Chelsea 4-3 Bayern Munich 2012 Champions League Final All goals & Highlights FHD/1080P

  • Published on Feb 26, 2019
  • Chelsea 4-3 Bayern Munich 2012 Champions League Final All goals & Highlights FHD/1080P
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  • Muez Kamarudin
    Muez Kamarudin 5 hours ago +1

    Drogbaaaaaaa..... 👑👑👑

  • Alqu001 !
    Alqu001 ! 8 hours ago

    How did we win the champions league with that squad

  • Dakota1976
    Dakota1976 12 hours ago

    The most undeserved champion ever

  • Exo Pug
    Exo Pug 13 hours ago

    not many people realize that hazard could of made a debut hear (basically im saying we could have won 1-6 and im a Chelsea fan BTW if u were wondering

  • King Kev!!
    King Kev!! 19 hours ago +1

    Funny how United bought mata and staggy later smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Romish Pokharel
    Romish Pokharel 19 hours ago

    Miss robben always in final

  • Phú Thế
    Phú Thế 20 hours ago

    chelsea số 1 đầy sao 2011-2012

  • Vikas Kumar
    Vikas Kumar Day ago

    Drogba , Luiz, Cole, Cech were the stars of this game. As usual Neur the over smart goalie who couldn't stop Chelsea strikers

  • Samuel Gutiérrez

    fuck you chelsea

  • George Waweru - Comedian

    6:17 A bit suggestive there Mr. Tyler don't you think. (Chelsea all day)

  • alfredo rodriguez

    goals starts at 7:45

  • prince waitte
    prince waitte Day ago +1

    So bad how u forget the one of the most valuable player like John obi 😭

  • Stanley Branch
    Stanley Branch 2 days ago

    Will always remember this

  • Langsuir Liar
    Langsuir Liar 2 days ago

    goosebumps everytime I watch Drogba penalty decider

  • Mario Slišković
    Mario Slišković 2 days ago

    11:42 Steven Gerard

  • Crypto World
    Crypto World 2 days ago +2

    ah it was actually 1-1 not 4-3

  • Edward joute
    Edward joute 2 days ago

    So Chelsea didn't deserve to win because they kept defending....if that's the case then Bayern deserved to win it after missing 40 shots + a penalty...idk far as I'm concerned if you cant take your chances you don't deserve shit....from Gomez rocketing the ball to Van buytens perfectly timed back ache after a perfectly placed cross by olic....don't you dare say Bayern deserved it....they were terrible

  • Edward joute
    Edward joute 2 days ago

    Life has been hard for Chelsea after drogba left...
    Morata torres higuain have all crumbled

  • Jack Derbyshire
    Jack Derbyshire 2 days ago

    I remember jumping around my living room for joy when Drogba scored that equalizer, even for a manc like Neville I think that's one of my favourite champions league moments

  • kudz Pakaipa
    kudz Pakaipa 2 days ago

    Chelsea deserved this, we beat Barcelona the holding champions and best team in Europe, only Chelsea couldve done this. we beat them 3-2 on agg, we outscored them, beat them at home, and drew away, they failed to beat us even with a shit team. Bayern sucked ass, you attack all game and cant capitalize, whos fault is that? We showed up on the day knowing the title was ours simple no matter what it takes.

  • Nuwaiza Imthikaf
    Nuwaiza Imthikaf 3 days ago


  • Francisco Javier Zúñiga Poblete


  • Tesla Death Ray
    Tesla Death Ray 3 days ago +2

    I don't follow the sport much but this has to be the best header of all time right? 8:31 i mean even 0-0 first half that'd be a masterpiece. Equaliser last minutes? Good luck topping this.

  • Iain Perry
    Iain Perry 3 days ago

    What a match

    JONES JACK 3 days ago

    混战 防守反击

  • Robie Paun
    Robie Paun 3 days ago +7

    It's so sad to see where Chelsea are now (Chelsea fan)

  • Arnold cari
    Arnold cari 4 days ago

    When bayern Munich do 3 finals for 4 years.

  • Tom MOORE
    Tom MOORE 4 days ago +1

    As a Bayern fan, it still hurts watching this

  • Gazza H
    Gazza H 5 days ago

    Chelsea didn't deserve the win.

  • Ishizaky1
    Ishizaky1 5 days ago

    robben using the hands, kicking people, on his way

  • Sahaj Shetty
    Sahaj Shetty 5 days ago

    2 years later the Germans put 7 past David Luiz..😋

    • promochuks
      promochuks 7 hours ago

      Sahaj Shetty Yeah, but that didn’t erase Chelsea’s Champions league feat.

