назад)
This video is scientifically inaccurate. I witnessed lots of evolutionary changes when playing Pokemon Go.

Автор Thea Elise ( назад)
8.38. Thanks

Автор Eroge The Eternal ( назад)
damn 1 million subscribers later and thoughty2 ditched the suit n tie lol.

Автор Adrian Willis ( назад)
I told my friends that humans created dogs, but they looked at me and called me a dumbass -.-

Автор Steven Crowder ( назад)
I'm very confident in saying this, I can honestly say Thoughty2 has taught me more than any teacher in school

Автор Michael Tsouchlarakis ( назад)
Evolution =/= Selective breading, I'm afraid elephants fall in the second category.

Автор Kathleen Capule ( назад)
It costs 400,000 dollars to sell these tusks. For 12 uhm... Idk

Автор Groza Dallocort ( назад)
Hmm not only cayotes are learning trafic patterns I know that my family cat is smart enough to look both ways before crossing a road and my family live out in the country.
Sure also lifestock is smart enough to keep to the side of the road when cars drive by. Only animal that cant seem to learn is reindeers they can run strait in to the side of a car even is the car is moving at like 5km/h

Автор Groza Dallocort ( назад)
Flying bears well I need AA cannon

Автор Ivan Ivanchev ( назад)
What I think is a major point that you have missed is that the elephants did not "evolve" tuskless, it was just that there were already tuskless elephants that simply weren't killed by poachers and at the end they were the only ones to mate hence their gene for tusklessness spread rapidly due to lack of elephants with tusks.

Автор Nova Niron Stine ( назад)
"weed not killers" HA!

Автор Dragonmistress83 ( назад)
I rather have you show a picture of a spider then bedbugs.

Автор Starkanator ( назад)
"Life finds a way"

Автор Asshole Mcfuckin ( назад)
I think we need some population management

Автор MrNeko ( назад)
Governments just have to build a geo-roof on top of building...

Автор AROUND THE GLOBE ( назад)
hey thoughty2 i just started my own channel and its similar to you i would really appreciate if you check it out and let me know what you think. Thank you

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