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We present to you a delicious mac n cheese recipe in a donut shape with a Cheetos powdered glaze. Shoving candles into this monstrosity will make any birthday better. Big Happy Birthday to Julia Goolia and a huge thanks to Threadbanger for helping our giant donut dreams come to life.

Giant Cheetos Donut
8500 Calories

Prep: 12-24 hours (freezing process)
Deep Fry @ 350°F: 4 minutes
Bake @ 350°F: 60 minutes
• Giant Donut Mold: http://amzn.to/2l1KpPy

• 4 Cups Elbow Macaroni Noodles
​• 2 Tbsp Butter
• 1/2 Cup Heavy Cream
• 2 Cups Cheddar Cheese
• 8 oz Mascarpone
• 8 oz Velveeta
• 1 Cup Flour (for breading)
• 3-4 Eggs
• 1 Family Size Cheetos Puffs Bag
• Vegetable Oil (for deep frying)

Disclaimer: Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline. It does not represent any actual facts.

ES_It's A Gangster Party 2 - Jan Chmelar
ES_Jump Jive Roar - Gavin Luke
ES_Moody Tunes 2 - Peter Sandberg
ES_Walk Toward The Light 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
ES_Sneaky Fingers - Håkan Eriksson
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ES_Say It (Instrumental Version) - Elias Naslin
ES_The Drop In The Club 2 - Niklas Gustavsson
ES_Will Be Forgetting This (Instrumental Version) - Elias Naslin

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Автор ThreadBanger ( назад)
btw, we still have this in the fridge and no matter how much of it we eat, it never gets any smaller.

Автор Mini Monster ( назад)
if you don't know Rob your dead to me

Автор shaynia ( назад)

Автор Zoha Fatima ( назад)
what is the name of the song at 7:28

Автор suparna sunil ( назад)
#expired cheesd

Автор Alexandra Cabrera ( назад)

Автор Taylor Wenneson ( назад)
I have the same birthday as you!

Автор Soraya Wyndham ( назад)
giiiirl you are gonna get diabetes soo quick

Автор Marimar Aguilar ( назад)
this is the best video ever!!!

Автор MastroBoy ( назад)
what was the background music at 4.48 minutes?

Автор coolgirl1129 ( назад)
corinne and juila

Автор Klein Aapje ( назад)
Hey you guys, couldn't you also have put dough into the molds and spread that out thinly, then put the mac 'n' cheese mixture in, freeze that and then glazed it with oil and just put it in the oven? And top it off with some cheeto mixture after that?

Автор Klein Aapje ( назад)
I love you guys.

Автор Zeniah Campbell ( назад)
aaaaaahhhhhhh i want it

Автор sarah pawa ( назад)
now those are Cheeto fingers

Автор Help Me ( назад)
No one has time to make that.

Автор MajesticDuckz ( назад)
make a giant apple pie but instead of apple put in BACON CHEESE AND SPAGGEHTI!!!!

Автор Zander Davison ( назад)

Автор Cash Glover III ( назад)

Автор Makeen Makani ( назад)
I made it

Автор Elfie13 ( назад)
I made this but i can't have cheese so I diyed myself a giant blue donut and threw the remains at my little sister.

What? She wouldn't shut up.

Автор Phoenix Henry ( назад)
Julia reminds me of Melanie Martinez weirdly

Автор Omni-God ( назад)
what was that electro swing music in the background called

Автор iiCuBS ( назад)
Every time at 2:05 Siri keeps popping up for me

Автор Marie Lisa ( назад)
Found your channel through Threadbangers. We're from California but we've been here in Asheville for 3 years. Was super excited to see that you guys are in Asheville too, cool!

Автор Makala Takes ( назад)
im in nc too

Автор Zulo Galactic ( назад)

Автор Ltron 712 ( назад)
Hi rob and Corinne

Автор Muskaan Sodha ( назад)
do a giant gyoza

Автор Yulissa Pie ( назад)
who else liked the aphau song at the end (not her but her intro)( I think)

Автор Sabrina Ferreira ( назад)
I'm here from threadbanger :D

Автор CarabanaA04 ( назад)
Julia disgusts me so much! She always kisses the food, takes a bit 😷 and then she will SHARE it! Like wth! Not aimed at JUST this video in particular, but the giant sushi one and loads more! Like if you agree. 😒😷

Автор lucy black ( назад)
I was eating and I literally choked when rob said 'I'd subscribe all over that' oml kill me

Автор Emily Mitchell ( назад)
2:00. Did anyone else's Siri answer to her

Автор Ben Geelen ( назад)
please make donuts, I really wanna know how to make it

Автор Kinglee Perry ( назад)
the song. they were playing . while making . the donut was igps music

Автор Fadel Gtv ( назад)
Heres a joke: milk and butt cheeze poop

Автор Dazzie ( назад)
trypophobia alert at the other half of the mac and cheese donut

Автор The Sociologist ( назад)
Give me some please 🐶🐱

Автор Constance Cherry ( назад)
yumey souds delishus

Автор Okasana the Diclonius ( назад)
anyone noticed aphmaus intro at the end?