  • Jesus Navarro
    Jesus Navarro 5 days ago +2

    This game made David Luiz a folk hero the man was playing with a strained hamstring wasnt even supposed to play but because of Terry's suspension he was forced to play but not only that played the full 120 minutes! This whole team are folk heroes in my eyes but Luiz Cole Cech Lampard Drogba stood out the most🙏

  • Павел Смирнов

    Помню дома на кухне смотрел этот финал, весь матч перед телеком простоял и переживал за моменты, что создает Бавария. Но когда Дрогба забил ответный мяч, меня переполняли эмоции. Никогда не забуду тот день. Спасибо, Челси! Синий однажды, синий навсегда!

  • Onur Yazıcı
    Onur Yazıcı 5 days ago

    Drogba ❤️

    SPORTS GAME 6 days ago +1


  • Momo 1234
    Momo 1234 6 days ago


  • Faiz Gembel
    Faiz Gembel 6 days ago

    Salam chelsea indonesia

  • Rudi Yanto
    Rudi Yanto 7 days ago +1

    This is the best final...congratulation chelsea...

  • OrbitGizmo
    OrbitGizmo 7 days ago +1

    Ashley Cole was immense during this match.

  • Junaid Desai
    Junaid Desai 7 days ago +1

    The absolute greatest big game striker EVER! No one can touch Didier Drogba in the biggest games

  • A man
    A man 8 days ago +4

    The Chelsea we all miss... The current Chelsea plays as well as a mid-table team...

  • Sovondev Adhikary
    Sovondev Adhikary 8 days ago +3

    Drooooobbbbaaa the king,,,never be forgotten ♥️♥️

  • san tiago
    san tiago 8 days ago

    What a good memory

  • Zed Rgh
    Zed Rgh 8 days ago

    Wtf Drogba

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 days ago

    Robben cost them the win

  • patrick heimpel
    patrick heimpel 9 days ago

    The most undeserved victory in CL history. Football is sometimes a cruel game.

  • ITellMyselfSecrets
    ITellMyselfSecrets 9 days ago +4

    I'm from India and this day is one of the best days of my life ever. Droga you'll always be a hero.

  • TK Lee
    TK Lee 9 days ago +4

    Drogba's goal is the best headed goal I've ever seen!

  • Uriel PM
    Uriel PM 9 days ago +1

    El mejor Chelsea de la historia 😢💙💙 me encantaba su juego siempre sera el mejor equipo

  • B4XTY xorisodepeloliso


  • Gabriel Silva
    Gabriel Silva 9 days ago

    Maldito dia que fui torcer pro Chelsea

  • Erşan Kuneri
    Erşan Kuneri 9 days ago

    Ah drogbam ahhh amk

  • 3301
    3301 9 days ago +2

    Still gives me chills...

  • noit izure
    noit izure 9 days ago

    the most boring Final !

  • Proud Indian
    Proud Indian 9 days ago +1

    Lampard was shut penalty lucky

  • Thahir Ahmed
    Thahir Ahmed 10 days ago +1

    Those days matches are one hell of a thing.

  • Jonatas Augusto
    Jonatas Augusto 10 days ago +13

    Today 2019, Ribéry is leaving Bayern Munich after 12 years, made history

    • eoe123321
      eoe123321 7 days ago

      Finally lol, always bought him with Chelsea in Fifa career mode xD.

    • Muller 69
      Muller 69 9 days ago +1

      i was about to cry when i'm watching this, old bayern with robery.... it is nostalgic af

  • HOK4GE
    HOK4GE 10 days ago

    Perdeu o mundial pro Corinthians kkk

    • eoe123321
      eoe123321 7 days ago

      +HOK4GE Grande comentario 👏👏

    • HOK4GE
      HOK4GE 7 days ago

      +eoe123321 chupa Chelsea

    • eoe123321
      eoe123321 7 days ago


  • Oskar
    Oskar 10 days ago

    Drogba is a Legend 💙🐐

  • Fauzan Akbar
    Fauzan Akbar 10 days ago +2

    Liverpool 4-3 FC Barcelona xD

  • Agus Sugianto
    Agus Sugianto 10 days ago

    Celshi menang

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  • amr k21
    amr k21 11 days ago +1

    Best Final ever in champions league♥️⚽🤩

  • Kingsman R
    Kingsman R 11 days ago +1

    Drogba THE BEST

  • André Luiz Caldeira
    André Luiz Caldeira 11 days ago

    Go Corinthians

  • Lifeskeyishappiness
    Lifeskeyishappiness 11 days ago +62

    Feels so good to be back in the CL :) Go Blues!!!

