Humans Are FORCING Animals to Evolve Faster

Something strange is happening worldwide, humans are causing animals to evolve faster. Some animals have developed strange super powers!
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Автор Adam Lacy ( назад)
Now I want McKentuckyFriedSubway. *THANKS* Thoughty2!

Автор Deathstarcat /Games And Tutorials ( назад)
Thats good news! if they adapt to the City They won't Go Exitcnct!

Автор I live inside a garbage can ( назад)

Автор EXO Angel ( назад)

Автор Twinz_king ( назад)
hahahaha that thumbnail is a noob photo shop XD

Автор James WrightTM ( назад)
Climate change is a myth mate.

Автор Matija Kopričanec ( назад)
you are wrong cities and urbanization helps saving resources if you don't know how research it

Автор Degrad X R ( назад)
Lets make house cats even smaller ;3

Автор Shizaru al Kira ( назад)
In Chernobyl, after the nuclear reactor accident that left the area uninhabitable for estimated 300 years, is now populated by some animals that have adapted to survive the radioactive landscape.

Автор Ivanna Davila ( назад)
my neighbor's tiny puppy was left outside and she saw this wolf like thing take it away.She says it was huge and she thinks it was a coyote

Автор Jake GamingKing ( назад)
evolution is much much longer process if not o the help of genetic engineering so don't be dumb

Автор DatCoalDuck ( назад)
I would actually like a pure grey wolf pet, cuz' they're strong, and loyal

Автор DaGameFighter ( назад)

Автор Daniel Van Velzor ( назад)
are Pesticides and Herbicides becoming obsolete because of this

Автор Some Random Neko ( назад)
Mc.Kentucky Fried Subways.

I'm feeling finger licking fresh.

Автор Grabs Popcorn ( назад)
actually we tried to change dogs by selective breeding. just like farm animals and horses. even rats in laboratories.

Автор Vlad the Inhaler ( назад)
Humans are doing what they've been doing for it's entire life, and there's nothing wrong with it.

Автор Ivory The Elephant ( назад)
Fucking bed bugs, we need to find a way to totally eradicate those things.

Автор gam mal ( назад)
evolution or natural selection? if the no tusk are the only one that didnt get killed, dont you think that their genes are the only one that will be passed on hence increasing the amount of no tusk?

Автор Adrián Skultéty ( назад)
the elephant one wasnt though through since the ones without the tusk that are safe fuck eachother soo they can only deliver a baby soo ye i think that is why there are more tuskless

Автор Luna Moonstar ( назад)
You don't show a picture of a spider but you show a picture of a bedbug because logic.

Автор Darius Staicu ( назад)
Guys imagine bears going around the town knocking at your door for food and not wanting to eat your face haha

Автор Emilee Jakes ( назад)
This makes me sad.... people are dumb

Автор Pierre Plante ( назад)
One day maybe, nature wil just say: "the hell with those...wipe em off !!!" and balance will return.

Автор ForumLight ( назад)
*"Cichlids have shown evolution into new species."* Speciation falsifies fish to mankind evolution, showing that no matter how many generations go by, all populations of: fish remain fish, reptiles remain reptiles, amphibians remain amphibians, birds remain birds, and so on. You cite fish remaining fish only shows it yet again.

Автор ForumLight ( назад)
*"ForumLight Nobody is interested in your arguements about evolution when you have a picture of a cross. It gives the game away as to why you don't believe. You CAN'T believe because it threatens your religion, you have an agenda."* You unwittingly admitted fish to mankind evolution is only something that can be believed in. Science is not about things that can only be believed in. Do you need to believe that objects drop to the ground? Do you need to believe that diseases spread? You just took your first step.

Автор ForumLight ( назад)
*"1) Having sex with other humans will sooner or later become incest, as features go away but none get formed."* You already believe everything is incest, as you believe all life has the same ancestor.

*":2) If no species are formed, then biodiversity would always be shrinking."*
False -there are more combinations of human dna than there are stars in the sky. We're always going to see new combinations of dna we've never seen yet.

*"If you seriously believe that humans could have survived at the time of dinosaurs without being in any way different to the modern humans, you're just retarded."* You're assuming they all lived in the same place. You do realize the Earth is quite huge?

Автор SUPAMAN ROCKS ( назад)
next 15,000 years we will be living with mouse elephants cows coyetes and they all are 20 times smarter than before

Автор ascott2002 ( назад)
Why are so many of the comments on this video so disrespectful? If someone doesn't use immaculate grammar, don't call them things like "idiot" and "retarded." Just simply:

A: Correct them in a friendly manner.
B: Decide not to let it bother you.

Автор bubanner ( назад)
dont matter wat say,,,u will find out..sooner or latr

Автор Mush Said ( назад)
"nature...uuuuh...always finds a way"

Автор bubanner ( назад)
one things 4sure....u will die...n u will find out......better safe dan sorry.

