Trying $1 Makeup From Wish

  • Published on May 31, 2018
  • So back in February I decided to follow up my other explorations of the Wish site with a deep dive into their inexpensive & counterfeit makeup.... little did I know it would take me until May to actually get all of it! I bought a full face of cheap makeup from Wish to see what it would be like, and also stumbled upon a few fake makeup items like fake Fenty foundation and fake CoverFX highlighter! What do you think? Have you tried Wish makeup?
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +15071

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i ordered a full face of makeup from wish back in FEBRUARY and yes now its may and the video is finally finished - brace yourselves for the japan videos which start next week!! xoxo, saf EDIT: ALSO THANK U SO MUCH FOR 5 MILLION!!! does this mean i have to get a tattoo now?? hehe...

  • Lynn M
    Lynn M 18 hours ago

    Lol... I love these, but I would be scared shitless to buy this stuff and put it on my face!

  • Kim Jong Il
    Kim Jong Il 19 hours ago

    Anyone watched the Netflix series on fake stuff; first one being about fake make-up. I doubt you'd you touch it with bare hands, let alone put it on your face if you saw what was in that stuff.

  • Ava Alam
    Ava Alam 2 days ago

    At 3:59 I really wanted her to get the free palette that was ginormous

  • Lily Welshans
    Lily Welshans 3 days ago

    I actually have the contour palette and eyeshadow palette and they work really well. Not high pigment eyeshadow clearly but lots of shades and works when you need it to.

  • Julian McIntyre
    Julian McIntyre 4 days ago

    why did you make an orange eye if you have got a purple lipstick?

  • faith heathcote
    faith heathcote 4 days ago

    I hate how she does her brows and eyeshadow before foundation and concealer

  • Aly_Savannah_ VLOGZ!!!
    Aly_Savannah_ VLOGZ!!! 4 days ago +2

    Love how in the backround she just has cards against humanity underneath her mirror!!! 😂😂😂

  • Xinyil 0712
    Xinyil 0712 4 days ago

    My mom just bought but the eye liner cat eye thing. It was very good.
    Not from wish

  • Alysa Gustafson
    Alysa Gustafson 4 days ago

    The eyeshadow was so dull in color that she couldnt even see the 4th color she put on

  • Kellyyy a
    Kellyyy a 4 days ago

    Lol i love your vids lady, you rock!

  • Lowri _
    Lowri _ 5 days ago +13

    Safiya is so dedicated she basically went: “I’m gonna take this crap and smear it all over my face”

  • Sanjeevini Kanti J
    Sanjeevini Kanti J 5 days ago

    You are so beautiful.. 🥰❤❤

  • jessica sedlacek
    jessica sedlacek 5 days ago

    The butthole is a little wrinkly LOLLLL

  • Natasha Blogs
    Natasha Blogs 6 days ago +1

    Salmon is a fish

  • Miss F
    Miss F 6 days ago

    The butthole is a little bit wrinkled 😎

  • Sarah Draws
    Sarah Draws 7 days ago

    Sometimes, it is cheap because it has very cheap ingrediants and very harmful substances so watch out for your skin! Ik most of u guys know but dont try to see what happens

  • Abilynne Plays
    Abilynne Plays 7 days ago

    Not hating but for some reason it really triggered me the order she her face,everyone has a different order but I’m just saying

  • SadMøøn
    SadMøøn 7 days ago

    I found the pro concealer but in a tube 🌚

  • esmezarate14
    esmezarate14 8 days ago

    2:09 you see Loey Lane

  • miniature
    miniature 8 days ago

    This actually gives me some hope for Wish

  • Tiffany Mckormac
    Tiffany Mckormac 8 days ago +8

    Who is watching in Dec 2019

  • Reine Habbal
    Reine Habbal 8 days ago +1

    8:38 "Move over kylie jenner, caisey niceface is on the scene" 😂😂

  • XxLunarEclipseCatxX Nya!