    • NITRO 879
      NITRO 879 8 days ago +2

      You're in europa league final too

  • Nikolay Afonin
    Nikolay Afonin 11 days ago

    Chealsy wasn,t best in2012 i think Barselona or Bayern shoud be win this thropy, but aristocrats was more luky then catalonians and germanys.

  • krievolic
    krievolic 12 days ago +1

    drogba was unstoppable

  • Udit
    Udit 12 days ago +3

    That day, "Sophie Rose" started her CFC Fan Girl career !! Legend Drogba !!

  • craig brown
    craig brown 12 days ago

    I cried like a baby!!

  • Moisés Josemberg Moisés Duarte

    Go Blues...

  • Air Guitarist
    Air Guitarist 12 days ago

    Dude what happend to robben’s left foot. Everytime he shoots the ball goes outside the field lol

  • Zeke Mirez
    Zeke Mirez 12 days ago +6

    Probably one of the hardest headers I've ever seen

  • Moses Otumba
    Moses Otumba 12 days ago

    great Chelsea

  • El Conserje
    El Conserje 12 days ago +5

    Everybody knows the "agueroooooo" but not the "drogbaaaa"

    ADORADORES DE CRISTO 13 days ago

    Depois perdeu para o Corinthians 😝

  • SwiRu
    SwiRu 13 days ago

    Pamiętam jak oglądałem finał na starym telewizorze który wyglądał jak wielkie pudło :) A od nowego roku przyszedł Hazard.

  • Huzaifa Patel
    Huzaifa Patel 13 days ago +121

    "Chelsea will just not let go of the champions league"
    "DROGBAAAAAA, *Gary Neville orgasm*"
    "And Drogba May never play for Chelsea again, but he will never be forgotten"

    Too many iconic quotes in this match itself. This was one of the best memories I have till this date.
    True underdogs never give up.

    • Huzaifa Patel
      Huzaifa Patel 6 days ago

      +Indrani Gomes I remember literally imagining starts when he said that 😂
      What a night

    • Indrani Gomes
      Indrani Gomes 6 days ago +4

      "It is written in the stars" - Gary Neville as well. Not on this video, but just before the drogba pen.

  • Ronaldo Souza
    Ronaldo Souza 13 days ago

    Uma das melhores finais de todos os tempos

  • m1rev
    m1rev 13 days ago

    4-3, really, not 1-1? autor, you are idiot, We need more spoilers with some thief nixblack, who steal this video and put his posters everywhere

  • Davi Gurgel Teobaldo
    Davi Gurgel Teobaldo 13 days ago

    A final mas emocionante que ja vih

  • Kabul Production
    Kabul Production 14 days ago

    nice match

  • Milton Sccp
    Milton Sccp 14 days ago +1

    O chelsea ganhou de 4x3 do Bayer, foi campeão chegou no mundial e perdeu pro Corinthians kkkkkkk

  • Yusuf Onder
    Yusuf Onder 15 days ago +2


  • Jefferson Lemos
    Jefferson Lemos 15 days ago +5

    Didier Drogba o mostro a zaga tremia quando jogava contra

  • Arjun Verma
    Arjun Verma 15 days ago

    What a night !

  • ZKRYH -
    ZKRYH - 16 days ago

    cech is the best

  • HB HB
    HB HB 16 days ago +1

    Martin Tyler drogbaaaaa coutinhoooo agureooooo salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

  • Ulises Santillan
    Ulises Santillan 16 days ago

    si ponen todo el equipo de defensa cualquiera gana

  • Ayaz Balıkçı
    Ayaz Balıkçı 16 days ago

    Galatasaray Drogba

  • Артём Кислицин

    Кликбейт ёбанный, зачем писать 4:3 если основное 1:1

  • Elmatador X3
    Elmatador X3 17 days ago

    Thomas Muller stop playing football you fucking tree with no brain and no skill fucking retard playing whole years and doesnt represent nothing fuck you Muller bitch

  • Chhan Chhana
    Chhan Chhana 17 days ago +1

    Your country, your stadium, our trophy.🏆

  • Terwase Gusha
    Terwase Gusha 19 days ago +2

    I remember the final I was in port harcourt Nigeria some of my friends fasted for Chelsea to win. I was like would I be part of this history ?

  • All_Naija's TV
    All_Naija's TV 19 days ago +2

    Then we used to call Luiz "double Luiz" in Nigeria..... the guy was very hot

    HALA MADRID!!! 19 days ago +7

    Corinthians 1x0 cheseal MUNDIAL

  • bob
    bob 19 days ago

    ashley cole was some left back you have to say read robben like a book AND kept up with him

  • Stargame B
    Stargame B 19 days ago +1

    Chelsea 😎