• Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • "I was changing women EVERYDAY for more than NINE YEARS..."
    Mr Maake had a problem with lust - a SERIOUS problem. After the death of his father, the South African visited a 'spiritualist' - thus beginning a downward spiral of drunkenness, promiscuity and rage. The demonic excesses of his reckless lifestyle where exposed when he visited The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria where a pinpoint prophecy from TB Joshua shocked him to the very core...

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  • Emmanuel TV
    Emmanuel TV  3 months ago +143

    "God knows us BETTER than we know ourselves!" - T.B. Joshua

    • Connie Moilwa
      Connie Moilwa 2 months ago

      True papa

    • Profeta João Cabeia
      Profeta João Cabeia 2 months ago


    • Joyce Wafula
      Joyce Wafula 2 months ago

      Amen may God of prophet tb Joshua release my family from poverty in Jesus name Amen

    • Joyce Wafula
      Joyce Wafula 2 months ago

      Amen we thank God for brother prophecy

    • oko fly
      oko fly 2 months ago

      Believe in God

  • Profeta João Cabeia
    Profeta João Cabeia 2 months ago


  • Ezabath Ezabath
    Ezabath Ezabath 2 months ago

    I want to no we're dis church is please an number

  • oko fly
    oko fly 2 months ago

    Man of God, I want to walk again.

  • oko fly
    oko fly 2 months ago

    Pray for me Man of God, I am on a wheelchair unable to walk do to helicopter accident I had since 2009.

  • Joyce Ukpai
    Joyce Ukpai 2 months ago

    Thank u jesus

  • Colin Doyle
    Colin Doyle 2 months ago

    Pls prophet pray for my health and my husband his a power in your lyf pls pls pray for her his not working 8yes now in south Africa but not worckin pls pray for us prophet

  • Gdaking 178
    Gdaking 178 2 months ago

    Thank u jesus for delivering him from lust

  • Ayodeji Adeogun
    Ayodeji Adeogun 3 months ago

    Lord thank you for delivered him from the evil traps.

  • Prophet Bright A.V Onolunosen

    Love you baba

  • Florence Kafimbwa
    Florence Kafimbwa 3 months ago

    My prophet TB Joshua , Emmanuel

  • Victoria Shola
    Victoria Shola 3 months ago

    Yes God knows better pray for me man of God

  • vivica ogundipe
    vivica ogundipe 3 months ago

    Restoration oh lord

  • vivica ogundipe
    vivica ogundipe 3 months ago

    Restoration o lord

  • Kamala Tamang
    Kamala Tamang 3 months ago

    Thank you so much God jesu thank you so much TB Joshua papa ji thank you papa I love you papa ji God bless my papa ji thank you God jesus Amen Amen Amen halleluye halleluye halleluye halleluye halleluye 😍

  • Prophet Sylvester Peter ministries

    Accuracy wow

  • Uzoamaka Chikwendu
    Uzoamaka Chikwendu 3 months ago

    South Africans are coming to Nigeria for spiritual cleansing, but killing Nigerias in their country, so bad.

    • Gdaking 178
      Gdaking 178 2 months ago

      Nigerian nd Tanzanian they are here rule our country in bad way our kid ar al slave

  • Robert Oligie
    Robert Oligie 3 months ago

    Thank you Jesus

  • Ritah Kiziito
    Ritah Kiziito 3 months ago

    Devil is lair. Satan you have lost this battle, what beautiful kids Lord bless them as you have stopped this generational curses we give You Lord all Glory

    LANYERO AGNES 3 months ago


  • Moses LAVALIE
    Moses LAVALIE 3 months ago

    God is good

  • Elizabeth Lopi
    Elizabeth Lopi 3 months ago

    thank you Jesus Christ.

  • Em G.
    Em G. 3 months ago

    Just amazing 🔥what a testimony ... thank u God of Prophet TB Joshua

  • Anjali Bhagat
    Anjali Bhagat 3 months ago

    ILove you god

  • Anjali Bhagat
    Anjali Bhagat 3 months ago

    Praise the lord

  • Jane Margaret
    Jane Margaret 3 months ago

    Indeed sin's power over us is broken. Glory be to God

  • chosen bG
    chosen bG 3 months ago +1

    *Congratulations 1.2M Subs* May *God bless Emmanueltv,* *Prophet T.B Joshua,* *the choir, SCOAN, the Emmanuel tv partners* and *VIEWS all over the WORLD on Emmanuel tv.*

  • Grasha kibb
    Grasha kibb 3 months ago

    Would like to see him come back for testimony .....Good that he did not negret his kids.. even went futher to step up and do the right thing .may the Lord take over his life and his all generation... to whom the Lord set free he is free indeed

  • charles dlamini
    charles dlamini 3 months ago

    Thank you Man of God we thank God for giving us a servant in you

  • charles dlamini
    charles dlamini 3 months ago

    Glory be to God Amen!

  • Sandrah Peace
    Sandrah Peace 3 months ago +1

    Thank you Jesus for locating that man and his entire family, I believe and declare that my time to be delivered and my family is coming soon.

  • Charity Ruth Banda
    Charity Ruth Banda 3 months ago

    my father you the man of God i know pray for me so that I find the money to come were you are this year in Jesus Christ name Amen.

  • Philisiwe Sikhakhane
    Philisiwe Sikhakhane 3 months ago

    Only God can judge, we all have sinned and we need our Lord Jesus Christ to forgive us, we thank God for the enlightenment of our brother and we thank our man of God for setting him free. Praise Jesus, Glory to Jesus.

