We Got Chased By a Ghost Car Through Lego City! - Brick Rigs Multiplayer Gameplay

  • Published on Oct 31, 2019
  • We Got Chased By a Ghost Car Through Lego City! - Brick Rigs Multiplayer Gameplay
    Today we are back with a Halloween movie special in Brick Rigs, We must escape ghosts in Lego City in this Brick Rigs Roleplay Gameplay!
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  • Camodo Gaming
    Camodo Gaming  2 months ago +109

    I hope you guys enjoy this Halloween special for Brick Rigs! What should we do next?
    Vote: strawpoll.com/pskwerry

  • Lada Nova-Riva
    Lada Nova-Riva 16 hours ago

    Lets go make sure hes ok *car burning down* i don't think hes ok

  • Sadia Yaseen
    Sadia Yaseen Day ago


  • Shane Denbow
    Shane Denbow 4 days ago

    The ships real name was the Britannica

  • wet sox
    wet sox 4 days ago

    The ship is mad ship good👍

  • Izzy Man
    Izzy Man 5 days ago +1

    "Let's go see if he's ok" *car is in flames* "Oh he's fineee"

  • Izzy Man
    Izzy Man 5 days ago


  • Axton Lilly
    Axton Lilly 6 days ago

    the hostpital ship was in world wore 2 and its real name was the britanic

  • Mr. Pickle Gaming and Vlogs

    It’s so scary when at the end I floo up

  • Myrna Farnacio
    Myrna Farnacio 7 days ago

    The truck that has spikes can be on zombie apocalypse

  • Joanna Janicka
    Joanna Janicka 7 days ago +2

    can someone give me link to lumberjack in worckshop?

  • Philippe2942 Hindi
    Philippe2942 Hindi 7 days ago

    18:09 titanic

  • pro gamer 690 Barnes

    WW2 hospital ship

  • Justin Black
    Justin Black 9 days ago


  • Jennie Wibisono
    Jennie Wibisono 10 days ago

    I think I know the ship isint that Brittanic (If you dont know brittanic brittanic is a World War I Hostital Ship

  • Kaleb Gumaer
    Kaleb Gumaer 10 days ago


  • Kaleb Gumaer
    Kaleb Gumaer 10 days ago


  • dr. two
    dr. two 10 days ago

    Actually a better example of a movie car that is driverless is KITT from Knight Rider

  • Ashley Carpenter
    Ashley Carpenter 13 days ago

    I want to doesn’t do not know what is this and you do it is it

  • Ashley Carpenter
    Ashley Carpenter 13 days ago

    The Bottini not the one with something

  • Christine Nellis
    Christine Nellis 13 days ago


  • Levi Cool gamer
    Levi Cool gamer 14 days ago

    The haunted 🚢 is the HUHS brick tanic

  • Doge Knowz
    Doge Knowz 15 days ago

    Headless chicken

  • Doge Knowz
    Doge Knowz 15 days ago

    Lsp is lake side police

  • Adria Eversull
    Adria Eversull 17 days ago

    I like The Lumberjack the ace and the fire car

  • Zella harris
    Zella harris 17 days ago +1

    Ace won

  • Adam Tauro
    Adam Tauro 17 days ago

    I like the the car with a lot of flames or like shoot out flames

  • Nathaniel Anthony
    Nathaniel Anthony 18 days ago

    2:43 nyom

  • Lord MythosInn
    Lord MythosInn 19 days ago

    It's funny how you Americans say the German "Huhn ohne Kopf" (chicken without head)

  • Hayes Lanning
    Hayes Lanning 20 days ago

    camodo its the titanics sister ship

  • Clonetrooper Kid
    Clonetrooper Kid 21 day ago

    Is it just me or did I see the license plate change from Mullinium Rentals to Escape in th beginning

  • tyrex
    tyrex 22 days ago

    i was scard the frst part of the video

  • Tina Burjaliani
    Tina Burjaliani 22 days ago +1

    That ship is brittanic which sunk in 1914 because it struck a mine

  • jonathan beredo
    jonathan beredo 23 days ago

    im voting * The Atmos * Also in real life known as a Bmw M3.

  • Jessica Dame
    Jessica Dame 25 days ago

    I thank that ship is in the family of the titanic again I think I ant sure

  • Pirate Man
    Pirate Man 26 days ago

    The last one you showed was the Britanic

  • Ryland Dupuis
    Ryland Dupuis 26 days ago

    i vote hunted ship and i think that ship is called the hms bismark

    • Micko Gamer TV
      Micko Gamer TV 23 days ago

      Actually like Britannic if you don't know that Bismarck is a Warship By The Way.

  • Eli
    Eli 26 days ago

    Big fire car

  • Janet Foust
    Janet Foust 27 days ago

    1912 titanic

  • Keaghan Cichon
    Keaghan Cichon 27 days ago


  • Tj Grover
    Tj Grover 28 days ago

    It's the ghost ship of the Britannic.

  • Kris LH
    Kris LH 28 days ago

    Look at that

  • JayHBee 12
    JayHBee 12 28 days ago

    Awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fam Wilson
    Fam Wilson 29 days ago

    Your. In. Trouble

  • Kees Driesen
    Kees Driesen 29 days ago

    A phantom Messerschmitt fighter.

  • Julieta Tumale
    Julieta Tumale 29 days ago

    Comodo was spy joining you

  • Nikki Quattrochi
    Nikki Quattrochi Month ago

    The fiy cor

  • Kai Kalugin
    Kai Kalugin Month ago

    Somebody tell me how to fly the WWII plane

  • Michelle Allen
    Michelle Allen Month ago

    I think the ghost ship is really the RMS TITANIC'S sister ship the hospital one the one the only!,BRITTANIC!

  • Byrome Thompson
    Byrome Thompson Month ago

    The car when you turn the iPhone 5 come out

  • Justine M.Rigos
    Justine M.Rigos Month ago

    My favorite is the ace and lumberjack its the winner because its so scary

  • Florence Buckman
    Florence Buckman Month ago

    Big flame car

  • Bayartsogt Baterdene

    Ghost ship's name was olimpus.

  • MaLinda Pironello
    MaLinda Pironello Month ago

    the ship is called the brittanic.

  • Saitama OPM
    Saitama OPM Month ago

    can someone send me the link of the headless chicken ghost plane or atleast the language so i can translate and put it in the workshop search bar

  • Cheri Rutherford
    Cheri Rutherford Month ago

    It also took a really good long time

  • Cheri Rutherford
    Cheri Rutherford Month ago

    What does game called the abandoned World War 1 hospital ship is actually based off the hmms Britannic which believe it or not was actually a hospital ship carrying injured soldiers but then it hit a sea mine and sank

  • Xg_201 Tips
    Xg_201 Tips Month ago

    I think you guys should do a plane war

  • furious snake
    furious snake Month ago +3

    The pick up truck has the name on it which is the:„perent"

  • furious snake
    furious snake Month ago +1

    If I had to vote I would vote all of them