Reddit Cringe Compilation 6 | Most Awkward Moments 2019

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
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    Reddit Cringe Compilation | Most Awkward Moments 2019
    #cringe #reddit #awkward
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Comments • 1 322

  • Jordan Q
    Jordan Q 3 days ago

    6:49 Mellisa McCarthy uses her for ideas 😂 I’ve seen this movie before...

  • quickstep
    quickstep 3 days ago

    lindsay lohan is still alive?

  • theweakbeast
    theweakbeast 6 days ago

    That ninja clip is honestly the only good thing he's ever made

  • Don't yell at me I'm soft

    the rezoning one is v cringeworthy and sad at the same time

  • Shadow_Assassin
    Shadow_Assassin 12 days ago

    The gentleman's reaction in the background is so funny xD 7:14

  • taylor jenson
    taylor jenson 12 days ago

    Tyra Banks goes full tom green!

  • Nick R
    Nick R 14 days ago

    I respect your intro a lot! Most RUclip channels beg or demand Likes/subscribers.. You ask for those things but only if your audience thinks you have earned it.. some of the clips in the videos, I do not agree with but you still gained a subscription.. I just found your channel a day ago so I’m not sure if what I have said has been mentioned.. anyway keep it up brotha! Good content!!

  • Lance Marzula
    Lance Marzula 19 days ago

    Hands down Lindsay Lohan trying to sound Arabic is more cringe than I can take.

  • Ronit Banerjea
    Ronit Banerjea 21 day ago

    9:15 Love the reaction of the elderly gentleman at the back xD

  • Pancouver venguins
    Pancouver venguins Month ago

    Lmao it's sad when a 70+ year old man is covering his face laughing at the city hall lady when she said "well I don't like Facebook" 😂😂😂 the old guy in the backgrounds expression is priceless.

  • Pallo87
    Pallo87 Month ago

    I just cant. Fuck this shit

  • Astro Apollo
    Astro Apollo Month ago

    4:00 neutral milk hotel

  • Billy Hemingway
    Billy Hemingway Month ago

    lindsey lohan is a complete psycho.... wow

  • TalkanianRetrogaming

    I don't like facebook....
    Old man in the background: 😂😂😂

  • Julio Bautista
    Julio Bautista Month ago +1

    What do you mean ninja shit was fire and that’s on the deadlocs

  • Phoenix Chavez
    Phoenix Chavez Month ago

    was the Lindsay Lohan video what caused people to have a problem with her back here in the U.S.?

  • Poker Face
    Poker Face Month ago

    So poor, so Black, this is gonna race so many questions. What an idiot.

  • Poker Face
    Poker Face Month ago

    Tyra Banks is brain-dead stupid

  • emuna119
    emuna119 Month ago

    An ubeatable David Lynch es dialog. 6:54

  • Suhayb Khan
    Suhayb Khan Month ago

    This was the best compilation in a while

  • Jay Amin
    Jay Amin Month ago

    Trumpet player went to the after party, before the after party 😂

  • Golden Corral
    Golden Corral Month ago

    Yo Ninja went off 🤷🏽‍♂️💀😂

  • JIB23
    JIB23 2 months ago

    Rezoning lady just embarrassed her daughter by saying her full name

  • JIB23
    JIB23 2 months ago

    Lindsay Lohan needs to take care od herself and stop thinking she can save the world.

  • iseeolly
    iseeolly 2 months ago

    first 20 seconds..............really? ........what a couple of cunts

  • ItIsWhatItIs
    ItIsWhatItIs 2 months ago

    The Lindsay Lohan one was actually super messed up.

  • Lizzy Gilmore
    Lizzy Gilmore 2 months ago

    Lohan is on a different level. She tried to take those people like stray animals. That's a family you fried fuck.

  • Keith Clark
    Keith Clark 2 months ago

    3:36 when somebody wakes me up

  • 32alltheway
    32alltheway 2 months ago

    MIKE J RITE WAY 2 months ago

    0:53 i actually love this guys flow lmao

  • Dylan Brittain
    Dylan Brittain 2 months ago

    Ninja probably has a very skinny penis.

  • hektik
    hektik 2 months ago

    3:57 looks like she just got done giving a killer BJ

  • spooky guava
    spooky guava 2 months ago

    Bruh the x factor guy made me cringe so hard

  • Xxx Xxx
    Xxx Xxx 2 months ago

    Ninja must be stopped

  • Noot
    Noot 2 months ago

    Tyra was sooo fucking cringy how did the audience not say anything

  • Alex Quintero
    Alex Quintero 2 months ago

    2:25 it's 100% alien hybrid

  • Alex Quintero
    Alex Quintero 2 months ago

    Wtf is wrong with that wannabe mm

  • Blitzpanzerelite
    Blitzpanzerelite 2 months ago +1

    Tyra banks * when trump won the election *

  • NoWay Jose
    NoWay Jose 2 months ago

    You could do a whole hour of Tara Cringe clips.Easily.

  • Some Engineer Named Chris

    Glad to see that Lindsay Lohan is doing better these days.

  • Kid Wood
    Kid Wood 2 months ago

    The trumpet has me fucking DEAD

    YOUNGLEGEND 2 months ago +1

    R/entitled parents soooo she's one of those entitled parents/people

    The last two people

  • Yoshiki G
    Yoshiki G 2 months ago

    That rabies skit seriously?
    Way to ruin that glamorous image of yours, Tyra.
    LMAO. :D

  • michaelmcgcp
    michaelmcgcp 2 months ago

    Lindsey Lohan’s “I won’t leave until I take you” around 11:30 had me dying. Fake middle eastern accent she’s so high and liberal

  • John F
    John F 2 months ago

    >Is a refugee
    >Is obese

  • Kills Cam
    Kills Cam 2 months ago

    the 371 dislikes were guests at that wedding

  • Prudence Pineapple
    Prudence Pineapple 2 months ago

    ......thank god they didn't get into Lindsay Lohans car. They could have faced death in her car.

  • w y
    w y 3 months ago

    Tyra, stick to modeling or talk show hosting, ur D grade acting and barfing on guests is not welcomed by anyone. The rezoning one was sad, why didn’t they stop her sooner before she aired her entire dirty laundry to everyone? Maybe they wanted some drama? Poor lady.

  • Blu
    Blu 3 months ago

    I remember watching that Tyra episode live, was thinking, what the fucking am I watching...

  • WTFmangoo
    WTFmangoo 3 months ago

    Am I the only one that respects Ninja more after his rap haha

  • Jesse Colton
    Jesse Colton 3 months ago

    Ma'am this a Wendy's 😂

  • lizmo
    lizmo 3 months ago

    God Lindsey lohan what a fucking psycho

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee 3 months ago

    A ladies man? He looks more like a man's boy.

  • Dana Jones
    Dana Jones 3 months ago

    Oh tyra...... No Tyra. 😐

  • Dana Jones
    Dana Jones 3 months ago

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that years ago they tried ta. . ..

  • J D
    J D 3 months ago

    I was seriously expecting the camera to pan to a 12 year old playing that trumpet.

  • Satchin Joseph
    Satchin Joseph 3 months ago +1

    9:38 “Thank u, next”

  • Conner Adams
    Conner Adams 3 months ago


  • spektakelkd
    spektakelkd 3 months ago

    "im like in shock right now". Get to know your fellow man, you over privileged cunt.

  • RHN
    RHN 3 months ago

    Hey I found the ninja one funny tbh, whereas the other ones I die of cringe