South Carolina vs. Duke: Every second-half basket for Gamecocks

South Carolina scored 65 points in the second half as they stunned Duke 88-81. Relive every field goal as the Gamecocks stormed back in the second half!

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Автор Junior Basketball ( назад)
Chris Webber does a heck of a job as commentator.

Автор paul mason ( назад)
Duke was outplayed...

Автор Rodney Sessoms ( назад)
Dook got picked apart

Автор Carson Adams ( назад)
One trip left for Grayson Allen...the trip HOME

Автор Dee Cee ( назад)
So happy that HB2 took away Duke's home-court advantage. Ignorance comes with costs, North Kacaklacki! Hats off to the Gamecocks. LOL

Автор Jonah Brown ( назад)
UNC fan here that attended the game last night, what USC did in the second half was amazing. I've never seen a team defend Duke like that, they were physical and shot 71% in the second half.

Автор Timo Cruz ( назад)
Duane Notice showing out.

Автор Brandon Coley ( назад)
Sindarius is that good. Sindarius is that good

Автор jimmy smith ( назад)
KU wants you!

Автор joricardinho ( назад)
Good. I cannot stand these arrogant Duke pricks.

Автор SwishDish720 ( назад)
I can watch this over and over again congratulations on getting to the Sweet 16 for the first time in your program history SC :)!!

Автор J.T. Fuller ( назад)
second half is what you call textbook basketball and heart

Автор Jason Bell ( назад)
It seems like UNC fans were more happy than SC fans

Автор MrKickass1988 ( назад)
0:56 mark gives me chills. Ahhh Gamecock nation let's goo. We got snubbed last year, my boys got something to prove.

Автор Kallam Ashmore ( назад)
this is the goat video

Автор Tim Ash ( назад)
Go Gamecocks!!

Автор Ben Kearney ( назад)
After Sunday it's hard to say the ACC is the best conference

Автор jackmodz ( назад)
where arey antidepressants

Автор Belle Marfori ( назад)
what happened to Luke? he disappeared. i guess he won't be entering the draft this year, he didn't look like a 1st round pick out there. he'll probably be back for another year in duke. i hope Grayson will be back too.

Автор Forgotten45er ( назад)
Make Duke great again.

Автор A.J Anderson ( назад)
kennards defense got exposed

Автор IcyBoi Gaming ( назад)
Man I wish duke won their my fav team and my bracket is messed up but we need better defense

Автор Randy Bailin ( назад)
Some sweet passing and shooting for the Gamecocks in the 2nd half. Combination of bad Duke defense and excellent execution for Carolina.

Автор Conley11Harden13 ( назад)
Great game to watch and what a great team! GO GAMECOCKS!

Автор Christopher Zequeira ( назад)
Duke choked like crazy

Автор Antbeast23 ( назад)
anyone else rooting for the low seeds?

Автор Thomas Alexandet ( назад)
duke has a very Bad team this year
No center

Автор ImBrokeMate ( назад)
65 point second half, pathetic performance by Duke. No excuses.

Автор DY123 ( назад)
0:56 unc fan with a South Carolina Towel. Classic.

Автор SC SPUR ( назад)
65 points is the most ever given up in a half by a coach K Duke team.

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