Автор Op L ( назад)
clickkkkkkk baiiiiiiiiiiit

Автор thekingofcardboard ( назад)
if you or any avacadoes you know are being abused, please call 1 800 avacado help
on another note, thank you very much for not showing a picture of a spider.

Автор Muted ( назад)
Haha suck it creationists

Автор Tripp Wolf ( назад)
I actually believe a version of camouflage with foxes, and other creatures that could look like dogs, will "become" dogs, so they can hide in cities

Автор Gamer Hawk ( назад)
I hate humanity its ruining the earth

Автор Gecko o ( назад)
Yea, that is not call evolution, is adaptation, when an specie uses its current characteristics in order to adapt, is faster than evolution and it may also be a pre project of evolution, first they adapt, then they evolve, under any condition is freaking creepy, I mean just picture a situation in that horses or any predator evolves to be as smart as us, to conquer us. Good thing evolution takes very long time.

Автор John Kleberman ( назад)
You are my favorite Youtuber! Have a happy easter and never forget Douglas Adams!

Автор Fire Arrow ( назад)
most click bait thumb nail ever

Автор Josh Teller ( назад)
Sometimes I wonder if human extinction will be caused by any of the Armageddon type scenarios we picture. Maybe nature will decide it's had enough with us and equip other species to exterminate mankind

Автор CaptainD00M ( назад)
where did pigeons live before there were cities

Автор Tate Abercrombie ( назад)
Firty five fousand

Автор Let's go Back to ( назад)
We have population management for animals yet we don't have it for humans yeah that seems fair, i say we have a purge night (yes like the movie people)

Автор Jason Haas ( назад)
Oh no , the flying avocados are here to destroy the last city

Автор Jason Haas ( назад)
They have harnested the true power of the 0-0 dart monkey and merged it with 42

Автор connordor ( назад)
The reason that dogs have such high diversity isn't because of evolution, it's because of artificial selection. They didn't rapidly speed up their evolution, we bred for certain characteristics.

Автор Jessie-Jayne Martel ( назад)
I really love this video, one of my favorite so far. I learned so much and it's really proof of how powerful we are in more ways then one.
thanks as always, this is one of the best channels on YouTube.
Jessie Jayne martel

Автор AssassinXMod ( назад)
Can we force ourself to become smarter then?

Автор Miguel Reyes ( назад)
At first I thought he said "Have you ever seen a flying bird?No thats because they dont exist." I was confused until I replayed the video . . .

Автор mynameislollz ( назад)
08:39 u know me well 😂

Автор Mixa ( назад)
It would be neat if humans themselves evolved to meet the requirements of a modern lifestyle, for example, lessening the time of sleep they need in a day and getting improved memory to learn new information way easier.

Автор Alex Cheung ( назад)
Idk about Global warming, I mean Al Gore did invent the internet but I don't believe him about Global warming.

Автор Mr Raptor ( назад)
Most dog spieces have become some of the most bizarre looking creatures on the planet. Look at the bulldogs and poodles, etc. What the fuck is wrong with you dog people? Why do you want a dog's most ugly traits to stand even more out?

Автор Marcus Jarrell ( назад)
Life....f-finds a way!

Автор Michael Davis ( назад)
I saw the bear with wings, shouted "MOOSH!", and opened the video. Dimitri and Ricky sucked, I want a flying bear.

Автор Christopher Universal ( назад)
I can "bear" the thought of that. (Ha hah hahhahhaha)

Автор Warriors4Life ( назад)
It's only gonna kill more elephants cuz the less elephants the higher demand so people are gonna kill them faster

Автор ForumLight ( назад)
*"A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment."* "Observing a fossil" does not mean the made up beliefs ABOUT them that do not happen are "observed". Here's what is observable, repeatable, verifiable (that DOES happen): no matter how many generations go by, ALL populations of: fish remain fish, reptiles remain reptiles, birds remain birds, bacteria remains bacteria. Evolutionists are anti-science.

Автор Donkeyearsa ( назад)
i have never seen a bear fly but i have seen a horse fly. I have also seen a rocking horse. Does that count?

Автор Chronopiggy ( назад)
I think these are more from unintentional selective breeding, not evolution.

Автор Ultimate Gamer ( назад)
I don't recall elephants ever having tusks wtf

Автор MrDrPickles ( назад)
good thing I have a avocado tree

Автор Vinícius Augusto ( назад)
That thumb tho

Автор Joe Kerr ( назад)
I dont believe the elephant one. Sure they may have evolved to not have tusks for some reason, but there is no way their "genes" could possibly know they are being killed for their tusks.

Автор Ali Shkak ( назад)
Show your research please, don't be like Facebook, or people won't be able to believe you for words.

Автор Thecontrodude proversial ( назад)
I came to video for thumbnail so I got click bait

Автор Green Whovian ( назад)
Id love to see humans have a serious rival to the top of the food chain then maybe we wouldn't be such all consuming arrogant pricks and realise we aren't the be all and end all of existence that other creatures exist too that have just as much right to life as we think we're entitled...

