Theremin (An instrument you play by not touching it)

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Learning one of the most unique instruments I know of from master theremin player Carolina Eyck.
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    Carolina Eyck
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    An attempted theremin duet:
    Sound recorded by Vincent M Ippolito of Swift Road Studios
    Sound mixed by Rob Ruccia of Uptown Recording:
    2nd Camera: Kyle Guzman
    Camera operator and video editor: Jake Jarvi:
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  • Amy Winehouse
    Amy Winehouse 3 hours ago

    Great idea to make an April fool upload - a genuine air guitar or invisible drums.

  • William Hodges
    William Hodges 18 hours ago

    Where can I buy one of these?

  • Don Sexton
    Don Sexton 19 hours ago

    "Day Earth Stood Still" uses Theremin in the soundtrack. She's great with it. Also, amazingly, I used to have that tapestry too.

  • Condensed Milk
    Condensed Milk 20 hours ago

    Everyone gangsta till the avatar starts note bending

  • Antares
    Antares 22 hours ago

    So with Parkinson, you play Speed metal?

  • Cory Sennett
    Cory Sennett Day ago

    I want to hear a theramin with a distortion pedal?

  • Wizardboy 01
    Wizardboy 01 Day ago +1

    7:57 A theremin player just “got em”

  • Lisa Bowers
    Lisa Bowers Day ago

    I've never heard of a Theremin before, and I seriously thought this was a video to troll everyone lololol I was so skeptical at first, but this is so cooooolllll!!

  • Apathy
    Apathy Day ago

    Sounds like an Otamatone ngl

  • Ninji522
    Ninji522 Day ago

    Heard of but never heard, and to see it being played with such skill. Great video.

  • Arielle Macuch
    Arielle Macuch 2 days ago

    WOW! Beautiful

  • Myself andI
    Myself andI 2 days ago

    smoke and mirrors... foul magic.. lol

  • Jaime Lannister
    Jaime Lannister 2 days ago

    The man who invented this, Léon Theremin, also invented a listening device known as the Thing, which was disguised as a plague gifted to the u.s. ambassador to moscow. It's creation and later discovery is what led to the creation of rfid

  • MinAh
    MinAh 2 days ago

    i played with one of these theyre very fun

  • keith turbin
    keith turbin 2 days ago

    who knew bam margera played guitar

  • Dale Dowell
    Dale Dowell 2 days ago

    Automatically think Star Trek theme

  • Insert_Name_Here224
    Insert_Name_Here224 2 days ago

    Girls around me be like:

  • Ivan Alekseichuk
    Ivan Alekseichuk 2 days ago

    *Theremin was invented in Soviet Union by Leo Termen, an engineer of French-German origin. Although it hasn't been ever popular in Soviet Union, even more when New York Times published an article about him in 1968, Termen was fired from his job and all the appliance he used in the laboratory were destroyed.*

  • The Wolf Leader
    The Wolf Leader 2 days ago


  • Classix
    Classix 3 days ago

    It's probably going to stay the spooky thing for a while

  • R lowle
    R lowle 3 days ago

    So i guess playing an air guitar would help..

  • 50 Stitches Steel
    50 Stitches Steel 3 days ago

    That sounds reminds me of a steel guitar

  • Nigon Kouk
    Nigon Kouk 3 days ago

    That's faker than my third nipple' :[) LoL

  • just some minced garlic

    So, as a massive led Zeppelin fan, I've only ever really thought of this as a sound effect. So cool to see it used as an actual instrument.

  • Michael Cruz
    Michael Cruz 4 days ago

    I saw it first from Jimmy page of led zeppelins movie tsrts.

  • 100 subs without videos?

    Plot twist:
    She just edited the sound in the video.

  • Zoe Beth Parent
    Zoe Beth Parent 4 days ago

    She got us BOIS 👌

  • Tom Knott
    Tom Knott 4 days ago +10

    Who the hell created this and thought:
    "That turned out EXACTLY as planned!"

