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  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
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  • رومانسيات صاكه

    موظفه بالنفط..عراقيه ارمله ٢٤ سنه عندي طفله..مااحتاج فلوس عندي خير من الله..اريد زلمه يحافظ عليه وعلى بنتي ويصير سند النه

  • Eric
    Eric 9 days ago

    How not to do a flooring job...I give it a year tops before it starts lifting...

  • afril welder tub
    afril welder tub 19 days ago


  • quella con un sogno nel cassetto


  • Flores Tista
    Flores Tista 22 days ago

    Cut the nails ewwww

  • damasterx50
    damasterx50 24 days ago

    4:35 that fingernails though 😫😫

  • Moniquinha.brasil4
    Moniquinha.brasil4 27 days ago

    Muito top

  • radik stirbu
    radik stirbu 27 days ago


  • Amanda Cardona
    Amanda Cardona 28 days ago

    Skateboard 🛹 😳

  • Andripel Arellanos
    Andripel Arellanos Month ago

    and this is how you get a floor Full of knife Cuts

  • Roy De Bo Hun
    Roy De Bo Hun Month ago

    I don't read your language. I need it in english. Thank you

  • Ali baykan
    Ali baykan Month ago

    İnsanlar hiç birşey yaratamaz, anca yaratılmış objelerin üzerinde yaradan Rabbimizin ilmini öğrenebilirler.
    People cannot create anything, but they can learn the knowledge of our Allah from the creature on created objects.

  • live Gamer
    live Gamer Month ago

    0:56 is amazing

  • وائل منصور


  • Eric Nefferdorf
    Eric Nefferdorf Month ago

    Sorry but floor guy with wood style tile is not that amazing. I do that all the time. In tile , brick, ceramic. On floors, on walls , on ceilings. All by myself.

  • Kimi Nobody
    Kimi Nobody Month ago

    Non mask for époxy resin ???!! Ouutchhh 😬😨😷

  • 海老名柚貴
    海老名柚貴 Month ago +1


  • Andievo4U2
    Andievo4U2 Month ago

    Cement staining or painting floors. Wooo hoooo. The coral display knocked me out

  • Andievo4U2
    Andievo4U2 Month ago

    I love the laminate thing. Funky designs. Less expensive than wood panels and easy to replace faulty pieces. Great for tiny housing projects. Getting people into safe homes.

  • Nibras Adel
    Nibras Adel Month ago +1

    مبدع واحلى لايك😍👍

  • Billi Potter
    Billi Potter Month ago


  • Franck Mbeumi
    Franck Mbeumi Month ago

    je souhaite être formé si c'est possible

  • Jur San
    Jur San Month ago

    Нормально они кафель хернёй резиновой заложили.

  • Pui Yin Cheng
    Pui Yin Cheng Month ago

    This is too wasteful

  • Santosh Chawand
    Santosh Chawand Month ago


  • JulieRR27
    JulieRR27 Month ago +2

    I don't get how they can walk on the floor while it looks wet please tell me

    • Carlos Mejia
      Carlos Mejia Month ago +1

      They use spike shoes or cleat shoes...the epoxy self fills the tiny marks and self-levels.
      First You gotta remove the baseboard ,deep clean the area,mask ,fix any cracks....and prime the floor....then you apply one first coat and finally a second coat with the additives.

  • Oksi Bry
    Oksi Bry Month ago +1

    Мне одной безумно жаль карандашей?

    JJ CEDILLO 2 months ago

    4:25 what kind flooring did he use?

  • juananbolt
    juananbolt 2 months ago

    Min 2.39 al min 5, nosotros los hacemos mejor,

    YOUSRA ADLY 2 months ago +2

    So brilliant keep the good job thank you for lovely clips .

  • Dalva Sheila
    Dalva Sheila 2 months ago

    Vcs são ridículos!!!!!!!!!

  • Dzaga love
    Dzaga love 2 months ago

    Раздражает название роликов , на совершенно новом уровне!

  • Brigitte c
    Brigitte c 2 months ago +3

    Que j aimerais les avoir " sous la main" ces ouvriers !!🤣🤣 ils font des trucs géniaux !

  • Yessica Rivera
    Yessica Rivera 2 months ago +2

    Me pareció creativo,pero,personalmente me dolió ver que los colores terminen así

  • แซมมี่ ค้าบผม

    ไทยแลน ปู้น ปู้น

  • Alaa Md
    Alaa Md 2 months ago

    عمل رائع وجميل

  • Jaque Santos
    Jaque Santos 2 months ago


  • sabin bhujel
    sabin bhujel 2 months ago

    How can i make this type of glue .
    Please teach me please.
    I want to do this job.
    Please teach me how can i also make this glue

  • اروى ديكور
    اروى ديكور 2 months ago

    Bravo abonate a mio canale e Grazieeee

  • Zetta Arnanda
    Zetta Arnanda 2 months ago


  • FreeTheYoungStars sydney
    FreeTheYoungStars sydney 2 months ago +2

    Which material was used to get such a floor

  • vassiafa TOURE
    vassiafa TOURE 3 months ago

    Impressionnant !

  • Sam'Dimples'Swarek
    Sam'Dimples'Swarek 3 months ago +6

    They just need to put nemo in the tank with Dori

  • Cathy Jardim
    Cathy Jardim 3 months ago +2

    That fish tank was a piece of 'living art'!! Beautiful!

  • علاء الدراجي


  • lewandlo
    lewandlo 3 months ago +11

    Creative workers that only last 5 years in the business because their knees are shot .They don't wear knee pads. Whats with that?? Use you heads people.

    • Ricardo Gaming
      Ricardo Gaming Month ago

      lewandlo they help but aren’t necessary I mean if your knees are week then yea but I know hard workers who don’t use them cause they don’t need them and they have been doing what they do for a long time.

    • Headphone Pasta
      Headphone Pasta Month ago


  • Reside Olgun
    Reside Olgun 3 months ago

    görsel değil güvenli olması lazım kayıyorsa bir işe yaramaz

  • Nick Doe
    Nick Doe 3 months ago

    Since when is laying a linoleum floor creativity on another level?

  • James Arsenault
    James Arsenault 3 months ago +1

    wow amazing work way to go :)

  • Maungmaung Maung
    Maungmaung Maung 3 months ago

    Thank u very much

  • Dickie Westray
    Dickie Westray 3 months ago

    who is doing the music !!!!

  • Claudia Artes
    Claudia Artes 3 months ago +1

    Amei esse piso, esse primeiro processo qual o material usado?

  • Sunny Mhatre
    Sunny Mhatre 3 months ago

    Ads sucks bc

  • Azeem Akhtar
    Azeem Akhtar 3 months ago +2

    kindly specify the name of brand and the combination of other material in epoxy and also ratio if any . Regards Azeem

  • z k
    z k 3 months ago +5

    the flooring guy was terrible lmfao, way to speed up the video

  • Tomek Ziomek
    Tomek Ziomek 3 months ago

    Szkoda w chuj tych kredek.

  • Google Bum
    Google Bum 3 months ago

    Поебень какая-то!

  • Kadir Demirel
    Kadir Demirel 3 months ago

    8:00 yapı ismi nedir?

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 3 months ago +40

    Other than the guy who handcrafted the art pencil bowl, the rest were just workers applying some good new products...nothing magic or other level

    • Headphone Pasta
      Headphone Pasta Month ago

      no its a fucking waste of materials that can draw out a FULL 72K LED COLOURED TV of a KIDS DREAM!!

    • huy ho fia
      huy ho fia Month ago

      tao lao

  • Руслан Андр
    Руслан Андр 3 months ago