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Hey guys! Parker and I went to the Maldives last month and we put together a little video that I am uploading since some of you wanted to see it! Make sure to check out the links above if you want to see where any of my outfits are from. :)


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Автор Amy Halliday ( назад)
Your travel diaries are amazing! I swear they get more and more professional looking every time you make them!

Автор Deidra Diane Wallace ( назад)

Автор Jule Xx ( назад)
Can you please make a video to the outfits that you've worn in the video😍❤️
(sorry for my english i'm not from America😂)

Автор Amy Leigh ( назад)
Would love to know what lenses you used !

Автор Mary & Louis Vlogs ( назад)
I've commented this on so many vlogs already, but I absolutely LOVE how you guys are editing the vlogs and main channel videos lately!

Автор Bailey Munro ( назад)
This video is so good!!! Extremely well done and the Maldives look amazing omg

Автор Courtney West ( назад)

Автор Thatsemmy ( назад)

Автор Ellie N ( назад)
Aspen could you do a "Hairstyles for short hair" video?!??

Автор Hannah Hicks ( назад)
So jealous I don't have a lifestyle like this ): but so proud of you two and all that you've accomplished!! You're videography skills have come such a long way omg, it's beautiful!!

Автор Sarah Thompson ( назад)
Gorgeous :)

Автор Alycia Cosyn ( назад)
So jealous! Its my dream to go to the maldives!!😍

Автор Chesney Herrman ( назад)
Great job editing! this place looks soo beautiful! and i absolutely love your videos! you guys make my day every time i watch them!😍

Автор JustJolene ( назад)
This video is amazing! You inspired me to make a travel diary of my own so i have just uploaded a Wales Travel Diary it's not as good as yours but it was my first try so if anyone is reading this please go check it out.
P.S i would love to see the videography workshop videos

Автор Passaporte no bolso - Travel Channel ( назад)
Went to Maldives 15 years ago, need to go again! It's heaven! Love your videos :)

Автор Janna Valencia ( назад)

Автор Bee Mo ( назад)
Love it! Just curious... how much time do you think you spend filming/prepping for these while on your trips? Clearly so much thought is put into them. Do you guys find it a burden to film while on vacation, or is it enjoyable? Either way, it turned out wonderful :)

Автор DIY all ( назад)
Hi Aspyn, can you say the hotel´s name? please, kisses

Автор Cheese Whiz ( назад)
I always ask in the comments of aspyn's videos what the name of the song is, if anyone knows please tell me 💕

Автор SimplySalima ( назад)
you inspire me so much to travel xx

Автор Donna Czalea Lusabia ( назад)
Ahhhh this is LITERALLY GOALS.

Автор Nicky Kuzmanovic ( назад)
Aspyn, these videos are goals!!! Literally!

Автор Rebecca Kelsey Sampson ( назад)

Автор Mikyaal Ahmed ( назад)
I live in Maldives😂

Автор Selena Dallas ( назад)
Wow this video is so calm to watch and the quality is on point 👀💯😍👑

Автор CountryHorsie ( назад)
Oh my God (!!) how you guys have improved your content! This was just satisfying and beautiful to watch! But, I was wondering where you got your wide underwater lense for your GoPro? And which GoPro did you use? Have been looking for something like that for SO long! Hopefully you'll see this comment and answer, I would appreciate it so much. Love, Marthe xx

Автор Ja dE ( назад)
I love it so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘

Автор Chloe Moyse ( назад)
Love this!!

Автор Anne Høyland ( назад)

Автор Lucy official ( назад)
Aspyn's travel diaries are totally amazing! <3

Автор Sian Grady ( назад)
The videography in this is stunning 😍

Автор LaurenShhh ( назад)
I love watching your travel diaries! The places you stay are so beautiful!! x

Автор Mona Sofia Khallafi ( назад)
this video was really freaking beautiful!!! Amazing

Автор Haylee. Palmer ( назад)
I remember the first ever video I watched of Aspyn's was her iceland travel diary. you have came so far Aspyn with your editing and everything in general and i'm so proud of you! keep doing what your doing because it's amazing! I wish you and parker all the success in the world☺️💙

Автор liamcgx ( назад)
The editing is amazing!

Автор JessICA ( назад)
I love your travel diaries and you go to such nice places!

Автор toourbanbenefits24 ( назад)

Автор Jun Park ( назад)
The editing is amazing!

Автор Kathy Zahara ( назад)
Seriously how amazing are your videos!! So good 😊  It always makes me want to travel/ experience these places!

Hopefully you two will visit Australia 💕

Автор AraeliPrado ( назад)
THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love your editing 😍❤️ you guys are my life goals 😍😍 ps ily 💖

Автор Aishath Aika ( назад)
Aspyn... You came to Maldives???
Noo .. Wish i met you here...
But anyways ... <3 you videos

Автор Jaden Mansfield ( назад)

Автор mishybish ( назад)

Автор Nikita Aggarwal ( назад)
where is her floral dress from the thumbnail from?