  • S. now
    S. now 5 days ago

    "how do you play it? like throw something at it from across the room?" that made me burst at of laughter hahaha

  • Fabrício Araújo
    Fabrício Araújo 5 days ago

    omg the rabbit lol

  • Fabrício Araújo
    Fabrício Araújo 5 days ago

    Imagine a world where electronic music is that elegant

  • ür të
    ür të 5 days ago

    Damn she’s just playing with my fukkin soul

  • Elijah Hernandez
    Elijah Hernandez 5 days ago

    7:05 Nah I listen to The Beach Boys

  • Booty Crusader
    Booty Crusader 5 days ago

    How it do that

  • Alyssa Brooke
    Alyssa Brooke 5 days ago

    woah, I thought she was 17-19 years old.

  • kazoosc
    kazoosc 5 days ago
    .. Leon Theremin playing his own instrument .. a separate box for each antenna

  • kazoosc
    kazoosc 5 days ago

    so could you reduce the effect of passersby and environment on playing by making the pitch antenna looped -- or does it only work if the pitch antenna is a pole?
    also it reminds me a little bit of Imogen Heap working with her gloves .. movement through space affecting pitch, etc.
    _note . . what about putting some of the controls on the body of the theremin into a control box underfoot? or in a VR control, like those gloves?_

  • Harrison Cramer
    Harrison Cramer 5 days ago

    we had one of these in my elementary school music class and i really haven’t comprehended until now how cool it is

  • Galaxy Slayer
    Galaxy Slayer 5 days ago

    The hippie

  • Cash T.
    Cash T. 5 days ago

    I remember seeing something about this instrument on a kids show but I don’t remember what show it was, but it was on nick toons or nick jr

  • Piggy Puffs
    Piggy Puffs 5 days ago

    Learned about this instrument on Yo Gabba Gabba

  • Slayer of Nonces
    Slayer of Nonces 5 days ago

    Ive never seen someone play one of these so well, they actually sound great

  • Argie Killer
    Argie Killer 5 days ago

    I can see the future of the girl vibrating my penis up

  • Diego Cardena Guillen

    She's not able to do spooky/sci-fi sounds anymore because she plays regular music all the time :P

  • Geoff Pace
    Geoff Pace 6 days ago

    The theremin made the Beach boys famous. Good Vibrations, y'all!

  • Rusty Carlos Valdez
    Rusty Carlos Valdez 6 days ago

    It sounds like the modulin please watch it

  • Country Gentlemen
    Country Gentlemen 6 days ago


  • 70S Rock LB
    70S Rock LB 6 days ago

    Jimmy Page made millions of dollars from playing this $$$ .......

  • Alec Escamilla
    Alec Escamilla 7 days ago

    What's the song at 13:43

  • kaifuckoff
    kaifuckoff 7 days ago

    she should do the hand challenge on that:

  • Mrguitarsolo
    Mrguitarsolo 7 days ago +1

    At 6:50 could you do a longer piece please that sounded so C👀L.

  • Juliette Zavala
    Juliette Zavala 7 days ago +3

    Some mosquito at 3 am: 7:15

  • Brad Hansen
    Brad Hansen 7 days ago +1

    must be a pain in the ass to change the strings

  • MossyBoi YT
    MossyBoi YT 7 days ago

    Probably the easiest instrument to vibrato on.

  • Kara Stone
    Kara Stone 7 days ago

    I got annoyed hearing his guitar when shed play took away from the theramin

  • #anthonyron82
    #anthonyron82 8 days ago

    Too many fucking commercials give me a break

  • Mingura666
    Mingura666 8 days ago

    22:04 dude you’re playing the theremin not at the bathroom.

    • Lebam Tata
      Lebam Tata 7 days ago

      this comment killed me ffs lolll

  • Kayo VA
    Kayo VA 8 days ago

    When I listen to music I like to pretend that I am the conductor and wave my hands around. Now I can live without my musical dreams!

  • Sunshine Gal
    Sunshine Gal 8 days ago

    Join the cult

  • chimin
    chimin 8 days ago

    h 0 w