  • udeoha chimezie
    udeoha chimezie 3 months ago

    Gods time is the best

  • Lydiahadamsi Gichanga
    Lydiahadamsi Gichanga 3 months ago

    GOD of tb Joshua you are so faithful. I want u to be my good friend , help n deliver me together with my family from powers of darkness.

  • Rose Oman
    Rose Oman 3 months ago

    God forgive my brothers and sisters in south Africa because most of them worship the SANGOMA deliver them ooh Lord may glory be honoured to the almighty Jesus Christ the healer AMen

  • Rose Oman
    Rose Oman 3 months ago

    Thank you Jesus thank you man of God T.B Joshua for the deliverance"glory honour back to Jesus Christ Amen

  • Irfan Ullah Khan
    Irfan Ullah Khan 3 months ago

    Nice drama

  • Godsaysdepartfromme I never knew you!

    Sontttu78 transformation

  • Carla Castro
    Carla Castro 3 months ago

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ

  • Carla Castro
    Carla Castro 3 months ago

    Amen and Amen

  • celestine kh
    celestine kh 3 months ago

    Glory be to Lord Jesus for this deliverance

  • Mary Lean
    Mary Lean 3 months ago

    Thank you Jesus for the deliverance.

  • Kefa Love
    Kefa Love 3 months ago

    I'm from India with grace of God ..god shown me prophet TB Joshua to know god better I'm the person with all kinds of bad thoughts spirit of lust ...etc etc etc ...When I seen TB Joshua I remember what I had said to God in past
    ...I asked God all the time god I want to see a person like you...I never seen it ...I was searching but I never find after so many years ..I thought there is no one like Jesus ...may be Christianity with God power is not in this earth.....When I saw TB Joshua I'm shocked my every negative thought changed I seen Jesus love Jesus power and his purity through TB Joshua my spiritual Dad ...now I can stand for god steadily with God grace I need your prayer support ....I'm praying God to get my complete deliverence ...I want to spend my life in scoan if it's God will ...I want my India country to have a prophet like this ...thank you so much pappa I love you......pray for me and my country India .....

  • christine Ibrahim
    christine Ibrahim 3 months ago +1

    So he must choose one wife now he s delivered

  • christine Ibrahim
    christine Ibrahim 3 months ago

    Lord HV Mercy

  • Jerom Kumar
    Jerom Kumar 3 months ago

    thanks Jesus Christ Amen

  • Ameyemer Besher
    Ameyemer Besher 3 months ago


  • harry duram
    harry duram 3 months ago

    Uncountable souls won for Christ. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua.

  • Ishimwe Matthew
    Ishimwe Matthew 3 months ago +1

    I love you Jesus “ while we were still sinners He loved us , died for us , redeemed us , saved us oooo God thank you for this deliverance and saving his soul. All I have to say is thank you Jesus

  • Socky Seit
    Socky Seit 3 months ago

    I believe , I received.

  • Kruparao Bokke
    Kruparao Bokke 3 months ago

    Praise the Lord brother

  • Kruparao Bokke
    Kruparao Bokke 3 months ago

    Praise the Lord brother

  • PALIU Marian
    PALIU Marian 3 months ago

    Glorie lui Iisus Domnul să te binecuvinteze frate Tibi jos Pace Bo

  • Maureen Nganga
    Maureen Nganga 3 months ago

    I have no doubt that T. B. Joshua is a True prophet of God. Thank you Jesus for your Mercy. If we only know how much Grace we have in this world...we would Leave everything and Focus only to Jesus.

  • Hobokela Mwakajuja
    Hobokela Mwakajuja 3 months ago

    Thank you Almighty God! Deriver my young brother

  • margaret tami
    margaret tami 3 months ago

    Amen to God be the glory for his deliverance Emmanuel God is indeed our savior

  • Christelle Amihere Kiki Seka

    God really known us more than ourselves. Thank u Jesus for his deliverance

  • Minah Sithole
    Minah Sithole 3 months ago

    Thank you God for delivering him, Praise the Lord Amen

  • Nangondo
    Nangondo 3 months ago

    God's time is divine

  • Princess Ebusetala
    Princess Ebusetala 3 months ago

    Thank you Jesus for delivering this handsome man, devil is a liyer

  • Tyjk Hhgds
    Tyjk Hhgds 3 months ago

    Agnes:EMMANUEL God bless you our prophet TB JOSHUA of our generation, glory be to God for this deliverance, i pray the spirit of God to open our eyes and direct us to the right partners of his own choice in Jesus name

  • Manoel Arruda
    Manoel Arruda 3 months ago

    Peço oracao pela saúde de Lívia Beatriz de veronica e Manoel

  • Uwague Fred
    Uwague Fred 3 months ago

    Thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen ooooooh Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel
    God almighty help me oh lord my God have mercy on me and my family members

  • antonette polonio
    antonette polonio 3 months ago

    Thank God for this brother deliverance.

  • antonette polonio
    antonette polonio 3 months ago

    Thanks God for Emmanuel tv , God is delivering me from this same spirit, 1 mother 8 men and 11 children , I thank Jesus for bearing the shame upon himself and setting us free through PROPHET TB JOSHUA.

  • Barbs Dove
    Barbs Dove 3 months ago +2

    Emmanuel Emmanuel God is always with us 🙌🙌🙌🙌Hallelujah hallelujah praise God. I thank God for the power of prophecy 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Tilly Obas
    Tilly Obas 3 months ago

    Very true daddy , God really knows us very well 🙌🏻

  • Ancy Sabu
    Ancy Sabu 3 months ago

    Thank u Jesus to have a normal blood result of my daughter .also had sucess ful operation to my sister in the name of Jesus.

  • Lady c
    Lady c 3 months ago

    Amen !