Автор nycvertes ( назад)
came from threadbanger

Автор Beastly 21 ( назад)

Автор 1 !tweetstar! 1 ( назад)

Автор Monica Parmer ( назад)
rob really hates ppl😂 you can tell cuz when Julia happy with her birthday look at robs face 😂😂

Автор GWG AWM ( назад)
i'would think about it how did they know the calories plss.. tell me

Автор -Sɧinødɑ ( назад)

Автор Anthony Gorden ( назад)
100% would nut on her face

Автор JP Vergara ( назад)
I have same name

Автор Jorden Young ( назад)
Me I tried

Автор yousifarradbro ( назад)
"Uwat? What? I'll subscribe all over her fae-" "Ewwww" "What? WHAT? Alright that's enough"

Автор Dave Martis ( назад)

Автор Mistahack Playz ( назад)
we all got flicked off

Автор LorenzoTheBest 32 ( назад)

Автор LorenzoTheBest 32 ( назад)

Автор N GAMER V ( назад)
Happy Birthday Julia

Автор Shannon D ( назад)
who can eat a whole bag of takis by drinking no water.

Автор Shannon D ( назад)
which one can make a pizza before a other person

Автор SoggyToast ( назад)
When she said "Siri set a timer" my Siri turned on and said what time? And I said "wtf how the fuck did she do that!!???"

Автор Gabrielles Parents ( назад)
it looks good but its too much!!!
with 8950 calories wow!

Автор Kosher Salt ( назад)
I need this. But I need someone else to make it for me.

Автор Official- Ben-j ( назад)
4:19 no it's DAT WAY

Автор david jenkins ( назад)
You guys are great.

Автор Jihad Slim ( назад)
Can you please do an mac n cheetos burger

Автор Kekkai ( назад)
So this is an advertisement for junk food? Based on the prior videos I saw and this video, the items that they use are all junk food; things with artificial colors and preservatives and brand names that come in bags with stable shelf lives in excess of two or three years. This stuff is literally toxic, watch the video for entertainment if you want but please don't eat this.

Автор Kekkai ( назад)
I have a real question. I came here because it was a suggested video and I watched it. I guess I'm a little bit confused as to the appeal and I'd like to know why people would watch this. This is what I saw; entitled millennials in a really nice kitchen that they absolutely would not be able to afford, messing around with food that I would not consider eating. The other video I saw involve Oreos and making them into a taco. Oreos are toxic sludge, nobody should eat them. I must be missing something because people seem to watch these videos.

Автор bryan rivas ( назад)

Автор bryan rivas ( назад)

Автор Angel Taylor ( назад)
try to make a Oreo sugar. whip cream toca with chocolate chip cookies and brownies ... its good

Автор Donna Babel ( назад)
Yeah! 👍👍👍 Awesome ideas!!! You kids go!!!

Автор King Raider ( назад)
I can't understand what you were thinking in life

Автор Arisha Suhel ( назад)
Siri activated on my phone too 😂

Автор Terry Simpson ( назад)
Vyhhj xx
X ai

Автор Hāfu ( назад)
white people dont have culture? then whats this

Автор Moriah Dugdale ( назад)
who else when she was putting the noodles in was like " its not boiling"

Автор osiris Blanche ( назад)
That was very impressive.

Автор danny scroggins ( назад)
I feel like you guys have killer sex

Автор Wickham Strub ( назад)
No one

Автор Jayden Eagleton ( назад)
Also, do you ever make anything like this off camera

Автор Boi bye ( назад)
@ 5:11 said every Canadian ever

Автор Kylie H. ( назад)
When she told Siri to set a timer my Siri started to set a timer 😂

Автор Kylie H. ( назад)
When she told Siri to set a timer my Siri started to set a timer 😂

Автор ra chum ( назад)
try to make a giant ice cream cone!

Автор ra chum ( назад)
look it's ThreadBanger!

Автор Dax Schimmel ( назад)
happy birthday

Автор Dylan O' Toole ( назад)
8950 calories? didn't need my heart anyway

Автор Rykiel Jones ( назад)
do a video with Marlin

Автор DennisLottig ( назад)
needs jalapenos

Автор Ralph THE GAMER ( назад)
Whats the song name at 0:10

Автор yalllalreadykmnowww ( назад)
Me when I become an adult

Автор MPH NSU ( назад)
Julia's boob

Автор MPH NSU ( назад)
( o ) ( o )

Автор ThatGamingFreakYT ( назад)
wow, did anyone catch the middle finger when the guy was adding the shredded cheese?

Автор -F3nnek- the Kitsune ( назад)
I wanna make Mac N Cheese Donuts!

Автор semi ( назад)
"This is the greatest thing we've ever done"- Julia once every 2 videos

Автор doraleen ko ( назад)
is julia married?

Автор Justice Bickey ( назад)
Can u plz make a huge bacon slice

Автор Maria Wylie ( назад)
I made it

Автор Chickenman 37 ( назад)
No one makes the stuff on youtube

Автор TimoPlays ( назад)
666K views, at the moment

Illuminati confirmed

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