Автор TheGreasyCaviarDish ( назад)
Evolution isnt real

Автор Meanoz ( назад)
I lived in Zambia

Автор ForumLight ( назад)
Of course when you point out it's observable, repeatable, verifiable scientific fact that ALL populations of fish remain fish no matter how many generations go by, many evolutionists will instantly switch to rabid attacks on belief in God, when belief in God has nothing to do with the scientific fact that refutes their fish to mankind belief system. But it does show their motivation for clinging to fish to mankind evolution like the cult that it is. They lie and claim that observing a fossil is the same as observing the made up belief about them that actually does NOT happen.

Автор ForumLight ( назад)
Evolutionists claim that populations of fish evolved over generations eventually into amphibians (animals we'd clearly no longer consider fish). Since they claim their beliefs are science, ask evolutionists to show what they say happens: an example of populations of fish morphing over generations ('evolving' they call it) eventually into animals we'd clearly no longer consider fish. This is what they claim happens, yet pick any animal: the human race has never observed any such thing, *hence it's observable scientific fact it does not happen until anyone ever shows it to do so*.

Here's what *is* science: It's observable, scientific fact that no matter how many generations go by over the entire existence of the human race, ALL populations of: fish remain fish, reptiles remain reptiles, birds remain birds, viruses remain viruses and so on. So science really falsifies the anti-science fish to mankind belief system. In spite of this, evolutionists:

_(a) _*_Ignore_*_ that scientific fact_

_(b) Make up a belief _*_contrary_*_ to that scientific fact_

_(c) Where that belief _*_never happens, can only be believed in_*_ and hence can't be called science anyway but demand it be called science and contradict what IS observable scientific fact._

Evolutionism is nothing but a complete distortion of science and observable, repeatable scientific fact.

Evolutionists are ignoring what is observable, scientific fact, make up beliefs that are contrary to this observable, scientific fact, where these beliefs also never happen.

Автор TheLegend27 ( назад)
*Insert comment to make this all Americas fault*

Автор HyperSoda ( назад)
Why is ur right eyebrow always lower than ur left

Автор tiny tonic ( назад)
its called selective breeding

Автор USA Doppelganger ( назад)
Screw this winged bear bull.

Автор p3rran-gaming ( назад)
It's all good, animals adapting instead of going extinct. But here's a thought. Why don't we just stop fucking up the planet? Anyone considered this yet? It doesn't feel like it.

Автор Leonardo Bezerra ( назад)
how would the elephants know they were being killed only for the ivory?

Автор Eric Kirkland ( назад)
Charles Darwin said that if there wasn't a fossil record showing a species transitioning into another species that his hypothesis was bunk.

So where is that fossil record showing even one species transitioning into another species?

Those elephants are still elephants regardless of the mumbo jumbo of incessantly regurgitating the word evolution. Micro evolution to be certain but still not a single fossil record of macro evolution.

Adaptation is adaptation rather than actual evolution from one species into another.

Too bad the universities and academic lunatics fail to understand such a simple concept.

Автор Shadowserpent7 ( назад)
its because the elephants with no tusks survive and the tuskless gene is spread more and is more common

Автор Daniel Field ( назад)
I wonder if there will ever be a creature to evovle to hunt humens like dodge a bullet and shit

Автор Mark Truth ( назад)
7:25 not all dogs can reproduce with each other

Автор Ask Liam ( назад)
there is no time in which evolution will occur it all depends on environmental pressure

Автор Ask Liam ( назад)
this video is mostly bullshit

Автор Robin Kjær ( назад)
8.49 I THOUGHT 😉 He Said Books Instead Of Bugs! 😂😎😃

Автор Mayssam Alwiswasi ( назад)

Автор olav fosse ( назад)
I love your jokes

Автор videakias3000 ( назад)
if there is one thing pokemon taught us is that we don't grow up,we evolve.

Автор Maxwell Blakley ( назад)
I don,t think that elephants lossing their tusk is evolving its called adepting

Автор Annabeth 1052 ( назад)
'Weed killers'

Do you mean herbicides?

Автор Dat Boi ( назад)
so wait all elephants had tusks before??

Автор Jason Holanda ( назад)
So...Does this mean that...within about 1000 years...Animals will be fighting for dominance and we might not be the dominant species in earth? good thing I lived in this generation XD

Автор pmsingkatyperrylistener 1 ( назад)
Fish swam out of the ocean and grew legs and started walking. Thank you katy for teaching me about evolution.

P. S so ducks are man's best friend? Cool

Автор MizukiUkitake ( назад)
I've heard of rattlesnakes evolving to not rattle, because humans use the rattle to track them down and kill them.

Автор Dumbledore115 ( назад)
8:38 thank you

Автор AndrewTheCatLover ( назад)
Hi welcome to chili's

Автор Court McLeary ( назад)
I'd argue "less safe" in cities. Many cities, such as new york city, have a crime rate that's lower than the national average. And some suburbs have crime rates much higher than some cities.

Автор bubanner ( назад)
god is doing that so he doesnt loose all his creations.....on earth at this time.

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