Автор Eljie Mae Omandam ( назад)

Автор Meg A ( назад)
sooo beautiful😍

Автор Charlottes Chapters ( назад)
Beautiful video! I loved the sun of you holding the sun!

Автор Bella Pelagio ( назад)
I spy Spell Byron Bay clothing!!! 😍

Автор Alexis Madelyn Rau ( назад)
I think this is your most stunning video yet.... I'm in awe 😍

Автор Kelsey Provencio ( назад)
I am so glad that I watched this video!!! I absolutely love it! Your videos are so high quality!

Автор Leisey Peisey ( назад)
I honestly live for her travel diaries!!💕

Автор Kori Shuflat ( назад)
This was the best travel diary by far!!

Автор Comfy Cozy ( назад)

Автор Ola Majewska ( назад)
Swim suit collection in the summer plz

Автор Rachel Serna-Brown ( назад)
this is the best travel diary i've ever seen and the quality content is insane i love it

Автор Ardithmay__ farlin ( назад)
she's making me jealous her life is perfect

Автор Clare Kelsey ( назад)
amazing! love this video

Автор Vanessa Serrano ( назад)
This is amazing. I really enjoy to watch all your videos and your travel diaries are unbelievables <3.

Автор Meagan H. ( назад)
yall are so blessed to have these experiences & each other to share them with!! thank you for sharing w us:))

Автор pameli ta ( назад)
You need to make a movie or something, this is quality !!! <3 <3

Автор LINNEA KAUPPI ( назад)
I love u and this video so much😳😍

Автор x Kate ( назад)
Oh my god. Aspyn this is amazing, not to mention so aesthetically pleasing. 😍 x

Автор Shiloh Morris ( назад)

Автор Corinne M ( назад)
do a how i make my travel diaries video!

Автор Talia Alvarez ( назад)
LOVE! <3

Автор Millennial Musings ( назад)
This looks so good!

Автор Nina Gosti ( назад)
Beautiful impressions!🌸 and btw you are so close to 3 mio subscribers awwwrrr😍

Автор Ellen Charlotte ( назад)
I am soo jealous 😇😇

Автор Sara Lynch ( назад)
so cute! I wish you used the Snapchat

Автор Victoria Delkaso ( назад)
This is the best travel diary yet!!! ❤️❤️

Автор polkadott64 ( назад)
this is so beautiful

Автор Anuksha Denny ( назад)
This is so beautiful! Amazing job Aspyn!

Автор MC Faber ( назад)
Your travel diaries are seriously insane

Автор Yareli Ortega ( назад)
Your music is my favorite thing 😍😭

Автор K-lyana Perry ( назад)
Absolutely love your travel diaries 😍😍😍😍

Автор Isabella Anna ( назад)
ok i never even knew this place existed but i got to go now😍😍😍😍

Автор Sarahfaithxx ( назад)
You and Parker's videography is improving so much!! I absolutely love it😍😍😍🤗💚💙💚💙💚

Автор Neda Bulatovic ( назад)
Hoping to travel with my husband as much as Parker and Aspyn do

Автор Emilee Pyrtle ( назад)
how is your quality on your travel diaries so good!!!

Автор Jenn'sCrazyLife ( назад)
These are hands down my favorite videos of Aspyn's! :D

Автор audrey velasco ( назад)
This is so beautiful

Автор Lauren Roberta ( назад)
This is definitely on my bucket list!

Автор Sabrina Phipps ( назад)

Автор • Nisanur • ( назад)
Goals. 😍

Автор Anna Krieger ( назад)

Автор Caitlyn Nicole ( назад)
this is soooo good!!! omg i love it

Автор Izzy Dawn ( назад)
i aspire to be as tumblr as aspyn😍💞

Автор Tammy K ( назад)
This is highkey a commercial for a million dollar resort😭😍

Автор Lindsey Melville ( назад)
Unreal footage and filming. Whoever thinks youtubers aren't as talented or legitimate as other celebrities obviously do not watch youtube videos like these. Bravo!!! xo

Автор Savannah Watson ( назад)
So beautiful, you guys are getting so incredibly good at filming!

Автор MoEmily ( назад)
The quality of your travel diary videos have always been great, but this one was amazing.... y'all have improved SOOOO much!!! Much love!💙💙

Автор Liv Rormark ( назад)
I absolutely love your travel diaries! They r the best😍😍😍

Автор Bella Reed ( назад)
Aspyn is so pretty and I love her videos especially her travel diaries. 😍😍😍😍

Автор Holly Wolford ( назад)
What drone do y'all use? I'm getting one soon and need recommendations, please! Thanks!!

Автор Mackenzie Holliday ( назад)
this video is so beautiful!!!!

Автор Antoinette Idong ( назад)
Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I JUST REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! ❤️

Автор Alexa Marsh ( назад)
Love this!!❤️

Автор gatsbyspalace ( назад)
Where is the dress in your thumbnail from? 😍

Автор kenna i ( назад)
woahhh this is amazing

Автор kaitlyn lafontaine ( назад)
Such an amazing video! You guys are so good at videography <3

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