    I have that eyeliner! It’s amazing bro

  • Shreya Choudhary
    Shreya Choudhary 8 days ago


  • Kaitlin Wajustek
    Kaitlin Wajustek 9 days ago

    Titles clickbait

  • T Mira
    T Mira 11 days ago

    🔥Try these codes for 50% off your first purchase on WISH🔥

  • Laura_leah
    Laura_leah 12 days ago

    I got the cat mascara myself and really liked it. 💚

  • ᴀ ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜ ᴡɪᴛʜ ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ ɪɴᴛᴇʀɴᴇᴛ ᴀᴄᴄᴇss



  • Jannelie2005
    Jannelie2005 13 days ago

    Thank you tyler and safiya for being such funny,positive people

  • Tablet go
    Tablet go 14 days ago +2

    Who all found her oily skin cringy

  • Brandy Gonzales
    Brandy Gonzales 14 days ago

    The make up looks ok

  • EhTk
    EhTk 15 days ago

    Use this code⬇️for 50% off your first purchase:)


  • Graham Crackers
    Graham Crackers 15 days ago +1

    Saf is awesome! She always apologizes for the slight clickbait, unlike some other RUcliprs I know (subtle shade)

  • Ella B
    Ella B 16 days ago


  • Lia
    Lia 16 days ago +2

    You can try AliExpress..

  • Jada Baker
    Jada Baker 17 days ago +1

    i love how she uses a cards against humanity box as a stand for her mirror

  • Gacha Ally Draws
    Gacha Ally Draws 17 days ago +3

    My recommended:
    Safiya Nygaard
    Simply nailogical
    Gacha life
    Gacha life
    Gacha life
    My watch later: 1000+ random shxt

  • Em Renee
    Em Renee 17 days ago

    pesonI have not tride it but I love itmeyou said you love it even if you had not tride it what if it comes out like a monster did your makeup

  • Sabrina the awkward art kid

    Try shopmissA plz? They have good quality makeup for low prices and it ships fast

  • Samuel Seghessi
    Samuel Seghessi 18 days ago

    we used this discount coupon and it is really still active, use and enjoy xkjnvch ❤️💕

  • unicorn lover
    unicorn lover 18 days ago

    Zero Stars

  • Israa T
    Israa T 18 days ago

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    A 21st-century reader would likely find the man’s action unremarkable. Today, dog feces are understood to have dangerous levels of E. coli and salmonella, not to mention untold parasites. Therefore, they must be tucked away in plastic bags and deposited at the nearest poop station. Williams’s old man is significant for his dignity but not his occupation.

  • Nora Monahan
    Nora Monahan 18 days ago +1

    Saf is sooooooo good at knowing what to compare the scents to

  • Nora Monahan
    Nora Monahan 18 days ago +1

    Did anyone notice how Tyler knew the difference between lip gloss and liquid lipstick

  • MJ Likes Pasta Salad
    MJ Likes Pasta Salad 18 days ago


    • Lorraine Hall
      Lorraine Hall 18 days ago

      MJ Likes Pasta Salad doesn't everyone??

  • Lily Wright
    Lily Wright 19 days ago

    sis i love your channel and all but every time you do your eyeliner it makes me want to leave..sorry , Maybe consider using tips and watching tutorials???

  • Janusz Myszczyszyn
    Janusz Myszczyszyn 19 days ago

    Little update to this- Did you know that is doing big expansion on European market now. They offer local stores good contitions for enable customers to pick up goods from local stores immediately after buying - this push theam ahead befor ali express - in my country is around 100 stores but I know that % of stores in other European countries is much higher and grom much faster. Wish also give to stores manager special employ discount code even 50 % off like this one XPXJGJY to give local customers and their are paid for that - code works and is unique for each store but its stronger then any other in the app - This is smart plan that can change thisk of buying in future but also can double china stuff around us Greetings from Poland everyone I hope my post was worth reading

  • Idk Cookies
    Idk Cookies 19 days ago

    "The butthole is wrinkly"
    -Safiya 2018

  • Craig Schaller
    Craig Schaller 20 days ago

    But that looks good

  • Craig Schaller
    Craig Schaller 20 days ago

    I bet they dont have beauty couner

  • Tommy Perez
    Tommy Perez 21 day ago

    The Pap smear is a test for cervical cancer 🤣

  • Rosalína Mangino
    Rosalína Mangino 21 day ago

    0:03 lol

  • kahlanisntyetis
    kahlanisntyetis 22 days ago


  • Kathleen Hake
    Kathleen Hake 23 days ago

    You should do buying wish jewelry, I have been wanting to buy some but I have been to nervous to actually buy it

  • Natalie Pieterman
    Natalie Pieterman 23 days ago +1

    I appreciate the fact that she used Cards Against Humanity to put her mirror on

  • Rahma Wahid
    Rahma Wahid 24 days ago

    The focallure palettes are actually really good I used them and I love them

  • Tuva Albertsen
    Tuva Albertsen 25 days ago

    7:44 🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • Cara 2
    Cara 2 26 days ago

    does anyone other than Saf actually use wish

  • Leticia moura
    Leticia moura 26 days ago +6

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