'Kick HERE for CRAZY Knuckleball' - Testing Strange Football Products

  • Published on Jan 29, 2019
  • Testing the strangest football soccer products!!
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    So in today’s video we experiment with and test the insane curve football overpowered which is suppose to give free kicks crazy curve every time…
    1) Messi training ball
    2) The bend it pro knuckleball curve ball overpowered
    3) messi foot bubbles
    4) flying football
    5) glow in dark soccer ball
    6) Lionel football launcher
    5) footbag
    Kieran Brown.
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  • xD SkirtZzz
    xD SkirtZzz Day ago

    Green ball

  • lil Calder
    lil Calder Day ago +1

    Ahem 8/10 for knuckle ball ball 8/10 for the glow in the dark football and 8/10 for the Haki sack

    8/10 for the glow in the dark football are u mad bruv

    My ratings: 9/10 for knuckle ball ball
    7/10 glow in the dark football
    8/10 for the haki sack

    SPHXINX 2 days ago

    Plot twist: a Anime babe was moving the green ball

  • Saxon Heath-Tree
    Saxon Heath-Tree 3 days ago

    Turn on captions and go to 2:38

  • Prasanta singha
    Prasanta singha 4 days ago

    6:17 man we need a tutorial

  • Mats Walterbos
    Mats Walterbos 4 days ago

    What site can i buy the bendit pro?

  • Lamborghini Gang
    Lamborghini Gang 5 days ago


  • Anita 2134
    Anita 2134 5 days ago

    I don’t understend very good i from mexico

  • Fleming Vision
    Fleming Vision 10 days ago

    “ green ball”

  • thestorch
    thestorch 12 days ago

    It’s practically aim bot for real life

  • George Martin
    George Martin 13 days ago


  • Moing
    Moing 13 days ago

    The Guy who you credited in 5:03 Is Honza weber

  • Twitch_Happy 21
    Twitch_Happy 21 14 days ago

    I have the glow in the dark football

  • D. Rogue
    D. Rogue 16 days ago

    Messi is like the football equivalent of Krusty the clown. Just had product endorsements on everything. Can’t wait to see the Messi home pregnancy test

  • Shadowboy 1234
    Shadowboy 1234 18 days ago

    hey hit your shots harder they look like chiping it

  • Azeb Belete
    Azeb Belete 19 days ago

    what a sweet guy i really like u

  • marc pons
    marc pons 21 day ago

    kicking from 3m away? wtf...

  • Shanti Barua
    Shanti Barua 21 day ago

    Kieran be real you faked it

  • Tinopinoh
    Tinopinoh 22 days ago

    The knuckleball probably has a little more give in that one area which makes it harder to get a spin on it

  • Berlyn magbanua
    Berlyn magbanua 22 days ago

    My friend has that buble football

    BDA CROC 25 days ago

    The catapult product was a good idea poorly executed. Too flimsy and cheap if it was made better I would actually get it

  • hamad arshia
    hamad arshia 27 days ago


  • Shaahid Hansbhai
    Shaahid Hansbhai 27 days ago

    What is the name of the song 0.56 can somebody please tell me

  • X we miss you
    X we miss you 28 days ago

    Why does it say pink and black when it’s green and black oh wait I’m color blind

  • Mozus Vektors
    Mozus Vektors 29 days ago

    Im sorry for your music

  • Dale Harris
    Dale Harris 29 days ago

    What are these shots, just floating them into the net. Loads of backspin too.

  • niklas johansson
    niklas johansson 29 days ago

    you didnt hit the valve a single time, bruh

  • Gregory Parmentier
    Gregory Parmentier Month ago

    I saw beautiful cat

  • Roy Harper
    Roy Harper Month ago

    Tbh he probably look a little bit like Marco reus

  • Jangu Gaer
    Jangu Gaer Month ago


  • Football Skills
    Football Skills Month ago

    That's how yu kick a normal ball

  • Derick Rivera
    Derick Rivera Month ago +9

    Imagine u can use the pink ball in a real game

    KYLE COILLOT Month ago


  • Kwok Rayson
    Kwok Rayson Month ago

    What is the back ground music 🎧?

  • Yoda
    Yoda Month ago

    I find that glow in the dark so satisfying cuz you legit saw nothing but the ball...

  • bradley Verhoeven
    bradley Verhoeven Month ago +74

    The guy in the back be like : I don’t get paid enough for this

  • Soul Dragger
    Soul Dragger Month ago +5

    Everyone: These products r so good!!!....Do u wanna rate them?!!!
    Kieran: 8

  • Sienna Ness
    Sienna Ness Month ago

    Plot twist it’s a green ball lol

  • Cooper Hawk
    Cooper Hawk Month ago +5

    -Buys ball that’s supposed to knuckle more
    -hits more knuckleballs
    *I can’t prove it was the ball*

  • Eric and Julie B
    Eric and Julie B Month ago +3

    Hi just a Canadian comment and the only one that’s calls “foot ball” soccer

  • Floortje Winkelman
    Floortje Winkelman Month ago

    The Messi ball. You broke the hole thing

  • Ultimate videos
    Ultimate videos Month ago +2

    That bean one- I got loads from boxes of cocoa pops during the world cup

  • Mikeaya Williams
    Mikeaya Williams Month ago

    Its a socor ball not foot ball

  • TheSigar
    TheSigar Month ago

    Man is Honza Weber not Hodza and hes from Czech like me

    • byCon
      byCon Month ago

      No týjo

  • F1RE
    F1RE Month ago

    Someone gave me the Messi bubble thing once as a gift lol

  • Nelly nelson
    Nelly nelson Month ago

    It's staged the pink ball

  • Rijad Smajlovic
    Rijad Smajlovic Month ago

    The Wind BRUH

  • Drake Sorrento
    Drake Sorrento Month ago

    How did u not know what a hackey sack was lol

  • Sabri Ibrahim
    Sabri Ibrahim Month ago +1

    That's not a football it's a soccer ball OMG!

    • Lol Jeff
      Lol Jeff Month ago

      Sabri Ibrahim you are so stupid you were born in a different place than Him OMG

    • Sabri Ibrahim
      Sabri Ibrahim Month ago +1

      Do you guys think he's dum

    • Sabri Ibrahim
      Sabri Ibrahim Month ago +1


  • Nathan Natsan
    Nathan Natsan Month ago

    No messi

  • Nathan Natsan
    Nathan Natsan Month ago

    Your my hero

  • RoboKidsTv
    RoboKidsTv Month ago

    I’m the 1000th comment

  • Mellonmaster Super Created

    Yeah it’s probably a green ball

  • some depressed noob
    some depressed noob Month ago +1

    Too good

  • some depressed noob
    some depressed noob Month ago +1

    He is good

  • V1beZ
    V1beZ Month ago

    the messi ball he played with it for a sec and thats it.. it takes more time to test.

  • norzaihan76
    norzaihan76 Month ago +1

    Only messi ball i love it!!!
    Who fans of Lionel Messi like👍

  • Thejas K
    Thejas K Month ago

    These chinese football suck

  • Papidopulas 1
    Papidopulas 1 Month ago

    Oh my gud

  • Joel Spratling
    Joel Spratling Month ago +1

    I love watching your videos they are very good and I just love them