Flying the Boeing 737 Max 8: A pilot’s view from inside the cockpit

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • Capt. Dennis Tajer of American Airlines and the Allied Pilots Association explains what it’s like to fly the Boeing 737 Max 8, and why a new flight control system was a surprise to pilots. That system could have played a role in two recent Max 8 crashes. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on RUclip:
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  • Mike Crawford
    Mike Crawford 21 hour ago


  • Ralf Nada
    Ralf Nada 7 days ago

    I am really surprised that Ryanair have not cancelled their order for the MAX 200. If they take delivery it will be the death of the company and thousands of jobs in Ireland and elsewhere.

  • alex jervis
    alex jervis 7 days ago

    Software triggered by a Single Sensor!

  • Pauljones
    Pauljones 9 days ago

    What a load of crap , and we are supposed to trust people like this man, I’d have more confidence in my dog taking me for a walk !!!

  • Allen Yeong
    Allen Yeong 9 days ago

    Your explanation is clear but the MCAS does not know because it is a machine and not human, so Boeing in the first place should not program the MCAS to control the plane and all airlines buying these planes should also be notified, but none of these happens and this is the caused of the two crashes, period

  • Pooja Halappanavar
    Pooja Halappanavar 10 days ago

    Can't blame pilots for that , they just got 2 hours of trainging before the operation how anyone would come to know about about new software ...blame the manufacturer !!!

  • Guillaume Romain
    Guillaume Romain 15 days ago

    Boeing the number one aircraft maker in number twos!!!
    I will never ever fly in that garbage of a plane.

  • Charles H. O'Brien
    Charles H. O'Brien 16 days ago

    and 346 people die...

  • Eric Larson
    Eric Larson 16 days ago

    Is the 737 max 8 safe now!!???...

  • AvalancheofNeed
    AvalancheofNeed 22 days ago

    I would imagine the view is of the ground when MCAS kicks in.

  • D.Harold Angel
    D.Harold Angel 27 days ago

    FLAWED DESIGN; need software to compensate for this defect.

  • Maurice Coelho
    Maurice Coelho 28 days ago +2

    Forget it ! ................I'm never flying on that aircraft even if they fix it ! ........ No excuses are acceptable on this one ! Excuses are Lies !

  • tiffsaver
    tiffsaver 29 days ago


  • T8PolestarCyan
    T8PolestarCyan 29 days ago

    Anyone thought about 757s? No? Either way I'll go for A320 Neos or even Comac C919s. A buggy MCAS already claimed 346 (and counting?) lives.

  • ali madani
    ali madani Month ago

    Boeing you can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time BUT you can’t fool all of the people all of the time .. advice to all air lines companies don’t rush in buying new design air planes till it proves it air worthy

  • ali madani
    ali madani Month ago

    Boeing you can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time BUT you can’t fool all of the people all of the time .. advice to all air lines companies don’t rush in buying new design air planes till it proves it air worthy

  • jjgreek1
    jjgreek1 Month ago

    I cannot wait to fly this beautiful plane again

  • Mr. Peet
    Mr. Peet Month ago

    Scrap them all.
    Timebombs, should never be in air again.
    Ride a bicycle with square wheels. It NEVER will work, you always fell down.
    That missplaced big engines, 737max is a aerodynamic disaster.
    Leave them on ground, before they fell to ground again.

  • Nilesh Patel
    Nilesh Patel Month ago

    It crashed

  • scrmepal
    scrmepal Month ago

    Automation is great upto a point, but remember the software code for the computer programs is written by people, and some errors just don't show up in the initial testing of these programs!

  • jetsfan2351
    jetsfan2351 Month ago +11

    Pilot: We are flying. 😊
    MCAS: Are you sure about that? 😈

  • rbwannasee
    rbwannasee Month ago

    There's a company in Portland, Oregon that makes electrical generators for commercial aircraft engines. They fail quite regularly, including a JAL flight that suffered such severe engine damage it had to fly on one engine. They have legal marijuana in Oregon. I know of at least one person in the RMA Service dept. (FAA regulated, 24/7 cameras in operation) who was fired for failing a drug test.
    There's a rather large company in Washington state that builds commercial aircraft - I'm sure you know who I mean. The one with the software system that's caused two crashes in the last year. They have legal marijuana in Washington. Think about this next time you fly... Maybe a critical safety component was installed on your aircraft by someone who came to work high that day. Maybe the flight software was written by someone who smoked a joint because of stress caused by a deadline.
    Bon Voyage

  • American patriot
    American patriot Month ago

    Go airbus

  • Black
    Black Month ago

    0:13 Yea, my decision is clear. It should stay on the ground permanently. Period.

