The Try Guys Play Giant Jenga Truth Or Dare

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
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  • Lexi Ringler
    Lexi Ringler 5 minutes ago +1

    Banana 🍌

  • A U
    A U 40 minutes ago

    14:25 makes no sense he goes to outer space with no experience sounds like suicide.
    My answer would have been uber driver because you need like zero exp, I wouldnt die on first day.

  • Heoshas
    Heoshas Hour ago +1

    when zach chooses milwaukee instead of madison

  • Vicky A.
    Vicky A. 18 hours ago

    This is how many times keith sticked the middle finger


  • Lovely Liv
    Lovely Liv 20 hours ago

    I think they get high before doing these

  • classygal
    classygal Day ago +1

    eugene’s hair makes him look like he’s either a rock musician from the 80s or a bad boy from the 50s and tbh i ain’t mad about it

  • illumi Gacha
    illumi Gacha Day ago

    Imagine if try guys met lady like

  • Zainab Shahabuddin

    Idk why but i feel like Eugene was wearing makeup

  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas Day ago

    These are cucks, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Reagan Ganshorm
    Reagan Ganshorm Day ago

    I couldnt live without ramen Noddles is anybody else with me or am I the only one that couldn't live without ramen noodles ( I have a sweatshirt staying the truth that I love ramen)

  • maggie killoran
    maggie killoran Day ago


  • Blixel The Coder Totem

    Miles sounds like Michael Stevens.

  • A random person
    A random person 2 days ago

    I love how long Eugene's hair has got

  • Sasha Melendez
    Sasha Melendez 2 days ago

    Ned: *Moonwalks* loudly
    Me: Why do i feel like I'm in a horror movie about to be jumpscared?

  • Maleah King
    Maleah King 2 days ago

    This video gave me the MOST stress in life. I don't think I took a breath during this entire video *she says while breathing*

  • kela
    kela 2 days ago

    the fact that ned’s favorite show is the boston show and i live in boston and didn’t go make some sad :(

  • Moises Alvarez
    Moises Alvarez 2 days ago


  • David Hills
    David Hills 2 days ago

    The try guys means three guys yet there are 4 guys wtf just relived that

  • Cristina Strang
    Cristina Strang 2 days ago

    DARE BOMB!!!

  • Gangsta__Gorrila 898

    15:15 return of the asian of chaos

  • Eden
    Eden 3 days ago

    Zack stoped talking in his accent but he was supposed to do it for the whole night.

  • Rayn McDougall
    Rayn McDougall 3 days ago +1

    13:37 all the stickers shivering with fear

  • Lib T
    Lib T 4 days ago

    definitely haven’t seen this idea somewhere else

  • Litten Girl
    Litten Girl 4 days ago

    7:40 me when I successfully stole 2 crackers from the kitchen:

  • Lucifer Hood
    Lucifer Hood 5 days ago

    Zach reminds me of Mickey Milkovich from Shameless

  • random user that wastes your time


  • Amazingg Alien
    Amazingg Alien 5 days ago

    Try guy's gay time

  • Troy Wheetley, Jr.
    Troy Wheetley, Jr. 5 days ago

    Keith just wanted to bang the map

  • Angie C
    Angie C 5 days ago

    I want some of whatever KEith's got in his system

  • Shaukat ali shah
    Shaukat ali shah 6 days ago

    16:40 I'm dying

  • coco puffs
    coco puffs 6 days ago

    Is just me but did Zach forget about the accent 😂

  • Trisha's Pets
    Trisha's Pets 6 days ago

    I am boycotting all things Australian. They are trying to kill feral cats with suffocating gel. Bait stations that spray it on their face. No, Australia. just, no.

  • Evelyn E-H
    Evelyn E-H 7 days ago

    "I would've chosen hamburger mascot." WHY AM I DYING OF LAUGHTER LMAOOOO

  • Laine Walsh
    Laine Walsh 7 days ago

    Watch out for rockfish!!!😖💀

  • Mishka Morris
    Mishka Morris 9 days ago

    If you had to choose a job in a new field that you had no previous experience in, what would it be?
    Zach: An astronaut.

  • L.B
    L.B 9 days ago

    Why is Keith so intense in this video?

  • CaliberStory
    CaliberStory 9 days ago

    U already have a fith try guy....JORDAN!!!

  • Sristi Adhikari
    Sristi Adhikari 11 days ago

    Ned is so competitive.. anybody else think so ?

  • Isabelle Calderon
    Isabelle Calderon 12 days ago +2

    Did anybody else get major anxiety during the Jenga?

  • Claire Czosnek
    Claire Czosnek 12 days ago

    milwaukee native! thanks for liking my city zach, but yall didnt come in winter so u may chnage ur mind lmao

  • Nicole :D
    Nicole :D 12 days ago

    I want Asian of chaos merch ahaha

  • Yuri Onna
    Yuri Onna 13 days ago

    Try guys gay time

  • Hana Afiana
    Hana Afiana 13 days ago

    Does anyone know what's the title song at 5:46? Because it sounds familiar

  • jess bird
    jess bird 13 days ago

    The Hillywood Show is where the Supernatural cast goes when they die xD

    DRK JUJU 13 days ago

    Keith is my favorite and my favorite animal is giraffe

  • Pramod Gupta KG
    Pramod Gupta KG 14 days ago

    Omg no one is mentioning about Eugene not telling banana

  • Melicorn Gamer
    Melicorn Gamer 14 days ago

    "It's really in there."
    -Try Guys 2019

  • Erin Rose
    Erin Rose 15 days ago

    How does one break a chandelier… with a chicken tender? I strive to be that talented

  • スマイルmarchelov
    スマイルmarchelov 15 days ago

    6:00 whats the songs title???

  • Viela Equinox
    Viela Equinox 15 days ago

    *Cue HEIZE's song Jenga*

  • Matthew Derival
    Matthew Derival 15 days ago

    Eugene looks like he had facial surgery

  • Aurora Do Ha Linh
    Aurora Do Ha Linh 16 days ago

    please go to Saigon

  • Clueless
    Clueless 16 days ago

    Love the vids btw Cooking Christmas cookies without prior knowledge??...

  • Elizabeth R
    Elizabeth R 18 days ago


  • Nicole Lim
    Nicole Lim 18 days ago

    I'm an Asian of Chaos and would absolutely buy that as merch.

  • Maya Garcia
    Maya Garcia 18 days ago

    I loved when they were hyping up the piece of paper😂

  • Damaria Renee
    Damaria Renee 20 days ago

    Eugene was not impressed with Keith’s handstand

  • hersheyking15
    hersheyking15 20 days ago

    sandy andy

  • Annie Burchill
    Annie Burchill 20 days ago

    zach imitating ned's laugh = priceless

  • Cookiethe1st Chad Dickingson

    R.I.P Miles