  • needanit
    needanit Month ago

    humm let me get this right... U place software that control of plain (without them knowing it) and you design it to be against poilet natural reaction and now two plains are crashed ... humm what a stupid idea! Also u never design engine that is mass with the wing airo-dynamic ==> conclusion => stupid design + greedy company + FAA failure to catch it ==> Complete Mass top system.

  • Tommy Aung - GMail
    Tommy Aung - GMail Month ago +5

    Enjoyable aircraft to fly? You must be blood thirsty.

  • DJ K Footer
    DJ K Footer Month ago

    Please don't let the Boeing 737 max 8 fly again for any airline just use the normal 737 and all the other aircraft get rid of the max. Please

  • Leo Licht
    Leo Licht Month ago +1

    Lying captain 👨‍✈️ 💵💵💵💰😈. 207 aeroplanes nearly crashed. 2 ✈️🔥✈️🔥. One wire !! That is evil !! 737 evil !!!

  • LtCmdrMaximus
    LtCmdrMaximus Month ago

    FIFTY SIX MINUTES OF PIOLT TRAINING!!?!?!!!! On an iPad video? Under an hour, no wonder these planes are falling straight outa the sky.

  • abdel01011968 abdel

    un avion qui vole tordu on essaie de la redresser avec électronique . maintenant on va tous les fabriquer des avions tordus on va tous les redresser avec l'électronique quand électronique bug l'avion tombe 346 morts c'est rien

  • abdel01011968 abdel

    737 MAX l'avion n aurait du jamais volé décollage et très différentes des modèles précédents. il est dangereuse et restera dangereuse tout le temps je pense qu'il y aura des morts à l'avenir surtout les pays sous-développés parce que n'aura pas le choix de ligne parce que aussi Boeing très puissant avec le gouvernement américain ne peuvent pas dire non a Boeing n et gouvernement américain 737 max 8 je pense il disparaît très très vite du ciel européen et américain et chinois elle restera alors que les pays sous-développés..........boeing CRIMINEL

  • Michael Sheargold
    Michael Sheargold Month ago

    We (this community) needs to drive this like crazy on social media. Boeing thinks this will go away last I heard they are planning to use celebrities to "endorse" the aircraft. It will backfire massively! The Max has "maxed out" the 737. Boeing knew 15 years ago they needed a new single aisle aircraft. I think a new jet would have happened if the B787 wasn't $28 Billion over with design!!!

  • Charlie Christie
    Charlie Christie Month ago

    I know people who fly on business once in a while. NONE of them will ever fly on this plane again.......I remember when the DC-10 aircraft lost engines in the 70's. People said they would never fly them again,so Douglas renamed the plane the "A300 Whisperliner" and everybody got on board and off they went......

  • Paul Van Tries
    Paul Van Tries Month ago

    Stall a 737 Why ? dont do that ! Crazy. Pilots know this, Give the plane back to the pilots. Different airplane Oh no not that. That's nuts.

    • 9600GTMAN
      9600GTMAN 10 days ago

      don't be melodramatic two switches off and the plane is yours...

  • Ed Petrovski
    Ed Petrovski Month ago

    Nope...not until the CEO of Boeing gets on randomly chosen 737 Max and flies in it a hundred times.

  • Wreckanize
    Wreckanize Month ago

    Stop blaming boeing. They never even wanted to make the MAX. They know they couldn't do it feasibly. They were working on the yellowstone replacement for the 737, but the airlines wanted a revamped 737 because that's what airbus did with it's a320. Unfortunately, a design choice in the 737 in 1960 lead to the plane being built lower to the ground, to ease in aircraft loading, a design choice by the airlines, not boeing. This lead to boeing having to place the engines at a higher/awkward position on the MAX to avoid it from striking the ground. boeing did all this just to appease the airline industry. Yes, they were at fault, but so were the airlines.

  • yongchao teng
    yongchao teng Month ago +4

    You post this 8 days after the Ethiopian accident

    What are you doing

  • pete travis
    pete travis 2 months ago

    Both crashes happened where ISIS are very active. Boeing was targeted. The stall sensors were sabotaged on the ground. ISIS have not claimed responsibility because the effect is exactly what they hoped for. A huge hit to the US economy.

  • stimproid
    stimproid 2 months ago

    I want to reply to all the comments from people who say the MAX is unstable.....but I have been cautioned that it is not worth my time to argue with idiots.

  • stimproid
    stimproid 2 months ago

    That was some slick (slimy) editing.

  • Donald Cary
    Donald Cary 2 months ago

    Still just an aluminum can ✅

  • Franklin Jones
    Franklin Jones 2 months ago

    Lazy Crew

  • fared pgt
    fared pgt 2 months ago

    team airbus

  • BT Trade
    BT Trade 2 months ago

    Well looking back, the "software enhancements" to the MCAS obviously didn't work as proven by the fateful Ethiopian crash that claimed another 162 lives. Boeing should go to jail along with United Technologies that made the faulty anti-stall sensor that fed wrong information to the MCAS system.

  • nyckhusan
    nyckhusan 2 months ago

    After all MCAS system modifications and limitations on MAX planes it no more capable to compensate design flaw with new larger engines on existing old frame, so pilots will have to learn to prevent stall conditions themselves. To fly this Max they will learn not to be just operators on plane but to control it any situation ( if Boeing will reveal to them all hidden features of these planes).

  • Carolyn C
    Carolyn C 2 months ago +1

    how is updating the software system going to fix the airplane deign flaws. The whole reason they came up with the MCAS is to fix the position of the engines?

  • Syed Ahmed
    Syed Ahmed 2 months ago +2

    Boeing has to prove that 737 MAX is safe WITHOUT the use of MCAS. MCAS does not solve the root cause of aerodynamic the problem. It mask it ! Safe aircraft does NOT require MCAS!

    • 9600GTMAN
      9600GTMAN 10 days ago

      there is no such thing safe aircraft...

  • L R G
    L R G 2 months ago

    Smart airlines who ordered the MAX, and have yet to take first delivery, will ditch the bird in favour of something else.

  • Games4Fun s
    Games4Fun s 2 months ago

    Not flying Boeing ever they chose $instead off safety,

  • love bato
    love bato 2 months ago

    too much automation! let humans fly the plane

  • Edmundo Rodriguez
    Edmundo Rodriguez 2 months ago +6

    You just described the aerodynamics deficiencies of this passenger aircraft. Seems like your trying to justify the handling of it like a fighter aircraft

  • ytg50162011
    ytg50162011 2 months ago

    Boeing and the FAA are criminals in the case of the 737 Max. What does FAA stand for? Fake Aviation Assholes?

  • Si K
    Si K 2 months ago +1

    I think this guy was paid by Boeing !!

    • charles harper
      charles harper 2 months ago

      No, he's a pilot that flies Boeing planes, understands them, and doesn't ant to get fired...

  • vram k
    vram k 2 months ago

    one golden rule when buying things involved in software ..alway buy one version earlier to avoid bugs, Indonasia is the one who are the early adoptors who found a costly one

  • gf31415 gfrz
    gf31415 gfrz 2 months ago

    It isn't am enhancement. It's a redesign of something that killed 300 people. Just to save money.

  • mike hill
    mike hill 2 months ago's a word that helps me recognise humans that are not functioning properly ...

  • Happy Happy
    Happy Happy 2 months ago

    MCAS - Many Casualties And Suffering.

  • afatchur
    afatchur 2 months ago

    The pilot is the speaker for Boeing, not for the pilot association. The tone in his remarks is 100% positive for Boeing, how come a pilot is not voicing his interest?

    JOHAN LAMPRECHT 2 months ago

    Nice Boeing commercial. I guess they need it after the realities of this amazing new design became real and 346 people died

  • aurelio milaor cabal
    aurelio milaor cabal 2 months ago

    BOEING 737MAX : World Record holder for most flights crashed of a single model in 5 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DP ie
    DP ie 2 months ago +146

    Boeing logic:
    1. Lets reuse an aircraft design from 1967 to save cost, put 2 huge new engines that does not really fit and thereby make the whole aircraft unstable.
    2. Then we create a secret software MCAS to stabilize the aircraft.
    3. To save even more cost we make the extremely critical MCAS system only rely on a single sensor. (Industry standard is normally 2 or as Airbus does, 3).
    4. To make even more money, lets sell the sensor malfunction warning system as an option, but still not tell about what MCAS does.
    5. To save even more cost lets make sure MCAS is not described in the manual, nor include any mention about it in the 2hour Ipad training video to pilots.
    6. Lets save even more cost by not having ANY indicator to the pilot that the MCAS system is active, and that the pilot is no longer in control of the aircraft.
    7. To save even more cost, lets tell FAA that the aircraft is perfectly safe and approve it ourselves.
    8. When the first aircraft crashed, lets blame it on pilot error.
    9. When the second aircraft crashed, lets pretend it was minor glitch but hint that a very minor software upgrade might be needed. Try to minimize lawsuits but using very cryptic weasel language.
    10. Finally lets pretend that this unstable aircraft, relying on a single sensor will become “the safest aircraft ever designed “ and force everyone to continue flying it.Lets pay FAA bribes to certify it.
    11. Lets tell the world that Boeing cares about safety first.....
    This is total greed and deception. Boeing’s CEO and FAA’s chairman should be sent to prison. All Boeing 737 MAX 8 should be grounded permanently.
    Boeing! Do the right thing-Design a new safe, fuel efficient aircraft. Until then....I will avoid this model like the plague.

    • FighterFlash
      FighterFlash 23 days ago

      BT Trade alright comment back if you end up flying on it

    • Paul Last
      Paul Last 25 days ago

      Lighten up Francis

    • alex jervis
      alex jervis 28 days ago

      @James Shanks
      This isn't the 1st time a bit of 'Safety Software' has been slipped in and caused trouble!

    • James Shanks
      James Shanks 28 days ago +2

      They didn't put it in the books because Boeing sold a bill of goods.. the comment about the 757/767 is correct. But if you installed the MCAS system on those aircraft they would be falling out of the sky.
      Remove the MCAS software completely and never install anything like it again. Boeing failed to tell anyone about the system because they said it only needed an iPad training video of 15 minutes in length to qualify on the 737-MAX.
      You forgot one little itty bitty thing, commercial planes flying passengers or cargo require 2 pilots not one and the flying public trusts pilots more than Boeing.
      Boeing, you broke that trust with MCAS by allowing a computer to take total control.
      Take a 737- MAX that is sitting on the ramp at the factory and don't deactivate MCAS REMOVE IT ENTIRELY EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO REPLACE THE FULL ELECTRONICS PACKAGE.
      Then ask your test pilots if they will test fly it without any MCAS software physically on the aircraft. I suspect that the pilots will fly it just fine and come up with a new flight manual for the aircraft.
      One sensor? Airbus uses 3.
      There is being safe and then there is trying to save money. Since when did you lose your way and now count passengers as possible profit or loss?
      I hereby call for the federal government to arrest the CEO of Boeing and the FAA on how many dead? 357?
      Since when did Boeing have the authority to certify their own planes without any FAA intervention.
      The pilots are in charge of an aircraft from when the sit down and power up the aircraft and no power on earth should screw with that equation, when you do, you see the results death in large quantities.
      Or maybe we should make you fly the 737 MAX yourselves i.e. The CEO and feel the complete loss of control yourselves and now your going to die.
      Then you will know the rage of pilots world wide.

  • Paralyzer
    Paralyzer 2 months ago +1

    iPad course and Then you fly it. Damn thats cool, I wonder if thats the reason 346 people are dead now 🤔

  • 優さん
    優さん 2 months ago +1

    In a few months time, Airbus should probably buy Boeing out as it will be close to going bankrupt
    Then China can come in and buy Airbus and there you have it ...

    • Bernd Arndt
      Bernd Arndt 2 months ago

      Sorry but that is not possible as Airbus is a cooperation supportet by the eu and Boing is supported by the us. The two of them will never go bankrupt as long as they get supported.

    NEWKNOWLEDGE 2 months ago

    Thanks to MCAS, you're go to go, six feet under.

  • Extreme System
    Extreme System 2 months ago +1

    it was a test to see if a plane can fly totally autonomously, the synchronized takeoffs prove it

  • Crazy Clown
    Crazy Clown 2 months ago

    *MCAS = May Crash any Second 👍👍*

  • Philip McNiel
    Philip McNiel 2 months ago

    I'm not sure how so many people think this is an ad for Boeing, or that it's biased in their favor, since the part that starts at 1:55 discusses how the pilots weren't given enough information to know what was happening or--unless they figured out it was an *intermittent* runaway trim--how to correct it. At 3:32 he even criticizes--in professional, non-sensational words--Boeing for not telling them all of the facts or providing them with complete information.

    • Philip McNiel
      Philip McNiel 2 months ago

      @stimproid I don't know whether I'd go so far as to say that (though I won't argue with you, as I can't prove you wrong either). I just know that I don't see any reason to say that it's edited or scripted to make Boeing look better.

    • stimproid
      stimproid 2 months ago

      Agree. It was even edited and cut together to make Boeing look worse.

  • GooglR Ratings
    GooglR Ratings 2 months ago

    Good decision to send the recorders to France and not the corrupt USA.

  • GooglR Ratings
    GooglR Ratings 2 months ago +7

    MCAS wouldn't be needed if the plane didn't have an aerodynamic design flaw.
    Design the damn planes properly and then you won't need computer making hundreds of corrections in the air just to keep this flying coffin from falling out of the sky.
    Hundreds of people's lives at stake, and they release an app and hope it will keep people safe.
    Let pilots fly properly designed machines without software necessary to keep it airborne.

  • GooglR Ratings
    GooglR Ratings 2 months ago

    This is what a flying coffin looks like.